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Episodes 13 - 24
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Opening Themes: Hello Sadness (1-37), Alone Again, Naturally (24)
Ending Themes: Will Tomorrow be Brighter? (1-14), Cinema (15-33), Get Down (24)
Series Director: Kazuo Yamazaki
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Yuji Moriyama
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

Episode 24 contains the single appearance of Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again (Naturally)" and "Get Down" as the opening and ending themes. Both were used in the live action Maison Ikkoku Apartment Fantasy film that would be released to theaters a month after the episode debuted. Rumors of the animation staff being asked to use the songs to promote the film only to learn that they had not obtained the legal rights to do so are unsubstantiated.

Episode 13 6/18/1986
Motemote Godai-kun? Momoiro denwa ni goyoujin!
Godai the Gigolo...? Are You Going to Get That, or Shall I?

As Godai attends his classes, he notices a mysterious dark-haired woman following him around campus. Letting his imagination run wild, he assumes she must be infatuated with him. Once she finally confronts him, Godai learns that her name is Sayoko Kuroki and that she wants him to join the Puppet Theater Club. When the (mostly female) club members start calling at all hours of the night asking for Godai, Kyoko gets the wrong idea about Godai's new female friends and has a payphone installed.

Episode 14 6/25/1986
Yattane! Godai-kun! Kyoko-san to hatsu date
Way to Go, Godai! The First Date with Kyoko
Godai finally gets the courage to ask Kyoko on a date, but with this being the anniversary of her moving to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko considers it as only a friendly gesture. But things quickly fall apart as Godai and Kyoko go to different restaurants to wait for each other. Godai ends up in the proper place waiting hours for Kyoko to finally realize her mistake. Once they meet up with each other, she's very apologetic, and Godai is only too happy to take advantage of her feeling sorry for him. And even though Kyoko is willing to let him go a bit further than usual, Godai's luck runs out when he tries to steal a kiss.

Episode 15 7/2/1986
Abunai Futari no ningyo geki! Boku mou dame desu
The Play's the Thing, Not the Playing Around! The Show Must Go On!
A campus festival brings Kyoko to Godai's college, in tow are the rest of the tenants hoping to have a bit of fun at Godai's expense. When a sudden departure from Godai's Puppet Club brings Kyoko into a staring role, will Godai's feelings get the best of him and ruin the play?

Episode 16 7/9/1986
Omimai panic! Taoretemo sukina hito
Sympathy Scramble. If I Should Stumble.
Kyoko twists her ankle while playing tennis and both Mitaka and Godai blame themselves. The other tenants can't help but feel sorry for their injured Manager, and everyone seems to think the only thing that will make her feel better is food! But how many courses will it take before the Kyoko makes herself sick?

Episode 17 7/16/1986
Kyoko-san no hatsukoi monogatari, Ame no hiwa itsumo...
The Story of Kyoko's First Love On Rainy Days Like These
Godai gets depressed over the rain, remembering that some of the worst events of his life have occured on rainy days. Kozue visits Maison Ikkoku and her skirt gets stained so she and Kyoko have snacks together while they wait for the skirt to dry. Kozue asks about Godai and learns that Kyoko is a widow. Kyoko remembers trying to flirt with Soichiro when she was in high school . After Kozue leaves, Godai runs into Kyoko, and she invites him to share an umbrella with her as they head home.

Episode 18 7/23/1986
Kyoko-san no okurimono, E? Kore wo boku ni!?
Kyoko's Gift ! "What , You Mean it's For Me?"
With Christmas just around the corner, Godai has to decide what he's going to get for Kyoko this year. He spends all his money on a set of earrings for her, but Kozue spots the present over lunch and assumes its for her. Godai has no choice but to give it to her as he had totally forgotten to buy anything for Kozue. Seeing Kozue so happy cheers Godai up a bit, and she did give him a hat that he really liked, so he tries not to think about the fact that he now has nothing to give to Kyoko. After laying on the floor for a bit, Godai remembers that he never gave Kyoko the present he bought her last year and goes on an all night search of his room trying to find it. The next day, Godai gives Kyoko her brooch, and she gives him a scarf. Godai is completely surprised and overjoyed at this, until he finds out Kyoko gave everyone a scarf (including Mitaka) to thank them for helping her when she was sick.

Episode 19 7/30/1986
Godai to Kyoko! Futari no yoru wa kiken ga ippai
Godai and Kyoko ! An Evening for Two Means Double the Trouble
When New Year's comes around almost everyone at Maison Ikkoku has vacation plans. Yotsuya is going to visit his family, and the Ichinose's are visting relatives. The only people staying behnd are Kyoko, Godai, and Akemi. Kyoko and Akemi decide to watch the New Year's festivities on TV in Kyoko's room, and Akemi invites Godai to join them. On New Year's Even though, Akemi gets a call from her friends asking if she wants to go skiing in Wajima. Akemi accepts, but then feels guilty about leaving Kyoko alone with Godai. Kyoko reassures her that she'll be fine, so Akemi leaves. When Godai arrives, Kyoko tries to keep the fact that Akemi isn't home from him for as long as possible. Once Godai finds out, he starts planning ways to force himself on Kyoko, which all backfire. By the end of the night, Kyoko thinks he was the perfect gentleman and asks him to go to make offerings at the shrine with her.

Episode 20 8/6/1986
Kyoko-san iraira!? Kaeranai Godai-kun no nazo
Kyoko's Ticking Time bomb ! Godai's Extended Absence
Godai takes a late vacation over Winter break to visit his family in Niigata. While he's there he plays rugby with his old high school team and gets a black eye. Since he's so embarrassed about his appearance, he delays coming back until his eye heals. Kyoko gets worried and starts wondering why Godai isn't coming home. While making a delivery for his parents restaurant, Godai crashes into a telephone poll and gets a second black eye. His family refuses to let him stay with them any longer and he heads back to Tokyo. Once he gets home, an angry Kyoko chastises him for not calling but can only laugh once she sees his face.

Episode 21 8/13/1986
Godai-kun panic! Ikkoku-kan no koneko monogatari!!
Godai's Panic! The Cat Who Came to Ikkoku.
Godai and Sakamoto go out drinking with friends and Sakamoto gets Godai completely drunk. While he's in his druken stupor Sakamoto asks Godai to take care of his new pet cat while he goes out of town, and when Godai learns its name is Kyoko he happily agrees. The next morning, Godai wakes up in Sakamoto's apartment and doesn't remember a thing. After some convincing, Godai reluctantly agrees to take care of Sakamoto's cat, but is worried because he thinks Ikkoku has a no-pets policy. He manages to sneak the kitten into Maison Ikkoku, but his troubles begin right away when the cat uses the bathroom on his futon. As he screams her name in anger, the manager runs to his room to see why he was calling her. Before long the other tenants find out about Kyoko-chan. The kitten and Godai quickly bond and the other tenants manage to keep it a secret from the Manager while its staying with Godai, but once the cat goes missing Kyoko finds out and has to help him find her.

Episode 22 8/20/1986
Dai shock Godai-kun! Kyoko-san no intai sengen
Godai Gets a shock! Kyoko Calls It Quits
Godai walks home from the laundromat, wondering how he's going to dry his clothes on the dangerous clothesline at home when he notices a strange man walking behind him. As he gets closer to Maison Ikkoku he notices the man is still following him. Godai goes inside and sees the man peeking over the wall. He quickly tells Kyoko, and they both go outside to investigate. They find the man hiding behind a telephone pole and Godai yells at him, causing him to run away. After a few verbal insults from Godai, Kyoko nervously tells him that the man was her father. Back his apartment, Kyoko's father, Mr. Chigusa and his wife Ritsuko argue about how stupid he must be to get caught at Maison Ikkoku. Kyoko calls and argues with her mother, but agrees to visit them the following Sunday. When Kyoko arrives at their apartment, she and her parents get into a knock-down, drag-out fight, and they tell her they want her to leave the slum that she's working at, and change her name back to Otonashi. Kyoko leaves in a huff, but is inspired to fix up Maison Ikkoku all by herself. The next day, Kyoko fixes the balcony, but when she leans back on the railing to admire her work, the railing collapses and she nearly falls. She agrees to call the professionals and let them handle the work. Before long the tenants find that Ikkoku has a termite infestation, and Kyoko has to fix that as well as patching up Yotsuya's hole in Room 5. One night, when Kyoko isn't home, Mrs. Chigusa appears and tells the tenants that she is sorry, but effective immediately, Kyoko will no longer be their manager.

Episode 23 8/27/1986
Kyoko-san kiki ippatsu! Osorubeki haha no inbo!!
Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot
The tenants are shocked as Kyoko's mother tells them that Kyoko will no longer be the Manager of Maison Ikkoku. As soon as she walks out the door the movers rush in to pack up her room. Mrs. Ichinose goes into a rage after Yotsuya mentions that the previous manager also left this way. She doesn't believe that Kyoko could be anything like him, and that she always thought they were like an extended family. She continues screaming about how betrayed she feels when Godai collapses to the floor and begins crying uncontrollably. Ichinose hauls Godai down to ChaChaMaru so they can get drunk and tell Akemi what happened. Yotsuya stays behind in Kyoko's room to reflect on the recent events. A few minutes later, Kyoko arrives, running late from grocery shopping and is shocked to find her room completely empty and Yotsuya standing in the middle. Yotsuya tells her that her mother came and quit for her, then had her furniture moved to their house. Kyoko becomes furious and rushes to find her mother, before she goes she hands Yotsuya a box of Takoyaki and tells him to share it with the other tenants. After she leaves, Yotsuya goes to ChaChaMaru to tell the tenants about what happened, in his own unique fashion. He tells them that she brought them this gift of Takoyaki and then left to her mother's house without another word. Godai and Ichinose are throughly drunk by this time, and Master tells Yotsuya and Akemi to take their friends home since they're hurting his business. As the tenants head back and continue their partying in Kyoko's room, she arrives. She tells them how insane her parents are, and how the whole thing was just a ploy to get her to move back home. Godai buries his head in her lap and cries himself to sleep as the rest of the tenants drink late into the night.

Episode 24 9/3/1986
Godai-kun dogimagi! Kozue to hatsu kiss!?
Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss
Godai and Kozue sit in a cafe and stare out the window. Suddenly, she asks him if he owns a tie. Later Godai is putting on his best outfit and getting ready to meet with Kozue. As he attempts to tie his necktie he has a fantasy about Kyoko doing it for him before work. As a result of his daydream, he crashes his face through his mirror. Going downstairs Godai spies Mr. Otonashi and the Chigusa's coming out of Kyoko's room. Kyoko herself then leaves and tells Godai and Mrs. Ichinose that she's going to Soichiro's grave today. Godai begins to worry and tells her to hurry home. As he waits for Kozue in the park, Godai can't help but think that he should cancel the date and go and try to offer support to Kyoko. Suddenly, Kozue jumps out and surprises him. She's thrilled that he found a tie to wear, and they both go to the market to pick out a cantelope. Godai is very confused as they arrive at a nice middle income house. Kozue announces that this is her house and that he is finally getting to meet her parents. Godai begins to freak out as she pulls him inside. During lunch, Kozue's brother Yosuke asks repeatedly if Godai and Kozue have kissed and other intimate asides. Kozue's parents remark that they don't want her to grow up too quickly. Kozue takes Godai upstairs to her room and tells him he would have to get used to her parents. At that, Godai really begins to worry. Kozue tries to get him to kiss her, and Godai almost does before a dream about her father sticking a shotgun in his mouth snaps him out of it. He makes his apologies and runs off to meet Kyoko. Meanwhile, at the gravesite, Grandfather Otonashi tells Kyoko that he agrees with her parents, and that perhaps it is time for her to become a Chigusa once more. Kyoko disagrees and when her parents chime in the discussion becomes heated and Kyoko drops the subject altogether. On the way home Godai spies Kyoko and her parents yelling at each other in the streets as various onlookers stare in amazement at the scene they are causing.




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