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volume 45
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2006 Vol. 3/4 - 14
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 45

Chapter 439: 溶命樹
Kagome and Koga sit alone in an old temple and Kagome notes how quickly Koga's legs have healed from Moryomaru's attack. When Inuyasha notices Koga squeezing Kagome's hands, he punches him in the head, causing Kagome to force him to sit. Outside Sango expresses her concern to Miroku about Naraku's stepping up his game in order to get the shards, and going so far as to attack other Wolf Demon tribes just to lure out Koga. Miroku comments that Naraku may not have intended for Moryomaru to gain possession of Kai's Shikon fragment. The next morning Koga announces that he's going off alone again, but not before Kagome tells him that she is worried about his legs freezing up without anyone around to protect him. Inuyasha tells him that if he dies alone, he'll never be able to face the Wolf Demon tribe again. Koga gets in a quick hug from Kagome before Inuyasha chases him off. Elsewhere a priest and a group of men come upon a withered tree. The men tell the priest that the tree is called Youmeiju, and allegedly is demonic. The men speak of a monk who sealed the tree decades ago, but the new growth on the tree suggests that it's returning to life. The priest claims that he can seal it, but before he is able to, the tree splashes him with miasma, causing him to dissolve. A few days later Inuyasha and the others make their way into the town are are told of Yomeiju. When Kagome first sees the tree she realizes that it has a Shikon fragment inside, which can only mean that Naraku has placed it there. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar in an attempt to slice it down. Everyone is shocked to see a barrier has formed in front of the tree, repelling the Wind Scar. As the dust settles they realize that inside the barrier is Naraku. Everyone wonders why he wants to protect the tree, when suddenly the branches push through his barrier and begin to try to absorb Naraku.

Chapter 440: 溶命樹の力
Yomeiju no chikara
(Yomeiju's Power)
Inuyasha is shocked to see that Yomeiju, the demonic tree that Naraku revived is attacking the evil demon. Naraku seems undisturbed by this turn of events as Yomeiju grows a face and then begins slicing through this barrier. Naraku wonders aloud why Inuyasha does not try to attack him now that his barrier is down and he is defensless, but then points out that it would not do any good since his heart is elsewhere and he will only come back to life. Naraku's body explodes with miasma as he flies off into the sky with the tree clinging onto him. He taunts Yomeiju, but the tree wraps itself around squeezing his body and biting his head. Suddenly a flash comes from inside the tree that is visible to Inuyasha and the others who are watching from below. Within seconds all that is left is Naraku floating in midair inside his barrier. Miroku points out that instead of Yomeiju absorbing Naraku, the opposite happened and Naraku took in the tree demon. Inuyasha lashes out with the Kongosoha after seeing what Naraku has done, but the evil demon simply flies off over the horizon. Miroku wonders why Naraku would use a Shikon fragment to awaken a demon simply to devour it and everyone decides to pursue Naraku in the direction he disappear. Elsewhere Koga is making his way up a rocky mountain side after picking up the scent of Moryomaru. He's surprised to find a woman and young boy climbing as well. Although Koga does not know her, the woman is Kikyo who is still being accompanied by Kohaku. Kikyo quickly notices the presense of Koga's shards, but as soon as she does the mountain begins to rumble and shift. Large boulders roll down towards Kikyo and Kohaku as Moryomaru bursts out from within the mountain. Kohaku manages to grab the side of the mountain, but Kikyo plummets towards the ground. Koga runs down and finds Kikyo laying motionless on the ground. Koga thinks to himself that no one could survive the fall and then goes back to thinking about Moryomaru, when Kohaku rushes down and Kikyo begins to move. After hearing Kohaku say her name, Koga realizes this is the woman he has heard about who was revived from the grave. Kikyo manages to stand and then asks if Koga was also chasing Moryomaru. When he says that he is, she quickly draws her bow and points it at him.

Chapter 441: 対峙
Kikyo demands Koga give her the Shikon jewel shards in his legs as she points her bow at him. She says she does not wish to kill him, and explains that she knows Midoriko controls his shards. Koga says Kagome has already explained this to him, but Kikyo explains further that Midoriko wishes to allow Naraku to collect the shards so they can be purified en masse. Kikyo tells Koga it would be better if he gave them to her now rather than run the risk of having his legs frozen once again and placing him in a vulnerable position during battle. Koga becomes angry with Kikyo at the suggestion he should simply hand over his shards and walk away. He shouts that he has to avenge his comrades that were killed by Kagura on Naraku's behalf. Kikyo fires an arrow at Koga, who is shocked to find she was not merely bluffing, but his speed allows him to evade her shot. Koga realizes if he sticks around much longer he'll lose track of Moryomaru, and speeds off to find him. Kohaku asks Kikyo to pursue Moryomaru as well, and she agrees as she thinks to herself how sorry she is to use Kohaku as a pawn in her battle against Naraku. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others are pursuing Naraku, and have picked up the trail of his miasma. In the distance they see him flying directly forwards another figure floating in the sky- Moryomaru. The ground beneath the two figures erupts in an ocean of fire as wildlife flees. Quickly a wave of miasma overtakes the entire forest floor, burning the flesh off the animals and destroying the trees. All this destruction is merely the result of the power emanating from these two. Naraku states that he is surprised to see Moryomaru alive after the beating Inuyasha and Koga gave him. Moryomaru states that after he took Kai's Shikon shard his regeneration took no time at all. Naraku asks if Moryomaru would like to take his shard as well, and holds out the nearly completed Shikon Jewel. Moryomaru is not impressed by the power Naraku wields thanks to his many shards and fires a volley of diamond spears towards him. Kagome is surprised to see Naraku ripped apart by the spears, but like his body quickly begins to reconstitute itself. Naraku tells him that as long as his heart is within Moryomaru he can not kill him, and Moryomaru says the same, that Naraku would kill himself if he dared to kill Moryomaru. Naraku laughs and asks if they shall find out what happens if they fight to the death.

Chapter 442: 吸収
Inuyasha and the others are shocked as they look off into the distant sky as Naraku and Moryomaru prepare to battle one another. Naraku tells Moryomaru that he knew all along this is what would happen once he separated his heart from his body. Naraku says that this is the reason he created the Infant, to ensure he was too weak to mount an effective coup against him. Moryomaru claims that Naraku is bluffing, otherwise he would have had no need to help Inuyasha power up in order to play the two of them against one another. Naraku claims that he helped Inuyasha in order to force Moryomaru to come to him- luring him out of hiding. Naraku's body has reformed, but it is different that before, half-snake and half-spider with dozens of tentacles writhing out of his chest. From a distance Inuyasha says that Naraku would not try to reclaim his heart unless he was sure that he could, meaning that he can break through the Infant's shell, namely Moryomaru. On the other side of the mountain Kikyo and Kohaku see a miasma forming in the sky. Kikyo can tell that it not only belongs to Moryomaru but to Naraku as well, and thinks to herself that their Shikon fragments are trying to reconnect. Naraku grabs Moryomaru with his spider-like arms, and pulls him in close, his tentacles wrapping around him. While holding him, Naraku tries to stab Moryomaru in the back with his tail, instead of piercing Moryomaru's shell, Naraku's tail is cracked and damaged. Moryomaru laughs and fires his diamond spears through Naraku's chest at point blank range. Moryomaru then fires another spear at the remains of Naraku's head, ripping it in half. The shreds of Naraku's flesh fly onto Moryomaru's body. Moryomaru's tentacles appear, and grab Naraku's head as it reforms pulling it down inside his shell. Triupmantly, Moryomaru announces that he has absorbed Naraku.

Chapter 443: 奈落消滅
Naraku shoumetsu
(Naraku Eradicated)
Moryomaru appears triumphant as the heroes look on from below, stunned that Naraku seems to have been absorbed by the powerful demon. No one can believe it, and Inuyasha doesn't think it could possibly be that easy, as Kagome notices that within Moryomaru's body, his two shards have fused with Naraku's almost completed Shikon Jewel. Elsewhere, Kikyo can feel the shift in the Jewel's power as she approaches. Moryomaru feels his power growing exponentially as he and Kagome simultaneously sense another shard approaching. Moryomaru blasts a mountain with his stolen Kongosoha, the spears of which are now covered with Naraku's miasma. As the mountain melts away, Koga stands before him, ready for battle. Kagome pleads with Koga to stay away, but his mind is already made up, much to Moryomaru's delight. Moryomaru demands the shards and launches his Kongosoha at Koga once more, but the wolf demon uses his Goraishi to try and destroy the spears. He's surprised to find his claw is useless but manages to avoid the blast of spears without injury. Shippo and Miroku point out that the Goriashi used to be able to destory the shards, but the power of the Shikon Jewel has made them much stronger. Inuyasha rushes in using his own Kongosoha to destract Moryomaru as he goes to join Koga. Inuyasha tells Koga to start running and keep Moryomaru low to the ground while he uses the Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga to destroy Moryomaru's source of demonic energy. Koga isn't happy about it, but agrees. They have to destroy Moryomaru before he completely absorbs the Shikon Jewel's power. Miroku and Sango prepare to help in the battle, but Kagome tells Sango that she can feel another shard approaching. It has to be Kohaku, and Kikyo will be with him. Sango knows that Kikyo won't hesitate to take Kohaku's shard to make the Jewel whole. Koga is running from Moryomaru when suddenly Inuyasha appears above the demon, ready to deliver the deathblow. As he's falling, Inuyasha realizes he can't see Moryomaru's demonic energy.

Chapter 444: 苦戦
(Heated Battle)
Inuyasha continues to stuggle in vain as he searches for Moryomaru's whirlpools of demonic energy. Frustrated, Inuyasha bangs on Moryomaru's shell with Tetsusaiga to no avail.Koga joins the battle and tries to use his Goraishi to tear Moryomaru's tentacles apart, but his attack fails as well. Koga and Inuyasha's double team attack is less successful than the last time they paired up against the monsterous demon, now that he has acquired Naraku's near complete Shikon Jewel. The Shikon Jewel is increasing the power of the Infant's Fuyoheki stone which masks demonic energy. Moryomaru surprises Inuyasha by showing one of his energy whirlpools forcing Inuyasha to plunge Tetsusaiga into it. Koga hits the same area as well, but this time Moryomaru suffers no damage, and more tentacles pour out of his shell. Inuyasha punches Koga in the face sending him flying after realizing it is a trap to capture the wolf demon's jewel shards. The jewel tries to reunite itself with Koga's shards, and causes his legs to lock up once again, placing him in serious peril. Moryomaru quickly seizes this opportunity to take Koga's shards and sends his tentacles to ensnare the wolf demon's legs. Meanwhile Kikyo hurries with Kohaku to the battlefield. She plans to sacrefice him in order to complete the Shikon Jewel and then purify it. Kagome senses Kohaku's shard and intercepts the pair along with Sango. Sango pleads with Kikyo not to allow her brother to die by giving up his shard, but both Kikyo and Kohaku insist that it must be done regardless of the consequences. Sango continues to protest, saying that it is Naraku's fault for giving Kohaku a shard, and he should not have to die for something that was not his doing. Kikyo turns to Kagome when Sango refuses to listen, and asks if she sensed Koga's shards nearing absorbtion with the nearly completed Jewel. Kagome tells them that there is another way that will not require Kohaku to risk his life. After saying this, she hops on Kirara's back and flies away leaving Sango, Kohaku and Kikyo behind. Kagome thinks to herself that Inuyasha's training will prevail and he will be able to stop Moryomaru without requiring Kohaku to die. Both Koga and Inuyasha are tangled in Moryomaru's tentacles, but Inuyasha tells Koga there is still one way out of this mess.

Chapter 445: 赤子の誤算
Akago no gosan

(The Infant's Mistake)
Inuyasha tells Koga that they can still escape from Moryomaru. He asks the wolf demon to use blast him with the Goraishi, which makes Moryomaru chuckle. Koga agrees and fires the weapon at Inuyasha as Miroku and Shippo look on from high atop a cliff. Inuyasha uses the power of the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga to absorb Koga's blast and then brings the Tetsusaiga down on Moryomaru's tentacles, slicing them apart. The shell seems to hold against the blade as Shippo asks Miroku why Inuyasha is not striking the invisible energy whirlpools instead. Miroku tells him that the increased power of the Fuyoheki stone that the Infant clutches within Moryomaru is masking the whirlpools. Inuyasha instead forces the blade into the mouth on Moryomaru's back where in which he is trying to swallow Koga. Moryomaru panics as Inuyasha plunges Tetsusaiga into the tiny opening and the Infant releases an acidic miasma from within Moryomaru. The powerful demon laughs that he will dissolve Koga and then absorb his shards, as Inuyasha recoils from the noxious cloud. Koga succumbs to the vapors and passes out, while Moryomaru knocks Inuyasha away with a tentacle. Suddenly an arrow hits Moryomaru's back, causing the miasma to purify and dissappate, saving Koga from being dissolved. Kagome is flying above on the back of Kirara, and calls out to Inuyasha who is relieved by her quick save. He dives headlong into battle again, but Moryomaru launches a volley of diamond spears at him and extends his wings, planning to escape once again with Koga in tow and devour him somewhere without any interferance. Inuyasha leaps on Kirara and he and Kagome fly off in pursuit leaving Miroku and Shippo behind. Inuyasha tells Kagome that he can crack Moryomaru's shell with one more blast, but Kagome notices something unusual. She can see the light of Koga's jewel shards within Moryomaru's shell and remarks that he does not seem to be trying to merge the shards with Naraku's jewel. Inside Moryomaru, the Infant wonders why the power of the Shikon Jewel combined with the absorbed powers of Naraku are not enough to make Moryomaru invincible to against Inuyasha's attacks. Suddenly the Infant hears a voice telling him that Moryomaru is not using the power of the Shikon Jewel. A familiar face emerges from the darkness and stares at the Infant... Naraku!

Chapter 446: 侵蝕
The Infant curses Naraku and quickly runs a volley of spikes through his face. Naraku simply laughs and points out that he's been absorbing Moryomaru from within. Outside, Koga wakes up to find that he's been captured by Moryomaru and that his legs are still not functioning. Inuyasha and Kagome pursue Moryomaru in an attempt to save Koga. Within his body, Naraku attempts to touch the Infant and is repelled by his shield. The Infant laughs and taunts Naraku when suddenly tendrils of the Yomeiju begin to slip through the barrier and Naraku explains that he absorbed the demon tree especially to break through his barrier and destroy the baby. The Infant begins to panic and attacks Naraku's head once more as his control over Moryomaru becomes disrupted and he swerves toward the ground. Suddenly, Inuyasha and Kagome spy the Infant emerging from Moryomaru as he attempts to escape from Naraku. Inuyasha uses the Kongosoha to blast the Infant, but he uses Moryomaru's diamond covered arm to block just in time. As the baby prepares to escape, Naraku confronts him once more, telling the child that he will surely die if he seperates from Moryomaru. The Infant points out that because he has Naraku's heart that Naraku will die as well. At that instant, Koga wakes up and uses the Goraishi against the baby, who quickly counters with miasma and his tentacles to subdue the wolf once more. Kagome shouts for Koga and launches an arrow to purify the miasma in an attempt to keep Koga alive. Moryomaru attacks Kirara took keep Kagome from interfering. As Kirara crashes into a mountain, Inuyasha manages to save Kagome before they both turn to see a wave of Kongosoha spears heading straight for them. Inuyasha leaps out of the way just in time, as Moryomaru's body begins to change shape his face rips open to reveal Naraku. Moryomaru is dead, absorbed by Naraku. Koga and the Infant are still held in his clutches while Kagome and Inuyasha look on in horror as Naraku is reborn.

Chapter 447: 加護
(Divine Protection)
Having merged with Moryomaru, Naraku launches numerous diamond spears at Inuyasha, Kagome and Kirara. Naraku quickly seals his body to hide the Infant who peers out at the happenings. Naraku tells Koga that he will absorb him next and take his two shards. As Koga begins to fall unconcious again, he thinks back to the spirits of the wolf demon elders, remembering when they told him the Goraishi would be able to protect him from Midoriko's control of shards only once. Kagome leaps onto Kirara and flies off, telling Inuyasha that she promised Kikyo to keep Koga safe. Inuyasha turns and sees Kikyo along with Kohaku and Sango standing behind him. Kikyo realizes that Naraku's aura is preventing Koga's guardian spirits from releasing Midoriko's grasp on his shards. Once Naraku devours Koga's shards, only Kohaku's will remain. Kagome fires at Naraku's arm, hoping to free Koga, but Naraku takes no damage. The arrow though had the unintentional effect of purifying Naraku's aura and allowing Koga's shards to leap back to life. Deep inside Naraku's body, Koga can see the Infant being devoured by tentacles that are passing through his barrier. Koga knows that this is Naraku's heart and leaps down to attack. Naraku releases a miasma inside his body to try and stop Koga, but the protection of the Goraishi prevents him from being harmed. Outside the Infant's barrier begins to force its way outside of Naraku's body as the spirits of Koga's ancestors burst forth from the demon's new body. Koga leaps out as well, severely scarred from Naraku's attempts at absorbing him. Just as Koga breaks free his ancestor's protection begins to wane. Naraku releases a miasma as he attempts to flee, but Miroku yells that he must be destroyed now, and unleashes his Wind Tunnel.

Chapter 448: 瘴気の傷
Shouki no kizu
(The Poison of the Miasma)
Miroku uses his wind tunnel against Naraku as everyone looks on in shock. Naraku seems unconcerned as he releases massive amounts of miasma, forcing Miroku to absorb it. Naraku tells him that Miroku will die from the poison before he can aborb him. Shippo hides behind Miroku's legs, concerned for the monk, but Miroku knows what he must do. He has to stop Naraku now. Suddenly blood erupts from Miroku's eyes, mouth and ears, but he refuses to close his tunnel. Naraku realizes that he's trying to suck his heart out by absorbing the Infant. Naraku tries to pull away, but is unable, Kagome, Sango and Inuyasha look on in horror as Miroku refuses to close his tunnel. Shippo pulls at his leg, begging him to stop as he coughs up blood, when suddenly the Fuyoheki flies out of Naraku's body and is sucked through the wind tunnel. Inuyasha rushes over and forces Miroku to close his hand, but as he looks at Naraku he can see exactly where his vortex of energy is. Naraku laughs and tells Miroku that he's missed his chance to destroy his heart as he vanishes into the air. Sango rushes to Miroku's side and sees just how bad his injuries are. Miroku can barely speak, but apologizes to her for not killing Naraku. Kagome realizes that Miroku was pushing himself so hard for Sango, in hopes that she would not have to lose Kohaku to the reformation of the Shikon Jewel. Kikyo approaches and studies Miroku's injuries. She notes that the scar's now covering his body spread like spider legs from the wind tunnel, and that if he had waited even a second longer the miasma would have reached his heart and killed him. Kikyo says that she will purify the miasma within him, but that it will take a few days to get rid of it all. The group find an abandoned home and wait as Kikyo, Kohaku and Sango aid Kikyo in healing the monk. She absorbs the poison from Miroku into herself and purifies it, but the poison damages her as well. Sango is confused as to how Kikyo could risk her own life for Miroku but be so eager to sacrifice Kohaku. Outside, Kagome and Inuyasha ask Koga about his injuries. Koga says that he's fine, and that being a demon gives him greater strength than the human monk. He thanks Kagome for saving him, and she reflects on the rescue, pointing out that she only helped the spirits of the Wolf Demon Tribe in their one-time-only rescue of Koga. Inuyasha tells Koga that he should give up his shards and go back to his cave. Koga teases Inuyasha by telling him that Kikyo said the same thing. Inside the ramshackle house, Sango and Kohaku have fallen asleep as Kikyo continues to heal Miroku. Miroku suddenly wakes up and sees Kikyo. She tells him that she has purified all the miasma in his body however she could not heal the wounds inflicted on his body. Miroku stops her before she says anything else and tells her not to let it trouble her. As he looks over to Sango, sleeping in the corner, he is certain that he has no regrets for what he's done, even if it costs his life.

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