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volume 49
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2006 Vol. 47 - 2007 Vol. 6
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 49

Chapter 479: 無
The blast from the portal in the sky rains down on Inuyasha, cracking Tetsusaiga as he tries to fend it off. Everyone is concerned about Inuyasha as Kanna looks on. She looks in very bad shape herself, as her skin is cracking. Byakuya realizes that Kanna is killing herself and proving her loyalty to Naraku, as Kagome warns her to stop. When Kanna does not respond, Kagome fires her arrow into the portal. Kanna closes the portal as the arrow wisks into the night sky, and the beam that had been hitting Inuyasha dissapates allowing him a moment to regroup. Kanna commands the mirror demon to attack, and it swings the fake Tetsusaiga at Inuyasha and unleashes the Wind Scar. Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga manages to ward off the blast, but cracks as the energy smashes into it. Inuyasha jumps head long towards the mirror demon, believing that if he can shatter the fake blade he will reclaim Tetsusaiga's demonic power. Rather than let that happen Kanna commands the demon to block Inuyasha's slash with its arm, and when it does, it causes Kanna's own hand to be sliced off. After seeing this Inuyasha warns Kanna not to throw her life away, but Byakuya laughingly tells her that their words don't match their actions. In the heart of his volcano lair, Naraku laughs at the thought of Inuyasha and the others feeling sympathy for Kanna, a creature that has no feelings and feels no pain. As Inuyasha tries to break the false sword once more, Kanna again sacrafices her own body to prevent Inuyasha from breaking the phony blade. This time Kanna's parry fails and Inuyasha drives Tetsusaiga home into the mirror demon's blade which costs Kanna her arm. A powerful light beams from the fake sword as the Tetsusaiga digs deep into it, blowing Inuyasha back. When Inuyasha gets up, his face has returned to normal, and the cracks in Tetsusaiga have disappeared. The mirror demon is hunched over and unmoving as Kanna stands in front of Inuyasha and Kagome, severely damaged and missing her right arm and left hand. Inuyasha is shocked to see Kanna confronting him directly and awaits her next move.

Chapter 480: 最後の言葉
Saigo no kotoba
(Last Words)
Tetsusaiga's full power has been restored and Inuyasha approaches Kanna and her mirror demon telling her that their battle is over. Instead of finishing her off however, he sheathes Tetsusaiga and tells her to leave. Byakuya is surprised at this, and Miroku and Sango comment that with her injuries Kanna is not likely to live much longer. As Kanna thinks over Inuyasha's offer to leave Naraku looks on and calls out for her to take the group into the afterlife with her. Kanna stands, unmoving as Kagome tells her that she is free to make her own decision. Suddenly Naraku's voice tells Kanna to act and her mirror demon lumbers forward breaking apart. Everyone stares in horror as Kanna's body does the same thing. Shards of glass fly through the air and Inuyasha grabs a shocked Kagome and protects her from the debris. However a tiny shard hits Kagome in the eye and she can suddenly hear Kanna's voice. She tells Kagome that the light will kill Naraku, and Kagome sees the tainted Shikon Jewel with a single, faint light eminating from the center. As the shards of glass fall, the others survey the damage. All thats left are hundreds of broken shards and a huge crater where Kanna and her mirror demon last stood. Byakuya comments at what a shame it was for her to die and realizes that he should be more protective of his own life when it comes to Naraku. Naraku however is disappointed that Kanna failed to take anyone with her as she died, but feels no remorse at sacrificing a girl who never had a heart to begin with. Inuyasha finds the remnants of Kanna's mirror in the crater as Shippo wonders if Kanna was trying to kill them. Kagome answers and tells everyone that Kanna did not want to die and so she shared her last words with Kagome. She promises to keep Kanna in her heart as she battles against Naraku.

Chapter 481: 骨
On an empty battlefield a lone brigand decapitates his victim. A woman appears, approaching the man, who threatens her. Suddenly the woman shoves her hand in front of his mouth, causing him to inflate so that she can remove his bones. Later Inuyasha and the other come across the brigands empty skin and hear rumors of a demon who has been attacking villagers and removing the bones from their bodies. Apparently the demon has taken the form of a beautiful woman, a fact that Miroku finds most interesting. He quickly agrees to search for the demon and Sango asks what he plans on doing when he finds her. Inuyasha interrupts and says that he wants to test out Tetsusaiga now that its back to full strength after the battle with Kanna. When night arrives, Sango and Miroku venture out to find the demon, unfortunately Inuyasha has reverted back to his human form and cannot go into battle. Kagome thinks its a good idea for Sango and Miroku to have some private time together, but Inuyasha thinks that Miroku still needs to recover from absorbing Naraku's miasma. On the plain, Miroku tells Sango that she should go back to the village and rest, but she disagrees. He asks her if she thinks he is really interested in the demon woman. Sango interrupts by asking Miroku about his health. He remembers Kikyo telling him that if he continues to use his Wind Tunnel, the wound inflicted by Naraku's poison will spread to his heart and kill him. Sango asks him to tell her the truth but Miroku plays it off by hugging Sango and telling her he's fine. Suddenly the demon woman appears hauling a cart of human skeletons. A pack of wolves attempt to attack her but she easily pulls the skeleton from one of their bodies. Sango hurls her Hiraikotsu at the demon, knocking her down, but as the boomerang returns, the demon's cloak falls to the ground, revealing no body. Sango spies a trail of bones and she and Miroku pursue the demon. Meanwhile, the demon has decided that she wants Hiraikotsu for herself.

Chapter 482: 狙われた飛来骨
Nerawareta Hiraikotsu
(Wanted: Boomerang Bone)
Inuyasha complains that Miroku and Sango are taking too long while Shippo postulates that perhaps Miroku was defeated by the beautiful demon woman. At an abandoned castle, Miroku and Sango follow the trail of bones inside only to find the bone demon waiting for them. Fully human in appearance she asks Miroku to hear her out while Sango chastises him for being so eager to listen to her. The woman tells them that the demon has taken her form. She is the sole survivor of the demon's assault on the castle. Miroku agrees to kill the demon in the next room when suddenly a sliding door collapses under the weight of hundreds of skulls. The bone demon reveals its true form and threatens Sango and Miroku before attacking with its poisonous breath. Sango hurls Hiraikotsu at the demon who catches it in his mouth and prepares to eat it. Miroku rushes forward and unleashes his Wind Tunnel, sucking up the poison and skeletons in an attempt to get Hiraikotsu back. Miroku manages the task, but the boomerang is mauled, the bone demon has taken a large chunk out of the weapon. Miroku falls to his knees, weak from the poison as the woman approaches him. Pretending to comfort him, she waves her hand in front of his face, preparing to rip his skeleton from his flesh, Sango watches in horror, unable to act. Suddenly, the woman recoils, the flesh of her hand has disappeared. Miroku put purified salt in his mouth to protect him from the demon's attack. He asks her why she lured them their, and she explains that the larger demon is her father who has become ill. She needs fine bones to help cure her father, and realizes that Hiraikotsu would be the perfect cure for him. The demon dares Sango to throw it again, but Miroku tosses a handful of sacred sutras to cover their escape. The woman calls out to them, telling them that they have no chance of escape until they turn over Hiraikotsu as well as their own bones. Back at the village Kirara returns, and Inuyasha and Kagome suddenly realize the danger that Miroku and Sango are in.

Chapter 483: 骨の檻
Hone no ori
(The Cage of Bones)
The bone demon and her father pursue Sango and Miroku with their poison as the pair tries to escape the castle. Skeleton warriors emerge from the poisonous cloud and Sango rushes to battle them and protect Miroku. The bone demoness appears behind her warriors and tells Sango she should be attacking her instead of the lifeless creatures she commands. The demon insults Hiraikotsu in an attempt to get Sango to hurl it at her again. Miroku calms Sango down before she attacks and encourages her to remain calm. The poison is spreading however and Sango cannot afford to wait any long when suddenly a loud rumble rolls from outside. Kagome is firing arrows at the barrier that has been erected around the castle. Inuyasha looks on in his human form, unable to do anything to help. As soon as Kagome breaks through, she and Inuyasha rush inside. Shippo promises to protect Inuyasha if things get bad but as soon as they get inside and see the horde of skeleton warriors, he freezes in fear, leaving Inuyasha to deal with them. Kagome wastes no time in purifying the cloud of poison. The bone demon does not worry about her new opponents and promises that she and her father will get what they want no matter what as Miroku and Sango continue to keep their skeleton attackers at bay. As the skeletons shatter around them, they form a large cage and before they know it, Sango and Miroku are imprisoned. In another part of the castle, Inuyasha kicks in a screen door and only to find the bone demon in her human form on the floor. Kagome rushes to her side, thinking she is a resident of the castle who needs help. Just as the demon is about to rip Kagome's bones from her body Kirara jumps in and yanks the demon's arm off. Kagome attacks but she along with Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara are all caught up in bone cages of their own. Meanwhile Miroku attempts to break out of his prison with Sango using a holy sutra, but nothing seems to work. Sango notices Miroku is growing weaker but suddenly their cage begins to move. They realize that the cage is moving into the mouth of the bone demon's father. He plans to eat everthing in order to get Hiraikotsu.

Chapter 484: 溶毒
(The Poison Salve)
The bone demon's father pulls the bone cage into his mouth with Sango and Miroku trapped inside shouting that he will devour the Sango's Hiraikotsu. Miroku has no choice but to open his Wind Tunnel, which starts to pull the bone demon's father in. He releases a mist of poison which Miroku immediately absorbs. Sango panics as Miroku collapses. She helps him close his Wind Tunnel and then breaks out of the weakened cage pulling him behind her. Sango realizes that the poisoning is severe, but Miroku managed to rip the skeletal demon's head in half with his Wind Tunnel, killing it. Suddenly Sango hears laughter behind her as the female bone demon emerges from the shadows. She gestures with her hand and the dozens of human skeletons begin to merge with her father's damaged skull, sealing the hole and reviving the giant beast. The elder demon demands that Sango surrender the Hiraikotsu. Surrounded on both sides and with no other options, Sango asks that they at least let Miroku go free. Elsewhere in the temple, Shippo frees Kagome and Inuyasha from underneath a heap of skeletons using his giant spinning top. Inuyasha is still in his human form much to the disappointment of Kagome and Shippo. Meanwhile, Sango tells the demon that if he spares Miroku's life she will give him Hiraikotsu. The female bone demon laughingly tells Sango that she doesn't understand her predicament if she thinks she is in a position to bargain. After hearing this, Sango smiles and then unclasps her elbowpad where she has a hidden cache of poison, which she slowly removes. She smears the poison on Hirakotsu and throws it at the demons as she thinks to herself that the strength of the poison will surely kill the demon, but destroy her boomerang in the process. As soon as the giant demon bites down on Hiraikotsu his skull begins to melt along with Sango's weapon. The bone demon's daughter screams as her father melts and waves her hand causing the remains of her father's melting skull to hover in front of Sango. The bone demon's daughter is going to dump the melting carcass of her father on Sango and dissolve her along with her demonic father. Just as Sango tries to cradle a still unconcious Miroku, Inuyasha leaps in, now fully transformed again and ready to help. He unleashes an Adamant Barrage and tears the melting remains to bits. The powerful blast tears the roof off the temple, causing sunlight to pour into the room, which kills the female bone demon. Miroku slowly wakes up as Sango sadly looks at the melted remains of Hiraikotsu.

Chapter 485: 薬老毒仙

(Master of Potions)
Inuyasha brings Totosai to see Sango, who presents him with the remaining piecees of Hiraikotsu. Totosai quickly says that he can not repair the weapon, which irritates Inuyasha. Sango tells him that she accepted this was probably the case when she coated Hiraikotsu in her poison. Miroku apologizes for causing her to lose the weapon, but Sango says that he would have done the same. Inuyasha decides that Sango will have to get a new weapon, but Totosai tells him that due to Sango's experience with Hiraikotsu, nothing will ever be as good as the boomerang once was. Totosai then tells them that although he can not repair Hiraikotsu he knows someone who can. Myoga arrives and says he will lead them to Yakurodokusen, a demon who is an expert in medicines an poisons. As the journey onward Inuyasha reflects on what Totosai told them, that he could reforge the boomerang, but it would be brittle, and hopefully Yakurodokusen can remove the poison from the weapon's remains so that it can be mended. Soon the group comes to a large waterfall, with many vats of sake fermenting at the bottom. Myoga tells Inuyasha to empty the contents of one of the vats, and a bearded old man tumbles out. Inuyasha kicks the old drunk to wake him up and tells him to extract the poison from Hiraikotsu. The old man licks the boomerang and instantly identifies the poison used. He says that even he he could repair it he would refuse. Yakurodokusen says that Hiraikotsu has been mistreated and he hates people who would treat a weapon in such a way. Inuyasha grabs the old man by the beard to yell at him, but Yakurodokusen simply throws up at his feet. When Yakurodokusen realizes that Hiraikotsu belongs to Sango though, he gladly says he will repair the weapon as she is just his type. Yakurodokusen starts to feel Sango's hands and then her behind until Miroku threatens him. Yakurodokusen then says that he will repair Hiraikotsu but Sango will have "to battle". He grabs two vats and dips Hiraikotsu into them, immediately dissolving the remains of the weapon. Yakurodokusen tells Sango that this poison in the vat will ferment into medicine and then the Hiraikotsu will be restored. Sango though will have to defeat the demon that lives within the vat in order to regain her weapon. Only by defeating the demon will the poison be removed and the weapon restored. Sango plunges into the deep, dark liquid inside the jar and is surprised that she can breath in the watery environment. Up ahead she sees a strange disturbance - dozens of demons ready for battle.

Chapter 486: 甕の中
Kame no naka
(Inside the Urn)
Sango recalls her situation as she goes into battle, she must slay all the demons to purify Hiraikotsu or watch it melt away if she fails. With that she begins slashing at the demons inside the jar with her sword, but soon realizes that the demon's hides are particulary tough and her sword can not injure them at all. Outside Sango's friends peer into the jar hoping to see how she is holding up, but they can see nothing. Yakurodokusen is drinking again and angrily throws Inuyasha into one of the other vats when he starts insulting him. Myoga swims around in a bowl of sake and explains that if you are intoxicated you can see what Sango is doing. Shippo and Inuyasha quickly get plastered and watch Sango, while Kagome and Miroku decide to stay sober. Inside the jar Sango realizes the demons are not fighting back, but merely seem to be bumping into her as if they were angry. While they wait for Sango, Miroku asks Yakurodokusen how long Hiraikotsu will last, but the old drunk says is is probably too late already. Miroku gets ready to dive in to help Sango, but Yakurodokusen tells him he will not be able to find her inside the jar. To prove this he shoves a drunken Inuyasha into Sango's jar and he immediately emerges from one of the other jars. Yakurodokusen asks Miroku about his situation, which Miroku does not understand. Yakurodokusen licks Miroku's face and tells the monk he is being eaten away by a very deadly poison, a secret Miroku has been hiding from the rest of the group. Miroku drags Yakurodokusen away before Kagome, Inuyasha or Shippo can hear what they are discussing. Miroku rolls up his sleeve and shows a massive scar that extends past his elbow. As he does this he recalls Kikyo's warning that when the scar reaches his heart he will die. Miroku still feels guilty about Sango having to sacrefice Hiraikotsu to save him after he was weakened by the bone demon's poison. Yakurodokusen volunteers to make some medicine that may help Miroku. Inside the jar the demons ask Sango why she poisoned them, it seems these are the demons that the Hiraikotsu was crafted from, a realization that shocks the demon slayer. Outside Yakurodokusen tells Miroku that Sango must calm the demons rather than slay them in order to repair Hiraikotsu. After explaining this he fetches another sake vat and offers it to Miroku telling him that it is a very powerful poison, but has the potential to save him.

Chapter 487: 生き方
(Way of Life)
Sango floats in front of the demons that comprised her Hiraikotsu as they accuse her of poisoning them. As they speak to her she thinks back to when she was given the weapon by her father, and the spirits of the demons tell her of the connection they felt with her. Sango begins to cry as the demons say this and ask her why they were poisoned. Outside the jar, Miroku sits with Yakurodokusen who offers him a medicine that could potentially cure him of the poison that is creeping towards his heart. Yakurodokusen tells him that the cure will ensure that he will feel no pain even if he absorbs more poison through is Wind Tunnel. Kagome is playing nursemaid to Inuyasha as he recovers from his drinking binge, but he gets up and wanders off as Miroku agrees to drink the elixer after understanding that it will not prevent the poison from killing him, only stave off the pain. Inuyasha interrupts by sniffing the tonic and tells Miroku not to drink it. Inuyasha says that he has known about Miroku's condition as the smell of poison has gotten stronger, and asks him what will happen to Sango if he dies. Inside the jar, Sango refuses to fight back against the demons as they continue to taught and challenge her. Sango throws away her katana and asks the demons to return to fight alongside her. They asks her to promise them that she will never betray them again, but Sango sadly says she cannot make that promise. She tells them that she did it in order to protect someone she cares about, and if he were to die that she would not want to go on living. Outside, Miroku says that he has to have the use of his Wind Tunnel in order to protect Sango, and without the tonic to numb the pain of the poison he will be unable to do so. Miroku explains to Inuyasha that he does not wish to drink the liquid in order to allow him to use his Wind Tunnel, but rather so that the way he lives or dies will be his own decision. Nothing Inuyasha says can convince Miroku not to take the elixer, and so Inuyasha promises not to tell Kagome and Sango about Miroku's condition in exchange for Miroku promising he won't use his Wind Tunnel unless there is no other choice. As Miroku swallows the potion, the demon's inside the jar tell Sango that there ties are now severed.

Chapter 488: 答え
(The Response)
The demons that made up Hiraikotsu hold Sango down and threaten to kill her if she does not swear that she will take better care of her weapon should they agree to return to her service. Sango still refuses even as they threaten to tear her apart. She tells the demons that she loves Miroku so much that she will sacrefice her own life for him. Outside, Miroku swallows the elixer that will ease the pain of the poison coursing through his veins. He thinks to himself that the poison is burning his insides as he drinks it down, but he manages to finish the entire bowl before passing out. Kagome comes over to try and see why Miroku has fallen unconcious, but Yakurodokusen flicks her skirt up in order to make her keep away while the medicine goes to work on Miroku. Inuyasha keeps his promise to Miroku and tells Kagome that he is simply drunk on sake. Yakurodokusen asks Miroku if he regrets his choice as he writhes in pain on the ground, but Miroku simply thinks to himself how he will be able to use his Wind Tunnel to aid Sango, and that it will all be worth it. Back inside the jar, Sango continues to struggle against the demons. The demons tell her she is wasting her life on an invalid who is weakened by poison, but Sango tells them that it is Miroku that gives her a reason to live. She tells the demons that that is why she wants them to continue helping her. As she says this, the darkness of the water clears and the demons turn to skeletons as Miroku begins to wake up outside. As the demons turn to bone, they tell Sango they do not understand human love, but have heard Miroku's decision and have decided to continue serving her due to his loyalty to Sango. The demons merge into Hiraikotsu once again, and Sango tearfully hugs her weapon. Yakurodokusen tells Miroku that his poisons and medicines are all connected, that by drinking the poison, it purified the vat Hiraikotsu was in and allowed it to be mended. As Sango emerges from the vat, Miroku goes to check on her while Inuyasha speaks with Yakurodokusen. The old man wants to make sure that Inuyasha understands Miroku's body will not get better, he simply won't feel any pain from the poison. Elsewhere Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin continue their travels. Jaken tells Rin that Sesshomaru still has not created a perfect circle with the Meidou Zangetsuha. Just then, they come upon a boy with empty eye sockets who asks if Sesshomaru would like to learn what the Tenseiga is missing.

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