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volume 55
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2008 Vol. 9 - 18
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 55

Chapter 539: 捕らえる
As Kagome plummets through the air, Inuyasha follows her downwards with Sesshomaru right behind him. Inuyasha remembers his pledge to always protect Kagome, and as he reaches out to catch her Sesshomaru wonders if his half brother has managed to overcome Magatsuhi's possession. Kagome awakens in Inuyasha's arms. Even though he still appears to be a full demon, he is able to tell Kagome that he heard her voice and came to his senses. Kagome asks where Tetsusaiga is, and Inuyasha responds that he lost track of it after it fell. Above Sesshomaru taunts Magatsuhi, asking him what he will do now. Magatsuhi responds by asking Sesshomaru if he would like him to leave Inuyasha. Both Sesshomaru and Kagome realize that as soon as Magatsuhi releases his control of Inuyasha he will attempt to possess Kagome. Suddenly Inuyasha stares into Kagome's eyes and she realizes she cannot move. Sesshomaru yells for him to drop her as Inuyasha realizes what Magatsuhi is attempting. Sesshomaru lunges into action as Inuyasha attempts to stay away from Kagome. Magatsuhi's voice taunts everyone as he says that he has transferred part of himself to Kagome while the other half stays within Inuyasha. He tells Sesshomaru the only way to get at him would be to rip both Kagome and Inuyasha apart with his bare hands. Inuyasha finds himself losing control once more but just as he does, he sees a gleam of light beneath him and realizes that its coming from Tetsusaiga. Tetsusaiga comes flying up from the darkness and Inuyasha grabs it, transforming the blade into its Dragon Scaled form. Suddenly Magatsuhi's spirit is drawn out of both Kagome and Inuyasha's bodies. Magatsuhi's form is caught within Inuyasha's demonic vortex, his yoketsu. Unable to escape or possess anyone else, Magatsuhi begins to panic as Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga. Sesshomaru slashes through Magatsuhi, killing him, and suddenly Kagome feels her own spiritual power return to her.

Chapter 540: よみがえった光
Yomigaetta hikari
(The Light Reborn)
Kagome feels a rush of power as Magatsuhi dies as her spiritual abilities surge back to her. Kagome falls off a small band of muscle and tissue, but Inuyasha easily catches her. As soon as they touch, her immense spiritual power immediately turns him back into his half-demon form. Both Inuyasha and Kagome seem deeply relieved about one another being safe and restored to full power. Kagome turns to thank Sesshomaru for destroying Magatsuhi, but as soon as she does, he has already picked up Rin's scent and proceeded to chase after it. With Kagome's powers returned, Naraku's aura has been cleaned away which helps Seeshomaru quickly zero in on the young child. As Sesshomaru makes his way deeper inside Naraku's body, Shippo, Jaken and Kohaku are also coming under attack from Naraku's internal defenses. Jaken is knocked off Aun, the two-headed dragon's back, followed in short order by Shippo. Both are blocked as Kohaku is forced to go it alone, while Kagome and Inuyasha both plan on tracking down the Shikon Jewel. Deep inside the giant spider's body Naraku sits alone staring at the black jewel intently. Inside the jewel he notices a small speck of light due to Magatsuhi's destruction. Naraku plans to use this to his advantage, opening a shaft of light for all of the dispersed teammates to see. His face emerges from a wall as Inuyasha and Kagome follow the beam of light telling them that it will lead them all back together, but that Miroku's Wind Tunnel will soon rip apart. Elsewhere Miroku wakes up alone and ponders what he should do. He briefly considers letting the Wind Tunnel open, which will consume him and at least injure Naraku slightly. He reconsiders when he sees the shaft of light, believing it will lead him to the Shikon Jewel and Naraku. While Miroku follows the light beam, Naraku tells Kagome and Inuyasha that he plans on using the light to lead their friends into a deadly trap.

Chapter 541: 光の罠
Hikari no wana
(A Trap of Light)
Inuyasha and Kagome have been trapped inside a rocky structure within Naraku. Inuyasha attempts to powers his way through using Tetsusaiga, but nothing seems to work. Inuyasha is unsure of what to do, should he battle Naraku and recover the Shikon Jewel or try to locate Miroku. Kagome votes for saving their friend. Naraku's voice laughs and tells them of Miroku's current situation, that he is alone for fear of injuring Sango with his Wind Tunnel. Kagome realizes that Miroku must be planning to open his tunnel for the final time. Far away, Miroku follows the trail of light, hoping that his Wind Tunnel will hold out until he reaches the end, and is able to use it for the final time to kill Naraku. Naraku watches him in the distance as Sango searches desperately for her lover. Sango realizes that Miroku's life is near its end, and thinks of what she will do if he dies. Just then, she sees a ray of light and realizes that it must be the Shikon Jewel. Following it she mounts Kirara in hopes to find Miroku and Naraku. She knows that the only way to save Miroku is to kill Naraku before the Wind Tunnel opens all the way. Up ahead Sango sees Naraku in his full armor and prepares to swing Hiraikotsu. As she gets closer, an object slowly pushes out of Naraku's's Rin. Naraku tells her to throw her boomerang and kill him, but she cannot hit him while he holds Rin. Naraku taunts her, telling her that her kindness will doom Miroku. He tells her that he is leading Miroku using a fake light, and that soon he will give up and open his Wind Tunnel for the final time. As he explains, Miroku reaches a fake Naraku and prepares for his final battle. Inuyasha and Kagome have managed to escape and are following Miroku's scent even though it is taking them farther from the Shikon Jewel. As Naraku continues to taunt Sango, asking her why she would save Rin and sacrifice Miroku, Byakuya stands above, sarcastically wondering why he is having to cast so many illusions. However, Rin is not an illusion, and if Sango strikes out against the false Naraku, she will kill Rin. Sango seems to have made her decision as she pulls her Hiraikostu back and prepares to save Miroku's life at the cost of Rin's.

Chapter 542: 飲みこまれる光
Nomikomareru hikari
(Light Devoured)
Inuyasha and Kagome rush to save Miroku before he opens his Wind Tunnel and are shocked when they see Miroku standing face to face with Naraku, ready to remove his sutra beads. Miroku tells himself that as long as he can suck up the Shikon Jewel and Naraku all at once, he will gladly give up his life. Kagome calls out that the Naraku in front of him is only an illusion as Inuyasha unleashes the Adamant Barrage to show Miroku that Naraku is a fake. However Miroku does not react to the spears of the attack. He cannot see anyone but Naraku, who continues to taunt him. Inuyasha realizes that Miroku will suck both he and Kagome up if he uses his Wind Tunnel now. Miroku knows this is the end, and asks Sango to forgive him as he prepares to open his palm and attack. Suddenly Inuyasha leaps at Miroku and clasps his hand around Miroku's fist, keeping it closed before slamming Miroku to the ground. Kagome rushes to replace the beads around Miroku's hand. The illusion of Naraku continues to taunt the monk forcing Kagome to act. She shoots an arrow at Naraku, but it has no effect on the illusion. Naraku speaks, saying that he will not disappear until Miroku is dead and Sango acts to save him. Meanwhile Kohaku leads Aun up an embankment where he can see light shining through a small hole. As he looks through the hole, he can see his sister about to strike and kill Naraku and Rin. He calls out to his sister, but Byakuya silences him, telling the boy that Sango cannot hear him. Sango prepares to strike, knowing that unless she does, Miroku will sacrifice himself to destroy an illusion. Kagome realizes that she the Shikon Jewel is repelling her purification abilities. Suddenly Kagome refocuses herself and searches the area around her for the true Shikon Jewel. Finally locating it, she slots an arrow and fires it just as Sango throws Hiraikotsu at Rin.

Chapter 543: 消える矢
Kieru hikari
(The Vanishing Arrow)
Kohaku calls out to Sango as she throws Hiraikotsu at Rin and the illusory Naraku. The real Naraku laughs, knowing that by killing Rin, the final speck of light within the Shikon Jewel will once again be extinguished. With Inuyasha, Kagome fires her arrow into a spot in the ceiling and they both watch as it vanishes before hitting the roof. Kagome remembers her arrow reacted similarly when she fired her arrow through Hitomiko and hit Naraku. Just as it did then, the arrow reappears inside Naraku's chamber and tears his left arm off. The effects of her arrow ripple back and tears Byakuya's arm off just as Sango's Hiraikotsu flies towards Rin. The fake Naraku fades and Rin falls through the air before Hiraikotsu can strike her. As Naraku is wounded, his massive body that everyone is inside begins to rip and tear as well, allowing Kohaku and Aun to rip their way their the barrier and catch Rin before she plummets to her death. Sango watches as Byakuya appears behind her, taunting her about trying to kill Rin in order to save Miroku. As Byakuya talks to her, Sango's Hiraikotsu comes flying back towards her, barely missing her and Byakuya. Kohaku looks up and realize who threw his sister's weapon- Sesshomaru. Byakuya flees leaving Sango and Sesshomaru to sort out their potential differences over her nearly killing Rin. As he escapes he realizes something must have happened to Naraku that caused the damage to ripple back towards himself. Sango tells Sesshomaru that he can kill her if he wants, but Kohaku pleads with him, telling the demon that Rin is unharmed. Sango tells Sesshomaru that he can kill her if only he will wait until they defeat Naraku and save Miroku from his Wind Tunnel. As Naraku's body caves in around them, Inuyasha hauls Kagome and a weakened Miroku to safety. As they continue their search for the real Naraku, Inuyasha promises that everyone will come through this ordeal alive.

Chapter 544: 中心
(The Center)
Sesshomaru ignores Sango and heads towards the light, knowing that Naraku's true body lies at the end. Kohaku and Sango follow along behind him as Sango wonders what her fate with Sesshomaru will be, but now she is desperate to see Miroku. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kagome are carrying the injured Miroku and find Naraku waiting for them. Naraku is floating inside a barrier with the Shikon Jewel and is still recovering from Kagome's arrow. Kagome notices that the Shikon Jewel has become partially purified as well. Naraku laughs and tells Inuyasha that if he's planning on killing him, now is the time. Inuyasha does not hesitate and tells Naraku that he is going to destroy both him and the Shikon Jewel, as he powers up the black Tetsusaiga and unleashes the Meido Zangetsuha. The attack misses however and begins eating through the massive arteries that flow around Naraku. Below, Shippo climbs up towards the light and is almost hit by Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha. In the distance, he sees Byakuya draw his sword. Strangely, the sword has no blade. The blad suddenly appears and is black, just like the Tetsusaiga. Byakuya notices Shippo who demands to know what he just did. Byakuya admits that he just stole the power of the Meido Zangetsuha. Enraged, Shippo says that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru earned the right to use that attack, while he just stole it. Byakuya quietly admits to himself that the blade can only use the attack once, and that he has no idea what Naraku plans to use it for. Before disappearing, he tells Shippo that if he is going to escape, now is the time. Shippo seems surprised by this, but is angry that he Byakuya did not consider him a threat. Above, Naraku tells Inuyasha that no matter what happens within the Shikon Jewel, he is still in control of the environment. Kagome tires of Naraku's threats and slots an arrow to fire at him. Suddenly miasma erupts all around the trio and Inuyasha rushes into position to block the poison from reaching Miroku and Kagome. Naraku tells them that this miasma is his post powerful, that it will kill humans instantly. Both Miroku and Kagome realize that Naraku is afraid to let her shoot another arrow at him. Elsewhere the group of Sesshomaru, Rin, Sango, and Kohaku head towards the final battle with Naraku. As Rin finally wakes up she is excited to see Sesshomaru again. Suddenly the walls around the group erupt with miasma. Kohaku is riding with Rin atop Aun, and tries to shield her when suddenly Sango reaches over from Kirara and places her mask on Rin's face. Sango apologizes to a confused Rin and rushes ahead into the miasma. Sesshomaru watches as Sango seems prepared to risk her life to reach Naraku.

Chapter 545: 絶望
Sango heads into the miasma and immediately has trouble breathing as Rin pleads with Sesshomaru to go after her. Suddenly the walls surrounding the group shoot spikes out to block the way, seperating everyone else from Sango, who quickly arrives and meets up with Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku. Naraku seems happy to see her and tells her she should be happy as well, Miroku is still alive. Sango is surprised and begins to tear up as she sees him again. Kagome pleads with Sango to put on her mask but Sango ignores her and hurls Hiraikotsu at Naraku. Naraku counters with two jets of concentrated miasma. Sango reminds Naraku that Hiraikotsu is immune to his poison now as the boomerang continues on its path and collides with Naraku's body, ripping him in half. Everyone is shocked, but as the Hiraikotsu whirls back to Sango, it is coated with the poison that it passed through and Sango is hit with a heavy dose. Kagome acts instantly and fires a purifying arrow at her. Naraku laughs and tells her how foolish it was that she gave her mask to Rin. Sango passes out and Kirara transforms, causing both to plummet towards the ground. Miroku dives to grab her but misses and falls downwards with her. The chasm they fall into is instantly sealed by Naraku before Kagome and Inuyasha can follow their comrades. Alone, Miroku asks Sango why she would take such a risk. She can hear the breeze of his Wind Tunnel and manages to open her eyes. Miroku apologizes for leaving her alone. Sango grips the sleeve of Miroku's robe and asks him to take her with him when he dies. Above, the Shikon Jewel has become almost pitch black once more. Kagome and Inuyasha look on as Naraku begins to reform his body into a new armored form. He says that Sango and Miroku's despair has re-energized the evil within the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha curses Naraku. Outside of Naraku's massive body, Totosai watches from his home with Myoga on his shoulder. They can see the black spider orb floating in the distance and Totosai hopes that Inuyasha will come back alive. Totosai says that if Inuyasha can truly make Sesshomaru's Meido Zangetsuha his own then he can defeat Naraku. Inside, Inuyasha seems to be powering up the Tetsusaiga to do just that.

Chapter 546: 奈落の望み
Naraku no nozomi
(Naraku's Desire)
Naraku tells Inuyasha and Kagome that Miroku and Sango have given up and will be devoured by Miroku's Wind Tunnel, and when they do their sorrow will feed the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha screams that he will not allow that to happen, that he will kill Naraku and break the curse of the Wind Tunnel. He unleashes the Meido Zangetsuha, and the Shikon Jewel glows and sinks inside Naraku's body as the Meido Zangetsuha passes through him and erupts behind him harmlessly. Naraku tells the pair that even though the Shikon Jewel was taken with Kikyo in her death it was reborn inside Kagome, that it was shattered into pieces only to be made whole again, and that no matter what they do, they can never completely destroy it, even if they kill him. Something in Naraku's words seem to have instilled a curiosity in Kagome. She asks him what he has meant to do all this time as he has torn Inuyasha and Kikyo apart, seperated Sango from Kohaku and used Miroku and Sango's feelings against them. Naraku seems disinterested in her words, but Kagome makes herself clear. That because Naraku understands the bonds of love he is also able to understand the pain that comes when those bonds are destroyed. Kagome then announces that the Shikon Jewel did not grant Naraku's true wish. Naraku looks stunned. Kagome reminds him that the Shikon Jewel turns those who attempt to absorb it into monsters, and that is why Naraku has not absorbed the Jewel completedly until now. Naraku is enraged and realizes his own hesitation. Suddenly he lashes out and hurls Kongosoha spears laced with miasma and Kagome and Inuyasha. Inuyasha is able to counter with another Meido Zangetsuha and tells Naraku that even though they were born different they are both half-demons, and that they could have chosen whatever path they wanted. Because Naraku ignored his human heart and only desired to inflict pain upon those around him, Inuyasha says he will never forgive him. Inuyasha curses him and swings his Tetsusaiga, which emits waves of darkness that slightly resemble the Meido Zangetsuha. The attack hits Naraku, and Inuyasha can only look on in stunned silence.

Chapter 547: 斬る冥道
Kiru Meido
(A Cutting Meido)
Inuyasha's multiple Meido slashes rip Naraku apart as the half-demon notes that the slashes look like blades. As Naraku looks shocked, Kagome notices the floating Shikon Jewel that was ripped from his body. Kagome aims her arrow, preparing to hit the jewel, but Naraku quickly forces the ground beneath her into a series of sharp spikes to prevent her from firing as Inuyasha pushes her out of the way. Naraku tells them that he will continue to regenerate, and they will be unable to stop him. Outside Totosai watches the huge balled up spider in the sky and cryptically states that the Meido Zangetsuha technique has changed. He explains to Myoga that the void-like Meido technique was Sesshomaru's, while this new version reflects Inuyasha and his Tetsusaiga. As Naraku begins to reform his web-like tentacles Inuyasha shouts that he will use the Meido Zangetsuha to severe all the ties that have bound them together, and with a powerful swing Naraku's body is shredded. Miasma immediately begins to pour from every pore of the giant body as Miroku cradles Sango and says with determination that he will not let her die. Elsewhere inside the giant spider Jaken begins to panic as the miasma strengthens. With Rin and Kohaku watching, Sesshomaru realizes Inuyasha has struck a serious blow against Naraku and uses the Bakusaiga to slice through the wall Naraku erected to keep them out. The Bakusaiga begins to tear Naraku's giant spider body apart, and outside in the village Kaede and the others watch as the giant spider-orb starts to crumble. Inside the innermost chamber Inuyasha can hear the rumbling destruction and knows that Sesshomaru is getting closer. Inuyasha defiantly tells Naraku that he knows he can no longer regenerate thanks to Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga. Naraku silently reminds himself that no matter what happens to him the Shikon Jewel can not be destroyed as Byakuya rushes to join him.

Chapter 548: 白夜の刃
Byakuya no Yaiba
(Byakuya's Blade)
The massive balled-up spider has begun to fall apart in large chunks. Inside Miroku clutches Sango's unconscious body and realizes something is happening. More miasma pours into the chamber with Miroku and Sango, as Miroku realizes that if he uses his Wind Tunnel he can save Sango. He hopes that the cut in his hand will not spread and kill them both, but as he looks at his hand he realizes something. Suddenly the floor falls out from under them. Shippo is climbing upwards, trying to reach Inuyasha in time to tell him about Byakuya. Looking above him, Shippo sees something and is suddenly smashed in the face by Kirara, followed by Hiraikotsu and Miroku's staff. Regaining himself, he looks up again and sees Sango and Miroku falling towards him. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, Kohaku, Rin and Jaken are headed toward Naraku. A pair of tentacles try to impale Sesshomaru but he quickly cuts them to ribbons. In his chamber, Naraku's torso is attached to his spider's web. Inuyasha tells him to give up, that its over, and Naraku agrees. Just then Naraku smiles and tells Inuyasha that there is something that neither the Tetsusaiga nor the Bakusaiga can cut. Kagome says that it must be Naraku's soul. Naraku is caught off guard by her answer. Kagome shouts that she is here to purify his soul. She's so focused on Naraku that she doesn't notice Byakuya standing behind her, his sword held above her. Suddenly, Inuyasha turns and sees the demon and realizes that the blade of his sword is made of the Meido Zangetsuha. Naraku watches as Byakuya swings his sword. Kagome manages to dodge Byakuya's blade, and Inuyasha retaliates. Byakuya is caught up in a slash of Meido Zangetsuha, saying he has no regrets as he meets his death. Inuyasha rushes to Kagome's side to make sure she's alright. She seems fine, but is herself unsure if she was cut by the blade. Below, Shippo has transformed into his balloon form and managed to catch Miroku and Sango. Sango awakens and says she will be fine. Miroku tells her that he can still fight, and that this battle will be over soon. He knows this because the sound of his Wind Tunnel has weakened, Inuyasha has severely injured Naraku. Both Sango and Miroku agree that they must be there to witness the end of Naraku. As the trio climb higher, Sesshomaru and his group near the final battle as well.

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