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volume 39
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2004 Vol. 44 - 2005 Vol. 2
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 39

Chapter 379: かけらの異変
Kakera no ihen
(Sudden Change)
Moryomaru's massive arm towers over Koga among the remains of the Demon Serpent Tribe. As Koga watches, the arm suddenly springs to live, ripping open to reveal teeth and an eerie eyeball before attacking him. The arm misses Koga but gets a mouthful of rocks. The rocks quickly disintegrate, as the arm has acquired the abilities of the Serpent's acid. Inuyasha and the others run across Ginta and Hakkaku who tell them that Koga went ahead after he caught Moryomaru's scent. The group quickly rushes to find him. Koga tries to outrun the arm, and manages to keep away from its fangs until suddenly the shards in his legs cause him to freeze in place, unable to move. Tentacles from the arm grab him and begin to pull him towards the mouth, when Kagome's arrow suddenly frees him from its grip. With the arrival of Inuyasha and the others the arm attempts to flee, but Inuyasha wastes on time in using the Kongosoha against it. Unfortunately, the arm teleports away before the attack lands. Koga thanks Kagome for saving him while Miroku postulates that Moryomaru is using his arm to scout for more demons to devour in order to absorb their powers and strengthen himself. Kagome explains that Midoriko is trying to unite the Shikon shards as well, and Koga realizes that this must be why he was unable to move, Midoriko wanted his shards to be taken from him, and united with Naraku's. Koga tells Kagome that he has no intention of letting the miko's soul use him, and he'll do whatever it takes to see that she doesn't.

Chapter 380: 狼の墓場
Ookami no hakaba
(The Burial Ground of the Wolves)
Koga, Ginta and Hakkaku enter the Wolf Demon graveyard alone to retrieve a weapon belonging to the wolves ancestors. As the group waits for the wolves to return, Miroku contemplates how similar Midoriko's goal is to Naraku's. They both want to reform the Shikon Jewel for their own purposes. Kagome is against the idea because it would mean that Kohaku would have to sacrifice his life, but Sango says that is what her brother wants to do. Inuyasha calls Sango out for her comment, saying that its obvious she doesn't want Kohaku to die either. He tells her that there is no way he's going to let Kohaku sacrifice his life to stop Naraku, even though he knows that Kikyo plans on using the completed jewel to destroy the demon. Inuyasha realizes that his sword is useless against Naraku now, but decides to go against Kikyo's plan and attack Naraku before he can complete the Shikon Jewel. Sango begins to weep as she realizes that none of her friends will allow her brother to sacrifice himself. They all agree with Inuyasha, they will attack before either Naraku or Midoriko can complete the jewel. Meanwhile, Koga and his tribemates run through the graveyard of their ancestors. Ginta and Hakkaku begin to worry about the area, but Koga pushes ahead, desperate to find the weapon. Ahead, he spies it, a mirror shining in the light, and inside the mirror is a bracelet with blades hanging from it. As Koga approaches the cliff begins to move, transforming into a three-headed, fire-breathing cerebus. The beast speaks and tells the wolves that it will not let them pass, but Koga brashly proclaims that he wants the weapon, the Goraishi. With that he launches into an attack on the guardian.

Chapter 381: 宝の守り役
Takara no mamori yaku
(The Guardian of the Treasure)
Koga begins his battle with the cerebus guarding the Goraishi, the weapon of his ancestors. Bouncing off a wall to gain momentum, Koga delivers a lightning fast kick to one of the heads, shattering it to rocky bits. Thinking he's won already, Koga brags at his easy win, when suddenly the very ground beneath him begins to form a wave and the guardian reforms itself. Sensing his Shikon shards, the demon tells him that his fragments are not part of his body, but being controlled by an outside force. As Koga remembers Kagomes words about Midoriko using the Shikon fragments for her own ends, the cerebus tells Koga that the Goraishi is also embued with special powers which are controlled by the long-dead ancestors of the Demon Wolf Clan. When the cerebus tells Koga that he isn't strong enough to weild the Goraishi, the young wolf becomes enraged and launches into another attack. Breaking the guardian in half once more, Koga has a new idea, and begins to lift the body of the demon hurling it into the air and watching as it crashes down on a nearby cliff wall. The three heads carry on the attack, breathing fire at Koga, who manages to easily stay ahead of it and heads straight for the Goraishi. Just before he reaches the weapon, flames erupt in front of him, blocking his way. Previously only watching the fight, Ginta and Hakkaku hear a noise behind them and find that the body that Koga threw is heading their way. Busy battling the upper-half of the guardian, Koga knocks another head to bits and reaches for the Goraishi, but before he can grab it he sees Ginta and Hakkaku running from the demon's body. He can only watch in fear as the guardian sends a terrible blast of flame at Ginta and Hakkaku.

Chapter 382: 五雷指
(The Claws)
As the guardian spews flames from its mouth, Ginta and Hakkaku yell for Koga to take the Goraishi. Koga thinks for a second, but rushes to save them, rather than take the weapon. The fire begin to engulf Ginta and Hakkaku as Koga rushes through the oncoming flames to rescue them. He grabs them and leaps to safety, as they watch the flames die out on the cave's floor. Suddenly the guardian appears again and demands to know why Koga didn't take the Goraishi when he was so close. Koga responds that he and his friends would have all died had he done so. The guardian directs Koga to the mirror where the Goraishi was housed, and they realize that it's no longer there. The guardian explains that Koga missed the only opportunity to get the Goraishi, but Koga says he doesn't regret his decision. Koga angrily shouts that he needed the Goraishi to avenge his fallen tribe, but he wouldn't sacrifice his friends to do so. This enrages the cerebus, and suddenly rocks jut out from the platform they were standing on. The cerebus states that they have defiled the tomb with their actions, and must be punished for it. Ginta and Hakkaku quiver in fear as Koga stands up to the beast who is preparing another blast of hellfire from it's mouths. As Koga rushes onward, he says he doesn't regret any of his decisions, when suddenly the Goraishi appears on his hand. Koga swings the weapon against the oncoming flames and with one swipe of his hand, rips the cerebus to shreds. As the beast dies, all it's energy flows into the Goraishi. Koga stares at the weapon in awe, as he hears the voices of his elders telling him that he has earned their protection. The Goraishi glows and disappears inside of Koga. The elders tell Koga that, just once, they can protect him from the outside force that is attempting to control his Shikon shards. With that Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku return to Inuyasha and the others. Inuyasha is extremly angry that Koga appears to have returned empty-handed, but Ginta and Hakkaku try to encourage him to reveal what happened. Koga threatens to use the Goraishi to rip Inuyasha's head off, but before Inuyasha can react, Kagome "sits" him and invites Koga to join them. Koga turns down Kagome's offer and runs off with his companions. As he leaves, Kagome notices the shards in Koga's legs are being protected by some power, but she adds it's a very weak power.

Chapter 383: ムジナ
Inuyasha and the others stare as a giant demon emerges from the woods, wrecking havoc on a small village. Inuyasha doesn't seem impressed by the demon as he unleashes his Wind Scar to quickly dispatch the monster. Later one of the villagers explains that a steady stream of demons have been pouring out of the forest for the last few days. As the days pass the demons that emerge grow larger and more powerful. Sango and Miroku go off in search of the disturbance while Shippo tells Inuyasha to calm down. Inuyasha is tired of helping people when they have more important matters to attend to. Teasingly, he also claims to know that the demons coming out of the forest are hunting for other demons. Shippo realizes he is the only demon present, and begins to worry at the thought of having to fend off the demons. Inuyasha and Shippo begin to argue, and Inuyasha sends Shippo flying into the distance. Kagome worries about him being alone, but Inuyasha ignores her and tells an invisible audience to come out, as he knows they have been watching him all along. No one answers, so Inuyasha blasts the woods with his Wind Scar. Many trees are sliced to pieces, but nothing is gained from it. Inuyasha claims that the invisible watcher fled, but he will remember it's scent. Elsewhere Shippo is wandering through the forest cursing Inuyasha. Suddenly he hears something, and uses his fox magic to attack. His magical snake attack is repelled, so he tries his giant top. Unfortunately, his top is cut asunder, and standing before him is a young demon girl, with a long, slender katana. The girl knows that Shippo was with Inuyasha, and seems interested in Tetsusaiga. Later, Inuyasha and Kagome come across the remains of Shippo's top. The girl has taken Shippo to her lair beneath a tree. She sits Shippo upon a large pile of human skulls and tells him that she is holding him hostage as protection against Inuyasha's blade. The girl reveals herself to be Mujina, and her sword, Dakki, has the power to absorb demonic energy, transforming it, and making it more powerful. She was the one causing the demons to flee the forest. Mujina knows that Inuyasha could easily kill her, but she hopes he will be hampered by Shippo. Outside the tree Shippo can hear Inuyasha make a boisterous entry as the roof comes crashing down. Mujina flees deeper into her cave with Shippo in tow, remarking that Inuyasha doesn't seem too concerned for Shippo's safety.

Chapter 384: 大義
(Just Causes)
Inuyasha and Kagome have no sign of Shippo in Mujina's underground lair, but they hear Shippo's screaming mushrooms and follow them, where Inuyasha ends up trapped in a pitfall. Suddenly, as the others look on, energy erupts from the pit and flows into Mujina's sword. Shippo and Mujina flee as soon as the energy is absorbed and hide in the forest. Mujina compliments Shippo and reveals that the trap was his idea. Apparently upset at all of Inuyasha's poundings and put-downs, Shippo is out for a bit of revenge. Mujina tells him she didn't absorb enough energy though, and so Shippo agrees to help her gain more. He asks her why she wants to be powerful, and from his sense of smell is able to deduce that she had a father who lived with her until recently. Mujina tells Shippo that he is right, but that her father is dead now, killed by a powerful demon, and she wants revenge. Seeing the simliarity in their lives Shippo is happier than ever to help Mujina's Dakki absorb the power of Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha and Kagome enter the forest in search of Shippo and Inuyasha gets caught in another of Shippo's explosive traps. This time though, Miroku and Sango realize that it's Shippo who is attempting to trap Inuyasha. Just then, the energy from the Tetsusaiga begins to be sucked away yet again. The flow of energy shows Inuyasha where Shippo and Mujina are hiding....or so he thinks as he ends up trapped yet again. Inuyasha attempts to escape via the Wind Scar, but in its weakened state, Tetsusaiga is not powerful enough to help him. Just then, Mujina steps into view, and Shippo along with her. The others are shocked at Shippo's apparent betrayal, but Shippo says that he has a good reason for helping the girl. Just then, Mujina tells Shippo to stand aside as she tests the Dakki's power on Inuyasha. The area is decimated as Shippo stares in shock, with no sign of Inuyasha. Mujina thanks Shippo for helping her to create such a powerful weapon.

Chapter 385: 奪鬼

Mujina stands triumphantly, as she tells Shippo her sword, Dakki, absorbed the power of the Wind Scar. Shippo asks her why she did it, and she states she intends to rule the world. Shippo is shocked and asks what happened to her plan to avenge her father. Mujina flatly responds that her father died a hundred years ago from food poisoning. In his anger, Shippo balls up his fist and gets ready to attack Mujina, when Inuyasha's leg stomps him to the ground. Shippo beams with relief as Inuyasha appears wet, but otherwise unharmed. Mujina screams that Inuyasha was hit by the Wind Scar, and has no idea how he could have survived. Inuyasha tells her to try the Wind Scar again, and she obliges. As the blast approaches, Inuyasha stares passively at the pathetic attempt. He rams Tetsusaiga into the ground and easily shields himself and Shippo from the attack. Even though she absorbed the Tetsusaiga's power, Mujina isn't adept enough to wield it. Inuyasha turns to Shippo and asks him what to do now. He wants Shippo to decide whether or not he should kill Mujina. Shippo confesses that all the traps were his doing, and tells Inuyasha that if he kills her, he'll have to kill him too. As Shippo tries to stand between Mujina and Inuyasha she snatches him up and tells them she will kill him if Inuyasha doesn't turn over Tetsusaiga to her. Inuyasha punches her in the face, causing her to transform into her true self, a fat tanuki. Everyone is shocked as Inuyasha states that he could tell it was an old man all along. Shippo feels sick as he realizes the scent he thought belonged to Mujina's father was actually "her" own scent. Inuyasha asks Shippo again if he should kill Mujina, and Shippo says he doesn't care. Inuyasha tells the giant tanuki that he will kill him, but Mujina mearly laughs as he tells him that Tetsusaiga is no longer as powerful as his blade, Dakki. Inuyasha lazily swings Tetsusaiga and cleaves Dakki in half. He then sends Mujina flying off into the sunset with a swift kick. Dakki lies asunder with Tetsusaiga's energy flowing out of it. The energy flows back into Tetsusaiga, as Inuyasha reminds everyone that his sword also takes it's power from his enemies. Shippo apologizes, and Inuyasha, surprisingly, smiles and says he doesn't mind, but Inuyasha smashes Shippo anyway. Miroku picks up the shattered blade of Dakki and wonders aloud if they should perhaps investigate it's origins.

Chapter 386: 刀秋
Inuyasha takes the Dakki to Totosai in hopes he will know something about its unique ability to absord demonic energy. Totosai bangs on the broken blade and shows Inuyasha that it is composed of dragon scales, however the sword that Mujina used is a forgery of the true Dakki. Inuyasha realizes that if he were to find the real Dakki and use its absorption powers against Moryomaru he would be able to counteract the demon's own natural talents. And if he combined the Dakki's power with Tetsusaiga he could slay Moryomaru. Totosai warns Inuyasha however, saying that if he uses Dakki to absorb all of Tetsusaiga's power and then loses to Moryomaru, then Tetsusaiga will forever be a rusted, useless hunk of metal, unable to transform into its true, powerful version. Meanwhile, in a dark hut, a forger works the metal of a blade and as the steel glows from the fire, he sees the dragon scales within the blade. Just then, a large clawed hand bursts through the roof of the hut, crashing down at the swordsmith. Inuyasha and the rest of the group leave Totosai to travel in search of the true Dakki. On the road, Myoga confides that he has heard rumors that a human forged Dakki, and that the dragon scales were given willingly to a smith named Toshu. Before long Inuyasha smells blood and rushes to find the cause. Meanwhile, the smith's village is being attacked by a hulking demon named Ryujin. The behemoth finds Toshu just as the others arrive in the village and Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar. The demon escapes into the sky though, leaving Toshu unharmed. Inuyasha questions Toshu and learns that he has moved from village to village in search of work, and one day came upon a battlefield where he first met Ryujin, the demonic creature who is now hunting him. The demon provided Toshu with dragon scales and ordered him to create a sword for him. With that, Toshu lifts the bandage that covers his eye to show the mark the demon left on him, dragon scales surrounding his left eye. Toshu created Dakki but could not bring himself to hand it over to the demon. Inuyasha simply frowns as he learns the truth behind the sword.

Chapter 387: 竜人の盾
Ryujin no tate
(Ryujin's Shield)
As storm clouds grow, Miroku hides Toshu inside a small shrine, and places a barrier around it to hide him from Ryujin. Inside Toshu holds the real Dakki, which begins to make a strange sound. Myoga tells Inuyasha he should simply steal the sword, and forget about helping Toshu. Everyone is shocked except Miroku, who was thinking the same thing. They realize that the sword has never absorbed any power, so taking it would be like taking a completely normal sword. With that, a blast of energy comes bursting through the clouds. Inuyasha strikes the blast with his Wind Scar as it comes barreling down on him. The blast manages to rend the Wind Scar asunder and power past it. Suddenly Ryujin appears, with a large gash across his shield where he blocked the Wind Scar. Ryujin tells the group that he will kill them all for hiding Toshu from him, and Inuyasha prepares to slice him with Tetsusaiga. Ryujin manages to block with his shield and knock Inuyasha to the ground with a shove. Inuyasha regains his footing and lets fly another Wind Scar, which is completely ineffective against Ryujin's shield. Ryujin tells him that the sheild works just like Dakki, and grows stronger after absorbing more and more blows. Inuyasha hits him yet again, but Ryujin parries with his sheild, and slowly starts to push Inuyasha back. Ryujin rams Inuyasha into the shrine where Toshu is hiding, and hears him scream from inside. Ryujin tells Toshu that if he gives him Dakki he will let him live. Everyone screams for Toshu not to do it, but inside the darkened shrine, Toshu ponders turning over the blade to Ryujin.

Chapter 388: 奪鬼の使い手
Dakki no tsukaite
(The Wielder of Dakki)
Inuyasha tries to protect Toshu as Ryujin slams him against the hut. Toshu bravely says that he won't give him Ryujin Dakki no matter what, because the sword has told him he would be an unfit master. Toshu whispers to Inuyasha that there should be a vulnerable spot on Ryujin's body where he gave him the scales to forge Dakki. Inuyasha summons his strength and manages to push Ryujin back with Tetsusaiga pressed firmly against his shield. Inuyasha gets a running leap, and then comes down on Ryujin with the Wind Scar. Myoga comments that Inuyasha is wasting his time, but Kagome notices the ground beneath Ryujin's feet. As Ryujin plummets downward, Inuyasha unleashes yet another Wind Scar which seems to do the beast in. Ryujin isn't down for long though, he bursts out from the rubble with only a few scars. His shield begins to glow red as he announces that he can turn Inuyasha's Wind Scar back on him with the energy his shield has absorbed. Inuyasha smiles knowingly as Ryujin sends the blast towards him. He cleaves the energy and sends it flying back as the Backlash Wave. The huge tornado of energy slams against Ryujin's shield ripping it apart and mangles the demon's body in the process. Miroku comments that Ryujin was too greedy, his powerful shield was more than enough. Toshu says that he never intended on using the Dakki, just as Toshu stabs the Dakki into him, and absorbs his power. The sword grows like Tetsusaiga as Toshu grins and annouces that the blade is now complete.

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