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Episodes 37 - 48
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Opening Theme: I Love You (38-52)
Ending Theme: Fantasy (34-52)
Series Director: Takashi Anou
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

It was at this point in the series that the American production hit a major snag. After a few years of falling sales, Viz abandoned their efforts to dub Maison Ikkoku and continued on in a subtitled-only VHS format. This too proved to be unsucessful and the series as a whole was cancelled at episode 60.

Episode 37 12/3/1986
Abunai kaso taikai!! Kyoko mo kageki ni dai-henshin
Crazy Costume Contest! Kyoko's Amazing Transformation

When a new mirror arrives at Ikkoku all hell breaks loose. Kyoko orders a floor length mirror for her room and decides to try on her old high school uniform. Before she can take it off, the other tenants bust into her room and try to get her to party with them. They whisk her off to Godai's room, and don costumes themselves. Ichinose and Godai get their old high school outfits, while Akemi dresses as a nurse and Yotsuya as a Buddist monk. They begin acting out little plays until Mitaka arrives. After seeing how much fun Kyoko seems to be having with Godai, he readily joins in, becoming a doctor. They continue to wrestle and get out of control until Kentaro comes home and tells Kyoko how dissapointed in her he is.

Episode 38 12/10/1986
Godai-kun shitsuren? Kozue ga Mitaka ni kyu-sekkin!?
Godai's Dumped!? Kozue Falls For Coach Mitaka!?
Kozue begins to notice that Godai isn't as affectionate with her as other couples in their dating situation seem to be. She begins worrying about why this is happening and turns to Mitaka for answers. He readily instructs her, in hopes that keeping Kozue together with Godai will open up his chances of winning Kyoko. Yotsuya spies on Mitaka and reports back to Godai. Yusaku had no idea that any of this was going on, but decides its time to break up with Kozue. He runs into her and Mitaka at a diner, and Mitaka tells him to say goodbye the right way. Godai thinks this must mean to break up with Kozue, so when he tries to he puts his arm around her, and Kozue gets excited, because all she wanted in the first place was a little more affection from Godai.

Episode 39 12/17/1986
Koi wa guts de syobu! Godai no baito dai-sakusen
Love Takes Guts! Godai's Part Time Job Ploy!
As Kyoko cleans out her room, she notices something stuck in the back of her closet. When she pulls it out to inspect it, she realizes its a rock that her late husband gave her. Its quite large and has mysterious green specks in it. Kyoko wonders if it had any special meaning, and asks Godai if he could help her learn something about it. He agrees to try his best and takes it to school with him. Godai meets Kozue at a bookstore later that day and they go window shopping for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Kozue points out an expensive cat brooch that she thinks is cute and so Godai decides to take on as many jobs as he can to buy Kozue, Kyoko and Ikuko presents. He and Sakamoto get a variety of odd jobs including a children's drama show, cashiers and sewer workers. He finally earns enough money and buys the brooch for Kozue, a bracelet for Kyoko and a Dappya doll for Ikuko. He also learns that Sakamoto knows someone in the Geology department that can identify the rock for Kyoko. Meanwhile, Akemi and the others ask if he'll be coming to the annual Chachamaru Christmas party, and he says he plans on it if Kyoko will be there. The next day, Godai tries to give Kyoko her present, but is interrupted by Mrs. Ichinose. On his last study session of the year with Ikuko, he gives her her present and she mentions to him that the rock of Kyoko's is the only thing Soichiro ever gave her. Godai becomes slightly depressed at the thought of how important the rock is to the Manager. That night, he and Kozue go to the Observatory and watch a laser show about Christmas. He gives her the cat brooch, which she loves, and she give him a ticket good for one free sweater, which she was unable to finish in time. She's so tired from working on the sweater that she falls asleep on Godai's shoulder. The next day is Christmas Eve, and Godai and Kyoko ride the train to Chachamaru. They meet Mitaka on the way and Kyoko steps off to talk to him, she doesn't notice Godai is staying on the train until it begins to leave. He tells her he has to pick up the rock and will meet her later. Kyoko feels guilty that he has to go get the rock all by himself. As Godai rides to meet Sakamoto, it begins to snow.

Episode 40 12/24/1986
Yasashisa ga setsunakute Cristmas wa koi no yokan!!
A Bittersweet Favor! Budding Christmas Love!?
Godai rides the train to its destination, and meets Sakamoto at the appointed cafe. Sakamoto shows up late an sits down, very sullen. He tells Godai that he was able to figure out what the rock consisted of, but that he forgot the rock on the train. Godai panics and they run to the platform's lost and found and to see if anyone turned it in. Unfortunately, no one has, and so Godai and Sakamoto board the train to search themselves. They don't find it and have to come back to their original destination just to ask at lost and found again. When they arrive this time, the attendant says someone turned it in down the line, but when they check into it, they find a rocker, not a rock. Godai begins to lose all hope, and can't believe that he is responsible for losing the only present Soichiro ever got to give Kyoko. Sakamoto says that if he found it he would have just thrown it away. As soon as Godai hears this he leaps off the train and begins digging through the trash cans. Suddenly, he finds the rock, but just as he does, the train leaves the station with his bag on board, and inside the bag is Kyoko's bracelet. Sakamoto and he learn that the train attendant is holding the back for him at their station in Yotsuya. Godai is so exhausted and late for the party that Sakamoto agrees to go get his back for him while he takes the rock to Kyoko. The entire night, Mitaka has been trying to find a way to cheer Kyoko up. All she can do is sit quietly and worry about why Godai isn't with them. On his way to Chachamaru, Godai gets some stationary to write a card for Kyoko. As he rushes to the bar, he falls in the snow and loses Kozue's card. Everyone at Chachamaru is happy to see him, and give him some beers to warm him up. Akemi turns out the lights for a slow dance, and as Mitaka searches for Kyoko, Godai sneaks out and Kyoko follows him. Godai goes out in search of Kozue's card and finds it just before Kyoko gets there. She thanks him for all he's done for her, and tells him she'll treasure his card forever. They decide to walk home together, enjoying the fresh snowfall.

Episode 41 1/7/1987
Yuagari Kyoko-ni doki. Roten-buro nozoki gassen
Kyoko's Hot Spring Heart Stopper: Peeping Wars at the Outdoor Baths!
The Ikkoku residents decide to visit a hotsprings and Mitaka comes along. The trip starts off badly for Godai as he's forced to carry everyones bags. When they finally get to the hotsprings Godai begins to relax a little until Yotsuya attempts to find a way to peep at Kyoko, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose on the other side. Godai and Mitaka try and stop him, but Godai gets stuck between the dividing wall and almost drowns. The night gets worse when they learn that Ichinose and Yotsuya spent all the money on booze instead of food. Everyone gets wasted and passes out, but Godai awakens in the middle of the night to find himself face to face with a sleeping Kyoko!

Episode 42 1/14/1987
Godai-kun kossetu! Koi-no chance wa byoshitsu-de
Godai Breaks His Leg! Chance for Love at the Hospital!
Godai's been feeling depressed about leading Kozue on lately. Kyoko isn't helping, by constantly telling Godai how much Kozue likes him. When he finally decides to end things between them, Kozue surprises him with a new sweater. Unable to do anything, Godai happily accepts the gift and returns to Maison Ikkoku, where he and Kyoko get into an argument, causing her to almost fall off the roof. Godai rescues her in the nick of time, but falls out of his second story window in the process, breaking his leg and taking quite a blow to the head. When he wakes up in the hospital, he finds out Kyoko's taken care of everything, but can't bring herself to visit out of shame. When she finally does arrive, Mitaka shows up and sees that Kyoko's sympathy for Godai might lead to trouble for him. Godai and Kyoko take a walk and embrace each other, almost kissing before an ambulance interrupts them. They're both shocked to see Mitaka in Godai's room, he apparently broke his leg in a skiing accident.

Episode 43 1/21/1987
Koi-no hibana-ga speaks! Godai to Mitaka nyuin sodo
Love Speaks! Godai and Mitaka Duke it Out at the Hospital!
Mitaka and Godai begin to get on each others nerves at the hospital. Mitaka and Mrs. Ichinose notice that Kyoko and Godai seem to have a playfulness about them. Mitaka gets desperate and tries to hug Kyoko after Godai leaves the room, but only gets embarassed at trying so hard. Godai and Mitaka continue to battle for Kyoko's attention, and Kyoko is delighted that they both want her to help so much, but all that changes when Mitaka's group of college girls comes to take over his care. Right after that Kozue shows up and insists on helping Godai, leaving Kyoko with nothing to do. Mitaka and Godai both watch helplessly from their window as Kyoko leaves the hospital, taking just enough time to leave them a message in the snow.

Episode 44 1/28/1987
Kentaro-mo massao. Yotsuya-no osorubeki syotai
Kentaro Freaks Out! Yotsuya's Frightning True Identity
After Kentaro tries to hide a bad grade from his mother, she gets angry with him and yells. He runs into the attic to get away for awhile and finds an old album. He's shocked to find that the album has pictures dating back almost 60 years and that they all have Yotsuya in them! Even stranger is that he looks exactly the same as he does today. Mrs. Ichinose begins to get worried about how on edge Kentaro becomes after finding the album and decides to do something about it. When she mentions it to Mitaka he agrees, and decides to formulate a plan in order to learn more about Yotsuya's past. Godai follows Yotsuya after he leaves for work, and watches him with a little girl on a playground. Godai is shocked when the girl calls him "sempai". Yotsuya then moves on to catch a bus. He misses his bus while watching a cat, but sees Godai and gets him to pay for a few games of Pachinko. After that Kyoko dons a disguise and follows him to an oversees refugee organization. While there, Yotsuya sits in their waiting room and eats some snacks before turning around and leaving. Mitaka trails him around the block, but gets caught. Yotsuya admits he knew they were there the whole time. Back at Ikkoku the tenants wonder what the mystery of the album is, until Yotsuya decides to tell Kentaro. The men in the photos are his relatives and he explains that the history of Maison Ikkoku is his family history.

Episode 45 2/4/1987
Syogeki-no judai sengen?! Kyoko ga Godai ni ai no kokuhaku
A Shocking Revelation: Kyoko Declares Her Love to Godai?!
Finals approach and Godai is playing catch-up. Because of his broken leg and extended hospital stay Yusaku has fallen behind in all his classes. Sakamoto helps him out though by providing a copy of all his notes and answers to old tests. Kyoko decides that its partially her fault that Godai is so far behind because she still feels that she was the one that caused him to fall and break his leg. So she sets out on a mission to make sure Mrs. Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya stay out of his room and don't do any loud partying until finals are over. As the days progress, Godai studies his hardest and finds that Kyoko is being more affectionate than ever, offering to cook all his meals for him and checking up on him from time to time to see how he is progressing. When the tests finally arrive, Godai does his best and manages to get through them all, with the exception of his last final of the semester, Adolescent Psychology. Godai really buckles down the night before for an all out cram session. Kyoko promises to wake him up the next morning, so Godai overdoes it and and studies into the wee hours of the morning. But the tenants decide to party in Kyoko's room, ensuring that she won't get any sleep either. When she wakes up the next morning, she realizes the test will begin in thirty minutes. She rushes Godai into a taxi and goes to school with him to try to beg the professor to let him in, but its all in vain. As Godai realizes he will have to repeat another year of school, Kyoko tells him she's willing to wait for him. Suddenly Sakamoto arrives and tells Godai that the schedule he gave him was wrong and that their Adolescent Psych final begins in a few minutes. A very perturbed Kyoko simply gets up and walks away.

Episode 46 2/11/1987
Kyoko soudatu! Skate rink wa ai no senjo
Race for Kyoko! Skating Rink is Love's Battleground
Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Kentaro and Ikuko plan a trip to a skating rink with Godai and Mitaka tagging along. The problems begin almost instantly when the rental van seating arrangement leaves Mitaka and Godai sitting up front together with Mitaka driving and Godai in charge of the tape deck. On the way, Ikuko asks Godai to teach her how to skate once they arrive, but he modestly refuses, telling her that Mitaka would be a much better coach. Mitaka also refuses and passes the task back to Godai. Once they arrive everyone learns why. Neither Mitaka nor Godai have a clue about how to skate. They begin stumbling all over the rink, begging Kyoko to help them and refusing the help of Mrs. Ichinose. Kyoko reluctantly agrees to help, when suddenly Akemi and Yotsuya arrive to cause problems for Godai. Soon Godai is laid out on the ice with Yotsuya refusing to let anyone help him, in hopes of fostering a sense of independance in him. Ikuko finally offers Godai some comfort, which enrages Kentaro, who quickly follows Godai's lead and pretends to hurt himself. Soon, a worn out Kyoko says she needs to spend some time with the children and passes Mitaka and Godai onto Mrs. Ichinose. But Mitaka and Godai persist and make a deal with one another. A race to the Manager with the winner getting private lessons from her without interference from the loser. Later that day, both Mitaka and Godai have mastered skating, but are still not fast enough to catch Kyoko.

Episode 47 2/18/1987
Kyoko hachamecha! Yoidorete puttsun
Kyoko Loses it! Drunk and Crazy!
While Godai is out of school for one more week, he and Sakamoto decide they had better get a part time job. Things start off badly when Godai tells his prospective new boss, a tavern owner, that he will only be able to work for one week. Sakamoto scolds Godai for not lying about how long he would be able to work, then the two head off to the local supermarket to buy food. While shopping Sakamoto runs into Kyoko and tells her he'll be staying with Godai. When she notices the meager amount of food in Sakamoto's cart, she gets a bit worried. Mrs. Ichinose arrives and pulls Kyoko off to see something, when Godai arrives and notices Sakamoto staring lovingly where Kyoko was standing. Godai quizzes him on what exactly he was talking to the Manager about, when Sakamoto tells him not to get so defensive. When the two friends arrive at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko invites Sakamoto to have dinner with her and tells Godai he can come too, causing Godai to feel a bit like a fifth wheel. Over dinner, Sakamoto continually compliments Kyoko, causing Godai to get very jealous. When Sakamoto invites her to come visit them at the tavern the next night Godai jumps in and says he'll treat her to anything she wants if she comes. Kyoko accepts. That night Sakamoto and Godai try to relax before starting work the next day, but are interrupted by Yotsuya and Akemi who sneak in and drink all their beer. The next night finds Godai hard at working and already on his boss' bad side. When Kyoko arrives he's too busy to wait on her and so Sakamoto gets to her first. Godai is run ragged and constantly being cursed out by his rude boss when he runs into Yotsuya, Akemi, and Mrs. Ichinose, who promptly tell him that they couldn't resist getting free beer. As they settle in with Kyoko they become very rowdy and get Godai in deeper trouble with his boss. All through the night they never miss a chance to cause more headaches for Yusaku and get Kyoko even more drunk. By the time last call comes around, Godai is very eager to get rid of them, but is reminded by Kyoko that they think he's going to pay for everything. Kyoko drunkenly tells him to let her handle everything, but begins to throw up and has to run into the restroom. On the way home, Godai carries his Manager up the hill while everyone else talks about finding more alcohol. Kyoko wakes up long enough to find out that Godai paid for everything and begins strangling him for being so weak-willed.

Episode 48 2/25/1987
Godai gekihaku! Boku-no kimoti wo wakattehoshii!!
Godai's Confession! I Want You to Know How I Feel!!
Kyoko finds out that her mother has been very sick lately and is unable to take care of her father, prompting her to go home and help out for two or three days. Godai gets worried that it could be another plot to trick Kyoko into quitting at Maison Ikkoku, but Mrs. Ichinose reassures him that Kyoko is too smart for that. Godai doesn't think much of it for the next few days, but after the alotted time passes he begins to think something may have happened. Trying to shake off his feelings of worry, Godai takes Soichiro for a walk and meets Mr. Ichinose, who is on his way home from work. Being the kind man he is, Mr. Ichinose invites Godai to have dinner with him and the two begin talking. Ichinose instantly guesses that Godai was walking around, hoping to run into Kyoko. He mentions to Godai that he reminds him of himself when he was younger and proceeds to tell him about a woman he used to be infatuated with at his first job out of college. She was a "jewel in a dunghill" he says, and he always hoped to get a chance to talk to her. One night, the company had a party, and he hoped it would give him the chance he had been dreaming of. Suddenly, an intoxicated young woman asks him to have a drinking contest with her. If he beat her, he could marry her. As it turns out, this girl, Hanae, was the future Mrs. Ichinose. As hard as he tried to lose, Mrs. Ichinose tricked him and agreed to marry him right then. Mr. Ichinose says he's never been happier. The next day Kyoko tries to tell her mother that she needs to go back to Maison Ikkoku, but her mother won't let her, so she comes up with a story about needing a special pillow or she won't be able to sleep. Mrs. Chigusa calls up Maison Ikkoku and requests the pillow. Godai is so eager to see Kyoko that he instantly accepts before Kyoko can tell him she's just trying to find a way to get home. Godai arrives wearing a suit, and proudly delivers Kyoko's pillow. While visiting, Kyoko's parents interrogate him about who he is and what he does. When the subject of girls comes up, Godai becomes nervous, but very delicately hints that he's in love with Kyoko. Of course, her parents don't get it, but Kyoko does, and after Godai leaves, she is unexpectedly happy.




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