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volume 51
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2007 Vol. 17-27
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 51

Chapter 499: 妖の破片
Ayakashi no kakera
(The Enchanted Shard)
Kagome attempts to purify Kohaku's shard as Kikyo did, but admits she can't do it as well. Kohaku tells Kikyo that when Naraku attacked him he could feel a pure energy entering his body from Naraku's tentacle. Kagome realizes that Kikyo's power has remained inside of the Shikon jewel within Naraku. She remembers Kanna's final words to her, that the light will kill Naraku. Lost in thought Kagome is caught off guard as Sango asks Kohaku if he thought he could defeat Naraku using his shard. Rin tells Sango that Naraku was attempting to decapitate Kohaku so that he could remove his shard safely. Kohaku scolds her for worrying his sister and is eager to point out that his shard is able to hurt Naraku. Suddenly Inuyasha arrives and punches Kohaku in the head demanding that he be quiet. He tells him to get to the point, and Kagome sits him in retaliation. Sango agrees and admits that her little brother is weak in both body and heart, and that he will not be able to defeat Naraku on his own. He hesitantly agrees with his older sister, and Kagome asks him to please take care the power Kikyo entrusted his shard with. Inuyasha leaves to sit with Shippo and complains about the attention Kohaku is getting. Meanwhile Miroku is sitting alone examining the growing wound on his arm as he silently hopes that he can live to send Naraku defeated. Away from everyone, Sesshomaru stands alone remembering that Totosai told him that it was his father's intention for Tenseiga to be absorbed by Tetsusaiga. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him and Sesshomaru unleases the Meido Zangetsuha without hesitating. It is Byakuya, who manages to dodge the attack. He lands and tells Sesshomaru that he has something to offer him. Byakuya brashly declares that he knows about Tenseiga being a cast off of Tetsusaiga. His impetuous behavior is rewarded by Sesshomaru shoving his hand through his chest cavity, revealing Byakuya to be only an illusion. As Sesshomaru pulls his hand back, he realizes that he is holding a shard from Kanna's mirror. Later that night, Inuyasha and Jaken are fighting as they wait for Sesshomaru to return. When he finally does he recalls the entirety of his conversation with Byakuya. It seems that the fragment of Kanna's mirror will enable him to take all of Tetsusaiga's power into Tenseiga. Even though Sesshomaru knows the plan is a trap of Naraku's he decides that it may benefit him as well. Sesshomaru approaches Inuyasha and tells him to draw Tetsusaiga as he prepares to battle his brother.

Chapter 500: 継承者
(The True Heir)
Sesshomaru, spoiling for a fight, stands before Inuyasha demanding that he draw Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha makes no attempt to fight at first, and then Sesshomaru unleashes his Meido Zangetsuha, which narrowly misses the half-demon. Inuyasha attempts to use the Wind Scar, but is shocked when nothing happens. Suddenly Tenseiga begins to grow until it becomes a large sword much like Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha accuses Sesshomaru of selling out to Naraku, which stuns Kohaku and Rin. Byakuya arrives and explains that he gave Sesshomaru a fragment of the mirror demon that aided Kanna, and that by using its power, he can also reflect the powers of Tetsusaiga just as the demon did. When Kagome and Rin begin to ask questions about why Sesshomaru is doing this, Byakuya decides to send Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to another dimension so that they can fight uninterrupted. This new realm is filled with flying demons and large chunks of rock floating through space, and Sesshomaru wastes not time in unleashing the Adamant Barrage against his brother. Back in our world, Kagome realizes that when the mirror demon was reflecting Tetsusaiga's powers, Inuyasha was unable to access them with his sword. This means that Tetsusaiga is almost entirely useless against Sesshomaru's mirror-encrusted Tenseiga. In the aftermath of Sesshomaru's attack, nothing is left of the portion of the island Inuyasha was standing on, and Inuyasha has vanished as well. Sesshomaru believes he has easily slain his brother and greatly over-estimated his abilities. Suddenly Inuyasha comes flying down from above Sesshomaru, realizing that he actually means to kill him. Sesshomaru parries Inuyasha's attack and knocks him away, telling them that he plans to slay him, but he's willing to part with both swords if Tetsusaiga choosing Inuyasha over him, even if he slays Inuyasha.

Chapter 501: 還流
Sesshomaru vows to kill Inuyasha as he goes all out in his attack on his half-brother. Inuyasha is blown back by Sesshomaru's Wind Scar, as the flying eyeball of Byakuya keeps watch on the proceedings. Back in our world, Byakuya informs the disembodied remains of Naraku of what is occuring. Naraku's decapitated head grins as he states his plan to have Sesshomaru kill Inuyasha is going perfectly. In the other world Sesshomaru looks down off the floating island to see where Inuyasha fell, only to watch as the half-demon springs back up towards him with his Tetsusaiga in hand. Just as he did in his battle against Kanna, Inuyasha is slowly changing into his full-demon form. Upon seeing this, Sesshomaru is initially less than impressed, but Inuyasha quickly senses Tetsusaiga powering up again as it draws on his own demonic powers to fuel itself as well as feeding more power to Inuyasha. Suddenly the Tetsusaiga begins resonating with Tenseiga just as the two swords did during the brothers battle against Shishinki. As the swords bang into one another Inuyasha feels the stolen power returning and unleashes the Wind Scar. Sesshomaru is surprised, but holds off the attack as he leaps backwards. Inuyasha attacks again telling Sesshomaru he will take his Backlash Wave back with the next strike. Daring Inuyasha to steal his attack, Sesshomaru unleashes the Meido Zangetsuha as Inuyasha dashes headlong towards him.

Chapter 502: 証
Sesshomaru unleashes his Meido Zangetsuha on Inuyasha. As it hits him, Sesshomaru curses his brother, daring him to take the technique that he perfected. Inuyasha is being sucked into hell as Byakuya's eye looks on as he reports to Naraku. Naraku takes pleasure in seeing Inuyasha fall into hell as Sesshomaru wonders if his brother is truly gone. As he realizes how weak the true successor of Tetsusaiga is Sesshomaru curses his Tenseiga and tosses it into the void with Inuyasha, no longer desiring a weak sword. As soon as Tenseiga enters the void it begins to pulse. Sesshomaru can sense it, and Inuyasha quickly realizes it too as the dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga does the same. Inuyasha feels that he must use the dragon scaled Tetsusaiga to cut through an energy whirlpool that has appeared behind him. Realizing that the only energy source within the Meido is his own demonic energy, Inuyasha is hesitant. As Naraku looks on, he explains to Byakuya that the Meido itself cannot have an energy source and so there should not be anything for him to cut. Inuyasha decides that the only option he has is to use the Tetsusaiga to slice through his own energy source. Trusting his blade, Inuyasha makes the cut. Naraku smirks, wondering if his enemy has lost his mind. The energy explodes around Inuyasha getting larger and larger, expanding within the Meido. As the energy surrounds Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga it begins to destroy the Meido. Sesshomaru looks on, scowling at his brother's impending escape.

Chapter 503: 黒い刃
Kuroi yaiba
(The Black Blade)
Miroku, Kagome and the others stand around the crater where Inuyasha and Sesshomaru vanished, when suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes, signaling the appearance of Totosai. He tells them that soon Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga will merge and become a single sword. In the other dimension, Inuyasha's whirlpool of energy that he previously cut is quickly expanding and overtaking Sesshomaru's Meido. As Naraku watches, Byakuya states that Inuyasha has grown much stronger. As Inuyasha patiently waits for his energy to overcome the Meido Zangetsuha, diamond shards, like those from his Adamant Barrage appear out of nowhere and stab into his back. Because Sesshomaru's disgarded Tenseiga is covered in Kanna's mirror shards, Naraku is able to control it to fight against Inuyasha. Naraku's miasma begins to pour out of the shards embedded in Inuyasha's back, causing his energy whirlpool to begin to lose ground to Sesshomaru's Meido. Sesshomaru watches dispassionately from the sidelines until he suddenly leaps into the fray as he realizes Naraku is getting involved. Suddenly Sesshomaru grabs the Tenseiga, leading Naraku to believe that he will kill Inuyasha with it. Sesshomaru tells Inuyasha to ready himself as he begins to fight his brother again. As the blades clang against on another, Kanna's shards are blasted away and Tenseiga breaks in half. Inuyasha is shocked as Tetsusaiga begins to pulse with the power it has stolen from Sesshomaru's blade, as Tetsusaiga turns black and fills with stars, appearing just as Sesshomaru's Meido Zangetsuha technique did. Unfortunately once the blade transformed, Inuyasha returns to his half-demon state and his energy whirlpool that was holding off the Meido Zangetsuha faded away as well. Now Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are standing in the center of a massive black hole.

Chapter 504: 冥道の光
Meidou no hikari
(The Meido's Light)
Through Byakuya's eye, Naraku watches Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's battle. He laughs as the Meido swallows them into its dark void. Inside, Inuyasha is unconcious due to Naraku's poisoned diamond shards. Sesshomaru punches him in the face, forcing him to wake up, and then tells him the bad news- the Meido portal has closed with them inside. Sesshomaru calmly tells Inuyasha that only he will be able to free them from the void. Inuyasha powers up his new black Tetsusaiga, and thinks back to when he broke Tenseiga in his fight against Sesshomaru. The elder brother tells him to reminisce later, as the darkness of the void is quickly devouring their bodies. Inuyasha quickly realizes that only he can save his brother and himself, when he suddenly sees a sliver of light that smells like the outside world. He dashes towards it with Tetsusaiga raised and slices it causing a portal to open near Kagome and the others. Tototsai watches as Inuyasha stumbles out of the portal, and Jaken asks Sesshomaru what happened to Tenseiga. Sessshomaru seems indifferent towards his lost blade and prepares to leave when Totosai stops him, and asks him to take the Tenseiga with him after it fell out of the portal. Inuyasha realizes the light he saw inside the darkness was not the outside world, but Tenseiga. The blade has now been returned to its original state- that of a healing blade, and Totosai asks Sesshomaru to take it and help those in need. Sesshomaru refuses and leaves the sword, but Rin collects it as she and Kohaku chase after Sesshomaru. As he leaves, Totosai thinks to himself that soon Sesshomaru will have a blade that is truely his own and surpasses even what his father intended Tenseiga to be.

Chapter 505: 狐の宿
Kitsune no yado

(The Fox Inn)
As the group wanders through a mountain forest lamenting the fact that they will have to camp outside, Shippo notices some foxfire floating nearby. Suddenly a leaf flies from the darkness and slams Shippo right between the eyes. After investigating where it came from the group finds a large inn surrounded by foxfire. Weary of staying at the demon inn, a group of lovely fox girls quickly change Miroku's mind. After the girl's lure him in with some flattery they are sent messages by an unseen force. The girls read their messages and happily comment on their improved ranks. With that they turn into foxfire and float into the night. Kagome notices that Shippo is not with them and Inuyasha remarks that he left him outside. As Shippo wakes up he hears a voice calling him Number 77. Opening his eyes, Shippo finds three funny looking demons staring down at him. Transforming into his usual ball form to scare them away, the three demons transform into young foxes. The foxes explain to him that the leaf on his head is a ticket to the Fox Magic Exam. Inside the Inn, two more fox girl's attempt and fail to lure Miroku into the baths. Once again they receive notices of their performance, and fly away. Miroku and Sango are at a loss to explain what is going on, but outside, the three young foxes explain the thirty ranks of kitsune to Shippo. The boys also tell Shippo that they can get maximum points on the exam if they are able to scare some visitors to the Inn, a Monk, Demon Slayer, and a Half-Demon. Just then the boys see Kagome looking for Shippo and prepare to launch their scare attack on her. Shippo rushes to stop them, but Inuyasha finds him just in time and gives him a quick stomp to stop him in his place. Shippo retaliates with his Spinning Top, and is surprised to receive an evaluation for his attack. Meanwhile Kagome is looking for Shippo when the three fox demons attempt to scare her by transforming into the three silly demon's Shippo saw earlier. Kagome smiles happily upon seeing them, just before Inuyasha rushes in and bashes all three, thinking they are Shippo in disguise. The three demon's are giving failing marks for their scare tactic and wander off sadly. When they run into Shippo again they are shocked to find that he has advanced five ranks in one fell swoop. Shippo is so happy with his rank that he decides he will devote himself to scaring Inuyasha and advancing his rank.

Chapter 506: 受験番号七七
Jukenbagou 77

(Exam Number 77)
Kagome starts to get concerned when Shippo hasn't returned, but Inuyasha tells her that Shippo is most likely with the other kitsune whose scents he is smelling in the area. Suddenly Inuyasha hears Shippo laughing at him, taunting him from somewhere in the room. It doesn't take Inuyasha long to realize that Shippo is disguised rather poorly as a dog statue in the corner. Inuyasha takes a swing at him, and Shippo changes back to his normal form, and smashes Inuyasha with a giant Jizo statue. Shippo gets irritated though when his rank does not advance as quickly as it did the first time, but his new friends reassure him that he is doing well in his exam. Inuyasha gets angry and punches Shippo and the other fox demons, who quickly escape into the next room where they trick Miroku by turning into beautiful young girls. Sango throws a stink bomb into the party and the fox demons fly away, leaving Miroku to explain that they have wandered into a kitsune testing facility. Inuyasha's delicate nose was affected by the stink bomb, leaving him unconcious on the floor. Shippo and the others take advantage of the situation and smash him on the head while he's stunned. Outside the fox demons continue to try to trick Miroku by transforming into girls, which gets Sango peeved. She slips some paralysis powder in their food, making them sick, which impresses Miroku enough to give her a big hug. Seeing this, the little foxes all change into multiple Mirokus and hug Sango as well. Shippo has had enough of Inuyasha beating up his new frineds and transforms into his balloon form. From his underside, a little sting is hanging with a note reading "Do Not Pull". Inuyasha sees the sign, but pulls the rope anyway, causing the balloon to open and drop dozens of statues on his head. Slowly Shippo continues to earn more points, until he is only two points away from acheiving his next level, but dawn is quickly approaching. With no more tricks up his sleeve, Shippo puts his head down saddened by his short-comings on his test. Shippo starts to cry after realizing he has been mean to his friend Inuyasha, and then runs away. Kagome tells Inuyasha to go patch things up with him, but Inuyasha tumbles into a pitfall as he tries to follow the little demon. Shippo leaps into the air after learning he has advanced in rank once again, but Inuyasha smashes him as punishment.

Chapter 507: 瞳子

In a village a young miko finds a man collapsed on the ground. Some of the villagers warn her that the man seems ill and may infect the village, but the woman attempts to help him. Suddenly his eyes bulge as spider webs spew from his mouth, ensnaring the miko named Hitomiko. She wards off the demon, seemingly saving the town. Later, Kagome spots one of the spider webs that Naraku had attempted to use to kill Kikyo. When Inuyasha and the others arrive at the village, they learn that Hitomiko, the priestess who fended off the spider webs a few days earlier has now died. She made the unusual request to be beheaded should she die from coming into contact with the webbing. The villagers tell Inuyasha that after Hitomiko died, they were too afraid to cut off her corpses head. Suddenly Hitomiko appears, and Inuyasha notices she smells like a corpse. Just as he notices this thousands of spider webs spring from her body and Inuyasha springs into action. Hitomiko flies away without fighting, and the villagers ask Miroku if they can save their beloved miko. Miroku informs them that all they can do his return her corpse and behead her as per her wishes. Deep in the forest Hitomiko is wrapped in her spider webs when Naraku emerges from the darkness and tells her that she must kill Kagome and steal her powers.

Chapter 508: 巫女の結界
Miko no kekkai

(The Priestess's Barrier)
The group approaches Hitomiko's shrine with the villagers and find it covered in spider webs. As they prepare to enter, a villager pleads with them to bring back their beloved priestess' corpse. Just then the webs roll down the hill and Inuyasha and Sango rush to cut them down before they touch any of the innocent people below. Shippo and Miroku look on with surprise as Hiraikotsu easily cuts through the webs when suddenly it falls onto the stairs instead of returning to Sango. Hitomiko appears at the top of the stairs, reassuring the group that she is not a demon and that their attacks will not be so effective on her. Hitomiko has erected a barrier to protect herself against their attacks, and remarks that only another miko would be able to attack her now. Kagome notices that the spider webs that surround her are held in place by bells which mark Hitomiko's barrier. Kagome fires an arrow at one, expecting the barrier to dissapate. Instead she finds herself being pulled toward Hitomiko and the two appear inside her shrine. Inside the dark room, Hitomiko clutches Kagome's arrow and confesses that she was told by the man who resurrected her that she was to steal Kagome's spiritual power. Kagome instantly knows that it was Naraku who brought Hitomiko back to life. Outside Inuyasha attempts to use Tetsusaiga to break through the barrier, but it is useless. Kagome was the only one in the group who had any hope of destroying the barrier. Meanwhile Kagome tells Hitomiko that she has come to help her, but the priestess is unwilling to listen to her, and instead slashes her with her bells. Kagome's blood spills from her arms and forms a perfect circle on the floor around her. Hitomiko reveals that Kagome will no longer be able to escape the circle as Naraku appears behind her. Kagome screams at him for cowardly watching from the shadows as Hitomiko does his bidding. Struggling against Hitomiko's spell, Kagome slots an arrow and fires it at Naraku, but he is already gone. Hitomiko says she now understands why Naraku wanted her to take Kagome's power, or rather the powerful presence within her bow. Naraku fears the bow that Kikyo instructed Kagome to retrieve.

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