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volume 43
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 35 - 45
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 43

Chapter 419: 罠におちた兄弟
Wana ni ochita kyoudai
(The Entrapped Brothers)
Inuyasha watches as Moryomaru approaches Ginka and Kinka. As he does, he works through the last few days and recalls how Naraku helped him by powering up the Tetsusaiga in the battle with Nikosen, but now he has sent the Saimyosho to assist Moryomaru in his quest to become more powerful. Moryomaru is curious about the turn of events as well, and decides that Naraku must be playing both sides in hopes that Inuyasha and he will battle and fatally wound one another. In the sky, atop Kirara, Miroku warns Kinka and Ginka that Moryomaru is trying to devour them. They refuse to listen to his warning however, and Moryomaru prepares to strike. Inuyasha shouts for Sango and Miroku to get out of the way as he unleashes his Kongosoha. Of course, Moryomaru's shell is immune to the spears, but not his wings, as they are torn to shreds and he begins to fall. As he does, he shoots out his tendrils and latches onto the brothers, clinging clinging to them them and yanking them down to the earth with him. Once on the ground, Kinka and Ginka begin their assualt, overpowering Moryomaru with their lightning and fire. The brothers abilities are finding their way inside Moryomaru's shell, attacking his insides. As they hear this, Kagome and Inuyasha realize that the baby holding Naraku's heart could be killed and rush forward. Within Moryomaru, the baby has erected a barrier to try and save himself. Suddenly, Moryomaru's grip around Ginka is loosened and the brother sees a chance to take Kinka's head. As Ginka plunges his trident into his brother, Moryomaru smiles and Inuyasha realizes it was all a trap. Moryomaru's diamond's impale Ginka spilling his blood everywhere. Inuyasha jumps on top of Moryomaru and slashes him, but Moryomaru's tentacles are already busy pulling the brother's bodies inside him. As they are beginning to be absorbed, Inuyasha notices that Kinka is still barely alive and rushes back,but Moryomaru uses his stolen Kongosoha ability and fires his spears at Inuyasha who leaps above them. Slashing at his tentacles, Inuyasha grabs the brother's and tries to escape. But Moryomaru exclaims that he's too late and tries to ensnare Inuyasha along with Kinka and Ginka.

Chapter 420: 銀禍の死
Ginka no shi
(Ginka's Death)
Inuyasha hauls the two unconcious brothers away from the fray, as Moryomaru follows in pursuit. Kinka wakes up and refuses to give in, as his brother lays still, with two diamond spears jutting from his stomach. Moryomaru's tentacles wrap around Ginka's body and pull him from Inuyasha's arms. As he pulls, Kinka's body begins to seperate from the corpse of his brother. Moryomaru wastes no time and begins to devour Ginka's body, hoping to absorb his power. Inuyasha charges in with the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, hoping to stop the absorbtion. Unfortunately, some of their power has already been absorbed, and any slices Inuyasha makes are quickly rebonded. Moryomaru forces Inuyasha back with a violent attack that sends him flying. Moryomaru returns to absorbing Ginka's remains as Kagome and the others look on. Inuyasha is repulsed by Moryomaru's vile actions, but Moryomaru explains that it was their unwillingness to cooperate and save one another that lead to Ginka's death. Inuyasha is shocked when he hears Kinka agree with Moryomaru's callous words. He explains that even though he was a factor in Ginga's death, his brother would bear no hatred towards him for ending his life. After making his final peace with his brother, Kinka erupts in flames and says that Moryomaru has no place in a battle between brothers. Kinka flies towards Moryomaru, who smiles as he sends his tentacles out to ensnare the firey demon. Kinka turns up the heat as Moryomaru is engulfed in fire, but there seems to be no effect. Kagome realizes that the only reason Moryomaru was injured before was because Kinka and Ginka worked together and hit him with their powers at the same time. Moryomaru's tentacles begin to move inside of Kinka, but Inuyasha makes a last minute rescue by severing them. Inuyasha and Ginka argue with one another over their reckless attacks. As they talk, Moryomaru almost destroys Inuyasha with his diamond spears. Moryomaru points out that Kinka is on death's doorstep, and Inuyasha should allow him to throw away his life any way he sees fit. Miroku and Kagome realize that Moryomaru is goading Inuyasha into fighting him to see how strong his new upgraded shell is. Moryomaru thinks to himself how thankful he is for Naraku for helping him improve his shell, which is now strong enough to ensure Inuyasha can not harm him. Moryomaru is shocked to see Ginka's partially absorbed body begin to crackle with lightning just as everyone believed he was dead.

Chapter 421: 同化
To everyones surprise, lightning begins erupting from Ginka's body. As Sango and Kagome look on they realize he is not yet dead. Ginka weakly mumbles for everyone to get back as he unleashes a massive bolt against Moryomaru. As he realizes his regret at almost losing his brother Kinka rushes to Ginka's aid and begins to attack Moryomaru himself. Moryomaru becomes enraged as the combined attacks of the brother's begin to do serious damage. Struggling against their flames and lightning, Moryomaru extends his spiky armor and impales Kinka. Mortally wounded, Kinka's body is tossed to the ground as Moryomaru continues to absorb the remains of Ginka until there is nothing left. Finished with one brother, Moryomaru approaches Kinka, but Inuyasha stands between them. Moryomaru balks at the idea that he could still be cut by Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha apologizes to Kinka for getting them involved. Kinka weakly asks if Inuyasha will kill Moryomaru, which Inuyasha promises he will do. Simply smiling, Kinka's limp body begins to rise into the air, engulfed in flames and begins to disappear around the blade of Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha is shocked as his blade is bathed in fire, having absorbed Kinka. Moryomaru is irritated to lose Kinka but is not worried about the Tetsusaiga's new power. Inuyasha is sick of hearing him talk and rushes into battle. Moryomaru wastes no time and blasts his diamond spears at Inuyasha, who quickly leaps above them and crashes down on Moryomaru with Tetsusaiga. Simply smiling and stating that he is uninjured Moryomaru is shocked when lightning begins to erupt from inside his body. Inside Moryomaru, the baby is protecting himself from the lightning that is ripping through Moryomaru's body. Alone, Kanna says that the barrier protecting the baby has been broken.

Chapter 422: 鉄砕牙の炎
Tetsusaiga no honoo
(Tetsusaiga's Flames)
The lightning from inside Moryomaru is reacting to the flames pouring from Tetsusaiga. Each time Inuyasha strikes Ginka's essence reacts from within the monsterous demon and electrocutes Moryomaru. Moryomaru sprouts wings and prepares to fly away, but Inuyasha rushes him and slices through Moryomaru's shoulder. Inuyasha stares into the hole he punched into Moryomaru and can see the baby sitting inside his body. Everyone realizes this is also Naraku's heart, but the baby shoots everyone an evil look and a fierce miasma erupts from Moryomaru's body. Moryomaru launches diamond spears from within the poisonous cloud and then flies away. Inuyasha curses his luck that Moryomaru has escaped once again, and Miroku wonders if perhaps Naraku had not planned for things to turn out quite like this. He believes that perhaps Naraku wanted to give Inuyasha Nikosen's power to prevent his sword from erupting violently, and then to allow Moryomaru to absorb Kinka and Ginka to counter Inuyasha's increased powers, thereby deadlocking them both. Naraku did not plan on Inuyasha absorbing Kinka though, and now the half-demon has the upper hand. Sango believes Moryomaru will filter out Ginka in order to prevent the devastating reaction from happening again. Inuyasha expresses some frustration with the recent upgrades Tetsusaiga has recieved. He feels as if they were given to him rather than earned. Elsewhere a few elderly villagers recount seeing a stranger into the forest many days ago. As it turns out it was Sesshomaru. They hear a sound on perched on top of a cliff is Sesshomaru weilding the Tenseiga. It seems he has used the blade to kill a large ogre. Jaken compliments his master's skill with the blade, but Sesshomaru complains that the ogre's body wasn't absorbed into the void created by the blade. Out of nowhere three more ogres appear from under the ground. As the giants threaten him, Sesshomaru simply smiles at the opportunity to practice his new sword techniques.

Chapter 423: 沼渡
(The Numawatari)
On the mountainside the bodies of the dead ogres line the rocky out-croping. Inuyasha and the others are shocked by what they find as they climb up the mountain. Inuyasha tells his companions that this is the work of Sesshomaru, who's scent covers the battlefield. Kagome expresses some surprise, due to the fact that Tokijin, Sesshomaru's deadly sword, was shattered the last time they encountered him. It's possible that Sesshomaru found a new sword, Sango suggests. Inuyasha claims he has no interest in finding out what his half-brother is up to, but quickly picks up Sesshomaru's trail and takes off in pursuit. Further ahead Sesshomaru can sense Inuyasha's presence. Rin complains that she is thirsty, but before she can drink from a mountain lake Sesshomaru stops her. Suddenly the water from the pool gushes forth and ensnares a passing bird. Sesshomaru recognizes it as Numawatari, a murderous lake. Elsewhere Miroku and Sango hear about the legend of Numawatari from some local villagers. Inuyasha scoffs at the idea of having to help out humans once again, but decides to investigate the lake nonetheless as he pursues Sesshomaru. After arriving at the lake Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar in hopes of forcing out whatever creature is hiding beneath the surface. A huge vortex of water erupts from the lake and ascends high into the sky. A monterous face emerges from one of the waterspouts demanding to know who attacked. As the demon moves from the crater of the lake, everyone can see the skeletons that filled the bottom- victims of the fierce lake monster. The demon explains that it moves from lake to lake devouring anything that encroaches upon it. As Numawatari sends massive waves towards the group, Inuyasha unleashes the Backlash Wave. The demon is ripped apart, but simply sloshes his body back together once the attack is finished. Miroku quickly realizes that Inuyasha's attacks will not be very effective against this unique fiend.

Chapter 424: 変化する水
Hengesuru mizui
(The Transforming Waters)
Numawatari declares that no sword can cut his watery body, but Inuyasha stands defiant blasting the demon with another Backlash Wave. The wave hits and blows the demon apart, causing his body to rain down upon the group, refilling the dry lake bed around them. Numawatari attempts to crash down upon Kagome, but Miroku quickly uses his Wind Tunnel to pull the demon away. Unfortunately the demon is so full of demonic energy that the water is poisonous and Miroku is forced to stop his attack. Inuyasha transforms the Tetsusaiga into its dragon-scaled form in an attempt to absorb Numawatari, telling the others to flee into the sky. As Kagome rides Shippo and Miroku and Sango escape on Kirara, Numawatari attempts to stop them, but Inuyasha strikes again causing the demon to explode and rain down once more. Inuyasha wastes no time in jamming Tetsusaiga into the ground and absorbing Numawatari's energy. Without warning, Inuyasha is enveloped in a column of water attempting to drown him. A quick Kongosoha allows Inuyasha to escape as he begins to absorb Numawatari once more. The two battle back and forth as Inuyasha quickly exhausts all his options. Suddenly, Sesshomaru appears.

Chapter 425: 刀の成長
Katana no seichou

(The Blade's Maturation)
Sesshomaru comments on Inuyasha lack of skill with Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha does not take his brother's criticism well, but wonders to himself if there might be some truth in Sesshomaru's words. Numawatari isn't one to stand idly by while they chat, and takes the opportunity to launch an attack on the siblings. Sesshomaru immediately draws Tenseiga and slashes at the water beast, opening a black cresent portal and pulling the creature in. Inuyasha and the others are shocked to see Tenseiga used in an offensive capacity. Rin and Jaken applaud their master's use of Tenseiga, noting that his technique has improved as he is now able to open a slightly larger rip with the blade. Numawatari is destroyed, and Inuyasha demands to know what has just happened. Jaken tells the half-demon about the new technique before Sesshomaru silences him. Sesshomaru turns to his brother and tells him that Tenseiga is none of his concern before taunting him about what he has done to Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha has heard enough and attacks his brother, who simply punches him in the face and sends him flying. Kagome sheilds Inuyasha from any further attack, as Miroku explains Inuyasha's intentions in regards to upgrading Tetsusaiga. With that Inuyasha decides to play a visit to Totosai. There he discovers that the swordsmith was responsible for upgrading Sesshomaru's blade. When Inuyasha inquires about any faults with Tetsusaiga, Totosai examines it carefully and explains that the faults are with Inuyasha, not his sword. Totosai tells Inuyasha he should seek out training with a great master named Yoreitaisei to increase his skills with the sword.

Chapter 426: 妖霊大聖
(The Great Holy Demon Spirit)
The group sets off to find Inuyasha's new teacher, Yoreitaisei. Miroku, Sango and Shippo ride on Kirara, while Kagome and Inuyasha ride Momo, Totosai's three-eyed cow. As they ponder Inuyasha's training, they recall Totosai mentioning Yoreitaisei's qualifacations as being especially suited to teach Inuyasha the proper way to use the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga. Momo soon leads the group to a village, where Yoreitaisei apparently lives. Sango is surprised that a demon would life smack-dab in the middle of a human village. Inuyasha berates Momo for leading them to the wrong place, but they soon come to a bridge in the village where a small shelter is built underneath. Soon they hear distressed voice coming from inside the hut, and rush in to investigate. Once they step inside the shanty, they enter another world filled with flowers and buildings. Again they hear a voice calling for help, and then notice an odd old man hanging from a flower above them. It is Yoreitaisei, and he is strangely flat. Upon seeing Inuyasha, Yoreitaisei is less than impressed and tells the half-demon to go home. Inuyasha flies into a rage and tries to strangle the flat old man, but Kagome forces him to "sit". She asks the old fellow why he is in this flattened state, and he explains that he was attacked by a demon the night before. The demon devoured his organs, intestines and insides in an attempt to steal away his powers. Kagome suggests that they should help track down the demons guts, but both Yoreitaisei and Inuyasha seem less than enthusiastic about the idea. When Yoreitaisei makes a comment about Inuyasha being unable to do it even if he tried, he gets choked again. Suddenly flames begin to appear in the hut, and the beautiful flowers vanish and grow into twisted and dark vines. Everyone makes their way out of the hut and back into the village, which is now populated by demons. Inuyasha rushes in to attack, but Yoreitaisei tells him to stop. Kagome commands him to sit once again, in order to prevent him from attacking. Yoreitaisei explains that the demon that ate his intestines is unable to properly contain his new powers, and as a result the demonic energy has made the villagers appear as if they were demons. Most likely the culprit is hiding amongst the faux-demon villagers. Inuyasha vows to capture the creature, but before he can Yoreitaisei magically seals Tetsusaiga so that it can not transform. Inuyasha balks, but heads off to find the demon without the aid of Tetsusaiga. Unfortunately Yoreitaisei fails to mention that if Inuyasha does not retrieve his innards within a day's time, Tetsusaiga will remain sealed for eternity.

Chapter 427: 封印の鎖
Fuuin no kusari
(The Sealing Chains)
Inuyasha comes upon two demons, who insist they are actually just villagers. He says that his nose tells him otherwise. With that the demons attack, and Inuyasha instictively tries to draw Tetsusaiga, but Yoreitaisei's seal is still in place. Inuyasha quickly pummels the demons as Miroku and the others make their way over. Inuyasha demands to know why his sword did not unsheathe after he located the demons. Yoreitaisei explained that they were real demons, but were not involved with the one who stole his guts. Because Inuyasha attacked them, even more chains appear on Tetsusaiga. Elsewhere two demons speak with a large snake creature with the face of a beautiful woman. They tell her that Inuyasha and the others are causing problems in the village. Soon a group of humans intermixed with demons surround the group and demand that they surrender due to the problems they are causing. Inuyasha sniffs out the demons among them and attacks with his fists. The more innocents Inuyasha attacks the more chains appear on the Tetsusaiga. A voice calls out for them to come, and they find a young boy who allows them to hide in his home. He explains that his mother has become ill and he was sent out for medicine, and when he returned the villagers all appeared as if they were demons. The boy shows Inuyasha his mother, who is the snake-woman from before. The boy is concerned about her tranformation and wants her to return back to normal. The snake-woman calls out to her son, Gennosuke, and asks if he is alone. Inuyasha can tell that there is something different about this woman when compared to the other demons he has encountered in the village. Gennosuke asks if the creature really is his mother, and Yoreitaisei comments that she seems somewhat human. Inuyasha asks her if she ate anything odd the previous night, and Yoreitaisei says he cannot be sure, because he was attacked from behind. The woman tranforms completely into a giant snake, and once again Inuyasha goes for his sword, yet it still will not come unchained. When Miroku and Sango try to step in to help, a glance from Yoreitaisei sends them flying out of the house. Yoreitaisei tells Inuyasha that he must rip the chains off with his strength, but when he tries his hands are burned just like when the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga would overflow with power.

Chapter 428: 妖穴
(Demon Vortex)
Inuyasha stands in front of the snake-woman as she taunts him to take action. He senses that Tetsusaiga does not want to be forced from its chained sheath. Instead, he leaps towards the demon and slashes her with the Sangon Tessou. Inuyasha is able to tear a large chunk of flesh from the demon, but it quickly heals over, much to everyone's surprise. Yoreitaisei calls out for Inuyasha to find the yoketsu. The snake woman is infuriated by Yoreitaisei's interference and lets out a enormous bellowing of air, sending the flattened Yoreitaisei and Shippo flying out of the room and into the sky. Distracted, Inuyasha is left open to the snake woman's next attack, but narrowly dodges. Slashing again, Inuyasha is infuriated as she heals instantly and he is left wondering what Yoreitaisei meant by finding the yoketsu. Suddenly Inuyasha is overcome by The snake woman's sudden blast of miasma and is wrapped up in her body. As she constricts she begins to release a poison that eats away at Inuyasha's robes. She tells him that he will be disolved and devoured within moments. Kagome knows she must help and slots an arrow as she prepares to attack the snake woman. The snake demon sees her however and suddenly Gennosuke transforms into a mantis-demon and stops Kagome from firing by holding her in place. Inuyasha struggles to get to Kagome but realizes he's too weak to break free of the demons grip. Suddenly Inuyasha opens his eyes and sees vortexes of demonic energy floating around the creature. Realizing that these must be yoketsu, Inuyasha feels Tetsusaiga begin to pulse as he manages to get one arm free and plunges it into the vortex. Almost immediately, Inuyasha pulls back, his arm has been badly wounded. The serpentine creature laughs and says there is no way Inuyasha can see through the yoketsu. Inuyasha goes limp as he tries to concentrate, and just as Kagome screams his name, his eyes reopen and he realizes he can smell that one of the vortexes smells differently. With the last ounce of his energy, Inuyasha claws the demons face and breaks free. Struggling to his feet Inuyasha leaps into the air and plunges his arm into another vortex, this time sure that he has found the yoketsu. With that, both the snake demon and Gennosuke disappear and only a small container of incense is left on the floor. Inuyasha can still sense the demonic energy in the area, which means that the true demon is still alive.

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