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volume 54
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2007 Vol. 49 - 2008 Vol. 8
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 54

Chapter 529: 玉の完成
Tama no kansei
(The Jewel Completed)
Jaken tells Miroku and Kaede that the vapors that came from Miroku's body abducted Rin and spirited her away. Jaken worries that Sesshomaru will kill him when he returns, and no sooner does he think this than Sesshomaru arrives, having overheard their conversation. Sesshomaru leaves immediately, knowing that Magatsuhi must be taking Rin to Naraku in order to seal his sword. Elsewhere on the edge of a cliff, Sango yells out to Kosaku, who is lying dead on the ground. Sango is panicing as she realizes his Shikon shard is gone, and cradles her brother's dead body. Inuyasha is overwhelmed with anger and shouts at Kagome to tell him where Naraku is. She looks up into the sky and see the black, now-complete, Shikon Jewel's glow hovering in a bank of clouds. Kagome fires her arrow so that Inuyasha will know where Naraku is, and as the arrow flies, Inuyasha powers up the black Tetsusaiga. He unleashes the Meido Zangetsuha and hears Naraku's laugh coming from inside the swirling twisters that fly away from the void Inuyasha opened. Naraku's voice taunts Inuyasha, telling him that Kikyo's light has died out from Kohaku's shard, as he flies away. Inuyasha punches the ground, realizing he has failed Kikyo and Kohaku. Kagome starts to cry as Sango holds Kohaku's body, and then notices Kikyo's point of light is still resting on Kohaku where his shard once was. Suddenly, Kohaku wakes up, calling out to Sango. Everyone realizes that Kikyo chose not to use Kohaku's shard to purify Naraku, instead deciding to save the boy's life. In the distance, a swirling of dark energy begins to gather, forming a dark mass. The final battle is about to begin...

Chapter 530: 卒業
We begin by seeing Onigumo lying in his cave as Kikyo tends to him, and a brief rememberance about how Naraku came to be. Now, Naraku stares at the completed Shikon Jewel in the palm of his hand, utterly tainted by his dark power. He knows that he has filled the jewel with so much darkness that even Magatsuhi cannot return to it. When Byakuya asks him what he will do with the new completed jewel, Naraku answers simply... "Nothing." He tells his servant that he will continue to transform, now that the jewel is in his possession and then devour Inuyasha and his friends. Back in the village, Kaede asks Inuyasha if he is going to accompany Kagome back from the future. In the modern era, Kagome gets the good news, she was accepted into the high school she applied for due to a vacancy. She has a tearful graduation ceremony, which her mother and grandpa attend, and she poses for photographs with her friends. Hojo comes by Kagome's class and they find out he's going to go to an all-boys school, but hopes he and Kagome can remain friends. In the past, Naraku stares at the Shikon Jewel and then absorbs it into the palm of his hand. As he does, his body explodes with power, ripping him apart. Meanwhile Kagome says goodbye to her family, while Grandpa gives her a tengu's whisker and a dragon's tail as congratulatory gifts. Mrs. Higurashi gives Kagome a tender hug and tells her how proud she is. In the Feudal Era, Naraku's tentacles begin to appear from the cloud bank in the sky. Everything grows dark as Inuyasha prepares to begin the final battle with his old enemy Naraku just as Kagome arrives. The stage is now set for the coming battle.

Chapter 531: 邪気の雲海
Jaki no unkai
(Cloud of Evil)
Shippo awakens in Kaede's village, having remembered that Inuyasha forced him to stay behind. Sango also told Kohaku to remain behind and protect the life that Kikyo has given him. Shippo doesn't understand, but Inuyasha tells him that if they fail in the mission it will be up to Shippo to finish Naraku in their place. After that Inuyasha knocked Shippo out and left him with Kaede. Shippo opens the door, planning on chasing after them, but finds the sky filled with a dark miasma. As Inuyasha and the others ride up into the clouds, Kagome wonders when her powers might return. Inuyasha tells her it will not be until Sesshomaru uses his Tenseiga to defeat Magatsuhi. Meanwhile Sesshomaru has found Naraku, who has transformed into a giant spider creature now that he has absorbed the power of the Shikon Jewel. Byakuya arrives and tells Sesshomaru how impressed he is with the power of the Bakusaiga, and dares him to use it to kill Naraku outright. Sesshomaru knows though that doing so would harm Rin, who is inside of Naraku. Naraku blasts Sesshomaru with his acidic webbing as the others arrive. Naraku opens his huge jawas and Inuyasha and Kagome disappear inside.

Chapter 532: 奈落の体内
Naraku no tainai
(Inside Naraku)
Inuyasha and Kagome are surprised when Naraku opens himself up to allow them to go inside his new massive body. Suddenly Sesshomaru rushes past them and disappears into the darkness. Byakuya comments that he is going to save Rin, which shocks Kagome and she encourages Inuyasha to hurry. Sango and Miroku ride atop Kirara and follow behind, but Byakuya comments sarcastically that they will likely not make it. Miroku holds up his fist, threatening the demon who quickly falls back and stays quiet. Miroku realizes that using his Wind Tunnel even one more time might kill him. Sango promises that they will defeat Naraku and break the curse. Miroku does his best to stay optimistic and tells Sango that when everything is over they will be married. Sango agrees and the final members disappear inside of Naraku as Byakuya looks on. Deep inside, Kagome and Inuyasha are falling, and see Naraku's human form appear below them. Inuyasha slashes him, but he simply disappears after welcoming them inside his body. As everyone re-groups, Naraku taunts them and appears from the lining of his stomach, remarking that everything they see is him. Sango hurls Hiraikotsu which causes a tear in the stomach from which miasma begins to spill. Naraku tells them that ever since they entered his body they have been enveloped in miasma without any ill effects because the completed Shikon Jewel wants their souls for itself. Inuyasha angrily shouts back that he is ready to end the horrible link to Naraku that has plauged him the last fifty years. Naraku tells him that he will also have to fight against the Shikon Jewel, when suddenly another Naraku appears, covered entirely by Meioju's powerful shell. This Naraku rushes to attack. Outside, Byakuya stares at Naraku's spider form which curls up into a floating ball as Inuyasha desperately tries to attack the shelled Naraku within. Naraku's voice tells him to take all the time he needs, because they will be trapped within him forever.

Chapter 533: 玉の気配
Tama no kehai
(A Trace of the Jewel)
The version of Naraku who is covered in Meioju's shell leaps forward, swinging at Inuyasha who dodges quickly. Inuyasha nearly brings Tetsusaiga down on Naraku's neck, but the evil demon slices Inuyasha with his talons and sends him flying. Naraku taunts Inuyasha, telling him that while he is covered in the shell, Inuyasha will never be able to cut him. Sango's Hiraikotsu proves more effective, as she cleaves Naraku's head off with one throw. Unfortunately the headless body quickly grows a new head, and the decapitated head grows a body of its own. Inuyasha unleashes the Adamant Barrage on the two opponents, and its spears tear into them, but ultimately they prove fruitless. With no other choice, Inuyasha begins to power up the Meido Zangetsuha. Naraku sees what he is planning and and opens a cavity of his body to reveal Rin. If Inuyasha sucks Naraku into the vortex then Rin will go with him. Inuyasha is not sure that Rin is even real, and Naraku teasingly asserts that that could be a possibility. Not giving Inuyasha any time to decide, Naraku presses his attack, as Inuyasha grabs Kagome and pulls her to safety. Kagome tells Inuyasha that if they can find and destroy the Shikon Jewel then perhaps that will finish Naraku. Kagome tells Inuyasha that she can sense the jewel deep inside him, and that it has not dissolved into his body yet. Inuyasha loses his footing and slips into a crevasse along with Kagome. Miroku and Sango are barred from following when Naraku errects a large wall to block their path. Kagome tells Inuyasha that they have moved closer to the jewel, and so he decides that they will try to reach the Shikon Jewel rather than reunite with Miroku and Sango. Kagome wonders to herself why Naraku would let them move closer to the jewel when suddenly Inuyasha stops dead in his tracks. The corrupt aura of the Shikon Jewel has tainted him, transforming him into his full-demon form and turning him against Kagome.

Chapter 534: 瘴気の矢
Shouki no ya
(The Miasma Arrow)
Kagome pleads with the mindless, demonic Inuyasha as Naraku looks on. Inuyasha rushes at Kagome and slashes her arm with his claws. Naraku taunts Kagome, telling her to purify Inuyasha and then laughing because he knows her powers are still being sealed by Magatsuhi. Kagome weakly tries to get away, thinking that if she can lead Inuyasha away from the Shikon Jewel he will revert to normal. As she looks back to see that Inuyasha is following her, Naraku's face emerges from the floor, telling Kagome how useless it is for her to try and escape. Then he tells her that he will give her something. As he says this an arrow appears. The arrow is filled with Naraku's miasma. He tells her that if she shoots it at Inuyasha she will be saved. Kagome looks behind her and sees Inuyasha fast approaching as she moves to a precipice. With nowhere else to run, Kagome looks at the arrow Naraku has offered her. Kagome says that she knows Inuyasha will not hurt her, and Naraku is foolish if he thinks that she will fight against Inuyasha. Naraku simply laughs as Inuyasha rushes her, punching her in the chest and knocking her over the edge of the cliff. Meanwhile, Miroku, Sango and Kirara travel past a series of arteries and veins wondering what part of Naraku's body they are in. Sango can hear Miroku's Wind Tunnel growing louder in the palm of his hand and knows his time is limited. Suddenly, a mist surrounds the trio and they find themselves in a clearing. Shockingly, they are in front of a small building. Sango and Miroku both recognize it. It is the temple where Miroku was raised by Mushin after his father died. The illusion shows Miroku's father passing his son to Mushin as he prepares to be sucked into his own Wind Tunnel. Sango watches in horror as Miroku's father is absorbed. She sees Miroku as a little boy rushing to his father's side and Mushin trying to stop him for fear that he too would be killed. Suddenly the wind stops and Miroku's father is gone. Sango cries out, and the illusion disappears. Miroku tries to comfort Sango, who is clearly more shaken by what she has seen than Miroku is. As he holds her he wonders why Naraku has shown him this vision. He then suddenly realizes that he showed it to them to unhinge Sango as a volley of tentacles whips at them to attack. Back at the bottom of the cliff, Kagome is laying unconscious as Sesshomaru approaches her.

Chapter 535: 奈落の闇
Naraku no yami
(Naraku's Darkness)
Inuyasha thinks back to when Kikyo fired her arrow that sealed him to the Goshinboku tree for fifty years. As he wanders aimlessly inside of Naraku, he remembers how he held Kikyo as she died in his arms. Realizing he's not to late to save Kagome Inuyasha suddenly snaps out of Naraku's control as he recalls Kagome falling from the cliffside. He looks down at his hands and sees they are covered in blood. He can tell from the scent that the blood belongs to Kagome, and Naraku asks him if he remembers what he did to her. Naraku tells him that instead of protecting his women he tends to get them killed instead. Inuyasha attacks the walls covered in Naraku's faces, but quickly falls back under the evil demon's influence. Down below Kagome awakens to see Sesshomaru lazily fending off some weak demons. Sesshomaru recognizes that Kagome's wounds were caused by Inuyasha and begins to head off, with Kagome trailing behind. As she follows Sesshomaru, she remembers that Inuyasha shoved her away before he succumbed to his bloodlust. Elsewhere, Sango and Miroku have their hands full with Naraku's tentacles. Sango worries that Miroku may be tempted to use his Wind Tunnel if things escalate much more. The tentacles pull them off of Kirara's back and throw them to the ground. Sango's Hiraikotsu is out of reach, and with taloned tentacles bearing down on her, Miroku starts to unsheathes the Wind Tunnel.

Chapter 536: 風穴の限界
Kazanna no genkai
(The Wind Tunnel's Limit)
Miroku prepares to use his Wind Tunnel as Sango stands below watching him, shouting for him not to do it. Miroku is determined to protect her though, and goes through with his attack absorbing the demonic attacker. As he does, blood spurts from the void in his hand and Sango rushes to his side. Miroku quickly closes his fist, although it is obvious he is in a great deal of pain. As he sees Sango he tells her not to come near him. Miroku grips his wrist and knows that the Wind Tunnel will soon envelope him, however as he watches it and contemplates his fate the wind begins to settle. Miroku realizes that his fate is sealed and it is too late to save his life. He stands and looks at Sango below him, telling her that they must go their seperate ways now. With that he jumps and disappears over the side of the cliff-like structure he was standing atop. Sango cries out to Kirara, who transforms, and the pair fly to catch sight of the monk. Miroku manages to get away, and knows that this is for the best. When his Wind Tunnel opens for the final time, not only would he be killed, but Sango would surely die as well if she were with him. Meanwhile, Kaede and the villagers can see Naraku's large, black form hovering in the sky. She comments that he looks like the corrupted Shikon Jewel. Shippo watches the sky as well, and remembers Inuyasha's final words to him. He wonders aloud how long he should wait before he goes to confront Naraku himself. Jaken appears next to him and chastizes him for not going with his friends. Shippo rebuts him and tells Jaken that he did the same thing. Jaken offers up a long explanation as to why he did not and then the pair quietly watch the sky once more. Jaken tells Shippo that he wants him to fly him to the black orb, that he feels as though he needs to be by Sesshomaru's side. Shippo begins to fly off without him and Jaken throws his staff at Shippo, who falls back to the ground. The pair begin to wrestle as Kohaku approaches them. Within Naraku, Kagome and Sesshomaru search for Rin. Kagome realizes that even with his sensitive nose he cannot pick up the girl's scent. Suddenly Rin appears next to them, but Sesshomaru coldly states that she is nothing but an illusion and continues walking. Hidden away, the real Rin awakens and sees Magatsuhi's face watching her. She runs away from him, and thinking she sees Sesshomaru, runs toward him only to find that it is Inuyasha. She realizes that he is different only once she is right next to him.

Chapter 537: 最後の理性
Saigo no risei
(The Last Bit of Reason)
Sesshomaru catches Rin's scent and quickly tells Kagome that he is going to fly, giving her only a split second to grab onto his fur and get pulled along with him. Kagome asks if Rin is in danger and Sesshomaru responds that Inuyasha is with her. Kagome knows firsthand what Inuyasha might do in his transformed state and is worried what Sesshomaru will do to his half-brother if Rin is harmed. As they rush to Rin's aid, she stands in front of Inuyasha and realizes he is not himself. As he draws his claws and springs forward Rin begins to run, only to head straight to Magatsuhi. Inuyasha rushes in front behind, suddenly telling her not to move as he leaps over her and attempts to attack Magatsuhi. Instead he passes through the ghostly form of the demon. Magatushi laughs as Inuyasha picks himself up and admits he is surprised that some of his human heart still remains. Magatsuhi lashes back and disappears inside Inuyasha's body, possessing him. Rin watches in horror but suddenly spies Sesshomaru quickly approaching. Just as she is about to call out to him, the ground beneath her opens up and pulls her down. Sesshomaru watches as she raises her hand from the ground, but just as he is about to reach her Inuyasha blocks his path. Both Kagome and Sesshomaru can instantly see that Magatsuhi has possessed Inuyasha. Sesshomaru seems unconcerned as he draws Tenseiga from its sheath, declaring that he will cut both Magatsuhi and Inuyasha to pieces. Inuyasha begins to power up the black Tetsusaiga, preparing to unleash the Meido Zangetsuha. Kagome calls out for him to stop. Meanwhile, Kohaku, Jaken and Shippo ride Aun toward Naraku. Kohaku asks Jaken why he is riding with the rest of the group if he was so intent on battling against Naraku. Jaken says there is no reason for him to go alone, and Shippo begins to question Kohaku about why he is disobeying his sister. The group's conversation is cut short as they arrive and realize just how gigantic Naraku is. Suddenly a portal opens in front of them and Shippo realizes that its Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha. Naraku's body is partially ripped open, but quickly begins to heal. The group decides that this is their only opportunity to get inside and rush through the hole left by the attack. Inside, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are at a standoff. Sesshomaru realizes that Inuyasha missed his attack on purpose and sees that Tetsusaiga is protecting the last bit of Inuyasha's mind from falling to Magatsuhi. Suddenly tentacles appear from the floor beneath Inuyasha and knock him into the air. He loses his grip on his sword and is smashed into the ceiling. When he does not emerge, Sesshomaru realizes that he has escaped. He commands Kagome to grab Tetsusaiga and follow him as they go after Inuyasha and Magatsuhi.

Chapter 538: かごめの血の匂い
Kagome no chi no nioi
(The Scent of Kagome's Blood)
Sesshomaru tears through a wall of flesh as he chases after Inuyasha and Magatsuhi while Kagome pleads with him to fight Magatsuhi without harming his half-brother. Kagome says that if Sesshomaru gives in to his hatred of Inuyasha that he will be feeding the Shikon Jewel exactly what Naraku wants- hatred and anger. As soon as Sesshomaru is through the wall, Inuyasha pounces on him and their battle ensues. Without his Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha uses his claws to tear at Sesshomaru, who counters with his bare hands as well. As Inuyasha, now a full-demon, manages to tear part of Sesshomaru's kimono the elder demon decides it would be better to end their battle quickly. He unsheathes Tenseiga and brings it down on Inuyasha, who catches it with his bare hand. Magatsuhi tells Sesshomaru that as long as he is inside Inuyasha's body Tenseiga will be unable to harm him. Kagome, still clutching the Tetsusaiga, slides down the fleshy outcropping as she tries to deliever the sword that will help contain Inuyasha's demonic rage. As Kagome gets closer Inuyasha picks up the scent of her blood from the wounds he gave her earlier. Inside his mind, Magatsuhi plays on Inuyasha's fears that he was responsible for Kikyo's and Kagome's deaths. The flesh mountain writhes and flings Kagome off, and Inuyasha, still a full demon realizes he didn't kill Kagome afterall. He pushes Sesshomaru aside and jumps out towards the falling Kagome.

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