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Episodes 49 - 60
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Opening Themes: I Love You (38-52), Sunny Shiny Morning (53-73)
Ending Themes: Fantasy (34-52), Goodbye Sketch (53-73)
Series Director: Takashi Anou
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

This set of episodes introduces the series only character who was specifically created for the anime, Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi. He has a similar naming convention to the other Maison Ikkoku cast, Mitsukoshi have the kanji for "three" in his name of course moves into Room 3. Of course Nikaido had made his debut in the manga three years earlier, so why the animation staff chose not to introduce him is a mystery to me.

Episode 49 3/4/1987
Mitaka no moutokkun! Inu ga kowakute koiga dekiruka
Mitaka Trains! Lover Boy. Can't be Afraid of Dogs!

As Mitaka sits with a nameless date watching a movie, he begins to become very bored with the entire situation. Suddenly, on the screen a dog appears, sending Mitaka running out into the lobby. Taking time to catch his breath, a woman notices him and walks over. It happens to be Akemi, and she notices how ill he looks. As the dog barks, Mitaka gets jumpy again, and Akemi finally learns his dreaded secret, that he is terrified of dogs. Akemi promises to help him overcome his fear. The next day, Akemi leaves Maison Ikkoku happier than anyone has seen her in a long time. She meets Mitaka at the Statue of Hachiko and they agree to go have lunch before they get started, but Akemi wants Shun to try and pet the statue, which he is unable to do. Seeing how traumatizing Mitaka's fear is, Akemi decides she'll need more help, and so she tells Yotsuya, Godai, and Mrs. Ichinose about the Coach's dilemma. When Yotsuya meets with Mitaka, he learns that as a boy Mitaka snuck into a large dog's doghouse to retrieve a tennis ball, when suddenly the dog returned and pinned him inside the house until dinner time. Ever since Shun has been scared to death of any dog. Yotsuya decides that in a week, they will reenact the event. Akemi meets with Mitaka again and gives him a few stuffed dog dolls to leave in his room as part of the training. Mitaka wakes up in the middle of the night, scared to open his eyes for fear of seeing the dreaded dolls. As Mitaka goes to work, Kyoko notices a huge differences in his appearance. He's lost his sparkle, due to all the stress of training. Ichinose begins visiting his apartment and quizzing him about how to react to dangerous dogs, and everyone is surprised at how much he already knows. Godai begins to worry what will happen if Mitaka does overcome his fear. Mitaka meets with Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya, and Akemi later that week to discuss the progress he has made with the dolls. He tells them he is now able to look at them without fear. The applaud his efforts, and tell him its time for the next step. He goes to a dog show, but when he hasn't returned in an hour, Akemi checks on him and finds him paralyzed with fear. He runs away, but Akemi follows and tries to calm him down. She forces him to put his head in her lap and strokes his hair, thinking how lucky Kyoko really is to have someone like Mitaka. He wakes up shortly thereafter and thanks her, helping her up and on her way. Suddenly Soichiro and Kentaro call out to the Coach and Kentaro leaves Shun to watch the dog while he goes and gets Kyoko and Godai. Godai runs ahead and saves Mitaka from Soichiro, giving Mitaka just enough time to run away before Kyoko walks over. Finally, a week has passed and Mitaka is ready to reenact the terrible event from his childhood. As he dives into a doghouse, Yotsuya tosses a small dog in behind him, a nervous Mitaka stares worriedly for a second, but realizes he can do it and takes the dog by the scruff of the neck, hauling himself out of the cramped house. Suddenly, Yotsuya unleashes a bulldog on Mitaka, scarring Mitaka once more. At the tennis club, Mitaka tells Kyoko he was in a car accident, but freaks out once more when he sees a picture of a dog on Kyoko's handkerchief.

Episode 50 3/11/1987
Kyoko ga hitomebore?! Ikkoku-kan ni henna yatsu toujo
Kyoko in Love at First Sight?! A Strange Man Moves into Maison Ikkoku
As Kyoko returns home from walking Soichiro, the phone begins to ring. She rushes inside to answer it and learns that a new tenant will be arriving the next day. But when she asks for details, the voice on the other end hangs up abruptly. Kyoko goes to work cleaning the floors of Room 3 when Mrs. Ichinose asks if they're getting a new arrival. When Kyoko tells her the news she becomes very excited and asks Godai to go to the store and buy some party supplies while she calls Akemi and gets the party set up. That night, it begins to rain, and the mysterious guests luggage arrives, but he never shows up. The next day a kind older-looking man shows up on the front porch and says that he is the new tenant, Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi. Everyone seems to take to him instantly, and that night during the party Kyoko notices that his yukata doesn't fit him right. Yotsuya jokingly asks if that's because his dead wife made it and he only wears it to remember her. When Mitsukoshi says yes, Yotsuya actually becomes embarrassed for the first time and apologizes. Ichinose begins her fan dance to ease some of the tension, but Mitsukoshi seems to be having a wonderful time anyway. Kyoko begins to look at him differently, as a familiar feeling wells up inside her. The next day at the tennis court Mitaka asks Ichinose about the new tenant, when she tells him he won't be a rival, he plays it cool, acting like he could care less. Kyoko says she doesn't think Mitsukoshi plays tennis, so Coach has nothing to worry about. Kozue is wondering about the new guy too, and asks Godai a few questions. When he asks why she's so curious she tells him that if they get married, Mitsukoshi will be her neighbor. Suddenly, they bump into Zenzaburo, who quickly says hello and continues on his way. Godai begins to wonder about the new tenant, but everyone else thinks he's great, especially Kyoko. She and Mitsukoshi visit on the porch and he offers her a sweet roll. She accepts and offers to fix a button on his coat in return. After he leaves, Mrs. Ichinose sits down and Kyoko tells her that Mitsukoshi reminds her a lot of Soichiro. Yotsuya and Mitsukoshi have another encounter in the park and Mitsukoshi surprises Yotsuya by offering him some candy and having a polite conversation. The end up going out to lunch together, and when Mitsukoshi leaves the restaurant he meets Kyoko. They end up chatting for a bit, and he asks her where he can get a pot and kettle for his room, so Kyoko leads the way. They rush to beat a train, and Godai walks past them in the other direction, wondering why they were together. He begins to tell Mrs. Ichinose about seeing them together and she decides to mention what Kyoko told her. Godai is shocked and becomes worried about what this could mean for his relationship with Kyoko. A few days later he goes out with Kozue, who asks if a certain rumor was true. At the tennis court Mitaka asks the same thing of Mrs. Ichinose, while at Chachamaru, Master says he's heard a rumor and was wondering if Akemi could confirm it. Suddenly everyone rushes back to Maison Ikkoku and shares their news. A rumor is floating around that Maison Ikkoku will be torn down. They all scramble to find Yotsuya, but he isn't home so Kyoko decides to find Mitsukoshi and tell him.

Episode 51 3/18/1987
Yotsuya-san mo bikkuri! Ikkoku-kan ga kieru hi
Even Yotsuya's Shocked! The Day Maison Ikkoku Disappears
Kyoko frantically decides to try and get in touch with her father-in-law, the owner of Maison Ikkoku. Instead, the get Ikuko, who tells her that he's in Hong Kong on a business trip for a few days. So they still have no answers about the rumor of Maison Ikkoku's destruction. Kyoko worries that Mitsukoshi will be affected the worst, and tells him so, but he feels sorry for the rest of the tenants who have lived there for so long. The group decides to track these rumors to the source, and get to the bottom of this. Akemi asks Master where he heard it from, and he said various customers told him. When Kyoko arrives, she tells them she got in touch with the Public Works, and found out that a similar building to Maison Ikkoku is going to be torn down, and that that must be where the confusion started. Yotsuya enters and discounts her theory, stating that his "co-workers" all told him that they were sure it was Maison Ikkoku that was scheduled for demolition. Godai goes in search of Coach Mitaka to see if he knows anything. He tells him he's only heard things from the tennis club, but is curious about another rumor he heard regarding Kyoko getting remarried. Godai discounts it, but decides to fill him in on her fondness for Mitsukoshi. With everyone hitting dead ends, the tenants begin to give up hope, until Godai meets with Kozue. She tells him that she's seen Mitsukoshi going into a realtors office every morning on her way to school. Everything finally begins to click and Godai rushes out of the cafe, telling Kozue he has to check on something. Godai and Mitaka stake out the office building and watch as Mitsukoshi enters, Mitaka insists that they tell Kyoko before confronting him. Godai agrees and so they meet with Kyoko, who refuses to believe them at first, and then tells them that she'll handle it. When she finally does confront Mitsukoshi, he tells her that the realtors office used to be a building he grew up in, and he continually visits it for nostalgias sake. Godai doesn't believe this and wants to interrogate him, himself, but Kyoko refuses. Overnight, Mitsukoshi dissapears. The next morning a telegram arrives for him from the realtors office telling him to report to work immediately. When the tenants try to see if he's home they discover he has moved all of his things out completely. Days later, everyone gathers at Maison Ikkoku and learns that Mitaka was able to piece together various parts of the story. Mitsukoshi worked for a company that investigated old properties where new buildings could be built. Apparently, after getting to know everyone at Maison Ikkoku, he felt so terrible about what he was doing he called his office and quit, causing them to send the fateful telegram. Kyoko is especially saddened by the fact that he felt he had to leave, but is relieved that everything turned out for the best regarding Maison Ikkoku.

Episode 52 3/25/1987
Yurushite Soichiro-san! Kyoko namida no saikon sengen!!
Forgive me Soichiro! Kyoko's Tearful Decision to Remarry
The fourth anniversary of Soichiro's death arrives and Kyoko invites her parents to attend, hoping that they will make an excuse not to come, since last year that used the opportunity to pressure her into remarriage. To her surprise they accept, and the entire time she is visiting the grave site, she waits for them to spring their trap on her. To her surprise, they never do, and the entire family ends up having a very pleasant day. When she arrives back at Maison Ikkoku, Mrs. Ichinose asks her what she talked about, and she tells her that her parents were well-behaved and didn't mention remarriage. Ichinose corrects herself and asks what Kyoko talked about to Soichiro. Kyoko panics when she realizes that she didn't visit with him at all during the trip, as she was too preoccupied with her parents. This event puts Kyoko into a deeply depressed state. She begins wondering why she wouldn't remember to visit with him, and begins to think that she's forgetting him. During a date with Mitaka she realizes she laughs more now than she ever has, and that various activities at Maison Ikkoku have kept her so busy that since moving in she's barely had time to be depressed about the loss of her husband. Still, she feels guilty about what happened, and decides to do something about it. The next day, Kyoko carrying a small, tightly-wrapped package, meets Yotsuya at the door, when he inquires what she has she tells him its not for him, so he shouldn't trouble himself about it, and when he asks where she's going she tells him "to where Soichiro is." When Yotsuya mentions this to Godai, he gets an idea that with Kyoko being so depressed lately, her carrying a small package and saying she's going to be with Soichiro, that she may be contemplating suicide. Godai rushes out of Maison Ikkoku, tells Mrs. Ichinose about his suspicions and begins his search for Kyoko. When he finally arrives at Soichiro's grave, Kyoko is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he sees her approaching, and so he quickly hides behind the tombstone. Kyoko sits down and begins talking to Soichiro, offering him some uncut sushi (the small package) and some tea. Godai breathes a sigh of relief, but then hears Kyoko crying, asking Soichiro why he left her and how hard its been without him. Kyoko begins speaking to Soichiro in her thoughts and tells him that she doesn't hurt as much anymore, and that one day she will put him someplace deep in her heart, and forget all the pain, and that when she does, he hopes he can forgive her. All this time Godai has been thinking that she's crying and becoming more upset, so he leaps out to comfort her, only to find her gone and a monk standing in her place. Meanwhile, everyone has gathered a search party at Chachamaru, but no one has found Kyoko. As panic sets in, Kyoko walks by and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. That night, Kyoko learns about the trouble everyone went through, and thanks them for worrying so much.

Episode 53 4/8/1987
Joshikousei power bakuhatsu! Kyoko ni koi no sensenfukoku
High-School Girl Power! A War Against Kyoko's Love
This episode marks the first appearance of Ibuki Yagami. As a college co-op, Godai has entered a student teacher's program. For the next two weeks he'll be teaching at an all-girls high school which he discovers is the very same school that Kyoko attended and where she met her husband Soichiro. Godai has a rough start since he's so weak-willed that he has difficulty controlling the students. The class representative Yagami helps him out, but comes to think of him as just another wimp. During a break, Godai gets an idea to find the old yearbooks to finally discover what Soichiro looked like, but of course he has no luck. Yagami spies on him and in typical schoolgirl fashion, she romanticizes the situation and comes to believe that he's suffering over the death of an old girlfriend that attended this school. Now she's suddenly developed a crush on Godai. At the end of the day she paints her hand and slaps Godai on the back, imprinting a red heart on his shirt (an old schoolgirl prank). The next day Yagami gets her friends to accompany her with Godai so that she can visit his home without seeming too suspicious. There Yagami meets Kyoko and starts to realize her relationship to Godai. Kyoko mentions that she washed out the heart mark Yagami made on Godai's shirt, which makes Yagami even more jealous. Even in the face of this potential rival, Yagami swears not to give up. The next day she sets up a photograph of her clinging to Godai and mails it to Kyoko. Kyoko is rather amused to receive this declaration of war.

Episode 54 4/15/1987
Hadaka de attack! Godai tajitaji yuwaku sakusen!!
Bare-Faced Attack! Operation Seduction
Even in the middle of a lesson, Yagami is trying her best to corner Godai and get him to reveal his feelings towards Kyoko. His supervisor Kamiogi-sensei is wise to the situation and warns Godai not take Yagami's advances seriously. Godai of course has no intention to reciprocate. Under the guise of discussing the distribution of clean-up duties, Yagami gets Godai alone and tries to kiss him. She's almost caught, so instead Yagami gives Godai a journal supposedly outlining the classroom duties. On the way home he runs into Kozue who sets his mind at ease that these high school crushes are usually just a phase. When he gets back to Ikkoku-kan Kyoko nonchalantly brings up the subject of Yagami, but Godai gets defensive, which kind of stuns Kyoko. In his room he settles in and opens the notebook Yagami handed him. Inside the words "suki desu" (I love you) are written on every page. Of course Yotsuya, Ichinose and Akemi all find out and tease him about it. The three of them later set up a little scheme and allow the notebook to purposely finds its way into Kyoko's hands the next day. At the tennis club, Ichinose explains to Mitaka about Yagami and the notebook, which Mitaka tries to use to his advantage. He offers to drop Kyoko off at the high school so that she can return the notebook to Godai. Upon arriving, Kyoko wanders around her old school nostalgically and Yagami goes to face her ever so nervously. She sees Kyoko with the notebook and swipes it back. Kyoko on the other hand only acts sweet and almost motherly towards her which only infuriates Yagami more than ever. She decides to take drastic measures. Her friends lure Godai into the gym equipment room and lock the door. Inside is Yagami, wearing just her gym shorts and a bra, trying to make a move on Godai (or at least blackmail him). Meanwhile Kyoko who's talking with her former teacher Kamiogi-sensei comes across the room and they both spy upon Godai rejecting Yagami's advances. Yagami grabs him, they fall, and he lands with her hand upon her chest. Kamiogi-sensei intervenes and puts a stop to the whole mess. Godai and Kyoko later go home together with no misunderstandings between them. Yagami and her friends however are scolded by Kamiogi-sensei but Yagami swears to herself that she still won't give up.

Episode 55 4/22/1987
Totsugeki pajama musume! Ikkoku-kan wa love panic
Pajama-Girl Charges In! Maison Ikkoku in a Love Panic!
Ever since what happened last time, Yagami hasn't been able to get close to Godai with her homeroom teacher keeping an eye on her. With only two days left before Godai's student teaching stint ends, she's almost out of time. Yagami inquires to Kamiogi-sensei about Kyoko and learns that she too was in love with a student teacher at the school and ended up marrying him. This gives Yagami added impetus realizing that it is possible to make it work. She invites herself and her friends to Godai's place the next day as an informal good-bye. Kyoko wants to help but Yagami becomes really possessive. Kyoko starts catching on to how aggressive this girl is. In Godai's room, Yotsuya greets the high school girls wearing a white tuxedo. After a lively time, the Ikkoku-kan gang see the girls off. The realize a bit later that Yagami hasn't gone with them. Apparently she plans to sleep over. Godai tries to get her to leave but she isn't budging. She tries whatever tactic she can to stall until after the last train, including changing into her pajamas. Now it's after dinner and Yagami still hasn't left. Yotsuya, Ichinose and Akemi get Godai's bedding all ready and try to pressure Yagami to get into his futon. At first she's apprehensive, but not wanting to seem like a kid in front of her rival Kyoko, she gets right in. Godai decides he'll have to sleep elsewhere then, but no one's willing to help him out. Kyoko says that her room will have to do. Everyone thinks she's inviting Godai into her room, but apparently she was talking about letting Yagami stay with her. Yagami doesn't seem to mind since she wants to use the opportunity to talk to Kyoko alone about Godai and her being able to marrying her teacher. Yagami puts Kyoko on the spot about whether she loves Godai, but since Kyoko has trouble responding clearly she gives a vague "not really" answer. That may or may not be so, but judging from Kyoko's behavior the next day, it looks like she's starting to develop a jealous streak about Yagami and Godai.

Episode 56 4/29/1987
Yagami no kesshin! Akiramenaiwa hatsukoi damono
Yagami is Determined: I Won't Give Up My First Love
Yagami and Godai leave for school together, and arrive arm in arm, much to Godai's chagrin. The other students begin to quiz her on the previous night's activities, asking if she and Godai really slept together. But its actually Godai's last day of student teaching, and his nightmare is almost over. Yagami becomes flustered when she walks into her classroom to find a message for her and Godai on the blackboard. The constant teasing by her classmates is more than she can take, and so, while delivering the student evaluations to Godai, she tells him that she is over him. Meanwhile at the tennis club, Mitaka asks Mrs. Ichinose about Yagami and gets all the latest gossip about how angry Kyoko is with the whole situation. Suddenly, Mitaka's Uncle pulls up and begins telling him about a woman that he wants Mitaka to meet. Shun tries to quiet him down until they can have a bit more privacy, but at the nearby coffee shop, when his Uncle makes the offer again and Kyoko doesn't react, Mitaka decides to accept. Later, in the Coaches Locker Room, Mitaka asks Kyoko if she's already chosen Godai, if there really is any reason for him not to meet this woman. Kyoko becomes very embarassed and extremely nervous, but tells him that that isn't the case at all. Back at Ikkoku, Godai receives Yagami's evaluation saying "The Long Goodbye, Goodbye Forever." But what Godai doesn't know is that as he was leaving school Yagami cried over him, and felt that if he can make her cry, he's worth falling in love with. So Yagami runs to Maison Ikkoku and up to Room 5, changing her letter to read "So Long! Goodbye, See You Later." As Mitaka's car pulls up to a large house, he enters and is shocked to see the shy girl that wanted to meet him....Asuna Kujo.

Episode 57 5/6/1987
Ojousama toujo! Mitaka coach ni hitomebore
The Princess Cometh! Mitaka is Her Prince Charming
This episode introduces Asuna Kujo, daughter of an ex-noble family who are business partners with Mitaka's uncle. Mitaka meets with Asuna and her family for the omiai. Mitaka seems to like her, although is surprised to see such a meek and old-fashioned girl in this day and age. Asuna wants him to meet her "brothers and sisters" and so she goes to fetch them. The siblings she was referring to turn out to be her dogs. Apparently Asuna is an avid dog lover with six dogs of her own. Mitaka having a dog phobia, doesn't react well and goes into a seizure. He definitely decides to cancel the arranged marriage. He tells Kyoko that he's canceling for her sake. Around the same time Kozue calls up Godai and comes to visit. She offers Godai a part time job at a day care that opened up after her friend decided to leave. Godai seems happy to take it. Meanwhile Asuna's parents talk discuss Mitaka's sudden strange behavior during the omiai. They wonder if they should call it off, but Asuna has decided she wants to marry Mitaka. All of her dogs really liked him, and that's proof enough for her that he's the person she's destined to be with. Asuna's parents hire a private investigator to look into Mitaka's background, who starts asking questions around Ikkoku-kan about Kyoko. The tenants easily give him information, but in exchange for having him buy them all drinks. Needless to say they bleed the poor man dry. Through the P.I. Asuna winds up finding out about Kyoko and decides she'll ask her nicely to give up Mitaka. For the past while, Godai has been going to his new job at the day care. Kyoko's happy that he's found a job he likes, but seems a bit lonely since she never gets a chance to talk with him anymore. As Kyoko is taking Soichiro-san out for a walk, Asuna shows up with her dogs and starts chatting with her about dogs, but loses her nerve and runs off before she can talk to her about Mitaka. Still she eventually finds out the omiai wasn't canceled, despite what Mitaka told her. Feeling cornered, Mitaka proposes to Kyoko that he'll call of the omiai if she'll agree to marry him. If not, then he'll never see her again. He gives her one week to decide what her answer will be. Kyoko doesn't know what to do and looks to Godai for support, but he's rarely home anymore.

Episode 58 5/13/1987
Godai ka Mitaka ka! Onna gokoro ha kon'ya ga shoubu!!
Godai or Mitaka? A Woman's Heart is on the Line
Kyoko has three days left to decide whether she'll accept Mitaka's marriage proposal. Mitaka continues to remind her, but still gives her some distance. Asuna shows up and once tries to tell Kyoko not to go out with Mitaka anymore, but she's too reserved to say it. The following morning, as Godai is leaving early for work, Kyoko stops him and tells him to come home early. Godai agrees and heads off. Kyoko goes shopping to get food for their dinner later. On the way back she meets Asuna and her dogs yet another time, but Asuna still just chats about dogs. That evening Godai gets off work and is going to head home, but Sakamoto finds him and reminds him that they're supposed to be going to a mandatory class party that Godai can't afford to miss. Godai never gets the opportunity to cut out early. As for Kyoko she waits at home with a big meal and a bottle of wine for Godai, but he never shows up. The other tenants come to keep her company (and eat the dinner) and she finds out where Godai is, but she's still mad that he didn't call her. Soon it's morning and Kyoko realizes that she has to give her decision today. More than anything she wants Godai to come home and tell her not to get married, but she waits for nothing. After walking all the way from downtown Tokyo, Godai and Sakamoto show up at Ikkoku-kan around the crack of dawn. They find Kyoko outside sweeping the steps after having been up all night waiting for Godai, looking very tired and very disappointed in him. Godai drops a bunch of matchbooks and handouts from girlie bars and clubs that he accumulated walking around downtown. Kyoko calmly sweeps up the pieces, lights a match and sets them on fire before walking back inside. Later that day after Kyoko walks off to meet with Mitaka, the other tenants clue in Godai about what Kyoko has been going through lately while he hasn't been there for her. This comes as a complete surprise to Godai. Kyoko meanwhile is waiting for Mitaka but falls asleep. Asuna finds her sleeping so she and her dogs sit and wait. Mitaka sees this and can't go any further thanks to the dogs in his way. The dogs gang up on him and he goes into another seizure, missing his appointment with Kyoko. Kyoko wakes up many hours later to find that Mitaka never showed up.

Episode 59: 5/20/1987
Doki! Kujo Asuna hajimete-no taiken!!
Be Still, My Beating Heart! Asuna Kujo's Very First Time
Kyoko's fated meeting with Mitaka never happened. Kyoko thinks it was her fault for falling asleep. Mitaka thinks it was his fault since his dog phobia kept him from showing up. She feels guilty about Mitaka, but also is still mad with Godai. Ichinose finds out that she was supposed to decide whether to accept his marriage proposal and this news reaches Godai who now fully realizes the magnitude of his selfishness. At Mitaka's apartment his uncle is visiting and still persists in hounding Mitaka about the marriage to Asuna. Mitaka decides to reveal his dog phobia to his uncle to get him off his back, but his uncle thinks he's just making excuses. At the daycare Godai is wondering how to apologize to Kyoko since he she doesn't seem to be speaking to him. He gets a voice tape from a little girl named Kyoko who's got a crush on him asking him innocently to marry him. He gets an idea to do the same thing. Kyoko and Mitaka make up, but she finds out that the omiai is still going on with Asuna. Godai comes home to see Kyoko is talking to him again, however she still seems troubled about Mitaka. In his room Godai first records a voice tape for the little girl at his daycare. He then sits down to record his feelings on tape to Kyoko, but has trouble finding the right words. The other tenants show up and use his tape recorder for a karaoke party. The next day Godai sees Mitaka pledging to break up the omiai arrangement just for her. Godai feels inspired and records a heartfelt message for Kyoko. He hands the recorder to Kyoko and tells her that his true feelings are on the tape. Meanwhile Mitaka is on a date with Asuna where he plans to break up with her for good. However Asuna's dogs followed them all the way from her home. Mitaka tries to get away from the dogs but they catch up with him and in his terror, Mitaka hugs Asuna. She notes this is the first time a man has held her. At Ikkoku-kan Kyoko listens to Godai's tape, but it addresses her with cutsey baby talk. At the other Kyoko's house (the little girl from the daycare) she's listening to a tape of Godai sincerely affirming his commitment to her. The girl's parents are rightfully concerned. Yes, Godai got the tapes mixed up.

Episode 60 5/27/1987
Michatta! Kyoko to Mitaka ga ikinari B?!
Caught in the Act! Kyoko and Mitaka, Hot and Heavy!
After his run in with Asuna's dogs, Mitaka has been staying in bed for the past few days feeling ill. Most of all he regrets hugging Asuna since now she's more attached to him than ever. He calls Kyoko and feeling sorry for him she goes to pay him a visit. Godai's been feeling worried about her seemingly growing relationship with Mitaka. So much so that when he sees Kyoko going out he follows her right to Mitaka's apartment. He hesitates to follow her inside but meets Asuna who had come to see Mitaka. Her dog Salad-chan seems to have followed Kyoko inside, so Godai goes with her to find the dog. In Mitaka's apartment Kyoko tries to avoid Mitaka but he confronts her. He gets close to her when Salad-chan climbs on him. Mitaka faints at the sight of the dog and falls right no top of Kyoko. Right then Asuna hears Salad-chan react and opens Mitaka's door. Godai and Asuna see what appears to be Kyoko and Mitaka embracing. Godai and Asuna are shocked and hurt. They both turn away quietly leave. Kyoko runs out trying to find Godai and clear up the misunderstanding, but he's long gone. Godai stays over at Sakamoto's place, but remains sitting in a state of shock for the entire time. Kyoko is worried after he doesn't come back home and calls everywhere. She eventually calls up Sakamoto but Godai won't speak to her. Sakamoto eventually kicks him out and Godai spends the day at the day care trying to forget his troubles. He even has coffee with Kozue and comes to rationalize that he only had a silly infatuation with Kyoko. Later that night he finally goes home, but shuts himself in his room. Kyoko tries to explain that it's a misunderstanding, but Godai doesn't listen and tells her he doesn't mind that she's with Mitaka now. He tries to put on a brave face by lying to Kyoko that he doesn't really have any special feelings for her. Kyoko asks if he'll be fine without her and he tells her that he'll be okay. He catches Kyoko crying as she turns away. She wipes her tears and walks down the hall and out of sight. Godai's left stunned not knowing what this means.




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