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volume 50
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2007 Vol. 7 - 16
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 50

Chapter 489: 完全な冥道
Kanzenna Meido
(A Complete Meido)
The eyeless boy asks Sesshomaru if he is bothered by the fact that Tenseiga cannot form a complete circle with the Meido Zangetsuha technique. When Jaken tries to interrogate the boy about his identity, Sesshomaru silences him, and then they all follow him as he begins to walk away. Elsewhere, Kagome tells the others that she can sense Kohaku's Shikon shard, while Inuyasha picks up Sesshomaru's scent. Shippo says that if they can find Kohaku then things will really be going well for Sango, especially after she was able to recover her Hiraikotsu. Sango thinks back to a conversation she had with Yakurodokusen, where the old man told her the Hiraikotsu would never be the same as it was, as it is now infused with his poisons and elixers. Sango is not sure what this means, but is eager to use Hiraikotsu in battle and see for herself. As Sesshomaru and the others continue to follow the boy, Jaken asks his master if this could possibly be a trap. Sesshomaru concedes that it's possible, but that he would kill the boy if that were the case. Suddenly the boy disappears and a blast from the sky pulverizes the stone bridge beneath them. As Rin, Jaken, Kohaku and the dragon Aun fall into ravine, Sesshomaru leaps up and sees the shadowy figure of the boy and a man holding a staff. He unleashes his Meido Zangetsuha, which tears a nearly complete circular hole in the side of the mountain the two figures are standing on. Below, Aun is flying with Kohaku, Rin and Jaken safely in tow. The man holding the staff asks Sesshomaru if he would like to know the Tenseiga's secret since he has come this far. He is rather unusual looking, with white hair, a partially masked face and beautiful black armor. When Sesshomaru asks how he knows about Tenseiga, the mysterious man tells him that he fought against the sword long ago, although he sword looked much more different when weilded by Sesshomaru's father. After hearing this, Sesshomaru realizes Tenseiga must have another form. Sesshomaru quickly leaps towards the demon and tries to slash him with his claws, but his opponent quickly dodges. The man, who calls himself Shishinki, asks how Sesshomaru plans to learns the secrets of Tenseiga if he will not use it to fight him. With a wave of his staff, Shishinki is also able to open a portal just like Sesshomaru does with his Meido Zangetsuha. Jaken and Kohaku comment that the portal is not as big as Sesshomaru's though it is a complete circle. Shishinki tells Sesshomaru that originally the Meido Zangetsuha technique was his own, but was stolen by Sesshomaru's father. But that was not the only thing that was stolen, as Shinshiki reveals as the removes his mask. Sesshomaru's father appears to have used the technique to entirely remove a large part of Shishinki's head as well.

Chapter 490: 天生牙の秘密
Tenseiga no himitsu
(Tenseiga's Secret)
Shishinki smiles coldly at Sesshomaru as he tells him that the Meido Zangetsuha was his technique, and that only he should be the one to use it. As he opens another portal next to Sesshomaru, he tells him that an incomplete sword like Tenseiga especially should not use his technique. Sesshomaru is surprised by this statement as he dodges the Meido portal opened by Shishinki. He toys with Sesshomaru telling him that he'll be dead soon and does not need to worry about why his sword will never reach its full potential. Irritated, Sesshomaru opens a giant Meido portal much larger than the ones Shishinki is capable of, though it is still not a complete circle. As the massive portal opens Inuyasha and the others arrive, and Inuyasha notes that Sesshomaru's technique has grown much larger since the last time he saw it. Shishinki laughly tells Sesshomaru his portal is needlessly oversized and will never form a perfect circle. As he says this he throws his own Meido Zangetsuha portal into Sesshomaru's giant one. Shishinki's smaller portal quickly absorbs Sesshomaru's. Sango quickly notices Kohaku riding on Aun with Rin and Jaken and calls out to him, while Myoga makes a surprise appearance, having been riding on Inuyasha the entire time. Myoga explains that Shishinki was one of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father's opponents, but believed he had died. Myoga is extremely worried about Sesshomaru possibly learning the secret of Tenseiga as well. Shishinki notices Inuyasha standing beneath him and quickly launches an unprovoked attack on him. After Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar against him, Shishinki quickly realizes that Inuyasha is wielding the Tetsusaiga. Shishinki taunts Sesshomaru about his status as the elder brother, but having to settle for the Tenseiga instead of Tetsusaiga. Jaken explains to Kohaku how this is a particularly sore spot for Sesshomaru, while Sesshomaru tells Shishinki to stop talking and fight. Once again Sesshomaru uses the Meido Zangetsuha, only to have it absorbed by Shishinki's own version. Meanwhile, Myoga explains to Kagome and Miroku that the technique was originally Shishinki's and was stolen by Inuyasha's father. Hearing this, Miroku asks if Tenseiga has the same ability to steal an opponents techniques and power just like Tetsusaiga. Just as Miroku says this, Myoga realizes he has said too much and quickly stops talking. Back at the battle, Shishinki asks Sesshomaru if he knows how Tenseiga was created. He explains that when he fought Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father, Tenseiga did not have the form it does now, in fact, the sword he battled against was Tetsusaiga.

Chapter 491: 鉄砕牙と天生牙
Tetsusaiga to Tenseiga
(Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga)
Kagome and Miroku converse about Shshinki's comment that he battled against Tetsusaiga before and that Tenseiga did not exist at that time. Shishinki taunts Sesshomaru and is about to reveal the origin of Tenseiga just as Sesshomaru angrily silences him and prepares to attack. Suddenly Shishinki unleashes a gigantic Meido Zangetsuha to absorb Sesshomaru's smaller one. Sesshomaru dodges the portal and lands in front of Shishinki who repeats that Sesshomaru's father stole the Meido Zangetsuha attack from him. Kagome asks Myoga what this means, and the flea states that Inuyasha's father obviously did not want the Meido Zangetsuha to exist within Tetsusaiga, Shishinki finishes Myoga's thought by revealing that the unwanted techinque was cast off of Tetsusaiga as Tenseiga. Sesshomaru becomes enraged upon hearing that the sword his father left him is nothing but an undesired piece of Tetsusaiga. Kagome is shocked to learn that Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga were originally the same sword. Shishinki fans the flames of Sesshomaru's rage by pointing out that it was a half-demon who inherited the true sword while Sesshomaru was given the remaining lesser blade. Shishinki tells him that the Tenseiga will never be able to launch a fully-powered Meido Zangetsuha attack because it is an incomplete sword. Shishinki launches another attack and Sesshomaru makes no attempt to move out of the way. Inuyasha is forced to interfere as he uses the Wind Scar to move the Meido Zangetsuha. Shishinki tells Inuyasha that he will be next after Sesshomaru is dealt with. Just as Inuyasha is about to respond, Sesshomaru leaps at him and punches him in the face. Even though the others are shocked by Sesshomaru's attack, Miroku and Kagome think that that Inuyasha's father was cruel to leave behind an unwanted sword for one of his son's while the other gained the treasured Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru turns to attack Shishinki with his bare hands. The evil demon throws another Meido Zangetsuha at him which Sesshomaru barely manages to dodge. And then, Shishinki reveals what he is really capable of as he launches multiple portals at the undaunted Sesshomaru. Inuyasha calls out to his brother, telling him to stop, but Sesshomaru is about to reach Shishinki.

Chapter 492: 父の真意
Chichi no shini
(A Father's True Intention)
Realizing that Tenseiga is mearly an uneeded piece of Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru feels even more slighted by his father than ever. Sesshomaru dashes towards Shishinki, who fills the sky with his Meido Zangetsuha portals. Sesshomaru dashes between them as Rin, Kohaku and Jaken watch from a distance. Suddenly, a portal opens behind them and nearly pulls them in as Sesshomaru strikes the ground where Shishiki was standing. The demon is able to elude Sesshomaru with his stealthy moves and unleashes more portals to surround the white haired demon. Myoga panics and tells Kagome and the others someone needs to tell Sesshomaru why his father did what he did. Myoga, coward that he is, refuses to leap into danger to tell Sesshomaru, so Miroku picks him up, places him on top of one of his paper sutras, and sends him flying. Myoga lands next to Inuyasha, and shouts to Sesshomaru that his father had a good reason for giving him the Tenseiga. He tells him that Meido Zangetsuha will send his enemies straight to hell, but Inuyasha would never be able to weild it because he is a half demon. Sesshomaru assumes that Myoga means that Tenseiga was intentionally cast from Tetsusaiga for him, not because it was a lesser blade, which Myoga seems hesitant to agree with. When Shishinki points out that if Tenseiga was separated just to prevent Inuyasha from accidently using the Meido Zangetsuha and killing himself, then their father would have simply given Sesshomaru the completed Tetsusaiga complete with the Meido Zangetsuha. Sesshomaru, irritated, has heard enough and leaps towards Shishinki, who casts another Meido Zangetsuha portal which tears off the sleeve of Sesshomaru's missing arm. Sesshomaru thinks back to how his father's choice to give Inuyasha the Tetsusaiga cost him his arm, as he plunges his hand through Shishinki's mask. Knocking Shishinki to the ground, Sesshomaru admits to himself that he is not bitter about losing his arm or the Tetsusaiga anymore, it has allowed him to progress in battle further than he had before. Kagome and the others are shocked to see that Shishinki is missing part of his head from his battle with Inuyasha's father, but is still somehow alive. Inuyasha dashes in behind Sesshomaru and tells him to move as he unleashes the Adamant Barrage. Sesshomaru angrily shouts for him to stay out this fight, but Shishinki's portals absorb all of the diamond spears. Kagome tells Inuyasha to run away, but just then, Tenseiga begins to pulse in its sheath.

Chapter 493: 共鳴
Shishinki's multiple Meido Zangetsuha portals are flying toward Inuyasha and Sesshomaru when suddenly Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga begin to pulsate in unison. Inuyasha yells at his brother to draw his sword but Sesshomaru hesitates, unwilling to use the sword only to save Inuyasha. Shishinki curses him as the portals target Sesshomaru when suddenly he erupts with anger and casts aside his doubts about why his father left Tenseiga to him as he strikes and opens an enormous Meido Zangetsuha behind Shishinki. As the brothers look on, both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are in awe of the massive portal to Hell. Sesshomaru's Meido Zangetsuha lumbers forward absorbing the tops of the cliffs surrounding them as well as all of Shishinki's portals as well as Shishinki himself. As he is pulled inside Shishinki realizes that Tenseiga became more powerful because it was used next to Tetsusaiga. Before he dies, Shishinki calls out to Sesshomaru, telling him how cruel his father was to force him to work together with Inuyasha to form a complete Meido Zangetsuha. Everyone stares in awe at Sesshomaru and Tenseiga. Sesshomaru begins to walk away as Inuyasha tells him that he has mastered Tenseiga and he should be happy. Inuyasha tells his brother that Shishinki was wrong, that their father did not create Tenseiga as a worthless sword, but as a sword that only Sesshomaru should use. Inuyasha wants Sesshomaru to honor and respect Tenseiga but Sesshomaru rebukes him, pointing out that Tetsaiga and Tenseiga's relationship is that of a master and servant. As he remembers Shishinki's final words Sesshomaru turns around and tells Inuyasha that the two of them are destined to fight one another for the rest of their lives. Rin, Jaken and Kohaku follow after Sesshonaru on Aun as Rin asks Kohaku if he would like to stop to talk to Sango. Kohaku refuses as his sister looks up at him from the ground below. Myoga wonders about his former master's decision to give Tenseiga to Sesshomaru as Inuyasha watches the horizon, his relationship with his brother as troubled as ever.

Chapter 494: ふたつの世界
Futatsu no sekai
(Two Worlds)
The group has finally made their way back to Kaede's village. Kagome decides to go home for some much needed rest as Inuyasha discusses Kikyo's death with Kaede. He apologizes for being unable to save her, but Kaede puts him at ease by saying that she is finally at rest. She wonders aloud if Kagome has now inherited all of Kikyo's responsibilities, which Inuyasha has also worried about. He asks Kaede if she believes that Kagome's life is in danger. Leaving her hut he thinks it over and realizes that he would want Kagome to go back to her world permanently if she was in danger of losing her life. As Kagome arrives in the modern era she finds that her entire family has gone on a trip to a hot spring. Kagome realizes she has to get to school, but realizes its Sunday and her school is locked up tight. With nothing to do, she decides to call her friends, but none of them are home. Kagome becomes bored and finds herself trying to sleep and cook to pass the time, but nothing seems to keep her mind from wandering. She finally sits down to study but keeps wondering when Inuyasha will show up to interrupt her. Hours later Kagome wakes up and realizes she fell asleep. She has been covered with a blanket and finds Inuyasha silently sitting on her bed. She begins to tear up as she looks at him. Inuyasha asks why she's crying and she says that its because he came. He hands her her bow and tells her that Kaede said it will form a bond with her heart if she keeps it with her at all times. Kagome remembers that it isn't an ordinary bow, and becomes wistful. Inuyasha tries to leave but she grabs him by the hair and pulls him back into her room. She sits with Inuyasha and tells him that everyone is gone. He tells her she should come back to the Feudal Era, but she tells him she has school the next day and wants to see her family. Inuyasha asks her if she really likes her world. She says that her family and friends are all here and its where she was born and raised. Inuyasha asks her if she would like to stay in the present until the battle with Naraku is over. Kagome realizes that he's worried about her after the death of Kikyo. She thanks him for worrying about her and settles in next to Inuyasha, telling him that she'll always be with him. As the sit together, Inuyasha takes Kagome's hand and promises that he will always protect her. They stare deeply into each other's eyes and are about to kiss when Sota suddenly walks into Kagome's room. Her family apologizes for leaving her alone and note that she must have been lonely. She tells them that they could have taken a bit longer if they wanted to, but Kagome has realized that she may have to choose which era she will live in; the present with her family or the past with Inuyasha.

Chapter 495: その先の考え
Sono seki no kangae

(The Path Ahead)
Byakuya flies through the abandoned battlefield where Sesshomaru and Shishinki fought. The mountains are pock-marked with scars from their Meido Zangetsuha. Byakuya lands and plunges his scabbard into the earth, causing some small demons to rise from the ground. Byakuya asks them what happened here. Elsewhere Rin asks Jaken where Sesshomaru has disappeared to, and Jaken wonders to himself if Sesshomaru was hurt by the events that transpired between he and Inuyasha regarding the true nature of the Tenseiga. At Totosai's mountain hideaway the old demon pins up a sign saying he is moving away when suddenly a huge and perfectly round Meido Zangetsuha appears and takes a big chunck out of the old man's home. Sesshomaru prepares to kill Totosai, but the old man stops him and asks about his encounter with Shishinki. He tells him that obviously his father knew that Sesshomaru would be able to master the Meido Zangetsuha and thus he created Tenseiga from the Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru's interpretation is different however. He believed that his father expected him to master the Meido Zangetsuha only so Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga could absorb the manuver after it was mastered. Totosai has no choice but to confirm that this is true, which enrages Sesshomaru even more. As Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga to attack, Totosai uses his hammer to create a river of lava that ripples across the ground, and tells Sesshomaru that the Tetsusaiga was indeed created to prevent Sesshomaru from taking advantage of his weaker brother, Inuyasha. Totosai asks Sesshomaru to consider his father's thoughts other than just that though. Sesshomaru has heard enough and unleashes another Meido Zangetsuha and walks away. Totosai thinks to himself that once Sesshomaru discards his hatred for Inuyasha and his jealousy over Tetsusaiga he will have surpassed even his father. As Rin, Jaken and Kohaku await Sesshomaru's return, Kohaku suddenly feels a stirring feeling as his Shikon jewel shard becomes tainted. He knows that another shard is closing in, and as he turns around he sees Naraku looming over him.

Chapter 496: 仕掛け
Naraku taunts Kohaku, telling him he is completely helpless as he appears behind him. Kohaku asks if he has come for his Shikon shard. Naraku confirms this, but states that Kikyo purified his shard before she died to complicate matters. Naraku reaches out to take the shard, but Kohaku draws his weapon and slices off Naraku's hand with a deft move. Kohaku starts to run away, but Naraku sends tendrils out of his hand and ensnares Kohaku. Jaken and Rin quickly notice what is happening, and as Naraku touches the shard, a white light emanates from it and stuns him momentarily. Jaken blasts Naraku with flames from his Staff of Heads, and they all make their escape on the back of Aun. Naraku watches them leave as the flames continue to burn across his body and realizes that Kikyo's purification of the shard was to prevent him from reclaiming it. Kikyo had left a small, purified light in Naraku's nearly complete Shikon Jewel. Though Kohaku's shard became corrupted in Naraku's presence, the purified light Kikyo had placed in Naraku's shard purified the shard when Naraku touched it. Nearby Inuyasha picks up Naraku's scent and rushes to the scene. Inuyasha tells them that he can not smell Sesshomaru nearby and that Naraku must be there to claim the final shard. As Kohaku, Rin and Jaken flee, a cloud of miasma forms above them as Naraku taunts them. Naraku tells Kohaku that Kikyo had planned for him to take Kohaku's purified shard, and for that purification to then spread to Naraku's tainted jewel once it was completed, thereby destroying him. Naraku laughs and tells Kohaku that he can take his shard without touching it as tentacles emerge from the vapors above them. One of the tentacles nearly slices Rin as Kohaku tells Aun to fly lower as the razor sharp tendrils rain down around them. Kohaku realizes that if Naraku kills him by cutting his head off, he can then take his body and slowly corrupt the shard until it is safe to touch. On a cliffside, Inuyasha and the others see Naraku's vapor cloud floating in the distance, but are prevented from joining in the fight when dozens of vines erupt from the cliffside, carrying Byakuya into the air. He tells Inuyasha that he can not allow them to go any further, but knows he only has to delay them until Naraku retrieves the shard. Down below Kohaku is growing worried as his shard begins to grow tainted again from Naraku's presence.

Chapter 497: 琥珀の首
Kohaku no kubi
(Kohaku's Head)
Inuyasha readies the Wind Scar to cut through Byakuya's massive vines, but as he does a miasma erupts from them as Byakuya flies above them on his paper crane. He directs more vines to attack Inuyasha and spread the poisonous miasma. Miroku rushes in and opens his Wind Tunnel sucking up the vapors. Kagome begins to fire arrows at Byakuya damaging his crane as she tells Sango to hurry to help Kohaku. As Sango flies away on Kirara, Inuyasha leaps towards Byakuya slashing at him with the Tetsusaiga. As Sango leaves, she worries about the amount of poison Miroku absorbed, but thanks to Yakurodokusen's treatment the poison no longer pains Miroku, though it undoubtedly aggravates his wound. On the run from Naraku, Kohaku encourages Jaken to escape with Rin as Naraku continues his attack. As miasma pours over the forest Aun falls to the ground and Kohaku places his gas mask on Rin to protect her from the noxious fumes. Suddenly he feels his jewel shard become corrupt, and he shoves Rin away in fear that he may be forced to harm her. Naraku appears and taunts Kohaku with the memory of forcing the boy to kill his own father. Rather than make Kohaku attack Rin, Naraku forces him to hold his sickle to his own throat. Kohaku begins to cut as Sango appears, and Kirara bites Kohaku's arm to prevent him from doing himself any further harm. Sango prepares to face Naraku alone. The demon tells her to end her brother's life, but Sango stands firm cursing him. Surprisingly, Sango notices a presence emerging from Hiraikotsu.

Chapter 498: 新生 飛来骨
Shinsei Hiraikotsu
(The New Hiraikotsu)
Naraku tells Sango that killing Kohaku is the only way to save him. He taunts Sango telling her that even though Kohaku is no longer under his control he has been avoiding spending time with his sister. Naraku suggests that seeing Kohaku seeing his sister, the only survivor of the rampage that killed his father, only serves to remind him of his horrific actions. Sango makes no bones about it, and openly admits that Kohaku murdered their father, an admission which hurts her brother. But rather than accept this, Sango tells Naraku that she will not rest until they can both atone for what happened in the past. As Sango prepares to stand up to Naraku, the demon begins to increase his hold over Kohaku once more. Inuyasha and the others rush to Sango's aid as Kagome tells them that Kohaku's shard is growing more tainted. Suddenly Kohaku flings his weapon at Sango, who deflets it with the Hiraikotsu. Naraku taunts Sango as she hurls Hirakotsu at him. Naraku merely laughs at the thought of a weak weapon such as this even injuring him, when suddenly the Hiraikotsu tears through him, leaving him shocked by its new power. Naraku realizes that Hiraikotsu is now capable of absorbing him, and that he can not reform his body as usual. Panicing, his remains swirl into a cloud of vapor and fly away as Inuyasha and the others arrive at Sango's side. Sango reflects on the new powers Yakurodokusen has blessed her weapon with the power to absorb Naraku's aura. Rin goes to check on Kohaku who is unconcious due to the amount of corruption that has poured into his Shikon shard.

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