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volume 41
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 14 - 24
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 41

Chapter 399: 最強の刀
Saikyo no katana
(The Invincible Blade)
Kagome rushes to Inuyasha's side worried about him as he lies unconscious. As she tries to wake him, Byakuya remarks that Tetsusaiga's newest ability is amazing, even though it appears to have injured Inuyasha in the process. He wonders out loud what would happen if Inuyasha was attacked right now, would he survive? Sango prepares to do battle with the demon in order to protect her compatriot. Even though he's injured Miroku joins her, as does Kagome. Byakuya simply smiles and says he has no interest in fighting at this point, before he flies away on a paper crane. After Byakuya leaves, Inuyasha finally wakes up. His first thought upon awakening is of Tetsusaiga and what could be troubling it. Shippo goes to tell Totosai the news of Tetsusaiga and brings the smith back to the scene of the battle to inspect the blade. Totosai takes Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha and inspects it. Totosai is able to tell that the Tetsusaiga has been upgraded to absorb demonic energy. Kagome tells him how the blade backfired and its absorbed energy hurt Inuyasha. Totosai tells them that there is no problem with the Tetsusaiga, if anything, the problem is with Inuyasha. Totosai explains that because Inuyasha is only a half-demon, his body has trouble handling the power of the full demons that Tetsusaiga can now absorb. Before Tetsusaiga was broken by Goshinki it was made completely of the fang of Inuyasha's father, a full demon. At that point the blade could absorb limitless demonic energy if it was desired, but now, with the blade reforged using the half-demon Inuyasha's fang, the Tetsusaiga like Inuyasha himself had a limit to the demonic powers it could contain. Kagome is shocked by this realization, but Totosai isn't finished yet. He says there should have been a warning before hand and asks to see Inuyasha's hands. Inuyasha tries to play it off, but shows the old man his hands anyway. The girls are shocked to see the horrible burns on his hands. Meanwhile, Byakuya has arrived at a river and is reporting his findings to Naraku. He tells him about the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga and its flaw. Naraku is amused by this. Byakuya asks if he was supposed to finish off Inuyasha after the Dokumizuchi was killed, and smiles before asking if Naraku wants Moryomaru to be killed by the Tetsusaiga. Naraku wonders which will come first, Inuyasha's death, or Moryomaru's. Inuyasha and the others are still sitting with Totosai at the base of the mountain. Inuyasha asks Totosai what he must do to master the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. Totosai says he'll simply have to get used to it, to which he gets bashed over the head by Inuyasha in return. Kagome asks if the Tetsusaiga will act this way everytime he uses it. Totosai nods in the affirmative, and says that Inuyasha must use the abilities he absorbs from a particular demon to kill that demon, or else the stored energy will kill him. Totosai tells Inuyasha to show him his wounds, and everyone expects Totosai to be able to heal them instantly, but instead he licks Inuyasha, and of course, Inuyasha pounds him for it. As Totosai leaves, he thinks that if Inuyasha is able to master the Tetsusaiga once more, he will only have to defeat Naraku in order to become the owner of the most powerful sword on the planet.

Chapter 400: 冥王獣
Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken are wandering near a large lake when Rin spots a skeleton under the water. The skeleton resembles a large turtle, and Rin is quite impressed by it's large shell. Sesshomaru tells them that the creature's name is Meioju, and Jaken explains that it's shell is rumored to be one of the hardest of all the demons. Rin notices that there is a missing section in the shell. Without looking Sesshomaru states that it appears to be the work of a monk's sutra. Later on a fleshy looking lump falls into the lake and merges with the skeleton of Meioju. Flesh reforms on the skeleton and Meioju is revived. Elsewhere Inuyasha and the others have heard rumors of a demon that has been devouring armor and attacking castles. One of the villagers tells Miroku that this particular town has a set of armor that supposedly has a storied past. The gang decides to head to the local lord's castle, but the guards at the gate turn them away. Miroku tells the guards that there is demonic energy seeping out from the castle, and it will eventually attract more demons. Miroku's companions scoff at this, but he explains that he is actually telling the truth. No sooner does he say this than a dark cloud appears above the castle, from which Meioju bursts forth. The giant turtle attempts to devour some of the armored guards, but Sango's quick work with Hiraikotsu saves their lives. Inuyasha realizes that Meioju reeks of Moryomaru's scent. Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar, but Meioju is completely unaffected. Inuyasha asks if he ate the flesh of Moryomaru, but the tortoise says he has never heard of him. Meioju powers up a lightning attack, but Inuyasha dodges and counters with the Kongosoha diamond attack, which damages the beast. Meioju retreats, cursing the fact that his shell is incomplete. Shippo mutters that Inuyasha should have used the dragon scaled Tetsusaiga. Out of sight, Byakuya watches Meioju flee. His eye bursts from it's socket, sprouts wings and follows the demon, hoping to learn why Moryomaru chose to revive it. Back at the castle an old soldier thanks the group for their efforts. The soldier shows them the armor that the creature was after, and the chest-plate seems to have been made from a piece of Meioju's shell. Kagome hypothesizes that Moryomaru must be trying to absorb Meioju in order to gain his abilities. Elsewhere the defeated Meioju damns his luck when a growth springs from his body and tells him to return to the castle. The growth says that with it's power Meioju can challenge the Kongosoha.

Chapter 401: 鎧甲
(The Armored Shell)
Inuyasha waits within the castle walls for Meioju's emminent return. Inside the castle Miroku prepares a barrier around the suit of armor made from Meioju's shell. Miroku and Sango explain that if Meioju manages to get the armor his power will be fully restored and he will be virtually invincible. Suddenly the dark cloud appears above the grounds once again and a barrage of powerful lightning balls erupt, striking the ground. Inuyasha easily dodges and uses the Wind Scar to tear the blasts apart. Inuyasha demands that Meioju comes down from his cloud and face him. Meioju screams back that he can no longer see his armor as Miroku, Sango and Kagome rush out knowing that the barrier must be working. Inuyasha complains that the barrier is keeping Meioju from coming down to fight and he is unable to reach him in the sky. Nearby, Byakuya agrees and decides he might as well offer some assistance and pulls out some folded pieces of paper in the shapes of small men. Byakuya blows them into the air and they manage to sneak inside the castle's armory. However upon coming into contact with Miroku's barrier they instantly disentegrate. However one of the pieces of paper lands on a guard and Byakuya takes possession of him. Under his control, the soldier begins knocking away Miroku's bowls of salt that power the barrier. Instantly Meioju blasts the building holding the armor, and as Inuyasha and the others look amongst the rubble, they see him holding the armor with his tongue. Meioju wastes no time in devouring the armor. And Byakuya smiles intently, wondering what will happen next. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sesshomaru appears next to Byakuya and attempts to slice him in half. Byakuya barely manages to dodge the blow, and jumps into the air to escape. Sesshomaru follows and the pair lands on one of the castle's roofs. Inuyasha and the others are shocked to see Sesshomaru, and Byakuya asks out loud why he's being attacked. Sesshomaru responds by saying that the demon reeks of Naraku and that is reason enough. Byakuya suddenly realizes who Sesshomaru is, but down below Inuyasha and the others have now turned their attention to the much more powerful Meioju. Sesshomaru asks Byakuya why Moryomaru has brought Meioju back to life and Byakuya says that that is exactly what he wants to know. Meioju's shell has now errupted in spikes and he tells Inuyasha that his Kongosoha will have no effect on him.

Chapter 402: 魍魎丸の狙い
Moryomaru no nerai
(Moryomaru's Target)
Meioju dares Inuyasha to attack using the Kongosoha again, and Inuyasha happily accepts as Meioju enters his shell and leaps into the air. From below Inuyasha releases his volley of diamond spears into the sky toward Meioju, who spins so fast that he manages to richochet the attack back toward the ground at Inuyasha. Sesshomaru and Byakuya look on from the rooftop on which they were about to battle. Byakuya gleefully acknowledges that Meioju's shell is apparently as strong as it was rumored to be. From above, still inside his shell, Meioju calls out that he is now as powerful as he once was and begins charging up his lightning ball attack. Sango realizes that they cannot attack him as long as he stays within his armored shell just as the blasts begin to rain down on the group below. Inuyasha becomes distracted as he worries that Kagome will be hit, when Meioju drops himself (still within his shell) down towards Inuyasha, who just barely dodges the bodyslam. Just as soon as the attack misses, Meioju springs back up into the air, where Inuyasha can't reach him. Sesshomaru and Byakuya continue to watch, and Sesshomaru comments that Meioju is obviously staying in an attempt to defeat Inuyasha. He begins to think about it, and realizes that Moryomaru must want to absorb Meioju's armored shell because of its ability to deflect the Kongosoha. The group worries as they see Meioju prepare for another attack, and Inuaysha becomes frustrated enough to begin preparing the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. Miroku and Sango plead with Inuyasha not to use the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, but he doesn't listen and rushes in to absorb the demon's lightning attack. Just as he does, Meioju drops out of the sky and Inuyasha once again manages to dodge, but his hands have already started to burn from handling the upgraded Tetsusaiga as Meioju bounces back into the sky. Kagome and Shippo are concerned and Sesshomaru realizes that once again Inuyasha has made an addition to the Tetsusaiga's abilities. Byakuya continues to add his comments about the battle, saying that Inuyasha seems unable to handle the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, and so he must rely on the Kongosoha once again, even though it doesn't seem to be having an effect. Meioju screams that he will crush Inuyasha and drops down once more. Inuyasha holds his position with Tetsusaiga drawn and is shocked when Meioju suddenly emerges from his shell. Everyone else is just as surprised, and Meioju's eyes seem blank as he tells Inuyasha to use his Kongosoha once more. Inuyasha already has this in mind and unleashes his attack, just as Sesshomaru and Miroku realize what Meioju is planning. Miroku tries to warn Inuyasha not to fire the Kongosoha because Moryomaru is only using the demon. Inuyasha exclaims that if he obliterates Meioju there won't be a problem and goes ahead with his plan, unleashing the blast of the Kongosoha.

Chapter 403: 奪われた金剛槍破
Ubawareta Kongosoha
(The Stolen Diamond Spears)
As Meioju crashes down towards Inuyasha, he dares him to unleash the Kongosoha. Inuyasha obliges as the diamond shards rip through Meioju, causing him great agony. Everyone else watches on with their mouths agape at the scene. Everyone stares silently at Meioju's lifeless body as it hangs in midair. Suddenly Miroku steps out and unleashes his Wind Tunnel on the beast's carcass. Byakuya grins and tells Sesshomaru that Miroku has seemingly caught on to Moryomaru's plot. Suddenly Meioju springs back to life, but his voice is different. It's that of Moryomaru. Just as he had done with Goryomaru so long ago, Moryomaru has now taken over the dead body of Meioju. He unleashes a poisonous miasma forcing Miroku to close the Wind Tunnel, and makes his escape. Everyone realizes he didn't want just Meioju's shell, but also the diamond spears from the Kongosoha attack. Moryomaru couldn't have withstood the Kongosoha himself, so he had Meioju take the brunt of it, so he could absorb it from the carcass later on. With that Sesshomaru takes flight, and pursues the fleeing corpse of Meioju, in hopes that it will lead him to Moryomaru. Byakuya follows behind on his paper crane, when suddenly the Saimyosho appear and tell him not to let Sesshomaru pursue Meioju back to Moryomaru. With that he fires off a volley of paper cranes at Sesshomaru, but all that does is anger the powerful demon. Sesshomaru slices Byakuya in half with one hand, but the body reveals a lotus as it falls to pieces. The real Byakuya says he is only doing his job as he sits high in the sky in a protective barrier, before departing. Sesshomaru has now lost the trail of the fleeing Meioju. The corpse flys toward a high mountain, and sinks down into a crack where Moryomaru lies in pieces. Moryomaru's skin streatches out to absorb the shell and diamonds, as it is commanded by the baby, who is lying next to Moryomaru's head, still clutching the Fuyoheki which hides his aura. The baby states that now Moryomaru will be an ever more powerful armor for him. Miasma gushes from the cracks in the summit, and meanwhile a deer is devoured as it touches a mountain stream as Kohaku looks on. Kohaku says he is sure Moryomaru is near, as his new travelling companion, Kikyo, tells him to continue onward.

Chapter 404: 魍魎丸の変化
Moryomaru no henge
(Moryomaru's Transformation)
Inuyasha's nose leads his companions to the mountain where Moryomaru and the baby are hiding. Inuyasha can smell the miasma everywhere, and Kagome detects his Shikon jewel shard. Kagome says she can sense another shard's presence as well, which can only mean Kohaku is nearby. At the mountainside, Kohaku watches as miasma pours forth from every crack and crevasse. The mountain-top explodes as a shadowy form appears. Kohaku dodges the falling debris, and quickly puts on his mask to protect him from the noxious vapors filling the air. Soon he is face to face with the new form of Moryomaru. He's covered in spikes from Meioju's shell. Moryomaru prepares to strike at Kohaku in hopes of stealing the shard that is keeping him alive. He tries to toss Kohaku into a pool of miasma, but as soon as he does an arrow flies at the boy's feet, purifying the miasma around him. Kikyo stands with another arrow ready to fire. Her next shot slices through one of Moryomaru's tentacles. Kikyo asks if his new form is being used as armor for the baby, which holds Naraku's heart. Moryomaru tells her that the baby was exposed briefly, but she's arrived too late to do anything about it now. Kikyo fires again, but Moryomaru counters with the Kongosoha diamond shards that he absorbed from Meioju's corpse. Kikyo is stunned and Kohaku barely knocks her out of the way before the giant diamond shard comes hurtling towards her. Moryomaru sidesteps Kikyo's arrow and brags that he has acquired Inuyasha's most powerful attack. Kikyo demands to know what has happened to Inuyasha, but Moryomaru only tells her she will die from his attack. Suddenly a huge surge of energy slams into the ground beside Moryomaru- Sesshomaru has arrived. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time to see Sesshomaru hovering over the battlefield, just as Inuyasha catches Kikyo's scent.

Chapter 405: 拮抗

Moryomaru is surprised to see Sesshomaru standing before him. He thinks back to his last battle with the demon lord, and how he was unable to absorb Sesshomaru's power. Sesshomaru flies into battle and lets loose a powerful sphere of energy. The blast is awe-inspiring, but Moryomaru seems to be holding his ground. Now that Morymaru has aborbed Meioju's shell he seems much more powerful. Across the battlefield Sango notices Kohaku standing with Kikyo. Kikyo sees Inuyasha, and realizes that Moryomaru was bluffing about killing the half demon in order to gain his Kongosoha attack. Moryomaru prepares to unleash the diamond shards of the Kongosoha attack against Sesshomaru, who seems unconcerned. He swings Tokijin, and knocks the diamond spears away with it's amazing power. The shard shatter into hundreds of smaller pieces and rain down on Inuyasha and the others. With that, Inuyasha decides to join the battle. He unsheathes Tetsusaiga and leaps into the fray with the Wind Scar. Moryomaru doesn't even flinch as the blast hits him. Sesshomaru tells Inuyasha to leave the battle at once, but Inuyasha refuses. Sesshomaru attacks Moryomaru nearly hitting Inuyasha as well, who jumps out of the way. Moryomaru sends out a diamond tentacle to capture Sesshomaru, who manages to evade with his blinding speed. Moryomaru tells Inuyasha to be patient while he finishes off his brother since there is nothing he can do against his new powers. Inuyasha says he'll never let him use his own attack against him again.

Chapter 406: 怒り
Inuyasha stands between Sesshomaru and Moryomaru, ready to strike. He brings Tetsusaiga down on Moryomaru's head, but his impenatrable armor protects him from even the slightest damage. Inuyasha feels a wave of power behind him and dodges just in time as Sesshomaru's blast crashes against Moryomaru. Inuyasha curses Sesshomaru for his reckless attack that almost killed him, but Sesshomaru doesn't seem terribly concerned about his brother. Moryomaru uses the Kongosoha diamond attack again, and Sesshomaru waves Tokijin to deflect the spears. Sesshomaru and Moryomaru seem to be at a standstill as their attacks cancel each other out. Sango looks for Kohaku and Kikyo who have disappeared. Meanwhile Kagome tells Inuyasha that she can see Moryomaru's Shikon jewel shard hidden underneath his new armored shell. Kagome fires an arrow at the shell, but nothing happens. Moryomaru retaliates by blasting a diamond spear at Kagome. Inuyasha pulls her out of it's path, as Sesshomaru looks on with disdain. Moryomaru tells Inuyasha that he'll never be able to get Naraku's heart out of him. He says that he had been planning on acquiring this armored body even when Kagura discovered he held Naraku's heart. Moryomaru tells them how stupid Kagura was for betraying him, and that she should have brought him Kohaku's shard. Sango is disgusted by Moryomaru's words as she remembers how Kagura saved her brother's life. Inuyasha's rage boils over and he runs in to attack. Before he strikes a huge blast of energy clashes against Moryomaru sending him hurtling backwards. Sesshomaru has heard enough. Moryomaru is shocked as half of his face has melted away and his shell has been cracked. Sesshomaru wastes no time and continues his attack. He icily deflects Moryomaru's diamond spears as he dives in. Kagome is surprised by Sesshomaru's apparent anger. Sesshomaru plunges his sword into Moryomaru's shell, but Moryomaru merely laughs. Inuyasha shouts for Sesshomaru to pull his blade out.

Chapter 407: 殺生丸の危機
Sesshomaru no kiki
(Sesshomaru's Peril)
Jaken rushes to catch up to his master and arrives just in time to see Sesshomaru plunge the Tokijin into Moryomaru. Moryomaru chuckles as he tells Sesshomaru that he can feel how emotional he's become through the blade of his sword. Inuyasha continues to shout warnings to his older brother, telling him he has to take his sword out of Moryomaru. Kagome tells him that she can see how close the tip of Tokijin's blade is to hitting the Shikon shard within Moryomaru. Inuyasha is torn about what to do now, but can smell the burning of the blade and knows that Sesshomaru can smell it too, even though he isn't reacting. Moryomaru asks Sesshomaru if he is doing this for Kagura's sake, to which Sesshomaru simply scoffs and continues to bear down on the demon. Suddenly, Tokijin breaks! Everyone is shocked as pieces of the shattered blade fly through the air, and Sesshomaru flies through the air as Moryomaru unleashes his Kongosoha attack. Sesshomaru is not fast enough to escape and a massive spear plunges into his stomach. Instantly, Moryomaru envelopes Sesshomaru within his tentacles as Inuyasha prepares his dragon scaled Tetsusaiga to free his brother. Shippo warns Inuyasha about the injuries he will sustain if he uses the absorption attack on Moryomaru, but Inuyasha refuses to listen, already feeling guilt over Sesshomaru being injured by the stolen Kongosoha attack. Inuyasha rushes in and strikes down hard at the base of Moryomaru's tentacles as a rush of demonic energy gushes from Tetsusaiga. The well of power launches Inuyasha through the air and hurls him to the ground. Kagome rushes to his side but he insists he's fine and weakly gets back to his feet to face Moryomaru. As he stands, Moryomaru realizes that Inuyasha is absorbing his energy but teases Inuyasha, saying that he barely feels anything at all. Inuyasha rushes in to attack again as a bolt of light strikes Moryomaru from behind Inuyasha. The powerful demon is shocked as he sees a purifying arrow protruding from his body. Inuyasha looks behind him and sees the arrow came from Kikyo, who now demands Inuyasha finish the job and kill Moryomaru.

Chapter 408: 逃走
Kikyo fires her arrow into Moryomaru's shell, as Inuyasha jumps back into the fray to keep him from attacking Kikyo. Inuyasha brings the dragon scaled Tetsusaiga down onto Moryomaru as everyone worries about the backlash the sword will unleash on him. Inuyasha stands his ground as the wave of energy rushes back on him, and Tetsusaiga manages to crack Moryomaru's armor, much to his surprise. As his armor cracks so does his diamond arm that has ensnared Sesshomaru. Jaken cheers Inuyasha on in hopes he will set his master free. Jaken worries that it may be too late for his lord, as Shippo tries to reassure him. As the arm begins to crack, Kagome notices a light shining through cracks in the diamond arm. Sesshomaru can be seen, clutching the Tenseiga, whose barrier saved him from being crushed. Inuyasha can sense the end is near for Moryomaru as he keeps the blade pressed firmly against his shell as power continues to erupt from it. Meanwhile Kikyo can see that Moryomaru's Shikon shard has come to the surface and prepares to fire another arrow. Moryomaru realizes he is in peril as Kikyo looses her arrow, and from his body erupts a poisonous miasma. It spirals up into the air as he vanishes from view. Kagome rushes to Inuyasha's side to see if he is okay, and notices his charred hands brought on by the heat that poured out of Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha powers the sword down, and everyone is surprised there was no eruption of power this time. When asked if he has mastered the new technique, Inuyasha declares he hasn't and then notices Kikyo has already disappeared. Inuyasha thinks to himself that it was Kikyo's arrow that prevented the Tetsusaiga's power from hurting him further. Kagome realizes he's thinking of Kikyo, as Sango ponders why her brother is travelling with the priestess. Jaken runs over to see to Sesshomaru, who is covered with cuts and scrapes. Sesshomaru glares at the remnants of Tokijin, as Shippo wonders if Kagome should treat his wounds. Jaken scolds them for thinking Sesshomaru could be hurt by Moryomaru, and Shippo points out that it was Jaken who thought Sesshomaru might be killed. Sesshomaru turns to leave, but Inuyasha stops him. He holds out the remnants of Tokijin, but Sesshomaru says he no longer has a use for it, and will search for an adequate replacement. Sesshomaru leaves as Shippo notices a flying eyeball belonging to Byakuya floating in the sky. Elsewhere as Kikyo and Kohaku make their way down the mountain she apologizes, telling him that she believed Moryomaru's death would allow his life to be saved.

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