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volume 48
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2006 Vol. 36/37 - 46
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 48

Chapter 469: 冥界の主
Meikai no nushi
(The Guardian of the Underworld)
Kohaku tells Sesshomaru that Rin has not been breathing for the past few moments. Sesshomaru commands the boy to put Rin down. Drawing Tenseiga from its sheath he waits to view the demons who will take her soul into the afterlife. However the demons do not appear. In her palace in the sky Sesshomaru's mother tells Jaken that the demons will not appear to Sesshomaru and that it is too late to save Rin. Sesshomaru becomes frustrated with Tenseiga, and Kohaku tries to apologize, but is silenced by the demon lord. Sesshomaru becomes contemplative as he thinks about the influence he has had over Rin's life since he saved her life from the wolf attack in her village. Suddenly darkness falls over the group and Sesshomaru realizes that Rin has disappeared. Without hesitation he and Kohaku enter the darkness of hell in order to find her. Meanwhile Sesshomaru's mother tells Jaken what is going on, and as Jaken becomes upset, she decides that she will use her amulet to aid her son. In the darkness his mother's palace becomes visible and her voice can be heard asking him to return. Sesshomaru tells Kohaku to leave through the portal, and leaves as he picks up Rin's scent. Kohaku wastes no time and follows Sesshomaru. Disappointed, Sesshomaru's mother closes the portal and curses her son. Sesshomaru continues on and spies a dark figure with Rin's dead body in his grip. Surrounded by a mountain of corpses Sesshomaru prepares to save Rin once again.

Chapter 470: 帰還
(The Return)
Sesshomaru dashes down the pathway into the darkness ahead with Kohaku following closely behind. Up ahead the black figure is still holding Rin and makes its way across the mountain of corpses. In hot pursuit Sesshomaru unsheathes Tenseiga and slices the monsters arm off. Sesshomaru grabs Rin as the arm dissolves hoping that she will wake up. Unfortunately Rin lays lifeless in his arms. Back in her palace, Sesshomaru's mother remarks to Jaken that she is surprised Rin did not return to life after Sesshomaru slew the beast. When she asks Jaken if Rin had already been brought back from the dead by Tenseiga, they quickly realize why. Tenseiga can only return someone to life one time. Back in hell, Sesshomaru realizes that there is nothing he can do, and Tenseiga slips from his grasp as he begins to understand that Rin is gone. Sesshomaru begins to lose his composure, and thinks to himself that improving Tenseiga at the cost of Rin's life was a worthless trade. When he admits this, Tenseiga begins to glow causes the mountain of corpses to shift and move. It seems that the corpses wish to touch Tenseiga so that they can return to life. Sesshomaru kneels down next to Tenseiga while still holding Rin in his arm. Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga which is pulsing with energy and holds it up purifying all of the deceased in hell. As Sesshomaru's mother watches through her amulet, the black stone begins to turn white. At the palace the portal opens fully, revealing stars and galaxies swirling inside. On the other side of the portal Sesshomaru sees the bright white light of our world streaming through. Jaken is shocked to see the portal opened from the inside and is even more surprised when Sesshomaru emerges with Kohaku and Rin's deceased body.

Chapter 471: 慈悲の心
Jihi no kokoro
(A Merciful Heart)
Kohaku and Jaken stand over Rin's dead body outside of Sesshomaru's mother's palace. Sesshomaru's mother tells him that he should be happy as he was able to strengthen Tenseiga's powerful technique. Sesshomaru says she knew what would happen to Rin all along. She simply responds that he must have already saved Rin once and asks if he knew he could only bring someone back to life once. His mother chastizes him for thinking himself a god who has complete mastery over life and death. She tells her son that he had to learn the sorrow of losing someone he cared for in order to master the Tenseiga, that this sadness was something that his father felt when he was forced to slay an enemy. Jaken realizes that his master had to learn compassion in order to strengthen his sword and begins to cry over Rin's lifeless body. When Sesshomaru's mother asks him why he is crying, he says that he will cry because Sesshomaru cannot. Asking her son if he is sad, Sesshomaru's mother removes the amulet from around her neck and places it on Rin. Suddenly a brilliant flash of light surrounds her body, her soul that was left behind enters her body and Rin awakens. As she takes her first breaths she begins to cough and Sesshomaru reaches out to stroke her cheek and tells her she's alright. Jaken celebrates and Sesshomaru's mother asks him if her son is happy. He replies that he surely is, and as Sesshomaru's mother looks on, she remarks that her son has become much like his father. As the group leaves the palace, Kohaku decides he will stay with Sesshomaru, whom, like Kagura, he believes can easily slay Naraku. As he turns to go, Sesshomaru's mother stops him and asks him how he was able to survive hell, a place where no mortal could go. He tells her that he is being kept alive by a Shikon shard to which she replies that he should know that both he and Rin are the same, neither can be saved by Tenseiga. Kohaku does not react and simply says that he will remember that. On the Earth below, Kagome watches the sunset and remarks about a beautiful scent she smells as the group approaches a village surrounded by flowers. While the odor is pleasant to Miroku, Sango and Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo find it sickening. Some of the villagers call out to them and tell them they should spend the night, an offer that Miroku and Kagome happily accept. Later that night Inuyasha continues to complain about stopping in the village and Sango recommends that Kagome use her "sit" command to make him pipe down. Kagome knows that Inuyasha is still mourning Kikyo. Outside, the villagers that invited Kagome and the others to stay inform Lord Kao that a new group of travellers have arrived in the village. The man holds a flower and remarks that he can smell an injured soul.

Chapter 472: 花皇
(The Flower Prince)
As everyone sleeps, Inuyasha sits awake disturbed by the smell of the flowers blossoming outside. Kagome wakes up and asks Inuyasha to get some rest to. She thinks back to when Kikyo died wondering if he's had a decent night's rest since then. Shippo sneezes as the flowers seem to be bothering him too. Outside some of the villagers have begun trapesing through the field of flowers in a blissful trance. Suddenly vines begin to grab them and blood pours from their eyes as they continue to wander happily. Miroku wakes as well and decides to help by using his sutras. As he throws them, a powerful barrier throws the villagers back. As Inuyasha and the others rush out to check on the fallen villagers they realize the dirt beneath the flowers has formed into small human-shaped mounds.Suddenly Kao appears and tells them that this special soil is what makes his flowers so special. As Inuyasha confronts the man, the villagers seem to take Kao's side. Inuyasha asks if he is a demon, but Miroku says that he cannot sense any demonic aura in the area. Kao says that it is not a demonic aura, but rather contentment that Inuyasha is picking up on. The scent from the flowers increases and Sango suddenly passes out. Kao says that Sango is too depressed over being separated from her brother. Kagome is shocked that Kao could possibly know about Kohaku. The vines begin to head towards Miroku when Kao annouces that he seems preoccupied with worry about his body, referring to his Wind Tunnel. Kao tells him if he will surrender to the vines he will be relieved of all his worry. Just then Inuyasha attacks with his Wind Scar, but all that remains is a pool of blood. Inuyasha says he can follow the scent of Kao's blood, and Kagome says she will come with him. Inuyasha tells Kagome that Kao is wimpy enough for him to handle alone, but Kagome protests as Miroku reminds Inuyasha that Kao will use his depression over Kikyo's death against him. As Inuyasha runs off, Kagome follows after Miroku hands her a talisman to ward off Kao's powers. Inuyasha tracks Kao to a castle covered in flowers, where Kao annouces he was not injured by the Wind Scar, he merely wanted to lure Inuyasha into his trap. Suddenly the flowers beneath Inuyasha turn red like blood and he is paralyzed where he stands.

Chapter 473: 血の涙
Chi no namida
(Tears of Blood)
As Inuyasha stands outside the temple confronting Kao, the roots of the plants begin to wrap around him preventing him from moving. Kao tells Inuyasha that the roots have given him insight into his pain, and that it seems Inuyasha wishes to die just so he can follow Kikyo. The vines quickly pull Inuyasha down into the ground as Kagome watches in horror. Kagome ponders the words Kao said about Inuyasha following Kikyo in death, and then realizes that Kao has disappeared too. The vines try to attack Kagome, but the beaded bracelet Miroku gave her wards them off. Kagome cries as the thinks of Inuyasha, who now finds himself in a field of flowers. In the distance Inuyasha sees Kikyo, who turns to him and extends her hand beckoning him to come with her. In reality Inuyasha is bound to a pillar inside the darkened temple, blood flowing from his closed eyes as the vines hold him in place. With tears in her eyes Kagome calls out to Inuyasha from outside the temple. A barrier knocks Kagome back as Kao encourages Inuyasha to let his tears flow. Kagome fires at arrow at the barrier, but it merely causes a ripple and nothing more. Kagome continues to yell for Inuyasha as Kao contemplates Inuyasha impending transformation into a mound of soil. Just then, Inuyasha's hand begins to twitch as he awakens from the plants' hold over him. Inuyasha tears his way off the pillar and punches Kao in the face, sending him flying. With tears of blood streaming down his face Inuyasha shoves his claws through Kao's chest. Kao's robes slip off revealing his entire body is made up of the vines and roots of the flowers. The vines of Kao's body begin to tear into Inuyasha's flesh as Kagome frantically tries to get inside. Kagomes removes the bracelet Miroku gave her to ward off the vines and wraps it around the end of her arrow, firing it into the barrier. With no protection the vines begin to wrap around her legs.

Chapter 474: 傷付いた心
Kizutsuita kokoro
(The Wounded Soul)
Kao's vines begin to push inside Inuyasha's chest cavity when suddenly an arrow cuts the vines and saves Inuyasha's life. The arrow was able to damage Kao due to Miroku's spiritual beads being placed around it. As Inuyasha tries to regain his composure, Kao disappears into the flowers covering the ground. Inuyasha realizes that Kagome saved him, but she is nowhere to be found. Outside and no longer protected by Miroku's beads, she is being strangled by Kao's vines. Inuyasha rips her free and and tries to awaken her but Kao interrupts and says that Kagome's soul is even more damaged than Inuyasha's. As Kagome suddenly awakens and grips her bow, Kao becomes silent again. Kagome knows that he can read her mind and fires an arrow into the flowers, purifying them. She curses Kao for reading her mind and promises that he will find no unhappiness in her heart. Her arrow does not find its mark however as Kao has seemed to escape. Inuyasha realizes that Kao can only move into areas that are covered in the mysterious flowers of the village. Suddenly, the demon erupts from the ground behind Kagome. Inuyasha leaps into action and swings Tetsusaiga inches above Kagome's head, cutting Kao's head in half. With Kao's death the flowers covering the village begin to disappear and Inuyasha and Kagome check on one another. Kagome studies the bloody tear stains on Inuyasha's cheeks and he admits that he had been thinking of Kikyo calling for him to come with her. Kagome asks if he wanted to go with her, and Inuyasha responds that it was Kagome's voice that brought him back to his sense. That doesn't answer Kagome's question however Inuyasha continues and tells her how disappointed he was that he was unable to save Kikyo, and that he thought he had to carry that pain by himself. He didn't realize that Kagome was suffering from Kikyo's death as well. Kagome tries to reassure him that she understands how much pain he's in and that he is suffering the most from recent events. Inuyasha is stunned and asks Kagome how she can be so strong. This irritates her to the point where she screams, saying that she's being kind, not strong. As the group leaves the village, Kagome and Inuyasha feel closer to one another for having discussed their reactions to Kikyo's death.

Chapter 475: 鏡

Naraku lies inside an active volcano remembering his battle with Kikyo and the damage she inflicted on him. In his hand he holds the Shikon Jewel, which is almost completely black except for one tiny ray of light from its contact with Kikyo. Alone in the forest, Kanna sits in a tree. As the wind blows through her hair she thinks of Kagura, but Byakuya appears beside her and delivers orders from Naraku. He wants her to go find Inuyasha and open her mirror. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others hear tales of a light on the mountain. As the sun goes down they see the light and set off to investigate. Shippo points out that Inuyasha seems to have changed, as he seems eager to help the human's find out what the mysterious light is, Inuyasha protests, but everyone else agrees with Shippo. When they arrive, they find a lake that is glowing brightly. Kagome is the first to notice Kanna's mirror floating in the center, when suddenly a huge, glass demon emerges from its surface. Inuyasha spies Kanna on the shore of the lake and she wastes no time in commanding the demon to move towards the group. The light reflects off its mirrored surface, blinding the group. Inuyasha attempts to use the Wind Scar, but nothing happens. Instead the demon prepares its attack. Extending its arm, the Tetsusaiga appears within its grasp and suddenly Inuyasha realizes why his attack failed.

Chapter 476: 敵は鉄砕牙
Teki wa Tetsusaiga
(My Enemy...Tetsusaiga)
Inuyasha stares in shock as Kanna's mirror demon holds its own version of Tetsusaiga. Miroku warns Inuyasha that the demon is likely very dangerous, but Inuyasha ignores this, thinking that the copied Tetsusaiga is just a weaker version of the real thing. As Inuyasha attempts to use the Kongosoha, nothing happens. Kanna waves her hand and the mirror demon lifts its Tetsusaiga and slams it down, unleashing the Wind Scar at the group. Everyone runs and manages to survive the attack. Trying to regroup, Miroku erects a barrier and Shippo worries that the copied Tetsusaiga has taken all of the power out of Inuyasha's blade. Kagome says that they'll have to defeat the demon in order to get Tetsusaiga's power back. Shippo is concerned about their chances of surviving a battle against Tetsusaiga when suddenly the demon reappears and uses its red Tetsusaiga to break Miroku's barrier. Sango wastes no time in countering. She hurls her Hirokotsu at the cave entrance managing to collapse the roof onto the demon's head. Kagome fires an arrow at it. Outside, Kanna and Byakuya look on as Kagome realizes that her arrow had no effect on the demon. However Byakuya notices that Kanna has a wound on her neck in the same location where Kagome's arrow struck the mirror demon. When he asks her about the injury Kanna ignores him and continues to command her demon. The demon lumbers forward and powers up the diamond Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha rushes between the group and the mirror demon and blocks the strike with his Tetsusaiga. As the blades lock against each other, the false Tetsusaiga begins to shoot its barrage past Inuyasha and towards the others.

Chapter 477: 犬夜叉の妖力
Inuyasha no youryoku
(Inuyasha's Demon Power)
Inuyasha is blown back as the mirror demons unleashes the Adamant Barrage from its Tetsusaiga. The diamond spears nearly hit Kagome and the others as they take cover behind Sango's Hiraikotsu. Inuyasha struggles to get to his feet as the mirror demon closes in on him. Miroku wonders what caused the diamond spears to miss them, and Inuyasha tells them that it was his Tetsaiga's barrier, though when he stands up, he has started his transformation into his full demon form. Inuyasha soon realizes what is happening to him, as Shippo begins to worry that Inuyasha may soon turn against them as well as the mirror demon. Just then, the mirror demon's Tetsusaiga begins to turn to crystal as it prepares for another Adamant Barrage. Inuyasha tells everyone to get behind him, which shocks Kagome. Even though Inuyasha has become a full demon, he has not gone berserk as he usually has in the past, instead he feels Tetsusaiga pulse in his hand as if it is telling him it is ready to fight once again. The diamond shards smash into Inuyasha and the Tetsusaiga, but the blade fends them off, as Inuyasha realizes Tetsusaiga has regained its power. He plunges headlong towards the mirror demon and brings Tetsusaiga crashing down into its shoulder. The mirror demon stumbles backwards, but there is not so much as a scratch on it. At a safe distance, Byakuya watches with Kanna as the battle rages below. It becomes apparent that all of the mirror demon's wounds are being transferred to Kanna. Hidden in the heart of a volcano, Naraku senses that Inuyasha has transformed into a full demon, and sends a command to the mirror demon to use the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga to absorb Inuyasha's demonic energy. The mirror demon plans to cut Inuyasha's yoketsu, his whirlpool of energy, the very technique Inuyasha used against Moryomaru. Inuyasha ignores Kagome's warning and dashes towards the mirror demon as it prepares to strike him with the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha dodges the slash of the mirror demon and evades his attack, his confidance restored in his blade, the true Tetsusaiga, as he brings his sword crashing down on the mirror demon's head.

Chapter 478: 鏡の影
Kagami no kage
(The Mirror's Shadow)
Inuyasha buries Tetsusaiga into the mirror demon's face and drags the blade down it's chest. The demon's wound quickly reseals itself much to everyone's surprise. Kagome notices two figures watching them from a cliff in the distance and realizes that it is Kanna and Byakuya. The group can tell that Kanna's wounds correspond to where Inuyasha has struck the mirror demon, and Kagome pleads with her to end stop things before they go much further. Byakuya finds some humor in Kagome's concern for for the young demon, and Inuyasha warns her that his next attack will most likely kill her. As he says this, Kanna makes a circle with her fingers as she prepares her next attack. A blinding light comes from the stomach of the mirror demon, and Inuyasha in encircled with a black ring that resembles the frame of Kanna's mirror. Inuyasha watches the hole in the creature's chest, when suddenly a blast of energy strikes him unexpectedly, as if the mirror's shadow that surrounds him was serving as a target. As Inuyasha is slammed into the ground from the overhead blast, blood pours from his body. Kagome quickly notices there is a portal in the sky resembling the one in the mirror demon's chest. Inuyasha climbs to his feet and tries to outrun the next blast, but the mirror's shadow targets him too quickly and he is struck once again. Inuyasha leaps towards the demon, and the mirror's shadow appears directly between the two opponents. Inuyasha's strikes is flung back in his face, sending him reeling. Byakuya remarks that Kanna is not the one they should be concerned about. He goes on to say that if he were in their place he would have attacked Kanna directly once he learned she was absorbing all the damage. As he says this, Inuyasha struggles to his feet once more, feeling lucky that Tetsaiga has been drained of its power- otherwise the reflected attack would have killed him. Miroku says that he would suck the demon into his Wind Tunnel, but if he did so, Tetsusaiga would remain in this permanently weakened state. The overhead portal prepares to fire another attack at Inuyasha who manages to deflect it with Tetsusaiga. By diffusing the blast, Kanna begins to take more damage and starts her skin begins to crack. She commands the portal to fire once more, and Inuyasha raises Tetsusaiga above his head to fend off the blast again. This time both Kanna and Tetsusaiga begin to crack. In his bubble at the heart of the volcano Naraku senses what is transpiring. Naraku tells Kanna not to stop until Tetsusaiga is destroyed, as Kagome realizes that Naraku must want Kanna and Inuyasha to kill each other.

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