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volume 40
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 3 - 13
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 40

Chapter 389: 亀裂
Inuyasha demands to know what Toshu is doing, as he turns the blade, Dakki towards Inuyasha. Toshu explains that the blade has absorbed demon power for the first time. Toshu tells Inuyasha that he owes it all to him that he was able to defeat Ryujin and power up his blade. Toshu explains that he always planned to forge a powerful blade all for himself. He collected shattered swords on battlefields and smelted them into new swords. It was there that he met Ryujin. As it turns out it was Toshu that begged Ryujin to allow him to make a sword for him. Toshu though never intended to give the Dakki to Ryujin once it was completed, he merely needed a scale from the demon to forge the perfect blade. Toshu then tells Inuyasha that he wants to absorb Tetsusaiga's power as well. Myoga encourages Inuyasha to attempt to steal Dakki's power using Tetsusaiga, since it is being wielded by a mere human, the battle should be easy. The two blades clash against one another, energy crackling from them both. Inuyasha forces Toshu down, and everyone calls for him to finish the match, but Inuyasha pauses... Tetsusaiga has cracked. Inuyasha's remembers Totosai's words about how all of Tetsusaiga's energy could be drained, leaving it merely a rusty old sword. Everyone notices Toshu's hand is beginning to grow scales just like his eye. The Dakki isn't just absorbing power from Tetsusaiga, but from Toshu as well. Inuyasha tells Toshu to drop Dakki, but he refuses and the blades clang together again. Tetsusaiga cracks further as Dakki grinds into it's blade as Toshu becomes more and more demonic. Toshu continues to bang Dakki against Tetsusaiga as it cracks further and further. Suddenly Tetsusaiga crackles as energy pours off it's damaged blade.

Chapter 390: 覚悟
Inuyasha is shocked as wind begins to blow from the cracks in Tetsusaiga. Miroku notes that the wind seems to want to protect Inuyasha, as Toshu greedily wishes to take the Tetsusaiga's powers for himself. Toshu believes that one more strike from Dakki will shatter the Tetsaiga, but Inuyasha has confindence in his blade. He crashes Tetsusaiga down on Toshu. The wind spilling out of the sword was able to sling Toshu away before the blades touched. Myoga explains that Tetsusaiga is trying to keep Dakki away because it has exhausted almost all of it's power. Toshu tells Inuyasha that he can defeat him without even touching him, and suddenly he powers up Dakki, and sends a Wind Scar at Inuyasha. Just as it hits, Inuyasha unleashes the Backlash Wave with the last of Tetsusaiga's power. As the winds clear, Toshu is still standing, holding the Dakki triumphantly. The Backlash Wave was completely absorbed. Miroku notices that Dakki has a small crack in it as well. It wasn't able to completely absorb the power of the Backlash Wave. Inuyasha notices that the wind coming from Tetsusaiga has now ceased. Inuyasha remembers that Totosai had warned him about Tetsusaiga completely losing it's power if he pushed it too hard. Inuyasha sees the crack in Dakki and brings Tetsusaiga down on it with all his might.

Chapter 391: 一心同体
(One Mind, One Body)
Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga and Toshu's Dakki clash against one another as the others look on. Finally Dakki begins to crack, just as Tetsusaiga has. Toshu forces Inuyasha down by unleashing a Wind Scar of his own. When Inuyasha recovers from the blast, he finds Tetsusaiga has given it's all, and transformed back into an old rusty blade. Toshu, now fully transformed into a demon stands over Inuyasha who rises and prepares to fight on with the now useless Tetsusaiga. Miroku and Sango try to step in, but Inuyasha stops them. He says that as long as he lives, Tetsusaiga will not be destroyed. The blades clash again as Tetsusaiga pushes deeper into the crack already created in Dakki. Suddenly in the middle of another taunt, Toshu's back explodes with energy. Toshu falls to the ground, and Kagome runs to Inuyasha's side. Miroku examines Toshu's body and finds that his hand has merged with the sword. In order to keep Dakki from breaking, Toshu began to merge himself with the Dakki. His body took the brunt of Inuyasha's attack in order to save his blade. Dakki finally shatters and the massive amounts of energy it has absorbed spills out, and begins to swirl around Tetsusaiga. Tetsusaiga grows large again as its cracks are now repaired. Now the dragon scales that Dakki was forged from have merged with Inuyasha's blade.

Chapter 392: 平和な食卓
Heiwa na shoukutaku
(A Peaceful Meal)
Back in Kaede's village, Sango tells Kaede that Inuyasha's battle with Toshu has left him exhausted. Inuyasha and Kagome head through the Bone Eater's Well to the modern era while Miroku convinces Shippo to transform into a duplicate and get close to Sango while he goes off to flirt. Sango interrupts his plan and bashes Miroku into the ground. In the present, Kagome arrives home to find that her mother has a cold. Kagome tells her mom to rest while she goes back to her room and finds that Inuyasha has fallen asleep on her bed. Kagome hopes that Inuyasha will sleep until she gets back from school. Instead he awakes full of energy at 11:00 and springs out the window, crushing Grandpa Higurashi's Bonsai tree. Grandpa tells Inuyasha that Kagome said he is not to leave the house until she comes back, but Inuyasha doesn't listen and runs off. At school, Kagome tells Eri, Yuka and Ayumi that she can't go out with them after class because she has to take care of her mother. Secretly though, she's excited to get back home and cook for Inuyasha in hopes of making him feel better. Just as she finishes her thought, she sees Inuyasha leap past the window. Kagome yells "sit" and then goes outside to collect Inuyasha's body and have a talk with him. She pleads with him to take it easy for just one day, and he reluctantly agrees. Back at the Higurashi Shrine, Inuyasha is running in circles around the house waiting for Kagome to come home. When Sota comes in and says that she went grocery shopping, Inuyasha tears off again. When Kagome finally gets home she finds that Inuyasha has caught dozens of pigeons and fish for her to cook. She demands he let them go while she starts cooking. After a few interruptions from Inuyasha, dinner is finally ready, and Kagome goes upstairs to take some food to her mother. While she's gone Sota spies a cockroach and before he can smash it Inuyasha rushes in and crushes it with Tetsusaiga. In the process he smashes the sink and water floods the kitchen, ruining Kagome's dinner.

Chapter 393: 尼寺
(The Nunnery)
While travelling down a mountain path, an old man meets the group and warns them to stay away from a haunted temple. He says the place is inhabited by dangerous creatures who eat human flesh. The overcast skies fill with rain as the group continues onward. They come to the temple, and Inuyasha suggests that they rest inside due to the storm. Shippo reminds them of the old man's warning about the temple, but they all decide they would rather slay the demons and stay dry than wait outside in the downpour. Just then a nun meets them at the door. Sango is surprised that the temple seems to be a convent. The nun explains that the villagers have spread the rumors of demons due to the lack of visitors that come by. After they go to their room for the night, Inuyasha reveals that in spite of the nun's claim, the whole place reeks of demons. When Sango asks if the nun is a demon as well, Inuyasha says that her scent is that of a human. Outside a group of faceless nuns appear from underneath the temple. Shippo is nervous that everyone has fallen asleep, and so he decides he'll stay on alert for demons. As Shippo stares at the ceiling, he sees dozens of nuns crawling across it in the dark, staring at him. As the nuns drop down to ambush the sleeping party, Inuyasha unleashes his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer attack. Everyone springs away and begins to slaughter the demon nuns. In the other room, the human nun hears the commotion and looks concerned. After the battle the corpses of cats fall from under the nuns' robes. It seems these ghost cats had killed and impersonated the real nuns. Inuyasha demands that the nun tell them what's going on, while Miroku tries to flirt with her. The nun tells them that long ago a priestess sealed away a powerful ghost cat beneath the floor of the temple. Inuyasha and Miroku decide to go and check it out. Flashlight in hand, Inuyasha and Miroku crawl under the temple to have a look around. Miroku starts commenting on how sexy the nun is, unaware that Sango, the nun, and Kagome can all hear him through the tatami floor. The pair come across a hole under the temple where the bones of the ghost cat lay. Suddenly the bones spring to life, meanwhile the nun upstairs with Kagome seems to be possessed by a cat demon as well, as her eyes turn to cat-like slits.

Chapter 394: 化け猫
Bake neko
(Cat Demon)
As Inuyasha and Miroku crawl beneath the temple, the bones of the Ghost Cat spring to life. On the floor above, Kagome, Shippo, Sango and the nun can hear the battle below. Sango runs outside as Miroku, Inuyasha and the Ghost Cat emerge from under the temple, ready to do battle. As Sango runs to help, a hand comes up from the ground and holds her in place. It's the nuns that they battled earlier. Miroku turns his attention to Sango as Inuyasha jousts with the giant cat. His Wind Scar splits the beast in half, reducing it to bones again, and Miroku's sutras make short work of the nuns holding Sango. Miroku takes a moment to rub Sango's rump before they both quickly realize that the Ghost Cat is reforming itself. Inuyasha is shocked that the Wind Scar seemed to have no effect on the creature. Inuyasha says that he can pick up no scent coming from the Ghost Cat. Meanwhile Kirara, Shippo, Kagome and the nun are waiting inside for the battle to conclude. Kagome is shocked as the nun suddenly transforms into a cat demon, and swears to kill them, just as she has killed all the others who would attempt to exorcise the Ghost Cat. Outside the battle continues as the beast reforms once again. Miroku tries using his sutras on it, and this time it's reduced to a pile of human bones. They note that it is mearly an illusion, but somewhere in the temple someone is manipulating the bones. Inside, Kagome doesn't know how Inuyasha's nose was tricked into believing that this nun was a human. Just as she ponders this, more nun-demons spring from the floor. Kirara begins to slaugter the nuns, but a mere glance from the head nun reduces Kirara back to her small kitten version. Kagome is paralysed as the nun grabs her by the throat, and prepares to devour her. Outside Miroku, Inuyasha and Sango try to gain entry to the temple, but the doors seem to be sealed shut. Kagome tells the nun that she knows Inuyasha will save her, but the nun explains that no one has escaped from this cursed temple. Outside the Ghost Cat springs to life again, but inside Kagome hears the nun whisper a plea for help.

Chapter 395: 竜鱗の鉄砕牙
Ryuurin no Tetsusaiga

(The Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga)
Kagome responds to the nun's plea for help by asking if she is a demon. The nun responds that she is and quickly reverts to her demonic form. Shippo uses his foxfire to aid in Kagome's escape, but the nun is too fast and claws Kagome's shoulder, drawing blood. Outside Miroku and Sango try to get to Kagome, but the barrier around the room prevents them. While fighting the Ghost Cat, Inuyasha smells Kagome's blood and leaves his battle to try and rescue her. Just as the nun is about to strike, Inuyasha breaks through the roof using the red Tetsusaiga. Before Kagome even has time to relax, the Ghost Cat breaks in behind Inuyasha, but Miroku quickly enters and uses his Wind Tunnel to destroy the large demon. Inuyasha realizes that the scent of the nun has changed to that of the cat demon. The ghost cat within the nun's body reveals that it had remained under the temple for one-hundred years before the nun arrived. When the nun tried to offer a proper burial for the demon's remains, it sprung to life and took over her body. Inuyasha is ready to strike down the demon, but Kagome tells him that he must not as the human nun is still alive. However Inuyasha doesn't stop his attack and swings the Tetsusaiga at the nun, ripping her robe to reveal a cat paw clinging to her chest. As the paw disappears within the nun's body, the demon dares Inuyasha to strike and he happily obliges as dragon scales appear on the Tetsusaiga and the Ghost Cat's aura is absorbed within the sword. As the nun collapses, Inuyasha notices that Tetsusaiga feels hot. In the morning the group says their goodbyes to the nun, but Inuyasha is lost in thought wondering why the Tetsusaiga heated up after the battle.

Chapter 396: 毒蛟
(Venomous Mizuchi)
One night a group of soldiers attack a demon called the Mizuchi. The let fly flaming arrows which only seem to anger the giant demon. The creature blasts them and tears their flesh from their bones. Later Inuyasha and the others hear of the Mizuchi, and soon come upon the bones of the samurai that the creature slew. Sango tells the others that a Mizuchi demon's venom usually isn't strong enough to rend flesh, so she is concerned about this creature's unusually potent abilities. Inuyasha tells everyone that he can vaguely smell Moryomaru's scent along with that of the Mizuchi. From a nearby tree, an eyeball with wings flies away and returns to it's master. It inserts itself back into it's master's head, as he is able to see Inuyasha and the others approaching. Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar towards the direction of the smell he picked up. Suddenly from the water poison beings to erupt and flies towards Inuyasha. Inuyasha deflects the poison with Tetsusaiga, but it makes short work of the nearby forest. The giant Mizuchi comes forth, and surprises everyone when it shows it is able to speak. The creature reveals that it ate a piece of Moryomaru that had fallen into it's swamp. After eating his flesh, the demon gained even greater power. Mizuchi's poisonous blast is able to deflect Inuyasha's Wind Scar, which forces him to power up Tetsusaiga to it's dragon-scaled version. The new Tetsusaiga absorbs the creatures poison, but begins to heat up again, much to Inuyasha's surprise. Inuyasha reverts Tetsusaiga to it's original form as the strange boy watches from afar.

Chapter 397: 夢幻の白夜
Mugen no Byakuya
(Byakuya of the Dreams)
Mizuchi is surprised by the power of Tetsusaiga as it attempts to absorb his poison. He spreads more poison vapor as Inuyasha changes Tetsusaiga into it's diamond form. Shippo notes that Inuyasha seems to be powering up the Kongosoha. Meanwhile the strange young man observes the battle from a distance. The man holds up a leaf and then blows it from the palm of his hand. Suddenly a mystical mist surrounds Inuyasha and the others and four Mizuchis appear out of nowhere. Shippo warns Inuyasha that it's merely an illusion. The Kongosoha injures the Mizuchi, but its poison spreads towards Kagome and the others. Miroku springs into action and sucks all the venom into his Wind Tunnel, which weakens him. Meanwhile the Mizuchi escapes into the bottom of the marsh during the confusion. That night Kagome and Sango tend to the feverish Miroku. Sango asks Kagome why Inuyasha only used the dragon-scaled form of Tetsusaiga so briefly, to which Kagome wonders if Inuyasha is keeping something from them. Elsewhere Inuyasha is beating himself up over Miroku's injury. All of a sudden the young man that was watching the battle appears and asks Inuyasha why he didn't use the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga in the battle. Inuyasha demands to know who the man is. He introduces himself as Byakuya, and suddenly the mists surround him again. Kagome and Sango come out and watch as Inuyasha slices through Byakuya, who disappears leaving only a lotus behind. Byakuya watches in shock from a tree top, as Inuyasha quickly locates him and continues the fight. Byakuya refuses to fight as he deftly dodges Inuyasha's blows. Inuyasha angrily annouces to everyone that Byakuya reeks of Naraku's scent, and Byakuya confirms that he is one of Naraku's spawn. Inuyasha hears a rumbling in the distance and Byakuya annouces that he has told the Dokumzuchi where to come for its revenge. Byakuya tells Inuyasha that because the Mizuchi ate a piece of Moryomaru, it will continue to regenerate unless Inuyasha drains its power using the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 398: 鉄砕牙の暴発
Tetsusaiga no bouhatsu
(Tetsusaiga Released)
The Mizuchi returns for revenge against Inuyasha and the others. Inuyasha tells Kagome to hide while he deals with the demon. Called forth by Byakuya, it unleashes its poisons once again. Inuyasha stands bravely and begins to absorb the poison with the Tetsusaiga, but the Mizuchi simply continues to spew more toxin just as quickly as Inuyasha can use the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga to absorb it. As he absorbs the attack, the Tetsusaiga begins to heat up as it did in his battle with the Ghost Cat. Inuyasha wonders what will happen next as Byakuya looks on intently. Sango, Kagome and Shippo are hiding inside the shrine with the recovering Miroku. Shippo looks outside at the battle between Inuyasha and the Mizuchi and calls Kagome over. She watches in horror as the blade of the Tetsusaiga turns black. Poison begins to spew from the blade as it can no longer hold everything that it is abosorbing. As Byakuya taunts Inuyasha into action, he leaps into the air and rushes towards the poison-spewing demon. Byakuya wonders why the group isn't running away from the poison, but Shippo shouts him down, saying they believe Inuyasha will win. With that, Inuyasha brings down Tetsusaiga's black blade on the Mizuchi, splitting him cleanly in half. As he lands, Inuyasha watches as his sword pulses with energy and then erupts, knocking him to the ground. As the group rushes to his aid, they find Inuyasha lying unconscious, Tetsusaiga sticking in the ground, still hot with power as Byakuya simply smiles.

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