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Episodes 61 - 72
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Opening Theme: Sunny Shiny Morning (53-73)
Ending Theme: Goodbye Sketch (53-73)
Series Director: Takashi Anou
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

After rearranging some episodes to introduce Yagami earlier in the story, and trying some original stories like Mitsukoshi's attempted razing of Maison Ikkoku, the producers begin to largely follow the manga chapter by chapter at this point.

Episode 61 6/10/1987
Oikakete Godai-san Kyoko shitsuren hitoritabi
Come After Me, Godai! Kyoko Journeys Alone!

Kyoko gets a letter from Mitaka about how he's ashamed at what happened in his apartment. He vows never to see her until he confronts and overcomes the source of his problems (namely his dog phobia). Now Kyoko seems to have been rejected by both the men in her life and is alone again. Since she seems depressed, Ichinose suggests she go on a trip to forget her troubles. Kyoko decides to do it, but Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya keep butting in and trying to plan her vacation for her. Kyoko begins to suspect that they plan to tag along. Meanwhile at college Godai discusses with Sakamoto what happened last night. He's confused that Kyoko cried over his rejection, even though she seemed to be with Mitaka now. Sakamoto comes to the conclusion that Kyoko cried because she loves Godai. Realizing he could be right Godai hurries back home to talk to Kyoko and clear things up. He gets back too late as Kyoko has already gone and left a schedule on her door of where she'll be going. Godai grabs the schedule and runs off to find her. Meanwhile Kyoko is still stuck at the train station with her tenants having caused her to miss her train. Kyoko knows they'll probably follow her so she sneaks off and jumps on the first train out. She doesn't notice that Godai's on the same train with her. The following day, having arrived in Kanazawa Godai searches all over the tourist areas for Kyoko, but even though they're continually crossing each other's paths, Godai never sees her. Kyoko on the other hand keeps hearing his voice or seeing glimpses of him, but she thinks her mind is playing tricks on her. Kyoko also manages to pick up a traveling companion who is also traveling on her own. She seems cheerful at first, but Kyoko finds out she's feeling suicidal deep down. This trip was apparently supposed to be with her and a co-worker she's been seeing but instead she was simultaneously dumped and lost her job right before. Kyoko starts feeling lonely too and wishing that Godai would chase after her, but thinks it'd never happen. While they're out, Godai keeps hanging around the inn Kyoko's staying at waiting for her to show up, but the innkeepers think he's suspicious and he's detained by the police. The next day he spots Kyoko getting on a bus to the next location, but the same policeman stops him for jay walking and he misses his chance once again.

Episode 62 6/17/1987
Yatta! Kyoko to konyoku roten burode futari kiri
All Right! Alone in the Bath with Kyoko!
Kyoko is on the bus headed towards the next stop on her trip. Godai on the other hand is stopped on the side of the road since his taxi broke down. When Godai finally catches up with the bus, he finds out Kyoko changed plans and got off earlier near the hot spring resorts. Godai gets a ride there and begins searching all the inns one by one. He just misses her right before she checks at an inn by the seaside. Kyoko phones Ikkoku-kan. Ichinose tells her that the plumbing is being fixed but everyone's fine, including Godai. Only after she hangs up do the tenants realize that Godai's not home. Kyoko is disappointed since she thinks all those glimpses of Godai she's seen and heard on the trip were just her imagination. As for Godai, by evening he's had no luck so he checks into an inn for the night. Feeling that he's failed, he goes to try out the open air hot spring bath. Shortly after Kyoko is in her room bored out of her mind. With nothing else to do she goes to soak in the hot springs. After she undresses and goes out, she discovers to her dismay that there's no wall between the male and female sides. Since no one seems to be around she decides to go for it. On the other side Godai is hidden away. He's spent too long in the hot springs and is beginning to pass out. As he lumbers back, he splashes the water and startles Kyoko and they see each other. After the initial surprise, they turn their backs to each other and Kyoko tries to make conversation. But then she notices Godai has passed out under the water. She rescues him and the inn staff bring him to her room to recover. Sometime later Godai wakes up and notices Kyoko is in the room with him. He loses his nerve and tries to run away, but Kyoko brings him back. They sit across from each other exchanging awkward pleasantries. Godai pretends they're meeting was a coincidence which disappoints Kyoko. Both of them want to speak clearly to one another but can't seem to. Kyoko manages to explain to Godai what really happened in Mitaka's apartment. Godai is relieved but feels like a fool for having hurt Kyoko. They talk well into the night and Godai falls asleep. Kyoko's relieved she met with him and goes to hug him, but the phone rings. It's Ichinose who tells her that the plumbing burst and is spraying water everywhere, so Kyoko has to return home right away. Godai wakes up the next morning to find her gone and wonders if he did anything to make her leave. Meanwhile Kyoko arrives back at Ikkoku-kan where everything is already fixed. But she finds out from the tenants that Godai really did follow her after all, which makes her gush with happiness.

Episode 63 6/24/1987
Powafu Yagami ga wasureru goro ni yatte kitaru!
Yagami's Back! Just When You Least Expect Her!
It's been many months since Yagami last saw Godai. Still she hasn't forgotten about him. She feels like seeing him again and locates him working at the day care. Godai however doesn't seem to happy to see her. Yagami apologizes and runs away, but Godai feels guilty and invites for a treat. Yagami had noticed the ad Godai posted to tutor young students. She suggests he use her since she'll need to study for upcoming entrance exams. Godai tells her that he is only looking to tutor younger kids and that she should forget about him. He walks away, but forgot his wallet and has to get Yagami to pay. Yagami can't think of any excuse to see Godai again, but gets an idea and asks her friend to borrow her little brother. Godai gets an offer over the phone to tutor a student, and sets the meeting for the next day. The following evening Yagami comes to their door with a little smart looking kid named Toru who turns out to be her friend's brother. They say they're here to meet about the tutoring. The kid seems to doubt Godai's credentials, but he agrees to the tutoring arrangement anyway. Godai gets his pay in advance but the tenants all take advantage of him and make him use his money to pay for their drinking bill at Chachamaru. At the day care Godai doesn't seem to have any other parents interested in having him tutor since they all are concerned about his educational background, and Godai's college is pretty low rate as it is. So it looks like he only has Toru to tutor. The next day Yagami shows up on her own for the first tutoring session. Godai wants the other kid, but apparently he was only being used as a "substitute mother", while Yagami was the student he actually agreed to teach. Godai is mad at being conned into such a low trick but since his neighbors already spent all the money Yagami paid him and he can't return it, he's forced to go through with the deal.

Episode 64: 7/1/1987
Godai-kun makesou! Jyoshikousei no amai wana!!
Godai's on the Edge! Trapped by a High School Girl!
Godai starts tutoring Yagami, but his neighbors keep interrupting the session. Eventually after dealing with them Godai and Yagami are able to get down to business. Godai is helpful to Yagami until Kyoko comes by and then he suddenly distances himself. Yagami starts to think that she'll never get into the right mood with Godai as long as Kyoko is around. At her home the subject of tutoring comes up with Yagami's parents. Apparently they don't know she's already got one. Her father who's a hard-nosed overprotective father points out that she doesn't want a man tutoring his daughter. Yagami wonders how long she can keep it a secret. We later catch up with Mitaka at his apartment. He's apparently been staying home with his new dog, a little pomeranian he named MacEnroe. Mitaka's been putting himself through rigorous training trying to warm up to the dog and get over his fear, but he's still controlled by his phobia and can't bring himself to spend more than a few seconds with it before running away. At the next tutoring session, Yagami and Godai try to study, but the tenants keep partying in the hall. Yagami suggests they hold a final tutoring session at her home. A week later Godai arrives and she brings him to her room. Now that Yagami has him where she wants him, she reveals that her parents are away at a wedding and they have the house to themselves. They try to study, but Godai is really jumpy whenever Yagami gets too close to him. Just then her parents come home early and Yagami hides Godai in her closet. Yagami's father comes to check on her and acts very suspicious of her going behind her back with a man. Apparently he was at the wedding of the daughter of his friend who was against the marriage. Yagami's father sympathized with him. Now he's totally drunk and mad at any guy who'd try to get close to his own daughter. Godai realizes he's dead meat if he's found. Yagami tries to get Godai's shoes so he can escape, but her father sits on them and won't budge. Yagami's mother finds out about Godai, but is a lot more understanding than her husband. She helps him out and gets his shoes. Even so Yagami's father almost finds out and Godai jumps out the window. Running through people's backyards he's mistaken for a burglar and pervert. By the time he gets home he looks all beaten up and he's not wearing shoes either. Back with Yagami, she still has his shoes he forgot. She cherishes them as if they were a gift.

Episode 65 7/8/1987
Yagami zekkyou! Kiken na Yotsuya no kojin jyugyou!!
Yagami's Scream! The Dangers of Private Lessons with Yotsuya!
Godai arrives at Maison Ikkoku sans shoes, and only realizes it after Kyoko asks what happened to him. The next day Ibuki is gift-wrapping the shoes in order to return them. Meanwhile, Kyoko runs into Godai while he's out buying a new pair and he fills her in on the previous night's activities. Kyoko laughs it off and tells Yusaku that she's sure he's glad to be free of his obligations to Yagami. That afternoon Yagami arrives at Maison Ikkoku only to find that Godai is still out. Instead she meets Yotsuya, who wastes no time in creeping her out, but does give her an idea. A few days later she returns to Ikkoku while Godai is home, but instead of being there to see him, she has come to see her new tutor. Godai and Kyoko are both shocked to learn that it is Yotsuya. When Ibuki and Yotsuya go to Room 4 to begin the "study" session, Kyoko and Yusaku dive through the hole in Room 5 to listen in. When they hear Yagami scream, they break into the room and find that Yotsuya is merely scaring her with a toy frog. After the incident, Godai relents and allows Yagami and Yotsuya to hold their sessions in his room so that he can make sure Ibuki isn't taken advantage of. Kyoko continues to visit the room, and Yagami becomes frustrated when she learns that Kamiogi has seen Kyoko and learned of her visits to Maison Ikkoku. When Kamiogi produces her latest test scores, Ibuki becomes enraged and blames Kyoko for interfering with she and Godai.

Episode 66 7/15/1987
Yagami no chyousen! Miboujin nanka ni makenaiwa
Yagami's Challenge: I Won't Lose to the Widow!
Yagami blames Kyoko for Kamiogi learning of her visits to Maison Ikkoku to study with Godai. She is so angry in fact, that she begins studying non-stop in order to get her grades back up to where they once were. Ibuki succeeds and wastes no time in rushing to Ikkoku to brag about her grades to Kyoko. When she arrives, she begins to rub her triumph in Kyoko's face. The manager becomes annoyed but has no time to act out because Yagami quickly passes out from exhaustion due to all her studying. Kyoko and Godai let her rest up in the Manager's Room. Soon, things are back to normal, with Yagami studying with Yotsuya in Room 5, bothering Godai. Kyoko begins to get fed up with and sees that Ibuki is serious about pursing Yusaku. During one study session, the two exchange harsh looks and Kyoko leaves in tears when Yagami tells her that she knows Kyoko is in love with Yusaku in front of everyone. Godai rushes downstairs to reassure her that everything is okay, and the two almost kiss. A few days later, everyone visits Chachamaru to celebrate Yotsuya's first paycheck for tutoring Yagami. While there, Kyoko and Ibuki begin to argue again, only this time things become even more heated. Ibuki calls Kyoko a selfish coward for making Godai fall in love with her while she continues to be aloof with her feelings toward him. Eventually Godai shows up and takes Yagami home, while Kyoko walks back to Ikkoku with the other tenants. The next day, Yagami confides to Kamiogi that Kyoko is in love with Godai. Kamiogi is surprised but fills the young girl in on Kyoko's personality, and the fact that she probably feels as though if she admits her love for Godai, then her love for Soichiro must not have been real. Ibuki begins to feel that she may have gone to far in chastizing Kyoko and decides to go to Maison Ikkoku and apologize. When she arrives however, she takes one look at Kyoko and screams out that she is a coward, before running away, leaving Kyoko standing in the rain, stunned.

Episode 67 7/22/1987
Yagami mo a zen! Yukari baba-chan kin ha de sanjou!!
Even Yagami is Shocked! The Return of the Gold-Toothed Grandma!
While having lunch with friends Godai learns that everyone has been having trouble on their job hunts as they prepare for graduation. Yusaku decides the best thing for him to do would be to quit his part-time work at the daycare and focus all his energy on finding a full time job in the corporate world. That very day, Yukari arrives from Niigata for a surprise visit with her grandson. On her train into the city, she overhears a group of schoolgirls talking about a "Mr. Godai". She focuses in on one girl, who just so happens to be Yagami. When the train pulls into the station, she flags Yagami down and gets her to haul her luggage up to Maison Ikkoku. Yagami is rude to her, but does as she asks, not knowing that she's Godai's grandmother until they finally arrive at Ikkoku. As soon as she learns this fact however, her disposition changes completely and she does all she can to kiss up to the old woman. Soon the tenants have begun to party, and strangely enough, Yagami decides to leave before Godai gets back. When he does get home, Yusaku is already drunk, having celebrated a little too long with Sakamoto and Kobayashi. He is surprised to see his grandmother, but not as surprised as he would normally be. He tells everyone that he's decided to focus on getting a great job, and is starting the search tomorrow. The next day however, reality hits him as he faces rejection and overwhelming odds at his interviews with the top firms. Godai begins to become dejected, but Kyoko manages to cheer him on, even as the other tenants knock him back down.

Episode 68 7/29/1987
Tokon Yukari baba-chan korezo nekketsu kusayakyuu!
Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit: The Baseball Battle!
Visiting Chachamaru, Yukari overhears a bet between Toshizo, the local merchant, and Master. Toshizo has formed a baseball team of local store owners and wants Master to do the same. If Master can manage to get a team together, they will play and the winner will get as much free food and drinks at Chachamaru as they want with the loser picking up the tab. Yukari energetically accepts and agrees to be the manager of the team. She and Master recruit Akemi, Kyoko, Kentaro and his mother, Yotsuya, Mitaka, Yusaku and Sakamoto to face off against the aging store owners. Master is sure that victory will be his with Mitaka and so many young players on the team. Unfortunately the day of the game arrives and he finds himself down seven points in the first inning, mostly due to the lazy outfield work of Mrs. Ichinose and Akemi. Godai's pitching is hit and miss, but Kyoko, Kentaro and Mitaka are all natural atheletes and are able to keep the scores a bit more closely together. Godai's pitching improves when he gets to show off for Kyoko, but that comes to a quick end as Kozue and Yagami show up and he becomes distracted. Kyoko is unhappy to see them both their, and Yagami quickly realizes that Kozue is after Yusaku as well, deeming her an enemy, however the friendly Kozue seem not to notice Yagami's affection for Yusaku at all. After an injury to the opposing team by Mitaka, the suave tennis coach is forced to play for the merchant team, and Yagami substitutes for him. Mrs. Ichinose passes out drunk and Kozue happily plays in her place. The two girls are both talented, however Kozue seems to have luck on her side more than anything else. The downtrodden Chachamaru team manages to pull out a slim victory, however Toshizo's crew order only the cheapest beer and peanuts, which doesn't help Master to earn much money at all.

Episode 69 8/5/1987
Tsuichuu tairantou ni giwaku no kisumaaku!!
Underwater Confusion! Godai's Suspicious Hickey!
Godai visits Sakamoto at his apartment. It seems that Sakamoto has been dumped by his girlfriend and has invited Godai over to console him. After a marathon drinking session, Godai spends the night and sleeps in his best friend's bed. During the night, Sakamoto rolls over and dreamily remembers his ex-girlfriend and begins to suck on Yusaku's neck. The next day Mitaka drops Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose back at Maison Ikkoku after tennis practice. Shun and Yukari meet again and she manages to snag an invitation to a hotel swimming pool that was only meant for Kyoko. When Godai arrives home, his grandmother tells him the good news, but when he notices that Sakamoto's amorous encounter has left him with a hickey on his neck, he decides to pass. Unfortunately, Godai and Sakamoto are both working at the hotel in question, and when Kyoko, Mitaka, and Yukari arrive with the rest of the tenants in tow, Yusaku is forced into hiding for fear of being exposed for working a summer job rather than being out job hunting for a post college position. As Godai looks on he sees Mitaka cozying up to Kyoko with no problem, and so he decides to intervene. Slapping a bandaid over his hickey he walks up to the group while he's on a break from his waiter job. While taking a quick swim with Kyoko his bandaid falls off and Kyoko notices his hickey. When she swims away she gets a cramp in her leg and goes under, Yusaku saves her, but when Kyoko finds herself up close against his hickey, she bites him....hard. Godai is forced back to work, and begins hiding again so no one knows he's there. While he watches Kyoko from afar, he notices that she has lost her bathingsuit top and crawls across the cement to retrieve it for her without her seeing him. Later that day at Ikkoku, when Godai arrives home after everyone else, Kyoko notices the scrapes on his arms and realizes it was him who saved her when she was topless. While she doctors his arms, all is forgiven regarding the hickey, the bite, and the hidden job.

Episode 70 8/12/1987
Saraba baba-chan! Ueno eki wa enkai panniku!
Farewell Grandma! Party on Down at Ueno Station
The time for Yukari's departure has finally arrived. Godai is busy job hunting and holding down his partime work at the hotel. The gang decides to throw Yukari a going-away party, but the festivities begin a bit early as Soichiro gets a few bowls full of grandma's plum wine. Godai and Kyoko are able to bond while Kyoko shops for a going away present for Yukari, but upon arriving at Maison Ikkoku, the drunken Soichiro begins pawing at Kyoko. Godai becomes so angry that he intervenes and ends up holding Kyoko's skirt in his hand, which gets him a quick slap from the manager. Kyoko apologizes later that night, as a storm rages outside, but by now Godai and Soichiro are both drunk and amusingly find themselves at odds throughout the night. The next day everyone else is feeling fine, but Yusaku is suffering from a massive hangover. Yukari insists that he walk her to the station, and he does the best he can as Kyoko and the others tag along. When Yukari's train is delayed, the gang begins partying again, causing her to miss her train altogether. Godai finally gets her back to Niigata, but is exhausted by the end of the day.

Episode 71 8/19/1987
Manatsu no yoru no yume? Godai hyaku mo shushoku ketti ka?!
A Midsummer Night's Dream! Godai Finds a Job!
Yukari sends Godai and Kyoko matching kimonos in hopes that they'll wear them as a pair to the local festival. Kyoko is flattered and agrees while Mitaka meets with his uncle to show him the fruits of his training as he shows off his new love of dogs. Shun is planning on visiting Kyoko and putting his training to the ultimate test: Soichiro! At the festival, everyone has a good time, but are shocked at the sudden appearances of not only Mitaka, but Yotsuya and Yagami as well. When Soichiro goes missing, everyone seperates to find the missing pooch, and as fate would have it, Mitaka is the one to locate him. As he confidently pets him in front of Kyoko, she seems confused, but everyone else realizes that Shun has suddenly overcome his fear of dogs. At dinner, Yagami teases everyone by mentioning that her father is on the hiring commitee for Mitsutomo, an electronics firm that Godai is hoping to secure a job with. Later in the evening, Kyoko learns that Ibuki wasn't joking and encourages Godai to take her home in hopes of making a good impression with her father. Yusaku agrees and takes Ibuki home, upon meeting her father, he feels as though he's made a lasting impression, but Yagami later learns that her father was so intoxicated that he doesn't even remember when she came home, let alone that Godai was with her.

Episode 72 8/26/1987
Aka-chan tanjyou? Godai no nakiwarai jinsei!
A Baby is Born: Godai's Tearfully Happy Life
Godai shares his good news about getting an interview at Mitsutomo with Sakamoto. As soon as he hears about Yusaku's good fortune, he asks if perhaps Godai could use his connection to get Sakamoto an interview as well. Meanwhile, at the Yagami's house, Ibuki tries to remind her father of the promise he made to Godai, but the elder Yagami's feelings about Yusaku have changed considerably now that he has sobered up. He belives that Yusaku has been using his daughter just to get a job at Mitsutomo. Ibuki is unable to change his mind, and worries that her father is going to be especially hard on Godai when he shows up for the interview. That night, Yusaku celebrates with the other tenants even though Kyoko thinks he should be getting a good night's rest. The next morning while Yusaku is still fast asleep, Ibuki stops by and asks Kyoko to give Yusaku a charm she picked up for him at the local shrine. Ibuki worries about him for the entire day, and when Godai finally sets off for the interview, Kyoko gives him the charm Ibuki left for him. Yusaku is confused to see that the charm is for a "safe birth" and is usually given to pregnant women. As it happens, on his way to the interview, Godai runs into a woman who is going into labor and needs help. He calls for an ambulance which mistakes him for the woman's husband and rushes him into the ambulance along with her. Unfortunately he misses the interview, earning the scorn of an already angry Mr. Yagami.




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