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volume 44
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 46 - 2006 Vol. 2
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 44

Chapter 429: 本当の敵
Hontou no teki
(The True Foe)
After their battle Inuyasha hurriedly carries Kagome on his back through the demon-filled village. Kagome points out that nothing has changed, the villagers still look like demons, and Tetsusaiga is still chained and sealed. Inuyasha says the real demon they are searching for must still be nearby, when he suddenly picks up a scent. Inuyasha picks up the scent of inscense he smelled from the snake woman's yoketsu whirlpool. The scent leads them back to Yoreitaisei's home under the bridge. Once again they travel to the strange world within his home, and find what looks like a crumpled piece of paper blowing in the wind. Upon closer inspection they realize it is Yoreitaisei, who has died, according to a voice booming from the shadows. Inuyasha tells the creature that he must have been conspiring with the snake demon, due to the fact that they have similar scents. The giant bull demon emerges from the darkness, towering over Inuyasha, who demands to know why he ate Yoreitaisei's organs. The bull demon explains that it is because of Inuyasha's sword that he killed Yoreitaisei. He did not want Tetsusaiga to become unbound again and allow it's powers to increase even more. After hearing this, Inuyasha attempts to draw Tetsusaigai once more to get revenge, but the sword is still bound in mystic chains. Inuyasha believes the chains will break if this is truly the demon responsible for eating Yoreitaisei's innards. Inuyasha feels responsible for Yoreitaisei's death, and as he tugs the blade, the chains shatter. After pulling the blade, Inuyasha can see the swirling whirlpools of demonic energy hovering around the bull demon. Now Inuyasha has to find out which one is the real yoketsu. Outside, Miroku regains conciousness after having been tossed out of the house of the snake woman. As he recalls what happened, Sango and Shippo begin to reawaken as well. As they make their way back to the village, Miroku wonders aloud why they were only knocked unconcious by the demon, and not killed. Miroku fears that there may be more going on than they have realized. Back at the battle, Inuyasha carefully studies the swirling pools of energy. Inuyasha selects one of the whirlpools and prepares to strike as the flat corpse of Yoreitaisei moves slightly.

Chapter 430: 妖穴の臭い
Yoketsu no nioi
(Scent of the Demon Vortex)
Inuyasha plunges the Tetsusaiga into the whirlpool of energy, the bull demon's yoketsu. Once the sword is in the whirlpool, Inuyasha is surprised when it gets stuck. The demon taunts him, so Inuyasha shouts that he will absorb the demon's powers instead. When he tries this, the energy seems to overwhelm the sword, and sends him flying backwards. Tetsusaiga then transforms back into its rusty form. Inuyasha looks at his burned hands, and realizes the sword backfired on him, just as it had done before. The bull demon says that it seems Inuyasha has absorbed the energies a paltry human who had become a demon, and Kagome quickly realizes he is refering to Nikosen. The bull demon explains that by absorbing Yoreitaisei's powers, he's more powerful that Tetsusaiga can handle. Miroku, Sango and Shippo make their way back to the battle, and Miroku asks Kagome about the energy flowing from the shack under the bridge. With that Yoreitaisei's corpse seems to stir slightly. Miroku is shocked to see what has happened to Yoreitaisei, and Inuyasha doesn't know what to do, so he simply attacks the bull demon full on, without regards to the swirling whirlpools or special techniques he was instructed to use. The wound inflicted erupts with energy, just like the kind that spits back against Inuyasha's hands when the Tetsusaiga backfires. Inuyasha continues to attack, believing he can endure the backlash long enough to kill the bull demon. Suddenly Tetsusaiga begins to crack, as it is not powerful enough to handle Yoreitaisei's energy that spills from the bull demon. Inuyasha remembers the words of Yoreitaisei, that he can't simply hack and slash and must find the proper yoketsu whirlpool to attack. Inuyasha thinks back to what made him pick that specific yoketsu to attack in the first place. It was the smell of insense that was similar to that of the snake woman, that made him single out that whirlpool. Inuyasha pauses to analyze the smells around him, and picks up one behind him. The smell is coming from Yoreitaisei's corpse which Kagome is holding. The bull demon panics as Inuyasha turns to face the flattened corpse. The bull blasts Inuyasha with energy from it's mouth, but he stands firm. Miroku tells Kagome to do as Inuyasha says, and suddenly Inuyasha sees a swirling whirlpool of energy flying around Yoreitaisei's limp body. He prays that Tetsusaigai can stay in one piece long enough to handle this final strike and slashes the whirlpool, causing the bull demon to disintegrate.

Chapter 431: 修行
Inuyasha slashes the Tetsusaiga through the true whirpool of energy and the bull demon immediately evaporates into nothingness. Everyone watches in awe as the enchantment covering the village disappears. Realizing the battle is over, an exhausted Inuyasha collapses to the ground. Kagome and Shippo rush to his side, as a voice emerges from the dead Yoreitasei. He tells Inuyasha that it is time that he revealed his true self. A flash of light blinds everyone as the floating husk of Yoreitasei reforms into a full body. Everyone is slightly irritated to learn that Yoreitaisei lied about his guts being devoured by a demon, the entire battle was actually a series of tests to train Inuyasha in the proper use of the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha had to learn to identify demons from humans who appeared as demons as well as to train his body not to rely on the Tetsusaiga before it was time. Trusting his own body instead of Tetsusaiga allowed Inuyasha to be able to see the whirpools of demonic energy. Finally, Inuyasha was taught how to use the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. The merging of the Datsuki with the Tetsusaiga altered the Tetsusaiga's strength, and so Inuyasha was using it incorrectly. He had to remember that the Tetsusaiga is a blade that cuts first and foremost, not a blade that absorbs, like the Datsuki was. Inuyasha has now mastered the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, and as he draws the blade, sees that the cracks have disappeared. The sword has been bathed in Yoreitaisei's energy, strengthening it even more. Inuyasha thanks Yoreitaisei in his own way, by patting him on the head. Yoreitaisei ponders Inuyasha's strength, mentioning that there is a final form to the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga, but its discovery is entirely up to Inuyasha.

Chapter 432: 灰
Inuyasha and the others find themselves in a village investigating a rash of deaths in the livestock. An old man tells them that wolves have been attacking recently. Inuyasha tells them that it is demonic wolves that are responsible for the killings. Elsewhere a wolf tribe is on the move. A young wolf demon named Kai explains to a younger wolf demon that they must leave their home because it has become too dangerous to stay there. The older demons discuss how the wolf demon tribes have been wiped out, and they wish that Koga were there to help them. Young Kai hears them talking, and thinks to himself that he often hears Koga's name come up in conversation. He recalls hearing that Koga was the leader of the Eastern Tribe, and after they were wiped out, Koga vowed to slay Naraku. Suddenly a commotion up ahead stirs the leaders, when out of nowhere something rips the heads off two of the elder members. A giant badger emerges from the rocks, and begins to appraoch Kai. Kai tries to help Shinta, the toddler wolf demon, escape. Before he can, the badger demon's tongue wraps around his ankle and drags him back towards his gaping mouth. Inuyasha and the others rush up the rocky landscape after Inuyasha picks up the scent of blood. They find the remains of many wolf demons, including children. Inuyasha says that he faintly detects Naraku's scent nearby. Elsewhere Ginta and Hakkaku struggle to keep up with Koga, who has left them in the dust once again. Koga is getting tired of Ginta and Hakkaku's complaints, when he picks up a strange scent. Something moving very quickly nearly tears Ginta and Hakkaku's heads off- a buzzsaw attached to a long chain. Koga knocks the weapon away and sees that it is Kai who threw it at them. He blames Koga for the death of his tribe, and demands that he give him the shards in his legs. As Kai attacks he thinks back to the badger creature that kidnapped his little brother Shinta, as he apparently needs the shards in exchange for his brother's life.

Chapter 433: 日没
Kai begins his attack on Koga, who has no hesitation in fighting back. Ginta and Hakkaku look on and realize that Kai can move as quickly as Koga. In the midst of their stand-off Koga tells Kai that he smells of Naraku. Kai flashes back to the slaughter of his tribe. As he lay dying he hears a voice calling off the demon that murdered everyone, its Byakuya. He gives the dying Kai a fragment of the Shikon Jewel and a chain weapon and tells him to go get Koga's shards by sunset or Shinta will die. Koga continues his assault and manages to grab Kai's chain, and uses it against him by throwing the wolf cub into the ground. Lying defeated, Kai looks into the sky and sees the sun setting. Kai leaps up and begins running to save Shinta. Koga takes offense and follows him with Ginta and Hakkaku in pursuit. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others are tracking the blood trail of the Wolf Tribe's attacker. They manage to see Koga's friends running ahead and easily catch up, following the group in order to learn what is going on. Kai locates Byakuya, who is unhappy to see that he has returned without Koga's shards. But as Koga arrives right behind Kai, Byakuya is amused to see that the shikon shards have arrived after all. Kai begins panicing when he can't smell his brother, while the demon that murdered his tribe says that he'll soon join Shinta in his belly. Kai tries to attack, but is struck down at Koga's feet just as Inuyasha and Kagome arrive. As Inuyasha sees Byakuya he rushes into battle, but Koga tells him to back off as he swears vengance for Kai's tribe.

Chapter 434: 五雷指の威力
Goraishi no iryouku
(The Goraishi's Might)
The giant badger demon taunts Koga as lightning seems to erupt from his fist. Byakuya laughs as he watches the scene until the Goraishi claw erupts from Koga's hand. A single swip kills the demon as Inuyasha and the others look on with shocked expressions on their faces. The power surges through the demon's body and creates fissures running up the hillside as it tears his remains to pieces. Ginta and Hakkaku explain that the Goraishi's power comes from the souls of the wolf demon tribe that are stored within it. Koga turns to Byakuya intending to use the claw on him. Byakuya explains that if Koga kills him Shinta will die as well as Kai is shocked to hear that his little brother is still alive. Elsewhere Shinta is stored inside a small cocoon. The Saimyosho wasps appear and seem to tell Byakuya something. He makes a gesture with his hand and the cocoon begins to split open. A giant moth emerges from inside and carries Shinta to the battlefield. Kai chases the moth as it flies away, and Byakuya escapes on the back of one of his paper cranes. Byakuya yells back that the moth is scattering it's demonic energy all of the place to lure out other demons, thereby endangering little Shinta. Koga tells the others that they are going to follow in pursuit (but not before he makes it a point to tell Kagome how much he loves children). As Kai and Koga leave everyone in the dust, Kagome comments that Kai has a Shikon jewel shard in his legs. Inuyasha is surprised to hear that, since he knows Naraku has all the remaining shards. Kagome wonders why Byakuya didn't make any attempt to regain the shard before he retreated. Just then Inuyasha picks up a familiar scent. A giant tendril emerges from the trees up ahead killing the moth that carried Shinta. Just then Kai runs headlong into Moryomaru who is devouring the moth's remains. Koga is surprised to see how much Moryomaru has changed since they last met. Perched within the remains of the moth on Moryomaru's back is a very scared looking Shinta. Koga tells Kai to let him handle this fight, and Kai is shocked to learn that Koga is willing to help him save his little brother. Just as Koga prepares to attack he realizes his legs can't move.

Chapter 435: 翠子の意思
Midoriko no ishi

(Midoriko's Will)
Koga stands before Moryomaru, nervously trying to hide the fact that the Shikon shards in his legs are preventing him from moving. He thinks back to when Kagome told him that it was Midoriko who controlled the action of his shards. Suddenly Moryomaru prepares to launch a volley of diamond spears at Koga who quickly counters with his Goraishi. The power of the claw seems to hold off the shards and drives them into the ground. Moryomaru is surprised, but notices that Koga is standing still instead of running around as he normally does. Koga tries to attack, but almost hits Shinta, who is still in Moryomaru's clutches. The sadistic demon sends countless diamond tendrils to engulf Koga, who shoves Kai out of the way just in the nick of time. It seems Koga's time may be up, as he can not move his legs to escape Moryomaru's grasp. The tentacle lifts Koga into the air as everyone looks on. Ginta and Hakkaku soon realize what is happening with Koga's shards, and explain that the spirits that bestowed the Goraishi upon him promised to protect him from Midoriko's attempts to reunite the Shikon jewel shards. Koga realizes that this must not be the one time the spirits promised they would protect him from Midoriko's machinations, as Moryomaru prepares to rip the shards from his legs. Inuyasha jumps into action which panics Moryomaru, but Koga tells him to stay out of this. Everyone realizes he can not use the Goraishi because he is afraid he might hurt little Shinta. Kai jumps into the fray trying to snatch his little brother, but Moryomaru stops him. Seeing this Sango rides Kirara into battle and uses the Hiraikotsu to free Kai. Inuyasha moves to protect him from Moryomaru's tentacles, and while Moryomaru is occupied with trying to take Kai's shards, Sango and Miroku work to free Shinta. With Moryomaru's hostage out of the way, Koga is free to use the Goraishi again, which shreds the diamond tentacles that have ensnared him. Now Koga's legs are no longer paralyzed and he's ready to rumble.

Chapter 436: 破壊
Inuyasha and Koga prepare to do battle against the looming Moryomaru, who is thrilled with the possiblity of gaining not only Koga's shards, but the ones Naraku gave to Kai as well. Inuyasha and Koga trade insults while the others watch with concern. Ginta and Hakkaku worry that Koga's one time only protection from Midoriko's manipulation of his Shikon shards may have been used up, but Kagome can tell by looking at the shining shards in his legs that the shielding has not been used up yet. Koga leaps into battle and slashes at Goryomaru's face, ripping into his armored shell. Goryomaru counters by using the diamond spears he stole from Inuyasha, but Koga's speed allows him to easily evade the volley. Miroku and Kagome notice that Koga's Goraishi seems ineffective against Moryomaru's tough outer shell, so Inuyasha begins to power up the Tetsusaiga. This time he puts his new training to good use, and concentrates on finding Moryomaru's swirling whirlpools of energy, just as Yoreitaisei taught him. Unfortunately because Moryomaru is made up of a patchwork of other demons he has many individual whirlpools surrounding his body. As Koga continues to fight, he shouts at Inuyasha for standing there doing nothing. Koga rips into Moryomaru's face, but it quickly regenerates. Inuyasha decides to strike at each whirlpool one by one as Koga looks on in surprise, as he is unable to see them. The first whirlpool is sliced leading to a huge wound to Moryomaru's diamond encrusted arm. Inuyasha tells him that he will not be able to heal from these wounds, leading Moryomaru and the infant hidden within to express concern. They both can tell that the aura surrounding the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga is very different than it once was. Inuyasha slices through another whirlpool of energy, bringing Tetsusaiga across Moryomaru's chest and leaving another gaping wound. Inuyasha brags to Koga that Tetsusaiga is more powerful than Goraishi, but Koga says Inuyasha is merely chipping away at Moryomaru. A massive swipe from Koga takes off Moryomaru's tentacle arm by striking the same spot Inuyasha had opened up. It's obvious to everyone that the two of them will have to work together in order to kill Moryomaru, but Inuyasha does not like the idea of working with Koga. While they argue, Moryomaru unfurls his wings and prepares to escape, but Inuyasha and Koga lunge at him ripping his wings off. Moryomaru falls face first into the dirt and curses this turn of events. Suddenly the Saimyosho wasps fill the air, meaning that Naraku is following the preceedings. Hidden inside Moryomaru, the infant murmurs that Naraku is using Inuyasha and Koga to destroy his armor.

Chapter 437: 見えない妖穴
Mienai yoketsu
(The Invisible Vortex)
The saimyosho hover above the fray, watching but not interfering in the battle. Inuyasha proclaims that he will kill Moryomaru before Naraku can interfere to save his heart. As Inuyasha rushes in, Moryomaru unleashes a wave of miasma, when the smoke clears he has covered himself in the diamond spears of the Kongosoha. Moryomaru seems to be splitting apart, shocking everyone, but Kagome realizes that he is actually reshaping his own body, taking on a new form. Floating in midair, Moryomaru resembles a ball covered with massive spikes, surging with lightning. Koga is unimpressed as Moryomaru shoots some spikes in his direction, and rushes in to attack with the Goraishi. Moryomaru uses his tentacles to try and rip open Koga's legs and get his Shikon shards. Inuyasha attempts to help, but he cannot strike Moryomaru's whirlpools. The baby has used the Fuyoheki to his demonic energy disappear. Inuyasha tries to strike the invisible whirlpools and finally Tetsusaiga begins to break through Moryomaru's armored shell. Without hesitating Koga leaps down on Moryomaru, preparing to strike with the Goraishi, but suddenly the cracks seal, and Inuyasha realizes that its a trap. Koga is in freefall and cannot stop his approach as one of Moryomaru's tentacles rips though his right leg. Inuyasha snatches Koga away before Moryomaru can get his shards, but Moryomaru reveals that he knows there are times when Koga cannot move his legs. Ginta, Hakkaku, Kai and Kagome all rush to Koga's side as Moryomaru prepares his next attack. With his tentacles spread, Inuyasha notices that their whirpools have become visible again, having moved too far away from the Fuyoheki, witnessing this he is able to deduce the baby's location within Moryomaru and prepares to strike.

Chapter 438: 鋼牙の決意
Koga no ketsui
(Koga's Decision)
Inuyasha rushes to strike Moryomaru, bringing Tetsusaiga slashing down against his armored shell as everyone looks on. The shell begins to shatter, sending shockwaves through Moryomaru and into the infant. In a desperate attempt to gain more power, one of Moryomaru's tentacles tries to grasp the injured Koga's legs and gain his shards once again. Knowing that Koga cannot move, Kai begins to run and distract Moryomaru. Inuyasha cuts a hole in Moryomaru's armor and comes face to face with the infant as tentacles try to claw at him from inside the shell. Inuyasha withstands the attack and cleaves through the shield protecting the baby, as everyone watches Moryomaru's shell explode. Suddenly Kai's shikon fragment is expelled from his body and the baby instantly sense its presence and uses a tentacle to snatch it. Quickly tossing Inuyasha out, the baby regains control and releases a cloud of miasma in order to make his escape. As he disappears, the baby curses Naraku, but relizes that he was able to get Kai's shard through Naraku's intervention. The child swears revenge. Meanwhile, Koga has decided that Ginta and Hakkaku should no longer travel with him and tells them to take Kai and Shinta to a nearby demon wolf tribe. Koga admits that it is because of his desire to keep the Shikon shards that the wolf demon tribes all over the country are being wiped out by Naraku. Hakkaku and Ginta bravely protest and insist on staying, but Inuyasha assures them that Koga will be with him and the others now. Ginta, Hakkaku, Kai, and Shinta bid everyone farewell as Kagome reflects on Koga finally joining the group.

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