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volume 46
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2006 Vol. 15 - 25
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 46

Chapter 449: 山嵐
Yama arashi
A small band of soldiers sit on the ground chatting about rumors they've heard. Apparently a nearby forest has been dissolving. Reports said that a black cloud hovered over the woodland before disintegrating everything. One man suggests it is the work of demons, when suddenly a light is spotted flying in the sky and approaching quickly. The object quickly flies past the soldiers melting their flesh away as it passes. Elsewhere Inuyasha approaching Kikyo and asks about Miroku's condition. She tells Inuyasha that she was able to purify the poison in his system, but lies when asked if Miroku will be alright. Inside Sango and Kohaku are talking about how everyone is doing their best to ensure he does not have to sacrefice his life. Koga butts in on Kikyo and Inuyasha's conversation when he notices Kikyo preparing to leave. She says that she can sense remnants of Naraku's miasma moving nearby, and wants to investigate. Kohaku tells Sango that he wants to go with Kikyo, because he feels he is able purify himself of his past misdeeds by staying with her. On his way out, Kohaku thanks Kagome for saving him, and Kagome calls out to Kikyo as they walk away. She turns and says she will do her best to keep him alive, if possible. With that settled Inuyasha and the others head off to investigate the phenomenon that has been melting people. Sango is concerned that Miroku is still too weak, and he rubs her butt and agrees, as Koga and Shippo look on. Two creatures quickly dart out of the bushes, and Inuyasha slashes them with Tetsusaiga. Sango is able to identify the creatures and says they are merely quills of a larger beast. A demonic porcupine, or yama arashi, with a diamond shard from a Kongosoha attack lumbers out towards the group. Although the creature is dead, it is being controlled by Naraku via the diamond shard in its head. Naraku is using its quills to spread his miasma across great distances. The porcupine sends dozens of quills at the group, but Inuyasha makes short work of them, and the porcupine as well. Unfortunately a few of the quills escaped, requiring everyone to divide up and go after them. Inuyasha turns to Miroku and tells him not to overdo things. As he leaves, Miroku thinks back to Kikyo's warning- that the wounds Naraku inflicted are spreading, and once they reach his heart he will die. Miroku thinks to himself that he will still use his Wind Tunnel, but just then he and Sango see another volley of quills launched into the air. It seems something other than a porcupine is at work here.

Chapter 450: 群れ
(The Herd)
Inuyasha and Kagome continue to battle against the living quills of the demon porcupine. Kagome realizes that the number of quills seems to indicate that there must be more than one porcupine in the vicinity. Meanwhile Sango and Miroku have their hands full chasing down two other porcupines. Sango uses her Hiraikotsu to knock the Kongosoha spears out of the creatures' heads, killing them. As they die they launch another set of quills into the sky, causing Miroku to unleash his Wind Tunnel, knowing full well that doing so will hasten his death as Naraku's poisons race towards his heart. Sango is concerned, but Miroku says that the pain is minor, not wishing to reveal the danger he is placing himself in. Miroku points out that a herd of demon porcupine must have been showered with falling crystal Kongosoha spears during Naraku's battle with Moryomaru. Realizing that there may be more of these creatures on the loose, Sango makes Miroku swear that he will not use the Wind Tunnel again. Miroku is concerned that Sango may have figured out how severe his condition is, but when he confronts her about it, she says she is mearly concerned about him over-exerting himself so soon after his prior injury. The duo catches sight of more quills and flies off on Kirara to chase them down. As Miroku thinks to himself that the amount of poison in the quills is nothing to worry about he catches sight of his hand... the infection has spread further from his Wind Scar outward on the palm of his hand. Just then a huge porcupine bursts out of the side of a cliff, ambushing Sango and Miroku and causing Sango to lose her Hiraikotsu. The rock slide knocks Kirara unconcious, leaving Miroku and Sango stranded in a fissure with a demonic porcupine on either side of them. Kagome, Inuyasha, Koga and Shippo all meet up and head in the direction of Miroku and Sango's scent, but not before more porcupines bursts out of the ground in front of them. Back in the chasm, Miroku and Sango try to old their own against the quills using Sango's katana and Miroku's sutras. Sango grows worried that Miroku will be forced to use his Wind Tunnel again and dangerously rushes headlong towards the porcupine standing between her and Hiraikotsu.

Chapter 451: 瘴気の谷
Shouki no tani
(The Valley of Miasma)
Sango desperately dashes between the legs of the demon porcupine to recover her Hiraikotsu. She slashes her way through the quills that are raining down around her as Miroku deals with the porcupine attacking from behind. As Miroku runs out of his sutras Sango decides it would be easier to kill the porcupine rather than attempt to elude it. She pulls out a chain from inside her elbow pad and wraps it around the diamond Kongosoha shard stuck in the creature's head. Sango pulls herself onto the creature's head and attempts to pull the shard out, but the demon slams her into the cliffside before she can pull the spear loose. Sango manages to recover quickly and grab the Hiraikotsu, and hurl it at the monster. The Hiraikotsu knocks the spear loose and the demon collapses, while Miroku suddenly does so as well. The miasma in the valley has grown more powerful and weakened Miroku, but as he looks up he sees the porcupine that Sango thought she had dispatched get up and strike at Sango. The porcupine slams Sango, and Miroku notices it had another spear lodged in its head, which is keeping it alive. Without any other options, Miroku stares at his hand and realizes he will have to unleash his Wind Tunnel. As he stares at the widening wound Miroku realizes that risking his life and opening the Wind Tunnel is the only way to save Sango, who is unconcious. As the quills fly towards the duo, Miroku removes the seal on his hand, but a blast of energy rips through the quills just before Miroku opens his hand. Inuyasha and Koga dash in to make sure that Miroku and Sango are alright as Miroku replaces the seal on his hand. Inuyasha quickly dispatches the other porcupine and an arrow from Kagome purifies the miasma filling the valley. Miroku says that he could have accidently sucked Inuyasha into the Wind Tunnel the way he came barreling in out of nowhere, and Inuyasha angrily tells him not to use the Wind Tunnel so soon after his previous injury. Kagome forces Inuyasha to "sit" after he hits Miroku on the head, and tends to Sango as she wakes up. As they continue their journey, Miroku realizes the day will come when he has to open the Wind Tunnel again, putting his life on the line, but he is thankful for his friends who will stand beside him when that day comes.

Chapter 452: 蜘蛛の糸
Kumo no ito
(Spider Silk)
Inside a cave small living white balls bubble up from a spring. Naraku appears wearing his old baboon pelt, a voice speaks to him and says it is surprised he has returned to collect the human remains of his heart that he had abandoned here in the remains of Mount Hakurei. As the voice questions his reason for returning, Naraku thinks back to his recent encounter with Inuyasha and the others. He wonders why Kikyo did nothing to prevent him from absorbing Moryomaru and the Infant, and quickly concludes she had intended to offer Kohaku to him, with the intention that Kohaku's purified shard would infect Naraku's tainted jewel thereby destroying him. A face rises from the water along with the white creatures, the cast-off bits of himself that he discarded when he created the Infant. It taunts him over his having to reclaim his human nature which prevented him from harming Kikyo, but it is this human bitterness which will allow him to use the Shikon Jewel to kill Kikyo. The head rises up and transforms into a tangle of spider webs which Naraku then absorbs into the palm of his hand. As Naraku flies away he states that it is this anger within his human heart that ties him to Kikyo and Inuyasha and will lead to their destruction. Elsewhere the gang is settling in for a night's rest and cooking up some fish for dinner. Koga is agitated by the fact that Inuyasha and the others move at a much slower pace than he is used to. Inuyasha sits perched in a tree unwilling to come down and sit with everyone else. Kagome thinks back to Koga's escape from Naraku's clutches and how he had to use up his one chance to escape from the debilitating control the Shikon shards in his legs hold over him. The next time he becomes paralyzed there will be nothing anyone can do to help him. Koga holds Kagome's hands which causes Inuyasha to dive out of the tree and swing Tetsusaiga at him. Kagome yells for him to "sit" which Koga seems to enjoy. That night as spider webs begin to spread from an unseen source Inuyasha dreams of the tragic circumstances which lead to Kikyo's death and his being sealed to the Goshinboku tree. He wakes up and goes for a walk to a nearby lake thinking it has been quite some time since he last had that dream. As Inuyasha watches the stars wondering where Kikyo is now, Kagome wakes up and notices the spider webs creeping along beside him.

Chapter 453: 絡みつく糸
Karamitsuku ito
(The Clinging Strands)
Inuyasha confides in Kagome about his dream but quickly dismisses it even though he knows there must have been a specific reason he thought about it. Kagome tells the others about the spider web she saw surrounding Inuyasha the night before and they set off in search of Naraku. Elsewhere Kohaku and Kikyo appear to be sitting alongside a village road. Kikyo tells Kohaku not to move, and even though he doesn't know why, Kikyo has erected a barrier around the pair to protect them from the threads of web fallign from the sky. Suddenly stronger, thicker webs begin to fall, crushing a village girl in front of Kikyo. The priestess knows that Naraku is using the girl as bait to lure Kikyo out of her barrier, but has refuses to let the girl suffer. Kikyo uses her shikikami to create butterflies that attack the invisible ectoplasm surrounding the village girl. Suddenly Kikyo is enveloped in a spider's web as Inuyasha and the others rush to the village, they can see the webs falling from the sky into the village. Upon arrival, they find the girl that Kikyo saved. Her mother tells them of the priestess who saved her daughter but suddenly fell ill. Inuyasha rushes off to find Kikyo as she attempts to protect herself from Naraku's attack. Kohaku has been sent away with Kikyo's resurrected shikigami assistants, Kocho and Asuka. They erect a barrier to protect Kohaku and his shard from becoming corrupted again. Kagome rides on Koga's back listening to him chastise Inuyasha for running off after Kikyo. Kagome knows for sure now that there was more to Inuyasha's dream that he was telling her. In a small shrine in the middle of a field, Kikyo has made her stand against Naraku's attack. Her barrier is fading against the multitude of web that is attempting to make contact with her by showing her the same dream as Inuyasha, Kikyo realizes that he must be trying to corrupt her heart against Inuyasha once more. When Inuyasha suddenly rushes in she realizes that he can't see the spider's webs but is too weak to warn him. As Kikyo collapses in Inuyasha's arms he can see that the wounds inflicted by Naraku's miasma are spreading over her body.

Chapter 454: 糸のむこう
Ito no mukou
(Beyond the Strands)
Inside the shrine Inuyasha wakes Kikyo, who is obviously weakened from the growing scars Naraku inflicted on her. Kikyo warns Inuyasha of the spider webs, but it is too late as they are both ensnared in a huge web. Kikyo tells Inuyasha that Naraku has most likely realized that she was planning on purifying him, and so he has tried to poison and pollute Kikyo by making her relive her battle against Inuyasha. The half-demon tells Kikyo that he will save her and uses the Tetsusaiga to slice through the webs, but they are unable to get free. Outside Koga carries Kagome to the small shrine which is covered in webbing which is only visible to her. She calls out to Inuyasha who is surprised that she managed to find him, and then fires an arrow at the webs to destroy them. Miroku, Sango and Koga all wonder what she is shooting at, as they are unable to see the webs. Inside the shrine Kikyo wonders if Kagome's ability to see the webs is because she and Kagome share a soul. Kagome looks inside the shrine and sees that the webs inside are still filling the room, and she reaches out to touch them, but Kikyo shouts a warning not to. Unfortunately she is too late and the spider webs pull Kagome inside. The door slams shut and a barrier prevents the others from trying to make any rescue attempts. Far away, Naraku smiles as the realizes Kagome has been trapped as well. Kagome awakens to find herself stuck inside Inuyasha and Kikyo's memories. She watches as Inuyasha makes off with the Shikon Jewel and Kikyo pins him to the tree with her enchanted arrow. As Inuyasha falls into his fifty year slumber, Kagome watches as Kikyo sheds a single tear. Through the webs she is able to feel Kikyo's anguish over what she had to do to her lover. She soon realizes that Inuyasha and Kikyo's bond can never be broken. With that she awakens to find Inuyasha sitting over her in the small shrine. Inuyasha tells Kagome that as soon as she came inside the webs vanished, and Kikyo comments that they were actually there to lure Kagome inside. She asks Kagome what she saw, but she says nothing. Instead she changes the subject to Kikyo's deepening scars, and says she should be able to heal her wounds just as she had done before. Kikyo then makes a surprising request and tells Kagome to shoot her with her own bow saying that it is the only way to purify her injuries. As Kagome takes Kikyo's bow, the bow string suddenly snaps in two.

Chapter 455: 切れた弦
Kireta tsuru

(The Broken Bowstring)
Sango, Miroku and Koga stand outside the house enclosed within a barrier. Within, Kagome is shocked to see that the string of Kikyo's bow snapped as soon as she touched the weapon. Kikyo tells her that it is because Kagome has been corrupted by Naraku's spider webs. Kikyo reveals that Kagome must have seen the same vision that she and Inuyasha did, of their final moments together fifty years ago. Kikyo tells Kagome that she no longer has the ability to heal her because she has been tainted by Naraku's evil. With Kagome unable to purify Kikyo, the priestess will be unable to keep Kohaku and Koga's shards pure allowing Naraku to take them and complete the Shikon Jewel. And if both Kagome and Kikyo were corrputed, neither would be able to follow through with Kikyo's plan to purfiy the Jewel while it is in Naraku's posession. Both Kagome and Inuyasha are shocked by the realization that Naraku has gained the upper-hand once more, and Kagome demands to know what she can do to prevent this chain of events from occuring. When she emerges from the house, she tells the others that she is going to search for a bow string in a mountain crypt. Sango asks Kikyo about Kohaku, and is told that he is safe under the protection of Kocho and Asuka, but if Kikyo moves from where she is, her barrier around the shikigami will fail and Kohaku's presence will be revealed. Kagome tells Inuyasha to stay with Kikyo and look after her. Inuyasha is confused, and Koga's prodding does nothing to help matters. When he tries to ask Kagome something she gives him a cold stare and tells him that she doesn't want to see his face for awhile. As soon as she says this, she wonders if she really has been corrupted, but Inuyasha points out that she's just the same as she always is. As the group sets off, Koga is irritated that Sango, Miroku and Shippo have decided to tag along. Miroku points out that they have no way of knowing when his legs will fail, and when they do, he'll need protection. On the way to the mountain, Kagome reflects on the instructions she's received from Kikyo. In order to find see the bow string, she will have to honestly want to save Kikyo. If she does, the bow string is to be placed within Kikyo's bow, and Kagome will be no longer be corrupted by Naraku's webs. Kagome is distracted however, she believes that Inuyasha always chooses Kikyo over her. Meanwhile, Kikyo's condition worsens and Kocho and Asuka begin to fade. As Saimyosho appear in front of Kohaku, Byakuya suddenly appears. Kikyo can sense his presence and demands that Inuyasha take her to Kohaku right away. Byakuya introduces himself to the young demon slayer before telling him to come out from behind his barrier. Suddenly, the shikigami tell Kohaku to run as they unleash an attack on Byakuya. With little effort, Byakuya overcomes the attack and Kocho and Asuka disappear. Kikyo tells Inuyasha that it's Kohaku that Naraku wants, and that if they don't arrive in time, Naraku will take his shard. With that, Kohaku has managed to escape and rushes through a forest when Byakuya suddenly reappears in front of the boy. Kohaku strikes with his sickle, but his attack only damages one of Byakuya's illusions. From above, the real Byakuya unleashes a group of serpents that entangle Kohaku and pin him to the ground. Byakuya asks if he is ready to return to Naraku.

Chapter 456: 梓山
Azusa yama
(Mount Azusa)
Byakuya stands over Kohaku, who is ensnared by the mystical snakes the demon released. Kohaku begins to loose consciousness as Byakuya stands over him, while the snakes tear at his legs, injecting him with poison. A faint glow can be seen from the Shikon shard on Kohaku's back, but Byakuya is hesitant to take it, for fear that it might be too pure for him to handle. As Byakuya waits for the poison to corrupt the shard, a wave of energy passes over his head- it is Sesshomaru's vortex attack, the Meidou Zangetsuha. Byakuya is surprised to see Sesshomaru coming to Kohaku's aid, but Sesshomaru cooly remarks that he was merely investigating Naraku's supposed absorbtion of Moryomaru. When Sesshomaru implies that he has unfinished business with Kohaku, Byakuya decides it would be in his best interest not to come between them, and so he flies away on his paper crane. With the threat gone, Rin and Jaken emerge from the shrubery, and Rin goes to check on her friend Kohaku. Sesshomaru stops her before she reaches the boy warning her of the snakes, but Jaken is already wrestling with one. Later, Inuyasha and Kikyo arrive at the scene. Inuyasha can tell from the unique destruction left behind that Sesshomaru's was there and had used his Meidou Zangetsuha attack. Kikyo is upset that Kohaku is gone, and Inuyasha tells her his scent disappears at this point. Suddenly Kikyo is wracked with pain, and Inuyasha helps her to rest against a nearby tree. The miasma she absorbed from Miroku is slowly eating away her body, and unless Kagome returns soon with the mystical bow string, she will die. Unless Kagome truly wants to save Kikyo, then the bow string will remain hidden to her. Meanwhile Kagome, Shippo, Koga, Miroku and Sango all arrive at Mount Azusa. They begin to make their way up a long series of stairs, which seem daunting to everyone except Koga. In the distance they can see the tomb that rests at the pinnacle of Mount Azusa. As the group tries to ascend the stairs Kikyo explains to Inuyasha that a power around the mountain protects it. Kagome and the others soon discover that no matter how much they climb they have not gotten any closer to the top. Kagome thinks to herself that perhaps it is her fault, that in her heart of hearts perhaps she does not really want to save Kikyo, and that doubt is preventing them from climbing the mountain. Kagome concentrates and tries to put her frustations with Inuyasha and Kikyo out of her mind. Having done this a faceless Un-demon appears before them. Just as this happens a cloud of mist envelops Kagome, and everyone else vanishes leaving her alone with the demon that has moved closer to her. The Un-demon has long white hair and no face, which shocks Kagome. In the forest Kikyo tells Inuyasha that the power surrounding the mountain can become good or evil depending upon the heart of the person attempting to climb it. Just as she says this, the faceless demon begins to morph as it reads Kagome- its hair darkens and its once blank face changes into Kikyo's.

Chapter 457: 梓山の精霊
Azusa yama no sierei
(The Spirit of the Mountain)
Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Koga remain at the bottom of the stairs and realize that Kagome is no longer with them. Koga is worried that she may have been kidnapped by the demon of the mountain, but Miroku reassures him that it is a benevolent spirit. At the top of the stairs, Kagome follows the Un-demon which has assumed the form of Kikyo. The demon tells Kagome that she has been tainted by Naraku's spider web, which shocks her. Suddenly, the demon reaches inside a closet and removes a bow and hands it to Kagome without hesitation. Kagome leaves and rushes back down the stairs but she soon realizes that no matter how fast she runs she makes no progress. Just as before a mist bank envelopes her and she suddenly sees Inuyasha emerge from the haze. Even though she can see him, Inuyasha is unaware of Kagome's presence. Kagome is flattered that Inuyasha came to find her. As he rushes into the forest surrounding the staircase Kagome follows. As she tries to catch him, Kagome's legs become entangled in spider webs preventing her from moving further. Stuck, she sees Inuyasha holding Kikyo in his arms, comforting her and telling her that they will find Kagome soon. Kagome realizes that she is invisible to the pair, and listens as Kikyo tells Inuyasha that Kagome was likely overwhelmed by Mount Azusa. Kikyo reminds Inuyasha that only one who truly wants to help her can receive the bow from the spirit of the mountain. Kikyo also mentions that Kagome has always been bitter towards her for Kikyo's relationship with Inuyasha. As this registers with Inuyasha, Kagome becomes frustrated and screams out that Kikyo is wrong. Suddenly, Kagome realizes that Kikyo's eyes have moved toward her, she can actually see her! Without warning the ground beneath her disintegrates and Kagome begins to fall. Outside the mountain, a couple is Inuyasha carrying the injured Kikyo. He tells her to hang on a bit longer, as they will be at the mountain soon. This is the actual Kikyo and Inuyasha rather than the illusions that Kagome saw. As Inuyasha tries to reassure Kikyo, her bow begins to crack and quickly shatters. Kikyo says that this can only mean that something has happened to Kagome, that the spirit of the mountain is testing Kagome's heart and at present, is winning. Meanwhile, Kagome is hanging from a cliff still clinging to the bow which seems to be getting heavier with every second. A voice calls for Kagome to hand over the bow. It is another illusion of Kikyo. Kagome tells her to go get Inuyasha, but Kikyo explains that he cannot come to where they are. When she asks for the bow again, Kagome tells her that it's too heavy for her to lift. Kikyo's countenance grows dark and she tells Kagome that she knew she wanted her to die. Kagome argues that Kikyo obviously does not want to save her life either, when suddenly the un-demon reappears and tells Kagome to drop the bow. Kagome is shocked as the un-demon continues and explains that Kikyo desires to see Kagome die because of her love for Inuyasha. Once again the demon tells Kagome to drop the bow.

Chapter 458: 桔梗の幻
Kikyo no maboroshi
(A Vision of Kikyo)
Kagome hangs off the cliff looking up at the illusion of Kikyo. The spirit of Mount Azusa taunts Kagome, telling her that Kikyo harbors a grudge against her. As Kagome dangles off the edge of the cliff she considers dropping the bow she is holding in order to climb back up. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the real Kikyo arrive at the bottom of the mountain where Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Koga are all waiting. Inuyasha sits Kikyo down as she is now extremely ill. While she sits on the ground she thinks about whether or not Kagome will save her. At the top of the mountain, the two false Kikyo's try to tempt Kagome into giving up by telling her that Inuyasha will never know that she deliberately decided not to save Kikyo. The false Kikyo smiles as she asks Kagome if she will be able to forgive herself if she intentionally throws away the bow. Kagome is becoming increasingly perturbed by the taunting. As the false Kikyo begins to go over her past with Inuyasha, reminding Kagome that she and Inuyasha have an unbreakable bond, Kagome finally erupts in anger. At the foot of the mountain everyone notices a sudden change in their surroundings. Koga demands to head up the mountain to check on Kagome, but Inuyasha stops him saying that it should be him that makes the journey up the stairway. Kagome begins to yell at the false Kikyo, telling her that it is Kikyo who is afraid of Kagome. That Kagome also has a special connection with Inuyasha, and that their complex relationship is not a one way street. Kagome tells Kikyo that she knows a side of Inuyasha the elder priestess will never know. That she has nothing to fear from Kikyo because they are equals. As she says this the bow surges with energy and becomes lighter. After this the spirit of the mountain floats down next to Kagome and tells her that she can climb back up now. Suddenly as Kagome tries to climb back up everything is covered in spider webs. When Kagome touches the web, it disintergrates and Kagome begins to fall. The spirit's voice echoes as she plummets telling her that she has broken Naraku's enchantment. As Kagome falls the spirit of Azusa Mountain tells her to use the bow to save Kikyo.

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