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volume 37
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2004 Vol. 22/23 - 32/33
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 37

Chapter 359: 飛頭根
The group passes through a village that has been suffering from attacks by a wild dog. The villagers assume that it must be a demon, but Inuyasha picks up only the scent of a normal, wild dog. Regardless the group stays to assist the village. As the dog makes its next attack, a lone hero steps in to rescue a family by decapitating the dog. The hero is none other than Kohaku. However the decapitated head still lives and escapes into the forest. Kohaku chases after the head, remembering that Naraku told him to hunt down a powerful demon. The dog's head gets in a swift attack, biting Kohaku's arm before he can slice the dog's head to shreads. As the head lays dead, a demon resembling a tangled set of tree brances rips itself from the dog's head and escapes into a stream. Kohaku continues his hunt. Back at the village, Inuyasha and the others discover the dog's body and learn that a child dressed like Sango was the one who killed it. In the forest, Kohaku meets a woodcutter and his son, Taichi. The family takes Kohaku back to their house and bandage his wounded arm and invite him to stay the night. At this point Sango and the others have found the dog's head in the forest, and wonder why Kohaku would attack a normal dog. Sango however, notices a mark on the dog's face indicating that it was possessed by a demon root, which bores into the body of others and controls it. As night approaches, Kohaku and his hosts settle in for the night. Taichi leaves the hut to go to the bathroom well after everyone else is asleep when suddenly, the root demon attacks him and enters his body.

Chapter 360: 父の記憶
Chichi no kioku
As Kohaku dreams of his father, Kagome uses her abilities to track the Shikon fragment that keeps him alive, leading Sango and the others to his location. But Inuyasha smells the prescence of other people with him. Kohaku awakens from his dream to find Taichi standing over him with a sickle. As the blade falls, Kohaku leaps into action, blocking it with his chain and saving the boy's father. The boy-warrior has no trouble dispatching his young opponent, and quickly realizes that the boy is posessed by a demon. His father rushes to his aide, despite Kohaku's warning, and Taichi lashes out at his father with a cleaver, injuring his arm. At the sight of Taichi attacking his father, Kohaku remembers murdering his own father and lashes out at the boy. The demon tries to escape with Taichi, but Kohaku subdues him with his chain. Right as Kohaku is about to deliver the deathblow, Sango and the others arrive and attempt to stop him, thinking that he's about to slaughter an innocent family. Sango uses her Hiraikotsu to get Kohaku away from the boy, and prepares to fight him when Taichi leaps up and slashes Kohaku's arm. Miroku and Kagome instantly realize that he is possessed by the demon they have been tracking. Inuyasha grabs Taichi as Sango rushes to his side to help drive out the demon. Kohaku watches them leave and shouts "I'll save him!" as he follows after them, leaving Kagome wondering if maybe he is not longer under Naraku's control.

Chapter 361: 隠した想い
Kakushita omoi
Inuyasha pursues Taichi through the forest as he smells Kohaku following him. He believes Kohaku is just following Naraku's orders, a claim which Kohaku can't respond to, as he is still playing his role as Naraku's loyal follower. Kohaku manages to whip his chain around Taichi's leg while Sango hits him with a powder that expels the demonic root creature and continues after it, leaving Inuyasha and the others to reunite Taichi with his father. Hiding behind a tree, Kohaku watches the reunion and then decides to take his own revenge against the demon. The root has burrowed into a boar when Kohaku finds it and attacks. Sango confronts her little brother, wondering aloud why he saved the boy. Kohaku knows that he must keep his regained memories a secret, even from his sister. He tells her that he was only following Naraku's orders to gather demons, and then goes to leave, as Sango tries to stop him, he throws his sickle at her and disappears into the forest. Sango is left alone, believing that her brother is still lost to her. Kohaku runs away, remembering the shard Kagura gave him that will locate Naraku's heart, and promising to himself that he will kill Naraku. Meanwhile, in his prison cell, Goryomaru fends off multiple attacks from small demons, killing them with ease. As their carcasses fall to the floor, Goryomaru's arm injests their remains, refueling his strange growth, as Kagura looks on. She wonders why the demons that Kohaku has been hunting are released into Goryomaru's cell, only for him to kill and absorb them. Hakudoshi appears behind her and tells her to release the prisoner if she is so curious as to why he's being held.

Chapter 362: 脱牢
Hakudoshi continues to encourage Kagura to release Goryomaru from his cell. As he leaves, Hakudoshi tells Kagura that she isn't guarding Goryomaru, but protecting him. As Kagura ponders this, Goryomaru speaks up, telling Kagura that she can continue to serve under Naraku, or she can let him go and the two can escape together. Goryomaru asks Kagura to destroy the statues which are preventing his escape, and without hesitation, she does so. Inuyasha and the group discover a village ransacked by bandits. Miroku asks some old men about the bandits and they learn that the group was using mysterious weapons of light. Inuyasha says he'll go after the bandits, but Kagome protests, as tonight is the new moon, and Inuyasha will soon turn into a mere human. In the middle of the night, the group awakens to the sound of a thunderous blast. The bandits have arrived, and are carrying the weapons of the Gyoja children. Miroku and Sango head off to deal with them, telling Inuyasha to stay with Kagome. As they prepare to do battle with the bandits, Inuyasha complains to Kagome about how long it's taking them. Outside footsteps of a single person approach, and it is revealed to be the recently escaped Goryomaru.

Chapter 363: 御霊丸の正体
Goryomaru no shoutai
(Goryomaru's Identity)
The bandits attack using the Gyoja's spirit jars, but Miroku simply absorbs the attack into his wind tunnel. Safe inside their hut, Inuyasha and Kagome listen as the noisy battle outside ends, suddenly large tentacles crash through the wall, grabbing Kagome. Inuyasha recognizes the figure outside as Goryomaru, right before a blast from his arm sends the entire structure crumbling down on top of him and Shippo. The bandits prove no match for Miroku's wind tunnel, and a quick interrogation reveals that the men got the spirit jars from a woman, who told them to use them in an attack on the village. At the same time, Goryomaru confesses to Kagome that he knew she and the others would come to the village if they heard about the attacks, when out of the shadows steps Kagura. Shippo watches from the wreckage as Inuyasha lies unconscious. Goryomaru tells Kagome that he survived his decapitation because he is no longer Goryomaru. Goryomaru once fought a demon, and sacrificed his own arm so that the demon would be sealed away inside it, causing his arm to be that of a demon, but for Goryomaru to retain the soul of a human. As he tells his story to Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo emerge from the rubble to confront Goryomaru. Without wasting any time, Goryomaru tosses Kagome at Inuyasha, and then attacks with one of his tentacles, slicing Inuyasha's back wide open. As Kagome calls out to Inuyasha, Goryomaru seems intrigued, as he learns that this human is actually the half-demon he met previously. As he asks Kagura about this, Miroku and Sango arrive to protect their friends. Shocked by the reappearance of Goryomaru, Miroku asks who he is, as Goryomaru simply laughs and shows them the Shikon shard he has taken from Kagome, his true reason for coming. As everyone looks on, Goryomaru says that he's met all of them even before their encounter at the temple.

Chapter 364: 変貌
The group watches on in horror as Goryomaru transforms before their eyes into a hideous patchwork version of Moryomaru. Miroku instantly notices that Moryomaru is behaving differently, and realizes that he must no longer be under Hakudoshi's control, but have a soul of his own. Moryomaru wastes no time in putting Kagome's shikon shard to good use, as he begins to power himself up. Kagura watches in awe as she tries to understand this turn of events. She knows that Moryomaru was under Hakudoshi's control, but is frustrated as to why Hakudoshi would seemingly disobey Naraku and encourage Kagura to let Goryomaru/Moryomaru escape. Kagome slots an arrow and tells everyone to finish off the demon before he fully absorbs the Shikon fragment. The arrow unfortunately misses, much to Moryomaru's amusement. Next, Miroku rushes in and unleashes his wind tunnel, which Moryomaru counters by vomiting up Saimyosho insects. Moryomaru attempts to strike Miroku, but Sango blocks with her Hiraikotsu, sending both she and Miroku flying backwards. Kagome rushes to their side, leaving herself open to an attack from Moryomaru's tentacles. As he prepares to strike, Inuyasha weakly gets up, and impales Moryomaru's arm on the Tetsusaiga. As though he were swatting a fly, Moryomaru simply smashes Inuyasha into the ground, pinning him beneath his gigantic tentacle-arm, and preparing to crush the life from him, when suddenly a flash of light rips through Moryomaru's arm, tearing it in half. In the distance stands Sesshomaru holding Tokijin. Inuyasha and Kagome can only stare in awe as Moryomaru readies himself for his next attack.

Chapter 365: 消えた妖気
Kieta youki

(The Vanished Power)
Goryomaru stands stunned as Sesshomaru wields Tokijin before him. He asks Kagura who his attacker is, as she explains Sesshomaru's relationship to Inuyasha, everyone realizes that the crystal Kagura gave to Jaken is now clear- indicating that Naraku's heart is nearby. Inuyasha angrily shouts out that Moryomaru is actually Naraku's heart. Moroyomaru asks Jaken where he got the crystal he used to find Naraku's heart, which causes Kagura to panic. If Moryomaru discovers that she was behind it, she could be killed. Jaken is about to say who gave him the crystal when Sesshomaru stops him. Sesshomaru simply explains that he was following a strange scent, and he plans on killing Moryomaru. Kagura watches on, relieved and somewhat surprised that Sesshomaru would cover for her. Moryomaru angrily fires off a shot at the demon and tells Sesshomaru that he devours demons and absorbs their power, and that he plans for Sesshomaru and his swords to be next on the menu. Inuyasha immediately springs into action while Moryomaru is distracted. Although he's still in his human form, he remembered that his untransformed Tetsusaiga was able to penetrate Moryomaru. Inuyasha asks Kagome where the Shikon shard is and brings Tetsusaiga down on it. Moryomaru simply extends some spikes from his body preparing to knock Inuyasha away. Inuyasha goes flying, unable to cut out the shard. Suddenly Sesshomaru intervenes and slices through Moryomaru's arm. It seems to have no effect on the powerful demon though, and Inuyasha angrily tells Sesshomaru to mind his own business. With that Moryomaru begins to envelop Inuyasha within the folds of his skin. Sesshomaru announces that he'll simply kill both Moryomaru and Inuyasha in one strike.

Chapter 366: 器
(The Vessel)
Sesshomaru continues to attack Moryomaru, seemingly to no avail. Miroku worries about Inuyasha, who is still trapped inside Moryomaru's arm as he battles against Sesshomaru. As soon as the sun rises, Inuyasha will transform and be absorbed by Moryomaru, right now, the only thing keeping him alive is his human body. Kagura watches, wondering why Sesshomaru continues to feed Moryomaru with his attacks, while Kagome begins to fire arrows at Moryomaru's arm in an attempt to free Inuyasha. Inuyasha demands that she stop, as the sun begins to rise and he begins his transformation into his half-demon form. Sesshomaru's attacks finally pay off as Moryomaru's arm is struck once more, only this time it breaks free of his body and falls to the ground. Sesshomaru knew that Moryomaru would never be able to handle the amount of energy that Sesshomaru was using against him, so he kept attacking, using Moryomaru as a vessel who would soon overflow. With another blow, Sesshomaru mortally wounds Moryomaru at the same time Inuyasha cuts himself free of the demon's arm, ripping him open so that all the energy he's absorbed spews out of him. As Moryomaru falls apart, miasma spills out everywhere, Inuyasha grabs Kagome, Shippo and Jaken, saving them from the poison, while Moryomaru calls out to Kagura to get him out of there, she flies in, but Sesshomaru refuses to let them go, swinging Tokijin at them. The attack fails however, as a barrier surrounds the two demons and allows them to escape. Kagome promises that they'll go after them, especially since Moryomaru managed to leave with the group's only Shikon shard.

Chapter 367: 赤子の居場所
Akago no ibasho
(Where Is the Child?)
Inuyasha and Kagome begin to piece together the plan of their attackers now that they believe Moryomaru has Naraku's heart contained within him. They don't understand, however, why Naraku would risk sending his heart's vessel into battle and risk his own death. Moryomaru and Kagura attempt to hide from their pursuers in a cave where Moryomaru has stored demon remains on which he can feed and regain his strength. Kagura tries to discourage him from fighting again, but Moryomaru simply wraps a tentacle around her leg and jerks her towards him, demanding that she bring Kohaku to where they are. He wants another Shikon shard. Nearby, Kohaku uses his crystal to search for Naraku's heart and realizes that the heart is nearby and heads off in search of it. Moryomaru begins to explain to Kagura that he used her to find Naraku's weakness, and now he will overthrow the demon and take the Shikon jewel for himself. Kagura panics as Moryomaru begins to read her mind, realizing that Sesshomaru as well as Kohaku now have the means of finding Naraku's heart, thanks to her. Kagura notices that the tentacles once wrapped around her leg have now become tiny arms, like that of a baby. She realizes that Moryomaru is in fact, the baby that was placed in Kanna's care, the very baby that contained Naraku's heart. As Moryomaru begins to absorb Kagura, she realizes she has no choice but to follow his commands and bring him the remaining Shikon shards. Kagura can't help but worry about Kohaku, as the Shikon shard is the only thing keeping him alive. Reading her mind, Moryomaru quickly answers that Kohaku will die no matter what, either by Naraku's hand or by his. Kagome and the others race in search of Moryomaru, but instead of sensing his Shikon fragment, Kagome detects Kohaku's. As he races towards the cave, Kagura appears in front of the young demon slayer. Kohaku is shocked when suddenly Kagura attacks him, and tells him that this will be his place of death.

Chapter 368: 神楽の決意
Kagura no ketsui
(Kagura's Decision)
Kohaku protests Kagura blocking his path, and asks her what's going on. She simply stares at him coldly. Kagura tells him that no matter what happens he will die, so it might as well be a quick death at her hands. She tells him that the baby is inside Moryomaru, and with him Naraku's heart. She goes on to tell him that Moryomaru is planning on using Kohaku's shard to become more powerful. Kohaku retorts that even if he dies fighting Moryomaru, he wants to at least try in hopes of getting his revenge against Naraku for the murder of his father. He also hopes to redeem himself in his sister's eyes. Kagura realizes that if Moryomaru takes Kohaku's shard, it will simply change the fact that Moryomaru controls her fate instead of Naraku. With a flick of her wrist Kagura destorys the crystal that Kohaku was using to track Moryomaru, in hopes that it would prevent him from being led to his demise. Kagura tells him to flee but no sooner does she say this than Hakudoshi arrives and realizes her betrayal of both Naraku and Moryomaru. Kagura points out that Hakudoshi isn't loyal to Naraku either. He and the baby were once the same being, and he created Moryomaru who the baby has now merged with. Hakudoshi plans on overthrowing Naraku using his allies. Kagura quickly tells Kohaku to run once again, that Hakudoshi is also after his shard. With that Hakudoshi leaps in to attack and Kagura parries with a blast of wind. Unfortunately for her, Hakudoshi's barrier proves to be too strong. Kagura has no choice but to send Kohaku away on one of her feathers while she battles Hakudoshi. Hakudoshi takes off after Kohaku but is stopped in his tracks by Inuyasha's Wind Scar. Miroku tells Sango to follow Kohaku while Inuyasha realizes what Kagura has done.

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