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volume 42
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 25 - 34
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 42

Chapter 409: 分岐
(Deep Wounds)
Kikyo reviews the role of the Shikon Jewel in defeating Naraku, and admits she's been hesitating to finish restoring the jewel as Kohaku's life depends on him keeping his shard. Kikyo tells Kohaku that he will not sacrifice his life in vain, but secretly she is doubting her own abilities, as she failed to kill Moryomaru and collect his shard. Overhead, Sango and Kirara fly above the forest in search of Kohaku. Kikyo asks if he wants to meet with her, but Kohaku refuses. As the others wait for Sango's return, Miroku mentions that Kohaku and Kikyo seemed to be working together. He goes as far to wonder aloud if she will take Kohaku's shard for herself. Inuyasha sits, quietly brooding, but says that he won't let her do that to Kohaku. Inuyasha remembers Kikyo's plan to use the purified Shikon Jewel to kill Naraku and his disagreement with her idea. Back in the forest, Kikyo asks Kohaku if he is truly ready to die. He says that he is, and Kikyo can tell that he is serious. Near the ocean, Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin have gathered after the battle. Rin asks Jaken why Sesshomaru was wounded. Rin wants to help him, but Jaken says that Sesshomaru wants to let his wounds heal on their own. Just then, Totosai appears and confronts Sesshomaru. He instantly notices that Tokijin is missing, and asks if it was destroyed. Sesshomaru says he could simply kill Totosai with his claws. Totosai cuts Sesshomaru off by telling him he had to come, as Tenseiga called out to him. Totosai says that Tenseiga senses a change in Sesshomaru recently. An emptiness in Sesshomaru's heart has been filled. Jaken seems confused, but Sesshomaru instantly thinks back to the moment of Kagura's death and Moryomaru's insults of her during the battle. Apparently Tenseiga reacted to the anger and sorrow that Sesshomaru felt for Kagura and called out to Totosai, who has come to reforge the blade and make it capable of fighting.

Chapter 410: 冥道斬月破
Meidou zangetsuha
(Meido Zangetsuha)
Standing on the edge of a cliff, Byakuya's winged eyeball returns to him, detailing the battle between Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kikyo against Moryomaru. Byakuya asks Naraku if Moryomaru's defeat would really be such a good idea, as Moryomaru still has Naraku's heart hidden within himself. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken have been waiting for days for Tenseiga to be reforged by Totosai. Just as Jaken begins to think that Totosai has run off with the sword, the swordsmith returns and hands the blade back to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru impatiently takes his sword and uses it against an ogre who emerges from the ground in front of the group. Sesshomaru swings Tenseiga once, as Rin watches intently. When the ogre shows no signs of injury, she wonders if it worked. Suddenly a black crescent appears behind the ogre, ripping the demon in half. Totosai proclaims that the Meidou Zangetsuha has worked as the dark rip in the sky closes. Totosai explains that the crescent will grow in size and eventually become a full circle as Sesshomaru's power increases. The dark portal rips the opponents body to pieces, sending bits of it into the afterlife. The attack is a reversal of Tenseiga's original ability to restore life to those who are dead. Now in one swipe it can kill instantly. Totosai is secretly amazed that Sesshomaru could instantly use the Meidou Zangetsuha technique, while the demon Lord himself remembers Moryomaru's insulting words about Kagura and decides that he will be the ultimate judge of whether her death was in vain. As if on cue, the wind blows through Sesshomaru's hair, seemingly giving him its blessing.

Chapter 411: やさしい彼
Yasashii hito
(The Kind One)
Back in the village, Shippo tells Kaede of recent events, and Sango's concern that Kikyo may attempt to take Kohaku's Shikon jewel shard. Kaede seems to mirror Sango's concern. Elsewhere Miroku sits with Sango, who apologizes for being so depressed lately. Miroku says he will stay and console Sango, who begins to rub his bottom to make sure it's really him, and not Shippo in disguise. In the present, Inuyasha is at Kagome's house having his burns tended to. Kagome notes that they are healing more slowly than usual when Sota walks in and tells Kagome it's time for school. Inuyasha wants to go to school with Kagome too, but she "sits" him and heads off with Sota, leaving Grandpa in charge. Before she goes, Kagome gives him a bag and tells him to use it on Inuyasha if he gets out of hand. Grandpa puts Inuyasha to work around the temple, moving heavy boxes and a cursed pot that has been giving off demonic energy for hundreds of years. Upon hearing of the legend, Inuyasha tries to break the pot using Tetsusaiga, but Grandpa manages to use the pouch filled with nasty smelling pellets that Kagome gave him. Inuyasha passes out from the overpowering smell, and falls right on the pot, cleaving it in two. At the end of the school day, Kagome's teacher tells her she has some make-up work to do. Kagome's friends decide to wait for her, while she struggles through her make-up test. Out in the hall, the girls gossip about the last time they met Inuyasha, when suddenly he arrives at school after tracking Kagome's scent. Inside Kagome is making good progress on her work until she sees Inuyasha leering in the window. Kagome heads out into the hallway and she and Inuyasha begin arguing. She tells him that he made her forget all her formulas when her teacher comes out and tells her she has missed every problem on the test and will have to retake it tomorrow. On the way home, Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi tell Kagome they think she must be crazy to say Inuyasha is some kind of terrible troublemaker. They think he is a nice guy, and Kagome reluctantly agrees. Inuyasha promises he'll always be with Kagome, and she appreciates his kindness. Later that night however Inuyasha complains about how bored he is as Kagome studies and she insists that he return home.

Chapter 412: 二枯仙
The group finds a mountain that has been ravaged by someone called Nikosen. As they wander over the ruins of the mountain, Sango and Miroku say that Nikosen apparently used to be a monk who became a demon. Suddenly Kagome senses a Shikon fragment, a corrupted fragment at that. Thinking it must be Naraku, Inuyasha wants to use Kagome to track it down, but she is hesitant because when the sun goes down, the new moon will appear and Inuyasha will transform into his human state. Everyone else agrees with Kagome and decides not to go after the shard, and rest for the night. Of course Inuyasha is against this. As they climb higher into the mountains, they come to the conclusion that Naraku must have given the shard to Nikosen for some reason, and that the destruction of all the trees and greenery must have some greater purpose. Suddenly out of nowhere, Nikosen appears before the group. A large beast with skin made of wood and the face of an old man, Nikosen threatens everyone as Miroku and Sango prepare for battle. Kagome sees the shard in Nikosen's mouth and and the demon admits that Naraku gave it to him. He was told that someone carrying a dragon scaled sword would try and slay him for it, and if he could defeat that person, he could keep the shard for himself. Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga, showing the blade to Nikosen as he prepares for a quick kill, but without hesitating the demon blows poison at him, just as the Tetsusaiga begins to transform to its normal, ruined state, signifying that Inuyasha is losing his power. Caught off guard by this, Inuyasha slips and falls from the cliff, and Nikosen sees this as his opportunity to strike. Sango throws Hiraikotsu to stop him, which decapitates the demon, sending his large body tumbling down the mountainside with Inuyasha trapped under it. Nikosen's head still lives however, due to the Shikon shard. Miroku and Sango take to the air on Kirara in hopes of getting the shard, while Kagome and Shippo go down the mountain to try and find Inuyasha. When they finally find him, Inuyasha is human and unconscious, trapped under the body of the demon. When he finally awakens, Inuyasha curses his weak human body as they wait for Miroku and Sango to return. He knows that Naraku sent Nikosen after him in order to force him to pull the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga in hopes that its power would overwhelm him in the process. Shockingly, the body of Nikosen begins to sprout a new head right in front of the trio, springing back to life.

Chapter 413: 二つ目の首
Futatsume no kubi
(The Second Head)
Nikosen's head flies away with the Shikon shard Naraku gave it, as Miroku and Sango fly after it on Kirara's back. Soon Nikosen's head gets caught in a giant spider web, when a disappointed voice announces it's presence. It is Byakuya, and he points out that the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga would be more than a match for a creature like Nikosen. Meanwhile Nikosen's body has sprouted a head of it's own and is threatening Inuyasha and Kagome. Nikosen quickly realizes that the human before him is Inuyasha. Shippo wonders how Nikosen managed to regenerate his head, postulating that it was the Shikon shard. Nikosen corrects him, and says it's his spirtual connection with the trees. He explains that when he was a simple monk he learned spells to extend his life by drawing power from the trees around him, so now he can regrow lost limbs just like a tree grows new branches. But in order to do so he will have to recharge his powers by devouring Inuyasha and Kagome. Inuyasha tells Shippo and Kagome to run, and attacks Nikosen with the untransformed Tetsusaiga. As Inuyasha leaps on his back, Nikosen sends out roots to try to absorb Inuyasha. Kagome fires an arrow at Nikosen and rips off half of his face, while Inuyasha struggles with the poison Nikosen has spread on him. Nikosen sends more roots out to grab Kagome, but Inuyasha jumps between them, taking the poison himself. Meanwhile Shippo uses his fox magic to repel Nikosen, and flees with Kagome and Inuyasha. Back at the web Miroku asks Byakuya why Naraku would send such a pitiful demon to kill them. Nikosen begs Byakuya to release him, and tells him that by now his body has killed Inuyasha as promised. The web bursts into flames destroying Nikosen's disembodied head. Byakuya takes the shard back, and Sango and Miroku quickly hurry back to find Inuyasha. Sango worries that Byakuya may follow them and discover Inuyasha's transformation, but Miroku says it can not be helped. Meanwhile Kagome, Shippo and Inuyasha are hidden in a cave waiting for Sango and Miroku to return. Kagome notices how red and infected Inuyasha's body has become where Nikosen touched him. Soon a root with an eye bores through the cave wall above them.

Chapter 414: 精命幹
(Life Force)
As Nikosen burrows through the cave roof towards Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo, Kagome notices that Inuyasha is burning up from the poison that the demon injected in him. She knows that she has to protect him and keep him alive until morning, so Kagome slots an arrow and fires it at Nikosen's head. As the head is destroyed once more, the body climbs down into the cave, still blindly attacking. Kagome is shocked but soon notices that the body already has another head growing towards the end of the body. Inuyasha tells Kagome that they'll never get anywhere by only attacking the head, and so she targets Nikosen's body, trying to destroy the source of his power. Blowing a hole in his wooden body, a strange root structure is visible, the source of Nikosen's power. Kagome loads her last arrows and fires at it. A massive explosion of energy erupts from Nikosen's chest cavity and he slumps to the ground, but he is not dead. Even though the arrow hit its mark, Nikosen's own spiritual powers from his time as a hermit protects him from its effects. As Nikosen explains this, his branches surround the trio as he prepares to devour them. Inuyasha rushes into action, telling Kagome and Shippo to escape as he grabs them in his arms and rushes them to the mouth of the cave. Nikosen's roots are too much for him, and as Kagome and Shippo manage to get away, Inuyasha is pulled back inside the cavern with Nikosen. Inuyasha begs Shippo to take care of Kagome before disappearing back inside the cave. Nikosen refuses to let any of his prey escape, and extends his branches out toward the fleeing Shippo and Kagome. Just in time, Sango's Hiraikotsu breaks the branches, but as they arrive and look to the cave for Inuyasha, all they can see is a mass of tangled branches covering the entrance to the cave. Inside, Inuyasha has passed out as Nikosen has begun to feed on him. Suddenly, Inuyasha tears through the roots and branches that are clinging to him as he begins to transform back to his half-demon state. Pullling out Tetsusaiga and chopping through root Kagome's arrow hit earlier, Inuyasha knows he has defeated Nikosen, but also feels something strange.

Chapter 415: 仙気

(The Sage)
As Inuyasha cleaves through the root within Nikosen's body. Nikosen dies as his lifeforce flows from the root into Tetsusaiga, much to Inuyasha's surprise. A wave of energy explodes from the cave as the others watch from outside. Kagome rushes in expecting to find Inuyasha hurt from the blast, instead she sees him clutching a glowing Tetsusaiga. Kagome asks if he is alright and he explains that even though he used the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, there was no overflow of energy as their had been in the past. Byakuya appears in the cave entrance and explains that the Tetsusaiga absorbed Nikosen's pure energy from his time as a hermit, rather than his demonic energy. Byakuya goes on to say that Inuyasha could absorb more of this positive energy and the Tetsusaiga would never erupt uncontrollably again. Inuyasha angrily confronts Byakuya, saying that Naraku obviously knew this would happen once he killed Nikosen. Miroku demands to know why Naraku would do something to help Inuyasha. Byakuya doesn't respond and instead escapes on his origami crane. Inuyasha states that if Naraku wants him to become stronger, the reason must be because he hopes to pit Inuyasha against Moryomaru. Miroku and Kagome go on to say that Naraku must want Inuyasha to kill Moryomaru so that he will be able to reclaim his heart. Elsewhere two monks travel through a forest. One is afraid of running into demons, which is exactly what happens. The demons pass right by them though, and head towards a cliff where Kanna is standing. As the demons move in for the kill, Kanna turns at the last possible moment only to be knocked off the cliff. As she falls hundreds of feet she lands in the forest and hides from the Saimyosho that were following the demons. After the insects fly into the distance, Kanna begins to walk and peer into her mirror. In it she sees Moryomaru regenerating himself and goes to his location. Moryomaru asks her why she has come, and she tells him that she is running from Naraku before collapsing.

Chapter 416: 金禍銀禍
(Kinka and Ginka)
Moryomaru checks on Kanna, who has collapsed at the entrance to his cave. A tendril reaches out and as it touches Kanna face, it transforms into the hand of the baby. He says that he cannot believe loyal Kanna would betray Naraku. While touching her face the baby reads her mind to find the truth. Elsewhere Inuyasha and the others are walking and discussing the Tetsusaiga, which seems to be working properly now. Inuyasha says that he can no longer feel the heat that once emanated from the sword. Suddenly Shippo notices a dead cow laying in the path before them. It seems to have been burned by lightning. The villages explain that two demon siblings have been fighting and consequently destroyed their homes. Suddenly two beings appear on the horizon, conjoined at the end of their long snake-like tails which coil around one another. The two brothers, Kinka and Ginga fire bolts of electricity and flame at one another as they shout curses and insults. A stray blast nearly hits Inuyasha and Kagome and sets a temple aflame. Inuyasha fires the Wind Scar at the two brothers, who are angry that Inuyasha would interrupt them. Miroku tries to talk some sense into them, but to no avail. Shippo suggests that if they do not get along, they should seperate from one another. They explain that their race are born conjoined, and that the only way to separate is for one of them to die. This is usually handled very early on, but these two have been fighting since birth, unable to kill one another. Out of nowhere Naraku's Saimyosho appear. Back in Moryomaru's cave he has finished probing Kanna's mind. When Moryomaru asks if she is prepared to die at Naraku's hand, Kanna responds that Naraku will die before she does. Kanna tells Moryomaru that his armor can be even stronger and shows him Kinka and Ginka in her mirror.

Chapter 417: 強い絆
Tsuyoi kizuna
(Strong Bonds)
Inuyasha panics as Naraku's saimyosho swarm around Kinka and Ginka. The battling brothers ignore the wasps and return to their fight, and destroy many saimyosho in the process. The brother's battle carries them off over the horizon, and the local villagers explain that it always happens the same way. They report that they have tried to track them to their nest and kill them there, but have been unsuccessful. Everyone is surprised that neither brother seemed interested in killing humans, even ones that were threatening them. Inuyasha and the others agree to track Kinka and Ginka to their cave. Inuyasha makes a comment about how the two brothers bickering is causing problems for everyone. Miroku brings up Inuyasha's relationship with Sesshomaru, which irks the dog-demon. Elsewhere Jaken sneezes as Inuyasha speaks ill of his master. That night Kagome wonders if they are making the right decision in killing one or both of the brothers. Miroku asks Kagome if she thinks their bodies can be seperated. She believes they can, because they are merely coiled together tightly, but not physically conjoined. Suddenly Kagome senses a Shikon shard approaching- Moryomaru is near. Outside Kinka and Ginka's cave, Kanna has lead Moryomaru to the entrance. Kanna explains that in the same way that the brother's blood strenghtens their bond, it will do the same between Moryomaru and his armor. Inuyasha and the others find Moryomaru in the cavern but are shocked to see Kanna with him. The gang know that this means Kanna must have betrayed Naraku. No sooner do they realize this than Naraku's saimyosho arrive. Kanna tells Moryomaru to quickly abosorb the brothers and complete his armored shell. He sends out two tendrils towards where the brothers are sleeping, and Inuyasha leaps into action.

Chapter 418: 血の効きめ
Chi no kikime
(The Blood's Effect)
Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar at an almost point blank range on Moryomaru, but Moryomaru is undamaged. The cave on the other hand sustains massive damage, and wakes Kinka and Ginka from their sleep. Inuyasha tells the brothers to run away, but just as he does, two tentacles shoot from Moryomaru's back. He manages to grab their bundled body, so Inuyasha attacks with the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, which makes short work of Moryomaru's shell. Moryomaru is shocked at how easy Inuyasha is able to damage him, as Kanna tells him that Naraku has helped Inuyasha strenghten Tetsusaiga in order to defeat him. Moryomaru rips into Kinka and Ginka's bodies, as a shower of blood rains down on he and Inuyasha. Suddenly Tetsusaiga is pushed out of Moryomaru as his shell hardens and heals. The power of the blood that bonds Kinka and Ginka is enough to harden Moryomaru's shell, and he realizes that devouring them will make him impervious to the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. The brothers begin to attack Moryomaru, and Inuyasha sees an opening and manages to cut through Moryomaru's tentacles, freeing the brothers and telling them to escape. Moryomaru knocks Inuyasha away, and sprouts wings to pursue the siblings. Sango and Miroku hop on Kirara and quickly follow only to see Moryomaru preparing a volley of the stolen diamond spears he stole from Inuyasha's attack. As the spears fly, Miroku pulls the seal from his hand and opens his Wind Tunnel. Out of nowhere the sky fills with Saimyosho, forcing Miroku to close his hand. Everyone including Moryomaru is stunned as it seems Naraku just saved his life.

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