Cultural References

Buddhist Mummification
History, Heritage and Religion

Egypt is not the only country with mummies. In ancient Japan, Buddhist priests actually began the mummification process while still living. They would begin by going on a strict diet and loosing massive amounts of weight, slowly starving themselves to death. During this time they would meditate surrounded by candles. The heat from the candles was to dry out their bodies. The final step was being enclosed in an underground tomb for the final drying process. Sometimes this part was done after death, and others they were entombed here while still living, essentially being buried alive. The room was only large enough to allow them to sit in the lotus position and ring a bell connected to the outside so their followers would know if they were still living or not. There was a tube that allowed air into the underground tomb. This was the case with Hakushin, when he succumbed to his inner temptations and was eventually lead astray by Naraku.

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