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volume 38
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2004 Vol. 34 - 43
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 38

Chapter 369: 白童子の真意
Hakudoshi no shini
(Hakudoshi's Scheme)
Sango pursues Kohaku as he is whisked away by Kagura's feather into the sky. Back on the ground Inuyasha is trying to discover why Kagura and Hakudoshi no longer seem to be on each other's side. Before she can answer, Hakudoshi's barrier spits Inuyasha's Wind Scar back at the group. With that Hakudoshi flies towards Kagura, telling her she has outlived her usefulness to him. Inuyasha intervenes by smashing Tetsusaiga against his barrier. Kagura is surprised he'd step in to protect her, as Kagome points out that it seemed Kagura had saved Kohaku earlier. Kagura explains that Hakudoshi wants her dead now because she could tell them where the baby that houses Naraku's heart is. Miroku explains to Kagura that they were under the impression that because Moryomaru had no demonic aura that he was using the Fuyoheki stone to hide his presense because he had Naraku's heart. Before Kagura can answer, Inuyasha powers up for the Kongosoha, to ensure that Hakudoshi won't escape yet again. As soon as the diamond shards from Tetsusaiga take flight, Hakudoshi has vanished and reappeared directly behind Kagura. Hakudoshi takes Kagura into his barrier to ensure Inuyasha won't slice him in two without killing Kagura as well. Kagura does Inuyasha's job for him though, by slicing the white haired boy in half with her fan. She turns and tells Inuyasha that the baby is inside Moryomaru, and that he and Hakudoshi are planning to overthrow Naraku. As Hakudoshi reassembles himself he tells them how foolish Naraku was to hide his heart within the baby, who then used the Fuyoheki to hide his presense and Moryomaru to act as armor on the off chance someone found him. As Moryomaru grows more powerful and impervious, even Naraku will be unable to regain his heart, effectively rendering him mearly an empty shell. Kagura asks if Hakudoshi actually believes Naraku would allow something like that to happen, to which Hakudoshi points out that Naraku holds her heart, not his. Inside Naraku's fortress he stares at a beating heart in his hand, as if ready to crush it into nothingness.

Chapter 370: 白童子の最期
Hakudoshi no saigo
(Hakudoshi's End)
Hakudoshi has Kagura imprisioned within his barrier and offers her the chance to join with Moryomaru and help overthrow Naraku. She refuses and whips her fan at the boy, destroying his body. Hakudoshi only laughs as he begins to reform himself. Confident that no one, not even Naraku can kill him, Hakudoshi is shocked as his barrier suddenly shatters, allowing Inuyasha to use the Wind Scar against him. The attack does an amazing amount of damage, but the child begins to reform the remains of his flesh. Miroku decides he'll suck his remains into his Wind Tunnel, but Hakudoshi summons the Saimyosho to protect him. But once again Hakudoshi's plan fails as the insects fly in the opposite direction. Kagura curses the child, saying that Naraku has abandoned him. With that Hakudoshi moves in for the attack, attempting to kill Kagura for being a lesser being, believing her to be nothing more than a pawn of Naraku. Before he delivers his blow though, Miroku's Wind Tunnel envelops him, ending Hakudoshi's life. Miroku feels as if they've been used by Naraku to get rid of Hakudoshi. Kagome asks Kagura what her plans are now that Naraku knows of her betrayal and asks if she would like to join their group. Kagura refuses and tells them that they had best hurry after Moryomaru if they want to save Kohaku. As she leaves, Inuyasha tells her that he will kill Naraku and rescue her heart from him. Kagura dismisses his attempt at valor and flies away on her feather. As she soars through the air, Kagura knows she has to run far away, when suddenly Naraku appears in front of her.

Chapter 371: 神楽の心臓
Kagura no shinzou
(Kagura's Heart)
Naraku floats before Kagura and suddenly tells her that he knows Hakudoshi has died. Kagura thinks to herself that he's playing dumb, as he is the one responsible for Hakudoshi being unprotected against Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Suddenly Naraku tells Kagura that he will set her free, shocking the wind sorceress. Back on the ground Sesshomaru suddenly realizes something, Jaken asks his lord what's going on, and as he floats into the air, Sesshomaru remarks that he has caught on to Naraku's scent. Not far off, Kohaku is hiding from Sango. Still intent on finding Naraku and giving his own life to try and stop his demonic master, Kohaku wants Sango to stay far away and not get involved in his battle. Suddenly, as she flies past Kohaku, Kirara senses something nearby. She and Sango stop outside a cave, Kirara obviously feels an presence inside, when suddenly a tentacle shoots out of the darkness and wraps itself around Kirara's leg. Suddenly the inhabitant emerges....Moryomaru. Realizing she's alone, Moryomaru recognizes this as an opportunity to absorb Sango's demon pet. Sango throws her Hiraikotsu, after freeing Kirara, but Moryomaru simply catches it and laughs. Attempting an escape, Kirara takes to the air. Moryomaru sprouts his own pair of wings and follows with ease. As Sango tries to flee, Moryomaru whips his tentacles against the mountainside, getting the attention of Kohaku below. The rest of the group is getting closer, Kagome can sense both Kohaku and Moryomaru's Shikon shards nearby, and Inuyasha speeds up to try and reach the two as soon as possible. Back at the site of the battle, Moryomaru manages to finally slam Sango and Kirara to the ground below. Kohaku wastes no time in rushing to their aid. Moryomaru knows the boy has the Shikon shard he desires and is ready to take it from him. Meanwhile Naraku continues his discussion with a shocked Kagura. She asks if he would really grant her her freedom, to which he says yes. With a slight gesture Naraku holds out his hand and shows Kagura her heart before proclaiming that he will give it to her.

Chapter 372: 終わらない苦しみ
Owaranai kurushimi
(Pain Without End)
Naraku holds Kagura's heart out to her, and in a flash it disappears from his hand. For the first time in her life Kagura can feel her own heart beating inside her chest. Her elation quickly turns to shock as Naraku's tentacles impale her. Kagura curses the vile demon and attempts to retaliate with a gust of wind from her fan, but Naraku's barrier blocks the shot. Kagura flies off on the verge of death, Naraku smiles, knowing that his miasma has infected her and she will soon die. He does allow her to leave to die alone wherever she chooses. Meanwhile, Kohaku faces Moryomaru in an attempt to protect his unconscious sister. Kohaku knows that within Moryomaru lies the baby, and Naraku's heart. The young demon-slayer's chain and sickle are no match for the gigantic Moryomaru but Kohaku makes up for his lack of strength with his quick agility. Daring Moryomaru to take his shard, Kohaku stands bravely against the demon. Moryomaru quickly realizes that Kohaku is no longer under Naraku's control, but acting of his own accord. Sango awakens to the sight of her brother fighting against Moryomaru, who has managed to grab Kohaku. The baby's arm extends from Moryomaru and when it makes contact with Kohaku, Moryomaru is able to read his mind. He knows for certain that Kohaku has regained his memories and is plotting against Naraku. Kohaku sees Sango rushing towards him and cries out for her to stay away and slashes Moryomaru's head, decapitating him. For an instant Kohaku believes he's won, but then a tentacle sinks into his back. Out of nowhere, Inuyasha jumps into the battle, slicing Moryomaru's tentacle.

Chapter 373: 姉弟
Sango rushes in to scoop the injured Kohaku away from Moryomaru while Inuyasha stands between the siblings and screams for everyone to stay back. As he turns to face his opponent, he tells Moryomaru that he knows the baby with Naraku's heart is inside him, and that he won't waste his chance to slaughter him. Unleashing the Kongosoha, Inuyasha is surprised to see Moryomaru take to the skies, fleeing from the battle. Miroku and Shippo admit that while Moryomaru is able to devour energy, he must not be strong enough to absorb the amount of energy the Kongosoha would release against him. With that, Kohaku awakens in his sister's arms and darts away. Sango asks him to wait and begins questioning the young slayer, telling him that she knows he has regained his memories because of his attempt to save her from Moryomaru. Kohaku simply responds by calling Sango his sister, all the proof she needs. He admits that he remembers everything now, even the murder of their father by his own hands. Kohaku tells her that he isn't ready to rejoin her yet. Sango doesn't understand why he wouldn't want to be with her again after all this time, and Kohaku tells them of his plan against Naraku, frustrating his sister even more. Kagome finally intervenes and tries to sort things out between them. Inuyasha waits as long as he can before commenting that he can smell Naraku's miasma nearby. He can also smell something else...Kagura's blood. Realizing that Kagura is in danger, Kohaku changes his mind and demands to go with the group to find her. Alone in a beautiful field, Kagura kneels silently, blood trickling from her mouth.

Chapter 374: 風
(The Wind)
As the group rushes to find Kagura, they all find themselves thinking that they are partially to blame for what's happened to her. Kohaku especially blames himself for letting Kagura send him away before she faced Naraku. Alone in a field, Kagura sits, listening to her heart beat. She knows that she is free now, free to go anywhere she wants, but her body won't move. She knows she is dying, and begins to prepare herself. Suddenly, Sesshomaru appears in front of her. The powerful demon says he was following the scent of Naraku's miasma. Kagura admits that he will be disappointed, as she is the only one here, to which Sesshomaru replies that he knew he would only find her. Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga only to realize that it cannot save her. Kagura tells him that she is ready to die, and not to bother. She is satisfied with the fact that in the end, she died with Sesshomaru beside her. Inuyasha and the others arrive and find Sesshomaru with Kagura. As she begins to fade, her body disentigrates and a mighty gust of wind blows through the field carrying her feather away. Shocked and silent everyone watches, until Inuyasha stops his brother only to ask if Kagura suffered. In death, Kagura is finally like the wind she controlled, completely free.

Chapter 375: 胸の穴
Mune no ana

(The Hole in Her Chest)
Two monks wander through the forest and one nervously says they shouldn't travel here due to recent reports of demons. The older monk dismisses him but then the two spy Kikyo sitting in a tree. Kikyo is shocked to find that the monks can see her, and sends them fleeing in horror. Kikyo ponders how the monks were able to cross through her barrier, and worries that problems may lie ahead for her. Meanwhile, at the Village of Demon Exterminators Sango has brought Kohaku back to visit their father's grave. Deciding to leave the siblings in peace, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku follow Myoga to Midoriko's cave nearby. The old flea has felt a disturbing energy in the cave recently. The group spies something in the mummy's chest cavity, where the Shikon Jewel was expelled after its creation. Miroku tries to approach but a barrier around Midoriko's corpse prevents him. Inside the hole a small cocoon is floating. Inuyasha decides to stay behind and watch over it alone. From the cocoon emerges one of Kikyo's Shinidamachus. Kikyo is shown undressing in a pool, about to purify herself, she whispers that she can no longer go back.

Chapter 376: 同じ魂
Onaji tamashii
(The Same Soul)
Kikyo purifies herself under a waterfall, remembering when Naraku impaled her on his tentacle, almost killing her. Suddenly Inuyasha appears with the Shinidamachu that emerged from Midoriko's chest. He asks her if she plans on using Midoriko's soul. Kikyo only stands there silently, when Inuyasha finally notices a huge scar on her chest. Kikyo tells him that its from Naraku's attack on her at Mount Hakurei. It healed for a time, but Naraku's hatred for her has continued to grow, reopening the wound, and that is why she needs Midoriko's soul now. Without a powerful soul like Midoriko's Naraku's miasma will destroy her body before she has a chance to get revenge against the demon. Kikyo reveals that she and Midoriko's souls are the same, and with that she absorbs the massive soul into her body. She collapses and Inuyasha rushes to her side. As he pulls her up from the water, he sees her wound close up. Back at the Demon Slayer's Village, the rest of the group is fast asleep, but Midoriko's mummy begins to stir. Kagome notices Kohaku's fragment glowing, and with a pulse of light Kohaku instantly springs from his sleep, waking the others. Suddenly a few Shinidamachuu enter the room with the others. The group rushes to follow them, when suddenly Kagome runs head-first into a barrier. Miroku asks if the barrier is Kikyo's, but Kagome says it isn't because she can pass through Kikyo's barriers. All of a sudden the group notices that Kohaku has continued running, he's the only one who was able to pass through the barrier, and continues ahead, all alone. Kohaku says that the shard wants him to continue on and defeat Naraku, while in the cave Midoriko's eyes begin to open.

Chapter 377: 使命
Kohaku rushes through the forest knowing that the Shikon shard wants him to defeat Naraku. On a high cliff, Kikyo and Inuyasha stand together reviewing what just occured with the absorption of Midoriko's soul. Kikyo admits that she doesn't know if the powerful soul will cure her wound forever, and so she will strike as soon as possible. Inuyasha begs her to wait and let him do it. Kikyo tells Inuyasha that Naraku cannot be defeated with a sword, and that in order to truly be rid of the demon, both his body and his soul must be destroyed. And to destroy his soul, they must use the Shikon Jewel. Kikyo tells Inuyasha that the jewel must be completed soon if she is to act. At the instant that Naraku holds the completed jewel it will merge with him, and in that instant is when he can be killed by purifying the jewel. Inuyasha tries to protest this idea, but Kikyo is surrounded by a powerful energy and flies away. Inuyasha wonders if Kikyo knows what completing the Jewel means. He knows that Kohaku will have to give his life if the Shikon Jewel is completed. At that moment Kohaku appears beside Inuyasha. Kohaku admits that he will do whatever he has to and Inuyasha realizes that he was listening to his conversation with Kikyo. He wonders why he didn't smell his scent, but soon realizes that a barrier is seperating them. Kohaku cuts a lock of his hair off and asks Inuyasha to give it to Sango. Inuyasha desperately calls out to Kohaku and demands that he tells him what he's doing. Kohaku simply smiles and confidently says that he isn't going to die, but that he himself will defeat Naraku. Inuyasha attempts to use the Tetsusaiga to break through the barrier, but strangely his sword doesn't work.

Chapter 378: 大蛇の巣
Orochi no su
(The Snake's Layer)
Inuyasha breaks the news to Sango that Kohaku ran off through a powerful barrier and he was unable to follow him. Soon it becomes apparent that Kikyo used Midoriko's soul to create the barrier and summon Kohaku. Elsewhere Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku are on the trail of a pungent scent. Suddenly they come across an injured member of the Demon Serpent Tribe, collapsed and severely injured. The serpent demon tells Koga that a strange demon attacked and killed his tribe, but he was able to bite off part of his flesh and inject him full of poison. Suddenly tentacles burst forth from the serpent's chest and completely wrap up his body. Koga recognizes the smell as that of Moryomaru, and as the tentacles rise into the air and fly away, Koga and the others chase after it. Inuyasha and Kagome discuss Koga's whereabouts as they realize that now Midoriko's soul seems to be trying to reunite the Shikon Jewel as well. This, of course, means that she will be trying to take Koga's two shards that give him his speed. Shippo accidently brings up Inuyasha's meeting with Kikyo, which is still a sore subject for Kagome and Inuyasha. Sango realizes that perhaps her brother is ready to die and give up his shard for the cause of good. Meanwhile Koga and the others arrive at the Demon Serpent's lair, where the tentacles merge into a large arm that is surrounded by the slain demons' bodies.

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