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volume 56
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 2008 Vol. 19 - 29 & 2013 Vol. 10
Published in English as:
Inuyasha Graphic Novel Vol. 56

Chapter 549: 終結
(Amassing for Battle)
The gigantic balled-spider continues to collapse in huge chunks as Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga attack continues to rip through it. Inside, Sesshomaru rushes towards the final battle, but wonders why his brother has not finished off Naraku yet. Inside Naraku's chamber, as things continue to fall apart, Inuyasha tells Kagome to climb onto his back. Inuyasha then unleashes his modified Meido Zangetsuha attack and tells Kagome to shoot at arrow at Naraku. Kagome pulls back her arrow, but just as she's about to fire, large chunks of miasma, crackling with energy begin to swirl around the pair. Inuyasha curses Naraku, as a huge chunk almost hits both he and Kagome. Suddenly, Sango's Hiraikotsu intercepts the miasma and knocks it away. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo arrive riding Kirara just in time. Kagome and Inuyasha both seems shocked to see their companions. Wasting no time, Shippo leaps off Kirara, transforms into his balloon form in midair, and catches Kagome and Inuyasha. Inuyasha looks over his shoulder and sees Miroku and Sango rushing past him, suddenly Miroku opens his Wind Tunnel, and Inuyasha screams at him. Miroku sucks up all the miasma in the room, and tells everyone that he's alright, in fact, the wounds in his hand are beginning to close. Miroku is defiant as he tells Naraku that his curse is finally weakening. Kagome and Inuyasha are surprised at the news, but Naraku seems unphased. Everyone is distracted as a wall breaks apart and suddenly Sesshomaru appears, followed closely behind by Kohaku, Rin, and Jaken riding atop Aun. Jaken announces that it is because of Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga that Naraku will die. Naraku stares silently and then separates himself the parts of his body that are being ravaged by the Bakusaiga. Sesshomaru curtly remarks that that will do him no good. The sky suddenly becomes visible as the last of the spider is ripped away. Everyone stands and stares at Naraku, knowing that this will be their final showdown with the demon who has ruined their lives. Naraku coldly notes that they have all managed to gather, as Inuyasha responds by telling him that everyone made it for the battle. Kagome notes that some light has been restored to the Shikon Jewel.

Chapter 550: 崩壊
Naraku's giant body begins to crumple, leaving open sky surrounding our heroes. Kagome and Inuyasha hover on Shippo, while Miroku and Sango fly on Kirara. Sesshomaru flies on his on next to Rin and Kohaku who ride the two-headed dragon Aun. Naruku mockingly comments on the increasing amount of light filling the Shikon Jewel, asking if that is the hope of the group swelling up. Naraku quickly reminds them that he has merged with the Jewel and begins to transform as darkness fills the jewel rapidly. Naraku has become a monsterous looking creature, as pools of miamsa pool around him. He launches the thick, black balls of poison at the group as Inuyasha uses the new cresent Meido Zangetsuha flinging the blades at Naraku. Even though Naraku is badly damaged, it seems that by merging with the Jewel, which is stubbornly clinging to our world, it is preventing Naraku from being killed as well. As Sesshomaru carves through Naraku's attacks with the Bakusaiga, he soon realizes he is merely spreading Naraku's poisons further. Sesshomaru demands that Jaken leave the remnants of Naraku's massive body, which he happily agrees to do, but not before a new attack nearly kills Jaken, Rin and Kohaku. Sango leaps into action, deflecting the blow with her Hiraikotsu and saving them. Rin and Kohaku give their gas masks to Sango and Miroku as Sesshomaru silently watches them. As they make their escape, Kohaku tells Miroku to take care of his sister, which he promises to do. Back inside, Kagome realizes that if she fired her arrows, she could purify the area of all the poisonous vapors, but everytime she tries to use her bow, Naraku is able to prevent her. Naraku thinks to himself that he will not allow Kagome to use her bow just yet. It seems he has something planned for Kagome, as Inuyasha once again tears him apart with the Meido Zangetsuha. Naraku weakly pleads with himself to hold out just a little longer. Outside in the village, Kaede realizes that Naraku's massive disentigrating body is slowly heading towards them as it spews its poisons into the atmosphere.

Chapter 551: 落下
(The Plunge)
The large spider orb is falling apart as it moves slowly through the sky. Ahead of it, Kohaku realizes that it is headed for Kaede's village. Naraku continues to fight on, launching orbs of concentrated miasma at Inuyasha, who counters with his Meido Zangetsuha. The crescent blades of Inuyasha's attack rips through Naraku while Sesshomaru uses the Bakusaiga to cut through the miasma that Inuyasha misses. Everyone contributes as Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to absorb more of Naraku's poisons while Sango bashes them away with her Hiraikotsu. Inuyasha tells Naraku that his attacks are useless, but Naraku laughs defiantly before suddenly revealing his plan. He tells Inuyasha that even though his body is falling apart it is still powerful enough to destroy a single village. Realization strikes everyone too late as balls of Naraku's miasma begin to fall to the ground. The villagers below begin to run to avoid them as their houses fall apart. Kaede tries to rally the villagers to leave, as she herself contemplates Naraku's reasons for attacking the village. In the air above, Inuyasha curses Naraku, who says that if Inuyasha kills him, his entire body will fall on the village. Inuyasha snarls silently, but suddenly Sesshomaru rushes forward, responds that he does not care, and cuts Naraku in half with his Bakusaiga. The remnants of the spider explode and fall as the Shikon Jewel is separated from Naraku's body. Everyone rushes to avoid the spider's poisonous body as Sesshomaru looks back in irritation as he realizes the Shikon Jewel survived his attack. Once they've landed on the ground, Miroku begins using his Wind Tunnel to suck up as much of the falling miasma as possible while Inuyasha readies his Meido Zangetsuha to rip through the larger chunks, but the Shikon Jewel still survives unscathed. Kagome looks into the sky and suddenly sees the Shikon Jewel. She aims her bow and realizes that this is her chance to purify the Jewel for good.

Chapter 552: 奈落の死
Naraku no shi
(The Death of Naraku)
Filled with bravery, Kagome stares down Naraku and prepares to fire her purifying arrow at the Shikon Jewel. The arrow vanishes as it flies towards Naraku, just as it had done when Kagome fired at Hitomiko. Inside his giant body, Naraku's body hovers next to the Shikon Jewel near death as Kagome's words echo in his mind, "the Shikon Jewel didn't grant your wish". As he floats alone, Naraku finally admits what he wished for- Kikyo's heart. As the arrow appears next to Naraku in the instant before it strikes, Naraku realizes he will not be able to see Kikyo in the afterlife. The arrow hits and a massive explosion tears the giant spiders remains apart as Inuyasha and Kagome look on. As Naraku is destroyed, the clumps of miamsa that were falling on the village begin to dissperse and vanish. Suddenly a whirlpool of energy flies towards Kagome, nearly hitting her, as Inuyasha quickly pulls her to safety with Miroku and Sango rushing to their side. As the energy wave dissapates, Naraku's head appears, attached only to his spine with the Shikon Jewel hovering in front of him, Kagome's arrow plunged through it's center as he floats over the Bone-Eater's Well. Naraku smiles as energy crackles from the Jewel and tells the group that when Byakuya cut Kagome with his katana, Naraku made his wish, and when he dies it will come true. As his body begins to dissolve, Naraku cryptically says his wish was the same wish the Shikon Jewel wanted... and just as he dies, a Meido vortex opens behind Kagome.

Chapter 553: 井戸の異変
Ido no ihen
(The Well Transformed)
Everyone watches in horror as Kagome is sucked into the Meido Zangetsuhi that Naraku released upon his death. Inuyasha leaps towards her to try and save her, but the portal disappears with Kagome inside it. Everyone is stunned, unable to react until finally Shippo speaks up and asks if Kagome was cut by Byakuya's blade. He explains to Inuyasha that he witnessed Byakuya steal the Meido Zangetsuha's power for himself. Inuyasha ponders this and remembers Naraku's final words, that the wish he made upon the Shikon Jewel would be granted upon his death. Miroku quickly notices that not only is Kagome gone, but the Bone Eater's Well has disappeared too. With the well gone there is no way that Kagome can come back to the past. Everyone wonders what Naraku's true intention was, if he had wanted to kill Kagome, he had a chance when Byakuya cut her, but instead he moved his humongous spider body toward the village and the well. Shippo wonders if maybe Kagome returned to her own time, but in the present Eri, Yuri, and Ayumi are all visiting Sota at the Higurashi Shrine. All three are wearing their new high school uniforms and ask Sota why Kagome did not come to the entrance ceremony. He makes his usual excuse for her, but is secretly worried, as Kagome told him she would definitely be home for the ceremony. Just then they all hear a scream from the Shrine and rush to see if what happened. When they open the doors however, they don't see anything....including the Bone Eater's Well, which has also disappeared in the present as well. Kagome's mother and grandfather are both worried, wondering where Kagome could possibly be. Back in the past everyone is still trying to figure out what to do, as Miroku removes his sutra beads and examines his hand. As he pulls back the cloth he realizes that Naraku is truly dead, as his Wind Tunnel has disappeared! Sango's eyes fill with tears but Miroku is not ready to celebrate just yet. He asks Inuyasha what happened to the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha suddenly pulls Tetsusaiga from its scabbard and prepares a Meido Zangetsuha attack. He asks Tetsusaiga to take him to Kagome and then leaps into the darkness of his attack. Everyone screams his name, shocked at his rash action. As he falls through space, Inuyasha realizes that the Shikon Jewel feared Kagome, and if it still exists it will not allow Kagome to find peace. He promises Kagome that he'll find her. Just then, Kagome begins to open her eyes and finds herself in the present wearing her high school uniform and standing in front of her new school.

Chapter 554: 高校生活
Koukou seikatsu
(High School Life)
As Kagome wanders into her high school, her friends call out to her and ask her to go shopping. At a restaurant, the girls discuss various boys, and one of them remarks that Kagome saw the boy she was thinking about dating at the recent entrance ceremony. Kagome is slightly confused, since she was in the feudal era during the ceremony, yet seems to take what they tell her at face value. That night at her house, Kagome seems well-adjusted, and as if she's never travelled to the past. Kagome's mother asks her what club she is planning to join at school, and Kagome responds she'll be signing up for the tennis club. The next day while jogging, Kagome notices the archery club firing arrows and seems to remember something. Once she gets home, she notices a shed where the Bone Eater's Well once stood, and asks Sota if there was one something else in its place. After discussing it with her family, the others convince Kagome that nothing like that has ever existed. Sitting alone in her room, Kagome gets a text message from Hojo inviting her to go see a movie. The next day after school, Kagome's friends interrogate her about her day out with Hojo. Kagome insists that they're just friends, but the girls know Hojo has feelings for Kagome and ask her if the reason she refuses to get serious with Hojo is because she already has someone she likes. Kagome ponders it for a moment, but says no. Walking home alone, Kagome passes the Goshinboku Tree and notices the scar on the tree is missing. She ponders what could have caused the gash in the wood that should be there she suddenly remembers Inuyasha. Her memories flood back, and she remembers that the Shikon Jewel will vanish from the world when its owner makes the proper wish on it. Now Kagome is back in the modern era, unclouded by the fake world that was shown to her, and she rushes into the shrine where she sees her family investigating the vanished well. Kagome quickly realizes that no one can see her, as the discuss how she has not attended high school since the new term started. Suddenly the world disappears and Kagome finds herself in her old junior high uniform with her bow trapped inside an empty black void. Suddenly the Shikon Jewel with her arrows piercing it appears and tells her it has sealed the well, trapping her there.

Chapter 555: 闇
(The Darkness)
Inuyasha floats through the darkness calling out to Kagome as he remembers Naraku's final words. As he moves through the void, he hears Sota and Mrs. Higurashi's voice. Once he learns that Kagome never returned home, he calls out, and Kagome's family are able to hear him. Everyone is panicked as they explain to Inuyasha that the Bone Eater's Well has disappeared from the Higurashi Shrine. They ask if Kagome is alright, and Inuyasha attempts to calm their fears by telling them that she's fine. He promises to find her and moves on as Kagome's family and friends are left looking at the dirt where the well once stood. On her own, Kagome faces the Shikon Jewel, which has been pierced with her arrow. Kagome asks where she is, and the Jewel explains that she has been here since Naraku died, everything she experienced since then was an illusion, an illusion that she rejected. The Jewel tells her to make a wish to return to that world of illusion, for if she does not she will live eternally in the dark void of the Meido Zangetsuha. As Inuyasha searches he comes across a huge demon that he rips to pieces with the Wind Scar. More demons appear and tell Inuyasha that the miko will soon arrive, and that her heart is turning dark. Inuyasha realizes they are talking about Kagome. Alone, Kagome begins to panic and call out for her family and friends. The Jewel tells her that no one can hear her. The Jewel once again assures her that she is alone, and Kagome begins to cry. Surrounded by demons, Inuyasha learns that Kagome will soon wish on the Jewel and be taken away from the dark world which she now finds herself in. Her wish will be a selfish wish to save herself from this world. Inuyasha clenches his teeth upon learning that the Jewel is still in existence. The demons tell Inuyasha that he is in fact inside the Shikon Jewel, much to his surprise. The demons tell Inuyasha that when she wishes on the Jewel she will be taken out of the darkness and placed within the Jewel, where she will battle demons for eternity. The demons tell Inuyasha that the Jewel will never be destroyed, that it will find its way into the hands of another evil being who will make a wish and that the cycle will continue forever. Inuyasha has heard enough, and slashes through the demons. He screams for Kagome to wait for him. Meanwhile Kagome hovers in the darkness, her hands covering her face as she cries, weighing her fate, alone.

Chapter 556: 運命
Shippo sits alone where the Bone Eater's Well once stood. Miroku and Sango approach him and tell him that they will take over the watch, and that they are worried about him being alone for so long. Miroku comments that they all thought that once Naraku was dead they would be free of the difficulties he had inflicted on their lives. Meanwhile, Kagome floats alone, crying into her hands. The pierced Shikon Jewel tells her that she does not belong in the Sengoku Era, and that she should return to her own time. Kagome looks up, her cheeks stained with tears, as she considers the Jewel's remarks. As she weighs her options Inuyasha is still trying to get to her. He fights through the seemingly endless horde of demons until suddenly seeing a faceless woman appear beside him. The woman who leaps from the horde of demons is Midoriko. The demons around Inuyasha tell him that Kagome will soon replace her within the Jewel, and instantly Inuyasha is transported in front of a huge spider web. Inside the web is Naraku, his eyes closed, dead. The demons tell Inuyasha that he will soon be revived. Naraku will be resurrected when Kagome wishes to return home, and he will continue the battle within the Shikon Jewel on the side of the demons. The demons state that Kagome's fate was decided the moment she brought the Shikon Jewel into the past. The demons tell Inuyasha that the entire reason Kagome was born was to take over the battle within the jewel. Enraged, Inuyasha lashes out and kills the demons. Inuyasha admits that Kagome has taught him kindness and how to trust his companions as well as how to cry for them. Kagome was born to meet him, and he was born to meet her. In the darkness the Shikon Jewel grows impatient, asking Kagome to make her wish. She responds that Kikyo wished only to see Inuyasha once more, and that she's sure Naraku wished for something even more modest. She admits that she knows that the Shikon Jewel does not grant one's true wish. The Jewel asks her what she will do. She remembers her Grandfather's words. That when the last person to hold the Jewel makes the right wish it will disappear forever. Kagome knows what the right wish is, but she is scared of what will happen to her when she says it aloud. Suddenly Kagome hears Inuyasha calling to her, and the Jewel seems to respond.

Chapter 557: 会いたい
(I Want to See You)
Suddenly in the darkness Kagome hears Inuyasha's voice. Inuyasha tells her not to wish for anything until he finds her, and Kagome excitedly calls back to him, thinking he's close by. The demons surround Inuyasha and tell him that they have already told him the only way he and Kagome can be together is for her to be absorbed into the Shikon Jewel. The demons tell Inuyasha that he has foolishly given Kagome hope, and with that hope she will wish to be with him. Inuyasha looks stunned and tries to call out to Kagome again, but this time she cannot hear him. Kagome seems relieved and waits for Inuyasha to find her. She is not longer afraid. Inuyasha slashes through the demons who taunted him and rushes forward, trying to find Kagome, even though all he can see is darkness. The endless space begins to shudder around the web of Naraku as the Jewel asks Kagome if she wishes to be with Inuyasha. Kagome stands silently with her eyes closed and the Jewel asks again. Inuyasha is still separated from her, but yelling for Kagome not to make a wish. Kagome waits with the Jewel and responds that she is not going to wish for anything. That she will wait for Inuyasha to come, because she believes in him. Suddenly a tear rips through the darkness in front of Inuyasha. Light emanates from the rip and Tetsusaiga vibrates violently in Inuyasha's hand. Lifting his sword, Inuyasha knows the Tetsusaiga wants him to strike where the light is. Inuyasha makes the cut and passes through it, suddenly appearing in front of Kagome. Kagome looks surprised to see him and reaches out to touch him to make sure he's real before finally collapsing into his arms. Kagome confesses that she wanted to be with him as Inuyasha hugs her. The couple turns to face the Shikon Jewel as Kagome says she is ready to make her wish. She is confident her decision, knowing that with Inuyasha at her side she has the strength to make the right choice and force the Shikon Jewel to disappear from existence. She tells the Shikon Jewel to disappear forever and suddenly the Jewel begins to crack and shatter. The darkness is bathed in light as Kagome and Inuyasha cling together, knowing they made the right wish.

Chapter 558: 明日
Rin and Kaede run down a set of stairs as Rin says a baby will be born soon. Kaede thinks to herself that she can not believe three years have already passed as they walk by the Bone-Eater's Well. Elsewhere Miroku is up to his usual tricks of "exorcising" a wealthy family's home in exchange for some food when suddenly a large demon jumps from the structure and leaps towards Inuyasha who easily dispatches it. Inuyasha complains to Miroku about the high price of his exorcisms, but Miroku tells Inuyasha that he has a family to support now. As the walk back to Kaede's village, Rin and Kaede are bathing Miroku newborn son. It turns out that Miroku's new son is not his firstborn, as he already has a set of twin girls. Sango lays on the floor with their children, inviting Miroku to come see his new son. That night, Sango and Miroku discuss Kagome. It has been three years since they killed Naraku, and Kagome has not been seen since then. A flash of light returned the Bone-Eater's Well and Inuyasha reappeared soon after as well, but he was alone. Miroku tells Sango that Inuyasha rarely speaks about what happened, other than to say Kagome is safe, and there are others that needed her. Miroku ponders Inuyasha's lonliness as the half-demon stands outside on the edge of a cliff looking off into the night. In the future, Kagome's friends are standing outside their school after their high school graduation. Mrs. Higurashi meets Kagome, as her friends tell Kagome's family about their future plans as an interpreter and TV broadcaster. Kagome recalls what happened three years ago, that after she was taken into the Shikon Jewel, the well reappeared three days later in our time, along with Inuyasha and herself. No sooner had they arrived then Inuyasha was pulled back through the well without being able to say goodbye. In the past Inuyasha sits with Kaede and tells her how the well no longer works, but he was relieved that Kagome made it home safely. Just then Shippo arrives, having finished another round of kitsune exams, which he successfully passed. He chides Inuyasha for going into the well every three days to see if it is working again, causing Inuyasha to promptly kick him away. Kaede feels sorry for Inuyasha, as she recalls Kagome first coming through the well to battle Mistress Centipede, and then realizing that her purpose for coming was fulfilled, and therefore she could not stay in the past any longer. In the present day, Kagome stares into the well and blames herself for the well no longer working. Kagome believes that when she finally emerged from the darkness of the jewel and realized how worried her family was, her relief at finally being home subconciously sealed the Bone-Eater's Well. Closing her eyes, Kagome tells herself how much she wished she could be with Inuyasha. Quietly Kagome's mother comes into the well room and embraces her daughter as she sadly stares into the empty well. At the bottom of the well Kagome can see the sky on the other side... In the past Inuyasha sits under a tree as Sango and Miroku's children climb all over him. Suddenly he smells something and leaves the children to pester Shippo as he rushes off to the well. Hesitantly he peers into it and reaches inside, when Kagome's hand reaches up to take his. Inuyasha pulls her out of the well and they stare into one another's eyes. Kagome asks if she kept Inuyasha waiting, and he embraces her and asks what she's been doing all these years. Sango, Miroku, Shippo and the children run up, shocked to see Kagome as she tells them she's back. In the modern era, we see a now three years old Sota talking to some of his friends who ask if they can meet his sister. He tells them that after she graduated from high school she left to get married. Kagome learns of what has happened in the three years since she left, Shippo would leave frequently to go and train, Kohaku left as well getting a new weapon from Totosai and went on to continue his family's demon slaying traditions. Myoga too stayed with Totosai. In the village, Kagome and Rin have been studying with Kaede, as they learn to make medicines. Kagome tells Inuyasha that she was surprised Rin did not stay with Sesshomaru, but Kaede insisted that she make preparations to return to a human village should she so desire. Just then, Sesshomaru flies overhead with Jaken in tow, as the little demon calls out to his master that Kagome has returned. Kagome cheerfully calls Sesshomaru "brother" now that she and Inuyasha have married, but the demon lord simply glares coldly at Kagome as he proceeds on his way, as he leaves Rin a new kimono. As she rides on Inuyasha's back, Kagome thinks to herself how she will live in this era together with Inuyasha. As they live for tomorrow, Kagome, dressed in priestess robes like Kikyo once wore, stands with Inuyasha looking off at the distant mountains.

Special Chapter: それ以来
Sore irai
(Since Then)
Six months after we left them, Kagome looks over a hill, dressed as a miko and then walks down to meet Sango and her three children as they wash clothes in the river. Sango tells Kagome about skeletons found in a field and Miroku and Inuyasha both investigate a demon that has recently escaped from a mound in which it was sealed. Without his Wind Tunnel, Miroku uses his paper seals to uncover a root-demon with many decapitated heads hanging from his mouth as he erupts from the ground. Inuyasha makes short work of the demon using Tetsusaiga, but Miroku watches as the roots burrow back into the ground. Some distance away the demon emerges again, tearing the heads off a group of bandits, their corpses rotting away as the roots twist into them and drain them of their lives. Kohaku later stumbles upon the corpses along with Sesshomaru and Jaken who share a few words with the boy and then depart The two demons explain that the creature is a Head of Roots, a weak but tenacious demon. That evening Kaede talks with Miroku and Inuyasha explaining that this was a creature sealed away by Kikyo a short time before she met Inuyasha. She explains that the Head of Roots also sought the Shikon Jewel that she guarded. Elsewhere in the village Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Rin are talking and playing with Sango's children when the root creature bursts through the door mistaking Kagome for the deceased Kikyo. Sango wipes the demon out with the Hiraikotsu as Inuyasha and Miroku rush down to check on the girls. Yet again the roots burrow into the dirt before Inuyasha can deliever the killing blow. Rin and Sango remain behind to look after the children as Miroku, Kagome and Inuyasha seek out the demon and they are soon joined by Kohaku. Sesshomaru appears floating over the village and Sango takes this opportunity to leave and join the others, knowing Sesshomaru's watchful will keep her children safe; even old Kaede joins the battle. As the root demon's main body emerges from the ground, towering, multi-eyed and massive, Kagome fires her sacred arrow telling the creature she is not Kikyo and Inuyasha swings Tetsusaiga and adds that the Shikon no Tama is long gone, their combined powers tearing the creature to bits. Kagome tells Inuyasha he should trust her more, feeling slighty frustrated from him trying to keep her in the dark about the creature's past connection to Kikyo. She commands him to sit, as Sango and Miroku look on while the two settle in together on a hillside looking off into the distance.

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