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Episodes 73 - 84
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Opening Themes: Sunny Shiny Morning (53-73), Sunny Spot (74-96)
Ending Themes: Goodbye Sketch (53-73), Begin the Night (74-96)
Series Director: Takashi Anou
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

Earlier in the year the Maison Ikkoku manga reached its conclusion, and so by the end of the year, the anime was fast approaching its penultimate episodes as well. Yagami's storylines are wrapped up, and Mitaka and Asuna begin to get more deeply involved through the circumstances of their family and numerous misunderstandings.

Episode 73 9/2/1987
Ikkoku-kan hitojichi soudou! Yagami no Ookinaosewa-sama
Hostage Crisis at Ikkoku! Yagami Makes Herself at Home

Learning that Godai never arrived for his job interview Ibuki heads to Maison Ikkoku to confront him. When she arrives she finds Kyoko and the other tenants outside his door. Yusaku has locked himself inside and is refusing to come out or talk to anyone about how the interview went. When everyone else learns that he never showed up, they demand to know what happened. It isn't until Mr. Yagami arrives that Yusaku finally comes downstairs. As Mr. Yagami confronts Yusaku about stealing his daughter away from him, the husband of the pregnant woman Godai helped arrives to thank Yusaku for all his help. Mr. Yagami is so touched by Godai's kind act that he admits he wishes he had a job opening for Yusaku, but unfortunately, all the positions have been filled. Ibuki thinks that this is so unfair that she runs upstairs and locks herself in Room 5, refusing to come out. Days pass and Ibuki has moved into Room 5 full time. Godai is forced to sleep in the empty Room 3. Ibuki stops attending school, and only sees her friends to ask for money so she can continue to live at Maison Ikkoku. When her mother shows up to try to convince her to come back home, Ibuki is thrilled to learn that she thinks it would be a good idea for her to continue to see Yusaku after she graduates from high school. Godai is less than thrilled to hear this, but Mrs. Yagami hopes it will lure her daughter out. No such luck unfortunately as Ibuki is steadfast in her decision to stay at Maison Ikkoku until Godai is hired at Mitsutomo.

Episode 74 9/9/1987
Shuushoku sensen ijyouari! Godai sayonara daigyaku utata
All (Not So) Quiet on the Job Hunt Front! Godai's Eleventh-Hour Save
Godai continues to put up with Ibuki staying at Maison Ikkoku while he searches for a new job. As he heads out one morning, Kyoko offers to adjust his tie. Before she has the chance, Ibuki rushes out to give him a handkerchief he's forgotten. Kyoko returns to her sweeping, dejected at the interruption by the young student. Meanwhile, back at Yagami's house, Mr. Yagami receives a phone call from Kamiogi, Ibuki's teacher. She requests a meeting with both Ibuki and her father to discuss why she has not been coming to school lately. Mr. Yagami is so embarassed by the situation that tells Kamiogi that his daugther has been very sick. After discussing the situation with his wife, the stern father realizes that he cannot continue to allow Ibuki to stay at Maison Ikkoku, and that he will have to give into "Godai's demands" for a job. Instead of playing him with Mitsutomo, he'll find an opening at a smaller subsidiary of the company. After a long day of job hunting with no luck, Yusaku is irritated to come home to Ibuki's constant hovering. When the neighbors bust into Room 5 for the usual drinking and partying, Ibuki screams at them and runs them all out of the room. But Godai's gratefulness soon dissolves into annoyance as his young guest continues to talk and interrupt him. He begs her to be quiet, but even that has its own problems. Finally deciding that enough is enough, he receives a call from Mr. Yagami, and the two set up a meeting for the next day. At the cafe, Godai is firm with Ibuki's father, and tells him finally that he has no interest in his daughter, admitting that he's in love with his apartment manager. Mr. Yagami finally understands and agrees to come pick up Ibuki later that night. When Godai goes back to break the news, he finds the entire apartment building in an uproar. Smoke is billowing from Room 5, as Ibuki has attempted to broil some fish on the stove. Godai cannot hold back any longer and yells at Ibuki, telling her that she has to leave immediately. She refuses, but her father overhears and finally believes that Godai has not been holding his daughter hostage for a job. When he steps into the room, Ibuki hides behind Yusaku. Everyone is shocked as Mr. Yagami hands over a letter of recommendation that will ensure Yusaku a job with Katsugi Inc. a small subsidiary firm of Mitsutomo. Ibuki is still hesitant to leave, but when her father tells her that he will take back the recommendation, she finally understands that she has no choice. As she leaves, she tells Godai that he should remember that it is because of her that he is getting this job. Godai seems angry, but when he turns to see Kyoko staring at him, all his feelings of irritation seem to melt away. The next day after his interview, the entire apartment building is ready to celebrate. Kyoko even buys Godai a necktie. Everything seems to be going well for once, but as Godai turns off Kyoko's television set in preparation for the party he hears a newscaster announce that Katsugi Inc. announced it was going out of business. Godai stares at the screen in stunned silence.

Episode 75 9/16/1987
Koi hitosuji! Yagami to Asuna wa korinai onna
One-Track Love: Yagami and Asuna Never Say Die!
As Godai faces the realization that he won't have a job, Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose share the news with Mitaka on the tennis courts. The gossip session is interrupted by the appearance of Shun's uncle, who brings news that Asuna has been sick as of late. He wants his nephew to pay her a visit, but Shun will have none of it, and points out Kyoko to his uncle, telling him that she's the one he's in love with. A few minutes later however Shun realizes that with Godai's turn of bad luck, now would be the perfect time to finally end things with Asuna so that he'll be completely free to be with Kyoko. As Shun tries to get his affairs in order, Yagami is feeling guilty about the way things have turned out with Godai, and tries to convince her father to write him another letter of recommendation. Despite her pleas however, her father refuses. The next day, as Shun pays an unexpected visit to the Kujo Estate, his uncle sneaks over to Maison Ikkoku in an attempt to encourage Kyoko to dump Shun. Meanwhile, Mitaka decides once again that now isn't the right time to break things off since Asuna has just recovered from her love sick illness. But as he learns of his uncle's duplicity he decides that things have gone far enough and returns to see Asuna. When he breaks the bad news to her, she collapses in tears. Mitaka tries to back track, telling her that he doesn't hate her, but he just doesn't think they should be married. While Yagami's father adamantly refuses to help Godai, Yagami realizes she has no other choice but to move back into Maison Ikkoku in order to convince her father to write Yusaku a recommendation. But things begin to look up for Godai, as he is offered his old job at the pre-school once again. With no other opportunities on the horizon, he decides to go back to the daycare.

Episode 76 9/23/1987
Watashi matsu wa! Kyoko totsuzen no imishin sengen
I'll Wait! Kyoko's Double-Duty Declaration
The anniversary of Soichiro's death has arrived once again. Godai is busy building blocks for the children at the preschool when Mitaka suddenly arrives at Ikkoku. He has come to tell Kyoko that he's finally ended his arranged marriage to Asuna, and that he hopes she'll soon agree to marriage. Before he gets a chance to continue the conversation further, Godai interrupts and reminds Mitaka that any talk of marriage at this time of year is inappropriate. Kyoko mentions her late husband and Mitaka quickly apologizes for being so presumptious and excuses himself. When the anniversary day finally comes, Kyoko visits the graveyard with her family. As Godai prepares to deliver his blocks, he overhears Mrs. Ichinose on the phone. Mitaka is calling for the address of the graveyard where Soichiro is buried. Godai thinks that Shun is just being opportunistic and rushes to the graveyard to intercept him. When he arrives, he finds Mitaka offering incense and Chrysanthemums at Soichiro's grave. As Godai scolds him, they hear Kyoko, her parents and Mr. Otonashi approaching and quickly hide behind Soichiro's gravestone. As they do, Godai drops one of his blocks, which Kyoko quickly finds. She sees Mitaka's flowers as well, and a discussion about her remarrying soon erupts. Kyoko finally admits that she is planning to remarry soon, much to the delight of her mother. Upon hearing this Mitaka makes his prescence known and quickly invited to coffee with Kyoko's family. Kyoko asks for more time at the grave and sees Godai hiding behind Soichiro's gravestone. Irritated that he was eavesdropping on her conversation with her late husband she douses him with water and loudly proclaims that she won't be marrying anyone at least until next spring. Upon meeting up with her family at the coffee shop she is overwhelmed by learning that Shun has told everyone that he rejected an arranged marriage for Kyoko.

Episode 77 10/14/1987
Appare Godai! Tama ni misemasu no iji
You Go, Godai! You Do Have Pride, After All!
Yagami's continued living arrangements at Maison Ikkoku has seemingly had no effect on her father, as he still refuses to give Godai another job recommendation. In fact, it seems as though Yusaku may not need a recommendation after all. The director of the preschool was so impressed with the reaction to the blocks that Godai built, that he decides to put him in charge of the upcoming school festival. Godai happily accepts the responsibility and puts his imagination to use, creating numerous games for the children to participate in. Meanwhile, Ibuki visits her parents, and working with her mother, convinces her father that she's decided to move back home. As the family enjoys a delicious homecooked meal, Yagami gets up to leave, tricking her father into admitting his feelings for her only to tell him that she was only home for a visit. With added pressure from her mother, Mr. Yagami begins to feel as though the only way to get his daughter back is to give in to her demands. As the festival approaches, everyone at Maison Ikkoku helps Godai put the finishing touches on his toys for the children. Suddenly, Mr. Yagami arrives and hands Godai a new letter of recommendation. Everyone is shocked as Godai rejects it, saying that taking the letter would lead him down a path he doesn't want to follow. Mr. Yagami insists that Ibuki comes home, but she refuses until Yusaku agrees and tells her she needs to go home. Sakamoto is more shocked than anyone at Godai's refusal of the letter, and begs Mr. Yagami to give it to him instead. The festival goes especially well, and Godai begins to feel more secure in his decision in rejecting Mr. Yagami's letter.

Episode 78 10/21/1987
Sore wa himitsu desu! Godai no baito funsen ki!!
I'm Not Sayin'!! The Cabaret Chronicles
Things at the the preschool have continued to go well for Godai, as his coworkers have mentioned that he would make an excellent preschool teacher and encourage him to get his teaching license. When Sakamoto visits the preschool he excitedly tells his friend that he used the recommendation from Yagami's father to land himself a job. The pair go out drinking to celebrate, and end up spending the entire night out on the town. As they prepare to go home, Sakamoto insists on visiting a local cabaret where a friend of his works. The next morning Yusaku and Sakamoto are awakened by a surly man who insists that they owe him money for the alcohol they drank the previous night. With no way to pay, they are forced into service at the Bunny Cabaret by Iioka, Sakamoto's acquantance. Unfortunately, things don't go well as sakamoto's new boss from his business is a regular at the club. Not wanting to be discovered, Sakamoto flees leaving Godai with the sole responsibility to work off their tab. As the nights pass, Godai gets better at his job of attracting patrons the club when suddenly Yotsuya passes by. Blackmailing Godai into giving him free drinks in exchange for not telling Kyoko about his new job, Yotsuya makes a pest of himself. A few nights later, Yotsuya returns with Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose, who all insist on Yusaku paying their tab in exchange for their silence.

Episode 79 10/28/1987
Kyoko-san gomen ne! Tamida tamida no aisaibento
I'm So Sorry, Kyoko... I Don't Deserve to Eat Your Lunch
Things are going great for Godai. He's finally managed to quit working at the cabaret. At the preschool the other teachers tell him how much the director has been bragging about him, which leads Yusaku to consider a full time job as a teacher. At a local bookstore, he runs into Yagami, who notices that he's looking at study guides for a teaching license. When she asks him about it though, Godai dodges the question and makes an excuse to leave. That night however, he tells Kyoko about his plans, and she couldn't be more excited about the decision he's made. The very next day however, Yusaku is called into the directors office and told that he will no longer be needed, as they have found someone to replace him so that he can pursue his career as a businessman full time. A short while later, Godai's grandmother calls Kyoko to inquire about her grandson. She's concerned that Yusaku isn't eating enough, and asks Kyoko to look after him. As Godai wakes up the following morning with nothing to do, a knock on his door from Kyoko gets him out of bed. She tells him that he'll be late for work if he doesn't leave soon, and hands him a boxed bento lunch that she made for him herself. Overwelmed by her kindness, Godai can't bring himself to tell her that he's been fired. Wandering around town all day, Yusaku finds himself back at the Bunny Cabaret where his skills with children net him a job taking care of the hostesses babies and kids. That night, as he heads out onto the street to attract customers, Ibuki sees him and wonders if this is the career path that Godai rejected her father's recommendation for.

Episode 80 11/4/87
Godai dokkiri! Totsuzen Yagami no baniigaru!!
Godai Goes Ga-Ga! Yagami's a Bunny Girl Now?!
After Yagami realizes that Godai is no longer working at the daycare, she begins to ask questions around Maison Ikkoku. As she informs the other tenants that she knows he's working at the Bunny Cabaret they begin to visit him once more, making sure that he pays their tab in order to keep them quiet about his job to Kyoko. Meanwhile, Yagami decides that she has to keep watch over Yusaku in order to make sure none of the cabaret workers try to put the moves on him. She manages to talk Iioka into hiring her, and promises to help Godai pay off the debt he's incurred because of the tenants parties. Godai dismisses her though and tells Iioka that she's only a high school student. Mitaka calls Kyoko for a date and as they're out on the town she sees Godai standing outside the cabaret. That night, Godai finally decides to come clean with her, but she confronts him first, telling him how stupid he's made her feel. The next day, she wonders what could have caused Godai to quit his job at the daycare. When one of his former co-workers stops by Ikkoku to drop off a study guide for the teacher's licensure exam, Kyoko asks her why Yusaku was fired. The girl tells her that everyone at the daycare loved him, but they hired someone full time and had no need of Godai anymore. Relieved, Kyoko decides to forgive Godai, and tells him that he needs to be honest with her more often, even when he has bad news.

Episode 81 11/11/1987
Ai no shuunen! Asuna wa yappari korinai onna
Obsessive Love! Asuna Just Won't Give Up!
As Godai continues to work at the Bunny Club he gets a promotion, and starts to work in the club's nursery on a more full-time basis. On one unexpected evening the tenants from Ikkoku stop by for a party with Godai's grandmother Yukari in tow. She's in Tokyo for a high school reunion and has decided to check in on her grandson. The next day Mitaka visits Ikkoku to escourt Kyoko to the tennis courts. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ichinose and Grandma Godai tag along as well. Things go from bad to worse as Mitaka meets the club's newest student, Asuna Kujo! When he learns that she is still planning to marry him he calls up his uncle and discovers that because he never told Asuna's parents that he was not going to marry her, they're still planning the engagement. Mitaka decides to go back to her house and end things for good by telling her parents. But as Shun prepares to break the news to the Kujo's, he finds his uncle and parents waiting. Not wanting to make a scene, Mitaka is forced to wait once more. At the same time, Godai is having troubles of his own as Kasumi, an employee at the cabaret has decided to abondon her children to Godai's care.

Episode 82 11/18/1987
Manten Papa Godai-kun no kosodate sutoorii
Perfect Papa! The "Mister Mom" Godai Story
Godai's days are busier than ever as he tries to take care of Taro and Hanako, the two children abandoned by their mother. Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose and Yukari take care of the children during the day as Godai scours the city in hopes of finding Kasumi and forcing her to take the children back. Everyone at Ikkoku begins to see what a natural Kyoko is with children, and she seems to honestly enjoy having the kids around. Behind the scenes however, Mitaka and her mother are plotting to trick Kyoko into meeting Shun's parents and get their wedding on track. Godai finally locates Kasumi, but just as he's preparing to drag her back to Maison Ikkoku to pick up Taro and Hanako she runs away, leaving Godai with no choice but to continue to care for the kids for another week. That same day, Kyoko agrees to meet up with her parents to celebrate her father's birthday, what she doesn't know is is that she will actually be meeting Mitaka's parents.

Episode 83 11/25/1987
Tsuiikakette Yokohama Kyoko-san ga nigeru?!
Off to the Yokohama Border! Kyoko's Doing a Runner
The day of Kyoko's meeting with Mitaka's parents has arrived and she still has no clue of what is about to occur. She gets her first inkling when Mitaka arrives to escort her to the supposed party. Both she and Godai are shocked, but Mitaka wastes no time and quickly gets Kyoko in his car. As soon as she leaves, Godai notices that Taro is missing and begins to panic. When the couple arrive at the hotel for the marriage meeting, they discover that Taro has tagged along. Kyoko is shocked to find that her mother tricked her by not telling her about Mitaka's invitation. She is even more shocked when his parents show up. Realizing that her future is being decided for her, she calls Maison Ikkoku to tell Godai that Taro is with her, and pleads with him to come to the hotel to get the boy. Mitaka realizes that Kyoko has called Godai, and as the group sits down to dinner, his parents try to get to know their prospective daughter-in-law. As Godai's arrival time approaches, Mitaka lures Kyoko out into the hotel gardens in an attempt to avoid him. Shun and Kyoko just miss Godai, but Mitaka goes back to tell him that Kyoko will not be coming home tonight. With Taro and Hanako back in his care, Godai is too tied down to go after Kyoko. Mitaka drives away with her, heading to Yokohama to continue their evening together. When they arrive, Mitaka tells her that he's reserved a hotel room for them, and that he's going to keep reserving it until she opens her heart to him.

Episode 84 12/2/1987
Giwaku 1000% Kyoko no sukyandaru neito
"One Thousand Percent Suspicious!" Kyoko's Scandalous Night
Mitaka continues to encourage Kyoko to be honest with him, and hopes that she'll agree to spend the night together. Kyoko continues to hesitate and so Shun asks her to take a walk with him. Outside she asks if he's sobered up yet, which hurts him tremendously. He tells Kyoko to be honest with him and to stop dragging things out. As Kyoko begins to cry, Shun finds that he cannot keep pushing her into doing this when it's obviously causing her so much pain. He embraces her and calls a cab for her back to Tokyo. Back at Maison Ikkoku, Mr. Chigusa arrives and he and Godai begin an all night search for Kyoko. When they get back at dawn, they find that she's already home, but she can tell that Godai thinks something might have happened between she and Mitaka. Taro and Hanako are still in Godai's room as Kasumi never picked them up. Godai sleeps for most of the day, and that evening finds Taro becoming more and more worried that his mother is never coming back for he and his sister. Upset he tries to page his mother, but when she doesn't call back he breaks down in tears. Suddenly, Kasumi appears and tells everyone that she's been there since the previous night, but she got caught up partying with Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose. With the family finally reunited, and Kyoko safely back at home, things can hopefully begin to get back to normal at Maison Ikkoku, but as Mitaka finds himself alone on the tennis courts he seems to knows that things between he and Kyoko will be ending soon.




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