Inuyasha benefited from a truly worldwide marketing campaign. Companies from Japan and America made tons of unique merchandise from statues, bowls, and books to action figures. This section will present not only the most well known finds, but the most unusual as well.

Kagome's Backpack
Kagome's backpack was one of the few Japanese items that made it to American stores as well. The bag has "Kagome" stamped on it in hiragana, with and English Inuyasha logo printed on it as well.

Hana Awase Cards
This is a set of Inuyasha hana awase cards, a Japanese game in which players attempt to capture cards from one another's hand.

Inuyasha Gashapon
Also known as "capsule figures", these little toys are found in plastic bubbles in vending machines. Inuyasha was Takahashi's second series to receive a series of gashapon figures. Set One includes Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru,Shippo, Sango and Miroku. Set Two has Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo, Miroku, Sango and Naraku. Set Three contains Shippo with his father, seated Miroku and Sango, Kagome with the well, Inuyasha on the Goshinboku and Inuyasha asleep in a tree.

Kotobukiya Statues
The Kotobukiya statues are beautifully detailed, dynamically posed large PVC figures. The five statues feature Inuyasha, Kagome with Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Sesshomaru.

There are tons of these little dolls that are found in UFO Catcher machines. Pictured here are the Chibi-Gurumi dolls.

Inuyasha Tour Package
A Japanese tour package based (very loosely) around Inuyasha.

Boxer Shorts
A fun pair of Inuyasha boxer shorts. Even though the webmasters are obsessive Inuyasha fanatics, they must admit they do not own boxer shorts from the series.

A very cool hooded-jacket that was sold through Shonen Sunday to promote Movie 4. Without a doubt one of the items I would love to have. Those ears are pretty awesome.

VHS, that old relic of the past, was the way that most anime was distributed during Urusei Yatsura's era. The above image and the following one both show all the UY videos that were available at the time.

Calendars are a staple of almost any anime series, and Inuyasha is no different. They're a nice source of original artwork that you can not find elsewhere.

There are quite a few character related keychains that were released for the series.

Talking Inuyasha
Another item you could get through Shonen Sunday, this little Inuyasha figurine talks when you press the button on his head. It features the voice of Kappei Yamaguchi.

Toynami Action Figures
American company Toynami released five series of these excellent figures, which included three Inuyashas, Kagome, Kikyo, Sesshomaru, Miroku, Sango, Naraku, Kagura and Koga. Two Comic-con exclusive figures were human Inuyasha and Sesshomaru with Jaken.

Other Books
Lots of supplemental Inuyasha books were released, such as books that showcased the artwork of the anime series a well as secrets and quiz books, such as those shown here.

An Introduction to Inuyasha