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volume 53
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2007 Vol. 39 - 48
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 53

Chapter 519: 曲霊の影
Magatsuhi no kage
(Magatsuhi's Shade)
Kagome is standing in front of her junior high school alongside Ayumi, Eri and Yuka. They are searched a board filled with numbers to see if they passed their high school entrance exams. All three of the girls are delighted as they find their numbers, but when Kagome searches for hers, it is nowhere to be found. She's failed! Suddenly Kagome wakes up in the Feudal Era surrounded by Kaede, Inuyasha and Miroku. They remind her that since she looked at Magatushi she has been unconscious. Kagome notices that Kohaku is lying next to her, and Sango tells her that he has not woken up since Magatushi tainted his shard. Everyone is confused as to how Magatsuhi was able to taint the shard, as Naraku is unable to touch the shard without it purifying, due to Kikyo's final act. They reach the conclusion that Magatsuhi is unaffected by Kikyo's power. Miroku thinks that Magatsuhi is going to prove to be trouble for them, but Inuyasha brags that the next time they meet up, he will kill him with Tetsusaiga. As Kagome sits with Sango, she begins to purify Kohaku's shard but quickly realizes that she is having no effect on him. Rin is concerned about Kohaku, and Inuyasha and Kagome realize that Magatsuhi must have sealed Kagome's powers when he looked at her. Outside Kaede's house, Totosai completes the sheath for Bakusaiga. Sesshomaru turns to leave, but Rin comes out to tell him that Kohaku has not yet woken up, and asks him if they can wait a bit longer. Sesshomaru tells her that Kohaku is staying there, and that Rin will as well. Rin becomes very upset and refuses, but Jaken tells her not to question Sesshomaru, who promptly tells Jaken that he will stay behind as well. Jaken becomes very upset as Inuyasha comes to speak with his brother. He asks Sesshomaru if he plans to go after Magatsuhi. Sesshomaru affirms this, telling Inuyasha that Magatsuhi is his prey. Totosai believes that it is the right thing to do, and tells Inuyasha as much as Sesshomaru takes to the sky, leaving everyone else behind. Rin hopes that he will return to them safely. Miroku discusses Kagome's situation with Inuyasha, and they believe that if Sesshomaru kills Magatsuhi, not only will the recent seal on Kagome's power be broken, but the one placed on her by the Shikon Jewel since birth as well. That night, everyone is inside Kaede's house, as she meets Jaken for the first time. Outside, Kagome apologizes to Inuyasha. Inuyasha tells her she has nothing to apologize for, and that if they sealed her powers, it must be because Naraku and Magatsuhi fear her. Meanwhile, Byakuya stands on the lookout for the returning Magatsuhi, but he never comes. Naraku says that he believes he knows what Magatsuhi's next move will be.

Chapter 520: 人生の一大事
Jinsei no ichidaiji
(The Day of Days)
Kagome is back in the modern era, preparing her materials in order to take her high school entrance exam. As she heads out the door and says goodbye to her family, Kagome thinks back about her inability to help Kohaku ten days previously. He has been in a coma ever sense. She feels guilty about leaving at such an important time, but has every intention of returning just as soon as she finally gets the exam that she's been preparing so hard for, over and done with. Just as Kagome arrives at the train station, Inuyasha shows up at her house to take her back to the Feudal Era. Grandpa Higurashi explains to Inuyasha how important this day is for Kagome, but before he realizes it, Inuyasha has already left, not having heard a word he was saying. Just as Kagome is preparing to fight the crowd and board her train Inuyasha catches her and tries to force her to come back. Kagome uses a well placed "sit" and quickly gets on the train, leaving him behind. Kagome reflects back on everything she's had to overcome in order to prepare for this day, and promises herself that she will not let Inuyasha interfere. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is riding on the roof of the train. As Kagome and her friends reach their destination, Kagome's backpack gets stuck in the crowd and pulled back inside the train. The bag has her exam pass, and without it she won't be allowed to take the test. With tears in her eyes, Kagome begins to lose her composure when Ayumi notices Inuyasha watching from the corner and points him out to Kagome. Kagome jumps on Inuyasha's back and the pair takes off after the train, leaving Yuka, Eri and Ayumi stunned. As Kagome explains to Inuyasha that something very important is on the train, he thinks that the train is a living thing and prepares to attack it with Tetsusaiga. Kagome is forced to "sit" him again and runs inside the train. Inuyasha begins to grumble but smells something. As Kagome gets lost in the wrong train car Inuyasha yanks her back and hands her her missing bag. She begins to cry and hugs Inuyasha, thanking him for coming along. As they arrive at her school, she digs through her bag only to realize that her exam pass isn't there. Freaking out once more, she is overjoyed to see her mother approaching, Kagome's exam pass in hand. Kagome rushes inside to take her test as her mother cover's Inuyasha's hand with a scarf.

Chapter 521: 影
(The Shadow)
Shippo anxiously waits by the Bone Eater's Well for Kagome to return from taking her exams. As Kaede watches the little fox, she ponders Kagome's sealed powers. Inside Kaede's house, Kohaku is still asleep, his tainted Shikon shard keeping him in a comatose state. Jaken comments on this, but Sango seems to appreciate the time she gets to spend with him, even with him being unconcious. Outside, Miroku is showing some of the children how to write when a dark shadow flies overhead. It is a massive group of demons, and Miroku shouts for the children to seek shelter while he fights them off. Elsewhere Sesshomaru is tracking Magatsuhi, whose scent is very near. Suddenly Byakuya appears and compliments Sesshomaru on being able to track the disembodied Magatsuhi over such a long distance. Sesshomaru tells Byakuya to leave, when suddenly a giant, vaporous Magatsuhi appears. Sesshomaru leaps into action, slashing him with the Tenseiga which has no effect. Unknown to Sesshomaru, this Magatsuhi is actually an illusion created by Byakuya. Back at the village, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to destroy the demons, but Sango worries that he will cause his wounds to spread if he sucks in too many demons. Sango quickly kills the other demons, but Miroku notices that the shadow they cast still has no disappeared. Miroku realizes that the demons were only a distraction, while the real Magatsuhi slips into Kaede's house to attack the sleeping Kohaku. Kohaku awakens as Magatsuhi takes possession of his body, telling them that he had to recover from the injuries Sesshomaru dealt him, but now that he has possession of the final shard, he will once again make the Shikon Jewel whole.

Chapter 522: 憑依
Sango asks Magatsuhi, who has possessed Kohaku, if he intends to take her brother's body and Shikon shard back to Naraku. Magatsuhi confirms this plan, and sadistically adds that he'll return Kohaku's dead body after the jewel is complete. Suddenly there is a loud noise from outside Kaede's house and demons crash through the wall and carry Kohaku away. Miroku prepares to unleash his Wind Tunnel, which surprises Sango. Magatsuhi asks if he will suck up Kohaku as well, but Miroku grabs the boy and aims his palm at the large eye of Magatsuhi that has been hovering around Kohaku since he became possessed. Miroku manages to suck up Magatsuhi's essence, but his hold on Kohaku remains. As Miroku pulls Magatsuhi in, something knicks his Wind Tunnel, panicing Miroku, who immediately closes it. Kohaku breaks free of Miroku's grasp and Magatsuhi's essense begins spewing from the Shikon shard on Kohaku's back. He tells Miroku that the shard is empowering him, and that Miroku has absorbed Magatsuhi's poison. Miroku watches silently as blood begins to pour from his mouth while Magatsuhi transforms Kohaku's chain and sickle into a massive flexible blade. Kohaku attacks Sango, plunging the blade into her, and then Rin runs forward begging him to stop. She tries to reach Kohaku, but Magatsuhi's demonic aura zaps her, knocking her out. Once again the demons fill the Kaede's house and Kohaku manages to ride away on them. At the Bone-Eater's Well, Kagome and Inuyasha arrive from the future and quickly realize something is amiss. They rush to find Kaede's house destroyed and their friends laying inside the ruins. Kagome finds Sango with a deep wound in her back, while Inuyasha tends to Miroku who is slumped over in a corner. He pulls the monk's robes off his shoulder and can see that the scars running from the Wind Tunnel have now reached his chest. Inuyasha remembers Kikyo's words, that once the scars reach Miroku's heart he will from the poison flowing through his body. Miroku tells Inuyasha that thanks to Yakurodokusen's medicine, he is not feeling much pain, but admits that he absorbed more poison than he should have. Sango notices a faint rustling sound coming from Miroku's hand. Even though he has closed the Wind Tunnel, it can still be heard due to the tear causing it to expand. Miroku weakly wonders which will kill him first, his expanding Wind Tunnel or the wounds that are creeping towards his heart. Elsewhere, Sesshomaru realizes that something is not quite right about the illusory Magatsuhi he is battling. He realizes the scent he followed is not Magatsuhi, but instead Byakuya. He quickly turns and leaps up, slashing a jug carried by Byakuya. Inside the jug is a tiny piece of flesh that Byakuya took from Magatsuhi in order to lead Sesshomaru astray with its scent. Byakuya grins as he tells Sesshomaru all he needed to do was distract him while they put their plan into motion.

Chapter 523: 珊瑚の願い
Sango no negai
(Sango's Wish)
Kagome implores Inuyasha to hurry so that they can find Kohaku in time to save him from Magatsuhi's possession. Meanwhile, Byakuya taunts Sesshomaru before a horde of demons attack him. Sesshomaru is incredulous of the demons, ability to stop him, but Byakuya smiles, confident thath their sheer number will finish Sesshomaru off. With no effort, Sesshomaru uses the Bakusaiga to destroy every demon, shocking Byakuya. Back at the village, everyone is wandering around Kaede's house, which lies in ruins. They vow to rebuild it as Sango slips away and begins to change into her demon slayer attire when Shippo finds her. He asks if her wound is still hurting, but she reassures him. They are both worried about Miroku however. Kaede has moved his body into a storage hut, along with the unconscious Rin, who is being watched over by Jaken. Sango enters the hut to check on Miroku before she leaves. Kaede tells her that he does not seem to be in pain due to the medicine that Yakurodokusen gave him. Sango stares at the tear in Miroku's Wind Tunnel as it slowly sucks in air. Kaede tells her it would be better if she stayed by his side rather than following along with Inuyasha and Kagome. Sango adamantly refuses, and states that the only way to end this is to destroy Naraku so that Miroku will be saved. She asks Kaede to leave her and Miroku alone for a moment. As they leave the room, Kaede tells Jaken that she will prepare some medicine for Rin, hoping that it will undo the effects of Magatsuhi's poisonous vapors. Inside, Sango begins to cry over Miroku's body, remembering how much he has sacrificed for she and Kohaku. She leans over and kisses him as a tear runs down her cheek. Kohaku, under Magatsuhi's possession, nears his goal as he reaches the entrance of Naraku's cave. Suddenly tentacles reach out to take the shard from Kohaku's back, but Inuyasha and Kagome arrive just in time to launch a volley of Adamant Barrage spears at demon that Kohaku is riding on. As Kohaku falls he pulls his Magatsuhi-empowered sickle and attacks Inuyasha. Magatsuhi tells Inuyasha that he might as well just kill Kohaku, because his body means nothing to him. Kagome launches an arrow at Kohaku's neck hoping to purify the shards and expel Magatsuhi, but a flash of lightning crackles and obliterates the arrow in mid-air. Magatsuhi taunts Kagome for her foolish attempt to injure him when he is the one who has sealed her powers. More tentacles begin to grow from the roof of the cave above Kohaku's body, and he announces that the Shikon Jewel will soon be complete.

Chapter 524: 目覚め
As Inuyasha jumps towards Kohaku, he calls out to him, pleading that he wake up. Magatushi tells Inuyasha that the tainted shard of the Shikon Jewel is feeding images to Kohaku. Within his own subconscious Kohaku is witnessing the murder of his father and comrades and his attack on Sango. Inuyasha and Kagome are disturbed to hear this, and Magatsuhi goes on to tell them that upon awakening, Kohaku's heart would be broken from reliving this moment over and over. Suddenly tears of blood drip from Kohaku's eyes and Sango arrives telling him to wake up no matter how difficult it might be. Magatsuhi calls Sango cruel for demanding her brother face the horrors he has committed when suddenly Naraku's tentacles begin to descend. Kagome notices the gleam of light that Kikyo placed within the Shikon Jewel. Kikyo's enchantment has prevented Naraku from coming into contact with Kohaku's shard without purifying him, but Kagome can only look on in horror as Naraku's tentacle slips inside Kohaku's neck and makes contact with the shard without purifying Naraku. She calls out for Inuyasha to cut the tentacle but Sango responds faster, throwing her Hiraikotsu and severing the connection. Inuyasha unleashes the Adamant Barrage at the spot where Naraku's tentacles emanate from. Magatsuhi laughs and tells the group that Kikyo's light will only work on Naraku, not him, and that when his shard rejoins the Shikon Jewel, Kikyo's light will be extinguished. Kagome and Sango stand in defiance as Kohaku continues to suffer within his own mind. On the battlefield where his father was slain, Kohaku calls out for his sister and notices a light. The light leads to a doorway which Kohaku passes through. Once on the other side, he see's himself possessed by Magatushi attacking Sango and Miroku fighting to save him. He watches Sango watching over Miroku on his deathbed, Kohaku knows his sister is in love with Miroku. Suddenly, the Sango that he is watching turns to him and pleads with him to help her and Miroku. Back in the heart of battle Kohaku suddenly awakens and grips Magatsuhi's weapon. Kagome can see a glimmer of bright light within his shard.

Chapter 525: 解放
Kagome sees the light that Kikyo placed in the Shikon Jewel within the shard embedded in Kohaku's back. The purification has transferred from Naraku to him. Magatsuhi cannot believe that Kohaku was able to survive reliving the death of his father over and over and curses at the boy. Kohaku realizes that Kikyo has been with him all along, and calls out to Sango, asking her if there is still time. Kohaku stares down into the canyon that he is dangling above, and tells Magatsuhi that he's going to sacrifice himself and kill Magatsuhi in the process. Magatsuhi tells him that he would still control his flesh even if he was dead, but Kohaku is emboldened by his decision and says that Inuyasha and Sango would take the shard before Magatsuhi could use him again. With that he lets go and falls. Sango atop Kirara rushes after him as Magatsuhi realizes he's being pushed out of Kohaku for good. Magatsuhi leaves Kohaku's body as he falls, Sango and Inuyasha plummet downwards after him, hoping to catch him in time, when suddenly Naraku's tentacles burst from the canyon wall and head for Kohaku. Naraku reaches him first, wrapping a tendril around Kohaku's legs. Kohaku shouts for Sango to cut the tentacle and let him continue his fall as Inuyasha stops and concentrates. He realizes that this could be his chance to kill Naraku, and suddenly powers up the black Tetsusaiga, unleashing the Meido Zangetsuha. Naraku's tentacles are ripped to pieces and fall to the ground as Sango and Kagome stare, wondering if Inuyasha was able to kill their dreaded foe. Kagome senses the polluted Shikon Jewel and warns Inuyasha that Naraku is still alive just in time for him to dodge an attack by a massive tentacle. Another takes a swing at Sango, but she reflects it in time to see that Naraku is still hanging on to her little brother. Magatsuhi boldly claims victory as he prepares to reunite the final shard with the jewel when all of a sudden he is attacked. Sesshomaru hovers overhead, ready for battle.

Chapter 526: 戻らない霊力
Modoranai reiryoku
(The Vanishing Powers)
Sesshomaru hovers in mid-air, staring at Magatsuhi as Kohaku looks on. As Naraku's tentacles begin to stir, Sesshomaru unleashes the Bakusaiga's immense power, slicing apart the tentacles that were holding Kohaku. The boy falls, and Sango catches him. Sesshomaru tells Magatsuhi he will kill him using the Tenseiga while Kagome watches, realizing that her spiritual powers will return as soon as Magatsuhi is destroyed. Magatsuhi seems unimpressed since Sesshomaru was unable to kill him with Tenseiga before, but Sesshomaru flatly states that he was only trying to show him that he could kill him if he desired. Sesshomaru slashes him with Tenseiga, and Magatsuhi vanishes, his disembodied voice telling Sesshomaru that he's not done yet. Kagome wonders if that means Magatsuhi is still alive somehow, and back at Kaede's new home, Miroku is lying unconcious when a dark cloud surrounds him, worrying Kaede. Sango calls out to Sesshomaru to tell him that both Miroku and Rin were affected by Magatsuhi, and he quickly flies back to the village with the others following closely behind. As Kagome turns to leave with Inuyasha, Naraku suddenly appears behind her with his massive insect legs open, ready to grab her. Capturing Kagome, Naraku laughs, telling her that he did not need to hide his aura due to her missing powers. The evil demon dares Inuyasha to attack him while he holds Kagome between them, but promises he will not kill her until he gets the final shard from Kohaku. His tentacles attack Sango and Kohaku, but Sango slashes them with her Hiraikotsu, reminding Naraku that its new powers ensure those destroyed parts will be unable to rejoin with him. Naraku scoffs, telling Sango that he parts she is destroying are unimportant to him. Kagome realizes that if she can grab Naraku's nearly completed Shikon jewel while in his clutches she would significantly weaken him. She concentrates and uses what little powers she still has to spot the dark glow of the jewel coming from Naraku's shoulder. She tells Inuyasha and Sango where the jewel is hidden, angering Naraku who promptly knocks her unconcious. Inuyasha leaps into action, but Naraku dodges easily as he still holds Kagome in his grasp. As Naraku taunts Inuyasha, Kohaku suddenly becomes aware of a strange feeling in his Shikon shard.

Chapter 527: なかった命
Natakka inochi
(A Life Once Lost)
Naraku clings to Kagome and puts a barrier up around the two of them, telling Inuyasha that unless he hands over the final Jewel shard Kagome will stay with him. Sango looks on, and realizes that Inuyasha cannot use Tetsusaiga to attack without possibly injuring Kagome, however she can use Hiraikotsu for a more precision strike as she prepares to do just that, Naraku laughs and lowers the barrier, daring her to attack. Sango remembers Kagome saying that the Jewel is in Naraku's right shoulder and decides that this is her chance to seperate him from the Jewel once and for all. Baring down on him atop Kirara, Sango drives Hiraikotsu through Naraku's shoulder but as she looks back she sees Naraku smiling just as he hits her with his tentacles. Sango falls and Inuyasha rushes to save her as Kohaku realizes that Hiraikotsu's new ability did not work on Naraku for some reason. As Naraku begins to heal, the group can see something inside him. Inuyasha instantly recognizes it as Meioju's invicible shell. Naraku has placed the shell around the Shikon Jewel within him. The evil demon calls out to Kohaku, and tells him that Kagome will die unless he turns over the final shard. Sango and Inuyasha both know that as soon as he gets the final shard Naraku will waste no time in killing Kagome. Kohaku studies the landscape and notices the arrow that Kagome dropped earlier is glowing. This reminds him that Kikyo's purifying light still exists within his shard. Without warning Naraku uses his tentacles to try and attack Kohaku again. The young hunter manages to dodge as Inuyasha fights back and slices through the tentacles. Kagome suddenly realizes that she is being pulled inside Naraku and calls out to Inuyasha. Suddenly Kohaku dismounts from Kirara and demands that Naraku promise that if he hands over his shard, Naraku will let Kagome go. Naraku smiles and promises as everyone calls out for Kohaku not to do it. Naraku's tentacles reach out and pull Kohaku to him as he erects his barrier once again. Naraku taunts Kohaku, telling him that he died the day he killed his father and comrades. Kohaku agrees and says that he has spent most of the time since then thinking of death but that is no longer the case. Everyone has fought so hard to save him, that he knows he will live on and fight, and that he will save Kagome no matter what. With that thought in mind, Kohaku raises Kagome's arrow above him and uses his own body as a bridge between Kagome's arrow and Kikyo's light within his shard. Kohaku takes the arrow and drives it down into Meioju's shell, swearing that he will kill Naraku.

Chapter 528: これから
Kore kara...
(From Here On Out)
Naraku flails within his barrier, still holding on to Kagome and Kohaku. As Kohaku plunges Kagome's arrow into Meioju's shell it begins to give way. Kikyo's light flows through Kohaku and into the Shikon Jewel inflicting physical pain on Naraku, who quickly discards the boy. As Naraku's barrier falls and he attempts to escape Kagome calls out for Inuyasha and Sango leaps to save her brother. Inuyasha unleashes his Kongosoha, the spears of which rip through the last hunks of Naraku's body, allowing Inuyasha to rescue Kagome. Kagome tells him that Naraku is hiding in the clouds above them. Meanwhile, Sango finds her brother clinging to the side of the canyon below. Kohaku asks if it okay if he lives rather than sacrifice himself to kill Naraku. Sango tells him that he has to live. Meanwhile, back at Kaede's village, Miroku has woken up and is talking to Shippo and Kaede, who tells him of the dark aura that was eminating from him moments earlier. Miroku feels that his recovery is too good to be true, and that it was have been Magatsuhi's essence that Kaede saw. Outside, Jaken is walking around with the recovered Rin who admits that she is fine before suddenly flying away on a large catfish-like demon. Back at the canyon, Kagome thanks Kohaku for saving her and Sango reassures her brother that everything is alright now, even though Naraku escaped. Kohaku is content when suddenly a chunk of Naraku's flesh spears Kohaku through the neck ripping out his Jewel shard. As the shard flies into the dark clouds above, Kohaku's body collapses limply to the ground.

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