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volume 47
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2006 Vol. 26 - 35
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 47

Chapter 459: 絡め捕られた仲間
Karametorareta nakama
(Trapped Companions)
Inuyasha struggles to climb the stairway leading up Mount Azusa, but the enchantment prevents him from getting anywhere. Up ahead Inuyasha can see Kagome falling clutching the bow to her chest. He manages to catch her and Kagome begins to awaken after realizing the Kikyo who was confronting her was an illusion created from her mind. At first Kagome is not sure that this is the real Inuyasha, but he assures her that he is. Just then Kagome sees one of Naraku's spiderwebs emerge from the darkness. At the foot of the mountain a weakened Kikyo tells Koga to run. The proud wolf-demon refuses after he picks up Naraku's scent growing closer. Kikyo is wrapped in threads that are invisible to her companions and she is whisked into the air. Miroku leaps and grabs Kikyo and is able to spy the spiderwebs. Sango warns him not to use his Wind Tunnel out of fear that he will absorb Naraku's poison. From a dark cloud embankment Naraku's laugh can be heard. Suddenly the webs come crashing down around the group as Kagome and Inuyasha rush down the stairway. When they arrive all that remains is a crater and no sign of their friends. Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Koga and Kikyo are all trapped in Naraku's web with not visible means of escape. Koga tells Kikyo to go through with her plan of purifying Naraku using the Shikon shards in his legs, but Kikyo is no longer able to purify the shards due to the influence of Naraku's webs. Kikyo thinks to herself that only the missing Kohaku could help them now. Suddenly the webs release everyone except for Kikyo who is pulled into Naraku's arms. Naraku taunts Kikyo that Inuyasha has run to Kagome's side and while she lies her weak and helpless. Miroku threatens to open his Wind Tunnel, but Koga tells him that he'll only get sick if he does. The wolf-demon tells Naraku he will kill him with his Goraishi, and as he attacks Kikyo wonders why Naraku moved all of them away from the stairway before he attacked. Kikyo realized that it must have been because Kagome was able to retrieve the bow and break Naraku's web's hold over her.

Chapter 460: 流れ込む心
Nagarekomu kokoro
(Hearts Linked)
Koga rushes into battle with Naraku against Miroku's wishes. Koga refuses to wait for Inuyasha and Kagome as Naraku whips his diamond tendrils at the wolf demon. As Naraku asks how long Koga can run away, the captured Kikyo believes that he is throwing his life away, and that Naraku will soon possess his two Shikon shards. As Koga leaps, Kikyo spots the shards in his legs and realizes that they have been purified by Midoriko's influence. Kikyo realizes that instead of using Kohaku's pure shard to purify Naraku she can use both of Koga's shards to do the job. Naraku taunts her by telling her that he is about to be one step closer to completing the jewel, and Kikyo bates him by telling him he should hurry before Inuyasha arrives. Already on their way, Kagome tells Inuyasha of her trials on Mount Azusa and how she faced an illusion of Kikyo created by her own heart. She explains how heartless her version of Kikyo was, and Inuyasha reassures her that Kikyo is no longer the vengeful priestess who was resurrected by Urasue so long ago. Inuyasha reassures her that in the end she decided to save Kikyo, and that means that her heart is pure. He tells her not to worry anymore as they rush towards the battle. Meanwhile, Naraku blasts Koga with his miasma and as the cloud envelopes him, Koga loses control of his legs once again. Naraku's tentacles wrap around Koga's legs and arm, as he begins to pull at the wolf demon's body. Kikyo is hoping that Naraku will attempt to steal the shards and become purified and because Naraku is connected to Kikyo via his spider webs she will be purified as well. Just as she hopes, Naraku digs a tentacle into Koga's leg and makes a connection with one of the shards, and just as quickly he releases Koga. Miroku and Sango swoop in on Kirara and grab Koga. Just then, everyone sees that Naraku has dug his clawed arm deep into Kikyo's body. Naraku used his connection with the priestess to sense her hatred for him and knew of her plan to purify him. As he promises to kill her, Inuyasha suddenly arrives to battle his mortal enemy.

Chapter 461: 開かれた体
Hirakareta karada
(The Opened Body)
Inuyasha dives toward Naraku, getting between the evil demon and Kikyo. Kagome looks on, remembering Kikyo's words about how to save her from Naraku's spider webs. As she slots her last remaining arrow and prepares to fire it toward Kikyo, the priestess weakly tells her to wait. Kagome is puzzled by this but as she waits Koga and Miroku approach. She is happy to see that Koga is unhurt, and notices that the shards in his legs are being purified. Miroku deduces that the purified shards must have been the reason that Naraku did not rip them out for himself. Below, Naraku tells Kikyo that Inuyasha has arrived in time to see her die, while Inuyasha shouts that he won't let that happen and draws the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga. As Naraku's massive energy vortex appears to Inuyasha, who is taunted repeatedly by Naraku. Inuyasha brings Tetsusaiga crashing down on Naraku's diamond armor and through the vortex, cutting him. Naraku merely laughs as he begins to reform when suddenly an explosion erupts from within him and darkness spills from the wound. As everyone looks on in amazement they realize that the darkness is the inside of Naraku's body. The combination of coming into contact with Koga's purified shards and the Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga cutting through the vortex has dealt Naraku a serious blow. As she peers into the darkness Kagome sees the Shikon Jewel and shouts the location to Inuyasha. He prepares to cut the Jewel out of Naraku's body when suddenly releases Kikyo, letting her plummet to the ground below. Inuyasha does not think twice and dives off Naraku to rescue her. With Inuyasha distracted Naraku begins to close his wound, but Koga rushes back into the fray, determined to use his purified shards to inflict more damage. Koga curses the fact that he is doing exactly what Midoriko wanted, as Miroku explains that when the wolf-demon comes into contact with Naraku, both Naraku and the Shikon Jewel will be purified. Just as the words leave his mouth, Kagome becomes startled as she can no longer sense the aura of the Shikon Jewel. She shouts for Koga to stop, but it may be too late.

Chapter 462: 玉の行方
Tama no yukue
(The Vanished Jewel)
Ginta and Hakkaku are complaining about getting left behind by Koga, when they suddenly catch Naraku's scent on the air. As they nervously decide to go find Koga, far away, the battle with Naraku is still raging. Kagome yells out to Koga that the Shikon Jewel is no longer inside Naraku, he hears her but it is too late as Naraku's tentacles wrap around Koga and begin to pull him into the darkness that is Naraku's body. Kagome explains to Miroku that she saw the Shikon Jewel vanish from within Naraku and if he comes into contact with Naraku his Shikon shards will be corrupted. Inuyasha looks on from below, cradling Kikyo in his arms. She has enough strength left to tell him to go save Koga. Inuyasha tries to protest but she insists. Koga is preparing to enter Naraku's darkness and declares that he will fight him from inside as he begins to strike the evil demon with the Goraishi. Naraku does not react, instead focusing on obtaining the shards in Koga's legs, but when his tentacles make contact with Koga's legs they disentegrate. The shards are still pure, but they won't last that way much longer as Naraku unleashes his miasma against Koga and yanks the wolf demon into a shell of diamond spears. Kagome screams as Koga disappears from view and Miroku has seen enough. He and Sango fly toward Naraku on the back of Kirara. Naraku laughs as Miroku undoes the prayer beads from his arm, preparing the Wind Tunnel. Naraku tells Miroku that he will surely die from the miasma before he could absorb him, but Miroku refuses to accept this and uses the Wind Tunnel anyway. Naraku clings to a ridge as the vortex tries to suck him inside. Miroku begins to absorb massive amounts of miasma into his hand. Inside Naraku, the miasma that is surrounding Koga disappates and he is able to fight back from within, breaking free of Naraku's tentacles as Inuyasha brings Tetsusaiga crashing down on Naraku. Miroku is weaker than ever, and Sango seems concerned, he knows that his wound is spreading but is unwilling to admit it. Inuyasha rescues Koga and tells him to hurry and escape, but Koga hesitates and Inuyasha soon sees why, his legs have become fused to Naraku's insides. Kagome can tell that his shards have turned black and she frantically begins to look for the Shikon Jewel. She calls out to Kikyo for help and as she looks down at the priestess she can see that Naraku has placed the tainted jewel inside Kikyo's body.

Chapter 463: 浄化の矢
Joka no ya
(The Purifying Arrow)
As Kagome realizes that the Shikon Jewel is inside of Kikyo's body the priestesses Soul Skimmer's fly towards her in an attempt to bring her soul's and help her to regain her strength. As they dive towards Kikyo, Kagome senses that now is when she is supposed to fire her arrow. Naraku sees her and destroys the cliff she is standing on, sending Kagome falling alongside the Soul Skimmers. Inuyasha watches in horror, but the Soul Skimmer's keep Kagome from falling, holding her as she falls. Naraku becomes angry and sends his tendrils at Kikyo, ready to take back the Shikon Jewel. Kagome fires her arrow which makes contact with Kikyo's chest just as Naraku's tendrils reach her. Kikyo's body emits a powerful glow as she begins to purify the Jewel and the parts of Naraku that were near her begin to instantly disentegrate as everyone looks on with awe. As Kikyo regathers her strength, she launches a purifying blast of energy around an arrow surrounded by her Soul Skimmers toward Naraku. The sight is incredible and everyone looks on in awe. Naraku curses her as the massive blast of pure energy heads towards him and unleashes his miasma to intercept Kikyo's purifying light. The Jewel becomes half pure and half tainted as Naraku and Kikyo's energies mix. Kagome arrives at Kikyo's side and can see that the Jewel is becoming tainted again. Naraku laughs as he sees that Kikyo is not strong enough to beat him, but suddenly her spiritual energy begins to rip his body apart. Inuyasha is able to rip Koga free from Naraku and gets him to safety, but Naraku desperately uses his tentacles to rip Koga's tainted shards from his legs. The tainted shards add to Naraku's strength just enough for him to continue to fight against Kikyo's purification. Kagome looks on, wondering who's energy will triumph over the Shikon Jewel.

Chapter 464: 落日
The Shikon Jewel with Kagome's arrow comes to rest inside of Naraku's chest after Kikyo expelled it. Inside of the jewel itself Naraku's miasma and Kikyo's purification are at war. Naraku is visibly distressed as Kagome looks on as she checks on Kikyo. It soon becomes apparent that Naraku's miasma is winning out as the jewel darkens. As they look on Kikyo weakly tells Kagome that the rest will be up to her. Naraku's concern quickly disappears and is replaced with his usual calm demeanor as Kagome's arrow dissolves away. Kikyo tells Kagome that they must protect Kohaku's pure shard- the final shard. Kikyo weakly tells Kagome that only she can protect Kohaku's shard. Kagome asks Kikyo why she is not healing after being shot with the bow which should have purified her wounds. Kikyo grows quiet as Naraku laughs overhead. Naraku sends his tentacles racing down towards Kikyo as he tells her she has lost. Kagome lays over Kikyo trying to protect her, but before the tentacles find their intended target Inuyasha leaps in and slices them apart with the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga. Naraku smiles and tells Inuyasha that only one shard remains therefore they should figure out how they are going to stop him without Kikyo. Inuyasha turns to look at Kikyo who is very weak now, as Naraku vanishes in a cloud of toxic vapor. Kikyo touches Kagome's hand and tells her that the bow from Mount Azusa belongs to Kagome now. Kagome is shocked as Inuyasha looks on as the woman he loved's life slips away. Elsewhere Kohaku makes his way through an overgrown field with Rin and Jaken chasing behind him. Rin asks him to slow down so that his body can recover from the demon that poisoned him, but Kohaku refuses as he is worried about Kikyo. Jaken tells Rin that there is no chance of Sesshomaru allowing Kohaku to travel with them. Up ahead Sesshomaru smells the air and notices a change in the scent he has picked up. He remarks to no one in particular that they are too late. Kohaku asks him if something happened to Kikyo. In Musashi's Domain the sun begins to set as Kaede and some children make their way home from working in the fields. Some of the children remark about the beautiful red sunset, while Kaede mournfully remarks that it is the color of blood. The setting sun sillouettes Kagome and the others as Inuyasha holds a dying Kikyo in his arms. Kagome begins to cry as she realizes she was unable to save Kikyo. Inuyasha asks if he and Kikyo could be alone for a moment. As Kagome covers her face to hide her tears, Kikyo thinks to herself that although her life was not saved her soul has been.

Chapter 465: 光

(The Lights)
Miroku and Sango sit together on a hill with Kagome and Koga sitting behind them. Kagome holds has her face buried in her arms. Off in the distance as the night begins Inuyasha sits quietly. Miroku tells Sango that he could have destroyed Naraku with his Wind Tunnel earlier, but he was afraid to die despite Kikyo injuring herself to purify his wounds. Sango admits to harboring hatred for Kikyo for jeopardizing Kohaku, but she now realizes she was trying to save Koga. Koga thinks about how he has lost his shards, but managed to live, which is what Kikyo wanted when she first met him. Kagome, meanwhile, is upset that she could not save Kikyo from Naraku. Koga comments that Naraku seemed determined to make sure Kikyo died without seeing Inuyasha, but Inuyasha found her in time. Inuyasha sits on the crest of the hill looking off into the darkness with Kikyo cradled in his arms. Kikyo asks Inuyasha if he remembers the discussion they once had about him becoming human. Doing so would have erased the Shikon Jewel and allowed her to become a normal woman. Inuyasha tells her he had planned to become a human and live with her and Kikyo weakly tells him that she is a normal woman now. He tells Kikyo that she is the first woman he ever loved, but he could not save her. Kikyo tells him she has never seen him cry before, as he mournfully yells that he didn't save her in time. Kikyo tells him that it is enough that he tried, her skin now visibly beginning to crumble. As tears stream down Inuyasha's face, he kisses her passionately. Kikyo dies in his arms, dissolving into a ball of light. Miroku and the others stand up as the light illuminates the hillside. Out of the dark sky Kikyo's soul collectors fly down and surround Inuyasha and then fly over to the others, bathing them in Kikyo's light as well. Kagome begins to cry as the soul collectors latch onto Kikyo's soul and carry it off into the star filled sky towards heaven. As Inuyasha watches the stars, he at least knows that Kikyo will not suffer anymore.

Chapter 466: 別れの想い
Wakare no omoi
(Parting Thoughts)
Ginta and Hakkaku catch up to Miroku and the others and say that they picked up Naraku's scent and tried to join the battle and make sure Koga was alright. Unfortunately they arrived too late to help. While the two wolf-demons talk with Miroku, Sango and Shippo, Koga is sitting with Kagome expressing his regret over losing his Shikon shards and his speed. Koga marches over to Inuyasha who is sitting alone quietly. Koga tries to rile up Inuyasha, but to no avail. He tells him that he is leaving them so as not to slow them down, and finally headbutts Inuyasha to make him take a swing at him. Koga turns back to Kagome and tells her that he is going to leave her with Inuyasha, which shocks both Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome thanks Koga for understanding, and the two hug before Koga, Hakkaku and Ginta turn to leave. Inuyasha calls out that Koga's need for revenge against Naraku will not be in vain. Koga shouts back to Kagome that she should come find him if she gets tired of Inuyasha, and then he runs off, leaving Ginta and Hakkaku trailing behind even though he lacks his usual speed. Elsewhere Sesshomaru stands in the middle of a large field and feels Tenseiga pulse in its sheath. While Jaken and Rin wonder aloud what it is they are doing, Kohaku sits alone. He realizes the light he saw in the sky was Kikyo's soul departing and feels a great sadness over her passing. In the distant sky a huge dog emerges from a bank of clouds and Sesshomaru transforms into his giant dog demon form and flies up to meet it.The two giant dogs return to Earth and both transform. The other demon becomes a beautiful, young white-haired demon and asks if Sesshomaru has come to ask about Tenseiga. The woman is none other than Sesshomaru's mother.

Chapter 467: 冥道
(The Meido)
Kagome remembers Kikyo's final words to her about protecting Kohaku's shard, and so she tells Miroku that they need to find the boy. Sango morosely realizes that Kikyo had planned to use Kohaku's purified shard against Naraku, thus ending her brother's life. Kagome silently confesses that she cannot understand Kikyo's plan while Inuyasha picks up Sesshomaru's scent in the sky mixed with that of another demon. In a beautiful palace in the sky, Sesshomaru meets with his mother, who inquires about his no longer disliking humans. She asks if Sesshomaru plans to eat Rin and Kohaku, as he scoffs at her remark. Sesshomaru asks his mother if she knows anything about opening the Meidou Zangetsuha portal with his sword. His mother shows him a black jewel she wears around her neck and tells him it is the Meidouseki. Sesshomaru's father once told her not to use the jewel or it would imperil her son, but when she tells him this, he encourages her to use the stone. Suddenly a giant black dog emerges from the Meidouseki ready to pounce on Sesshomaru, who draws Tenseiga from its sheath. He uses the blade to open the Meidou Zangetsuha portal, which proves less than impressive to his mother. The portal is still merely a cresent, rather than the full circle she had hoped for. The sword has no effect on the giant dog, and the beast lunges at Kohaku and Rin, sweeping them into the extra-dimensional void from which it was spawned. Sesshomaru bravely plunges into the starry portal after the dog. His mother stops him, and is disappointed that he cares so much for a simple human, while Sesshomaru tells her he is merely pursuing the dog. Inside the other world Sesshomaru finds a narrow stone path extending up out of the darkness. He follows it realizing it is the road to hell, and manages to catch up to the dog. The hellhound dodges the attack, but Sesshomaru can see an unconcious Rin and Kohaku within the creature's stomach. Back in our world, Sesshomaru's mother tells Jaken that sacrafices must be made in order for the blade to reach its full potential.

Chapter 468: 冥界の闇
Meikai no yami
(The Great Darkness)
Sesshomaru carefully studies the hellhound's stomach in which Kohaku and Rin are being carried inside. Suddenly the pallbearers that whisk away the souls of the dying appear, preparing to take Rin and Kohaku's lives. Sesshomaru prepares to fend them off with his Tenseiga and slashes the dog's stomach open. The beast is dispatched and Sesshomaru leans in to check on Rin, who is still alive. Back at Sesshomaru's mother's palace, the regal demon keeps Jaken informed about his master's actions by gazing into her amulet. She asks Jaken what Sesshomaru's connection to Rin is, and Jaken explains that Sesshomaru seems to favor the child over him. Sesshomaru's mother tells Jaken that as long as Rin remains inside the portal she is sure to die. Back in hell, Kohaku awakens which surprises Sesshomaru, who attributes it to the power of the Shikon shard. As the path they followed begins to crumble, the skeletal birds seen surrounding Sesshomaru's father's grave begin to appear. Sesshomaru fends them off with his bare hands, when suddenly the darkness which the hellhound fell into spawns a three-headed dragon creature that resembles the previously dispatched creature. Sesshomaru shouts for Kohaku to take Rin and escape while he holds off the beast. As he cuts the creatures heads they crash down on the narrow rock path causing it to fall away bit by bit. Sesshomaru snatches up Rin and Kohaku as the path gives way, and then tells Kohaku not to make him come to his aid again. As Kohaku stares at the Tenseiga in Sesshomaru's hand, the demon tells him the only thing he will hold in his arm is a blade, inferring he cares nothing for the children. The demons cease their attack as the trio move deeper into hell. The path behind them crumbles with each step they take ensuring that they will not be able to return the way they came. Sesshomaru instictively knows that up ahead is something that will allow him to increase the power of his Meidou Zangetsuha. Back in the real world Jaken asks Sesshomaru's mother what lies ahead. She flatly tells him that nothing is there, only hell, and once they cross into it they will never be able to leave. As they make their way down the desolate path, Kohaku suddenly stops. He tells Sesshomaru that she is no longer breathing. Upon hearing this, Sesshomaru looks as if he were just stabbed in the heart. A few paces ahead the path disappears into total darkness- the entrance to hell itself from which no one returns.

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