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volume 52
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2007 Vol. 28 - 38
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 52

Chapter 509: 弓の霊力
Yumi no reiryoku
(The Bow's Power)
Kagome kneels before Hitomiko as the priestess chastises her, telling her that though the bow Kikyo gave her is powerful, it does not suit her. Kagome thinks back to the circumstances that brought the bow into her ownership- how Kikyo died without ever using it and it was then entrusted to her. Hitomiko tells Kagome that she is using the bow without accessing any of its spiritual power, and has no hope of saving her from Naraku. Hitomiko tells Kagome to leave the bow and depart, and if she does so her life will be spared. Kagome wonders if this is Naraku forcing Hitomiko to tell her this, when suddenly Naraku's webs begin to choke the priestess. Kagome gets ready to fire an arrow, though she does not can not see where Naraku is hiding. A spider appears on the webs over Hitomiko's chest, and Naraku's voice taunts Kagome, telling her to shoot it. When Kagome refuses to kill Hitomiko, Hitomiko attacks Kagome who is still trapped in the circle of blood. Hitomiko places a drop of the blood from the circle in her mouth and then blows on it, causing the ring to burst into flame. Kagome slots an arrow and prepares to fire on Hitomiko, when Naraku once again asks her if she is willing to kill Hitomiko to save herself. Instead, Kagome destroys Hitomiko's bell septre, breaking the sealing spell cast on the ring of blood and freeing her. As Kagome flees, searching for a way to escape, Naraku taunts her, telling her the only way to leave is to die or kill Hitomiko. He adds that killing her with a purifying arrow will not save Hitomiko's soul though- it is doomed to burn in hell as punishment for what the evil creature she has become, thus burdening Kagome with guilt over Hitomiko's fate. As Kagome flees she notices one of Hitomiko's bells caught in the web with blood leaking from it. As the flames surround her, she thinks back to what Hitomiko told her about properly accessing the bow's power in hopes of saving Hitomiko's soul.

Chapter 510: 地獄
Inuyasha attempts to use the Red Tetsusaiga to break through the barrier which surrounds the shrine where Kagome is located. Inside Midoriko reminds Kagome that her only choices are to kill her, sending her to hell or to die in the process. Kagome knows that Naraku wants her to kill Hitomiko, thereby tainting her own heart and thus being unable to escape from his webs. From the shadows Naraku coaches Hitomiko, telling her to make Kagome hate her even more and she will eventually shoot her out of rage. Kagome continues to run when suddenly her foot breaks through the floor and she tumbles down getting caught up in Naraku's web. Kagome looks over her shoulder and sees a mountain of corpses towering behind her. As she wonders if this is only an illusion a pair of hands reach around her throat and begin to strangle her. It is Hitomiko who has become more demonic in appearance. She assures her that it is no illusion and is, in fact, Hell. Kagome fights back and with a blast of spiritual energy manages to blow Hitomiko's hand off. Hitomiko watches her as the spider erupts from her chest and begins to shoot its webs at Kagome. The webs catch on fire and begin to burn Kagome. Hitomiko taunts her and tells her that she will burn for eternity. The pain that Kagome feels is intense. As she sees the spider on Hitomiko she realizes she no longer has an alternative and prepares to fire an arrow. Hitomiko encourages her, but in her mind she remembers the miko's words, that she had merely been shooting her arrows without using her spiritual powers. With that Kagome looks down at Hitomiko's severed hand and clutches it. Kagome can sense the sadness of Hitomiko and realizes that she cannot damn her to hell by killing her. Hitomiko pleads with her to shoot her but Kagome refuses. When Kagome looks upon Hitomiko once more she sees that she is no longer demonic in appearance. Hitomiko tells her to shoot her once more, but Kagome is hesitant. Hitomiko encourages her to look closely. As Kagome does she can see Naraku directly behind the miko. Hitomiko tells Kagome to shoot through her.

Chapter 511: かごめの霊力
Kagome no reiryoku
(Kagome's Power)
Tangled in Naraku's spider webs, Kagome looks surprised as Hitomiko asks her to shoot through her in order to attack Naraku. Naraku grins as he ponders Kagome's fate, if she refuses to shoot she will be traped forever, but if she fires an arrow at him, it will kill Hitomiko and her guilt will allow his webs ensnare her. Hitomiko gives Kagome a few words of encouragement and Kagome prays before firing her arrow. Naraku smiles thinking he has won, until Kagome's arrow passes through Hitomiko and flies straight at him. Kagome realizes that the spiritual power of the power allowed the arrow to pass through Hitomiko and hit Naraku instead. Outside of the temple, Inuyasha and the others watch as the barrier breaks and the spider webs begin to disappear. Kagome wakes up on the floor of the temple and finds Hitomiko standing over her. Hitomiko tells her how odd it was that she was able to access the bow's spiritual power without Hitomiko being able to sense her accessing the power of the bow.As she collapses and begins to weaken, she tells Kagome that something is keeping her spirtual power sealed away. Miroku and the others arrive too late, and Hitomiko quietly passes away. Miroku makes arrangement with the villagers to bury Hitomiko, as Inuyasha asks Kagome if she is alright. Kagome ponders Hitomiko's words, and realizes it must have been Kikyo's powers that fired the bow rather than her own. Kagome quickly realizes that it must be Kikyo who has sealed away her spiritual powers.

Chapter 512: 正しい願い
Tadashii negai
(The Correct Wish)
Kagome returns to the modern era where she finds herself preparing for her high school entrance exams. Yuka, Eri, Ayumi and Kagome all travel to a high school that they are hoping to enroll in and submit their applications. The other girls are worried that due to Kagome's prolonged absenses she will most likely not be able to go to the same school the other girls are shooting for. In the past, Inuyasha tells Kaede about the recent revelation that Kagome's spiritual powers have been sealed since she was born. Kaede and Inuyasha hypothesize that when Kikyo's body was burned along with the Shikon Jewel, her desire to seal its powers had the added effect of sealing Kagome's powers when the jewel was brought back through her body. Back in the modern age, Grandpa tries to give Kagome one of the imitation Shikon Jewels he sells at the shrine, telling her it will ensure she passes her test. Grandpa does tell Kagome that the story of the historical jewel states that when the proper wish is made on the jewel, it will vanish from existence. After Kagome is left alone to study, she realizes that before the jewel was removed from her, she would always forget the stories her grandfather told her regarding the history of the Shikon Jewel. Kagome wonders if this is another side-effect of Kikyo's blocking of her powers. Kagome dozes off, and Inuyasha arrives to check on her. Kagome tries to go back to her studies, while Inuyasha stares at one of the Shikon trinkets, causing Kagome to wonder if he will use the jewel to become a human. Unable to concentrate, Kagome gives up on studying and asks Inuyasha what Kaede said about her powers being sealed. Inuyasha tells her it is not Kikyo who sealed her powers, but the Shikon Jewel itself. He tells her that the jewel has a dual nature, both good and evil, and that its evil side most likely sealed Kagome's powers out of fear she might purify it. Kagome asks Inuyasha if breaking the jewel's hold over her will increase her power. She tells Inuyasha that it is her duty to purify the jewel now that Kikyo is dead. Kagome and Inuyasha talk for the rest of the night, and Kagome gets absolutely no studying done before having to return to the past.

Chapter 513: 玉の邪念
Tama no janen
(The Jewel's Will)
Sesshomaru walks a barren, rocky, plain followed by Kohaku, Rin, Jaken and Aun. Two oni appear and begin to taunt the powerful demon over the loss of his sword. They claim that they have come to kill him and then take Kohaku's shard. Before they can finish speaking, Sesshomaru has leapt at them and ripped them both to pieces with his claws. Jaken talks to Kohaku to make sure he knows why demons have been attempting to attack them so often lately. Kohaku admits that it is because of his shard. Overheard, Byakuya watches the fight from his paper crane. He can see that Sesshomaru has indeed lost his ability to use the Meido Zangetsuha. As he flies back to Naraku he finds his master standing in front of the Shikon Jewel. An eerie, black light is pouring from the jewel as Naraku stands in front of it with a frown upon his face. Suddenly a dark cyclone bursts from the Jewel and penetrates Naraku's body. Without warning an arm explodes from his back, and quickly an entire body appears. A naked man with dark claws and long, white hair leaps from Naraku and into the sky followed by a mass of disgusting creatures. Byakuya watches in silence before asking Naraku what just happened. Naraku says that it came from inside the Shikon Jewel and proclaims that it is the dark will of the demons that have been sealed within the Jewel. Nearby Kagome senses the being of pure evil, but tells the others that it does not seem to be coming their way. Seconds later Inuyasha catches Naraku's scent on the evil presence. Sesshomaru looks to the sky as the as the newly armored demon crashes down in front of him and uses his arm as a blade striking not at Sesshomaru, but Kohaku. Aun flies Kohaku and Rin away as Sesshomaru leaps into battle, but the new demon slashes him with his arm as he bears his fang and tells him that he's weak.

Chapter 514: 危機
Sesshomaru stares coldly at Naraku's newest offspring. The creature flashes it's talon-like arm at Sesshomaru who quickly slices it off and plunges his claws into the creature's chest. Kohaku quickly realizes though that Sesshomaru's arm did not puncture the other side of the creature's body, and it looks as if Sesshomaru was being absorbed. While being held in place, more sharped arms burst out of the demon's back and almost close on Sesshomaru, who manages to pull his arm free before he is run through. His arm is badly damaged, and the demon tries to tear his limb asunder once more, when Kohaku intervenes by throwing his sickle into the monster's head. Kohaku dives off Aun, thinking that Kikyo's purified shard will protect him from the creature- he is mistaken. The demon touches the shard with it's long tendril and it is immediately tainted. Sesshomaru tries to save Kohaku, but his badly damaged arm is run through by three sharp tentacles. As the monster prepares to rip Sesshomaru's arm off, Inuyasha leaps in, slicing the tentacles with his Tetsusaiga. Sango and Kagome tend to Kohaku, and Kagome attempts to purify his tainted shard. Suddenly the demon stares at Kagome and she falls unconcious.

Chapter 515: 借り物の体
Karimono no karada

(The Borrowed Body)>
Kagome lies on the ground as the demon stares at her. Miroku quickly deduces that if this creature were merely another of Naraku's offspring he would have been unable to taint Kohaku's shard. Sesshomaru tells Sango and the others to take Kohaku and leave so they will not be in his way. When Inuyasha sees how badly Sesshomaru's arm is injured he tells his half-brother that he should leave as well. When Jaken chastises Inuyasha, blaming him for taking the power of the Tenseiga for himself, Inuyasha feels some guilt. Sesshomaru begins to transform into his full-demon form, his arm quickly healing, and in a single leap he tears the demon's head off with his mouth. As the demon's body collapses, a miasma pours from he neck. Inuyasha tells Miroku and Sango to take Kagome and Kohaku and flee. Even with his head cut off, the demon's tentacles follow after them as they fly away on Aun and Kirara, attempting to take Kohaku's Shikon shard. Miroku ponders the nature of the strange creature, realizing it shares some traits in common with Naraku, but has unique qualities all its own. He quickly realizes that this creature must be the evil portion of the Shikon Jewel that is sealing Kagome's powers. As Sesshomaru chews on the creatures head, it tells Inuyasha it is merely borrowing a body from Naraku, that it is actually much more powerful. The demon's body begins to attack Sesshomaru, his head slips out of the demon dog's mouth and reveals his name- Magatsuhi.

Chapter 516: 曲霊
Upon revealing his name, Inuyasha and the others remark that they have heard of Magatsuhi before, and Miroku comments that it is the dark will of the Shikon Jewel, the opposer of Naohi, the good portion of the jewel. Inuyasha is enraged and says that he will destroy Magatsuhi's Naraku-made body. Magatsuhi dares him to strike, as he is wrapped around Sesshomaru's body, and Inuyasha will likely kill them both if he attacks. Jaken looks on and is concerned that his master is unable to rid himself of the demonic entity even though he is in his transformed state. Jaken begins to wonder why his master does not just transform into his smaller form and escape from the demon when suddenly Sesshomaru does just that. Inuyasha yells for his brother to move out of the way so that he can strike, but instead Sesshomaru prepares for his next attack against Magatsuhi. The entity begins to send his tentacles at Sesshomaru once more, but Inuyasha rushes in to stand between them. As he does Tetsusaiga turns black and he prepares to use the Meido Zangetsuha. As he does so, Magatsuhi scatters himself into the numerous demons that make up his body to attack everyone individually. Sango is able to protect Shippo easily with the upgraded Hiraikotsu, however the flesh of Naraku continues to attack even after it is broken apart. Miroku knows that the only way to destroy it completely is to use his Wind Tunnel, but as he undoes his prayer beads Kohaku, under the influence of Magatsuhi, grips his arm preventing him from using his power. More tentacles hone in on Kohaku to take his shard, but Sesshomaru intercepts them and rips them to pieces. Magatsuhi's head taunts Inuyasha, daring him to use Tetsusaiga and take all his friends into the void of the Meido Zangetsuha along with him. As he says this Sesshomaru tells Sango and Miroku to follow him and they launch an all out attack against Magatsuhi. Sesshomaru's attack successfully forces Magatsuhi's parts to close in so that Inuyasha can attack them. Magatsuhi is still confident that the Meido will hurt the others, but Sesshomaru suddenly leaves the safety of the group and rushes out on his own to kill Magatsuhi on his own, no matter the cost.

Chapter 517: 曲霊の本体
Magatsuhi no hontai
(Magatsuhi's True Body)
Sesshomaru leaps ahead of Inuyasha as he prepares to battle alone against Magatsuhi. Sesshomaru's delicate nose is able to discern the difference between Magatsuhi's main body that is controlling the pieces that have been torn asunder and are merely remnants of Naraku. Much to everyone's shock, Sesshomaru draws his healing sword, Tenseiga, and slices a black nebulous cloud hovering behind Magatsuhi's head. Miroku quickly realizes that because Magatsuhi is composed of undead spirits Sesshomaru's Tenseiga is able to harm them. Magatsuhi quickly blocks the blade using a piece of Naraku's body, which Tenseiga cannot cut. As he parries Sesshomaru's blow he rams two tentacles through Sesshomaru's chest, impaling him. Inuyasha, Rin and Jaken are all shocked as Sesshomaru his held aloft by Magatsuhi. The tentacles start to crush Sesshomaru as Inuyasha jumps onto Kirara and flies up to help his brother. Inuyasha quickly slices Magatsuhi's head in two and then begins to cut away at the tentacles. Inuyasha angrily tries to free Sesshomaru, cursing the fact that he would rather die than be saved by the likes of him. Magatsuhi asks Inuyasha why he does not simply use one of his techniques to blast Sesshomaru free, saying that if Sesshomaru were to die, he'd simply be reborn as part of Naraku. Magatsuhi has managed to distract Inuyasha long enough to capture him in his tentacles as well. Things look bleak when suddenly a bright light appears and blasts the tentacles apart. Sesshomaru emerges from the carnage, energy crackling from his missing left arm.

Chapter 518: 爆砕牙
Inuyasha looks on, his mouth agape, as light begins to break through Magatsuhi's tentacles. Magatsuhi is shocked as well as Sesshomaru emerges from his clutches, with a lightning-like energy crackling from his shoulder where his missing arm once was. Suddenly Totosai appears in the sky, riding his flying bull, Momo. Magatsuhi tries to attack Sesshomaru once again, but Sesshomaru realizes that if Totosai is here, then something must be going on with his sword. He swings the blade at Magatsuhi, causing his body to explode in a flash of light. Rin and Jaken look on as they see something shocking emerging from the light. The Tenseiga has transformed, and Sesshomaru is weilding it with his once missing left hand. Everyone, including Sesshomaru, is shocked at this turn of events. Totosai tells Sesshomaru that the new blade he is holding is called Bakusaiga, and is not a gift from Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father, but a sword he has earned on his own. Magatsuhi's disembodied head begins to laugh as his body attempts to reform amid all the chaos. As the demons that make up his body try to merge, Magatsuhi realizes he can not heal himself, and that any demons that touch the portion of his body that Sesshomaru has cut they will immediately take on the wounds Sesshomaru has dealt with his new sword. Magatsuhi taughts Sesshomaru, admitting that he has given him a real challenge, but saying that this is still a borrowed body, and he feels no pain from the wounds. As he says this, Sesshomaru leaps into the sky and slices his head in half, as Jaken cheers him on. Even though it seems that Sesshomaru killed Magatsuhi, Sesshomaru realizes this was no the creatures true body that he destroyed. With the battle now over, Totosai asks Sesshomaru to let him examine his new sword, the Bakusaiga. Totosai tells Sesshomaru that the Bakusaiga was always within him, but he could only gain it once he stood on his own as a daiyoukai, a Great Demon, like his father. Totosai tells Sesshomaru that by giving up his quest for Tetsusaiga he was able to surpass his father and become his own man. Suddenly Kagome begins to regain conciousness, but she looks rather weak...

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