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Episodes 85 - 96
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Opening Theme: Sunny Spot (74-96)
Ending Theme: Begin the Night (74-96)
Series Director: Takashi Anou
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Kenji Kawai & Takao Sugiyama
Character Designs: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Chitose Asakura
Director: Kazuo Yamazaki

Most fans of Rumiko Takahashi's works fail to realize that Maison Ikkoku is the only television series to see the story of the manga from beginning to end. While Urusei Yatsura later saw its final storyline animated as a film, both Ranma and Inuyasha had numerous volumes of material that was never adapted to animation. Another reason to be grateful to be a fan of Maison Ikkoku!

Episode 85 12/9/1987
Koko ga shounenba! Godai to Mitaka shukumei taiketsu
The Main Event! Godai and Mitaka's Fight-to-End-All-Fights

As Godai prepares for his final exams, the rest of the tenants continue to party. Meanwhile, Mitaka is still recovering from the dissapointing trip to Yokohama with Kyoko. She has decided it would be best to stay away from the tennis courts for awhile, although Asuna is still coming on a regular basis. She overhears the housewives discussing Mitaka's recent meeting with Kyoko's parents and is shocked to hear that Shun is meeting with another woman when his Uncle has assured her family that the engagement between them was proceeding well. Asuna decides to go to Maison Ikkoku to confront Kyoko but instead runs into Godai. When Yusaku sees her crying he decides to go to Mitaka and tell him about the problems he is causing. When they meet Mitaka is in no mood to talk and the two decide to settle things once and for all, with their fists. The entire night is spent looking for a place to hold their much anticipated slugfest, but a determined police officer continues to interrupt them and the pair finally end up drinking their problems away. When Godai finally leaves, he finds Kyoko waiting for him at the train station. Upon seeing him drunk she slaps him hard across the face. Meanwhile, Mitaka stumbles home to find Asuna at the door of his apartment.

Episode 86 12/16/1987
Shougeki no Ikkoku! Asuna no sarada kinenbi?!
It Happened One Shocking Night! Asuna's Salad Anniversary
Mitaka asks Asuna why she is there, and she learns that he never wanted to be engaged to her in the first place. Hurt but brave, she agrees to end things and walks away. Shun drunkenly opens his apartment door and passes out in the entrance. Asuna returns to get her dog, Salade and finds him asleep on the floor. Generously helping him inside, Mitaka pulls her down and lays on top of her, kissing her. The next morning, Asuna leaves after putting Shun to bed and making him breakfast. Her driver, Kimita, promises that he will keep everything that happened a secret from her family. When Mitaka wakes up he can barely remember what happened the night before, but he does know that he kissed Asuna. Meanwhile, things aren't going well at Maison Ikkoku for Godai. Kyoko is ignoring him and has told everyone that she slapped him the night before. They all take her side, but she quickly cools off when Godai doesn't come home after his final. When he finally does arrive he tells everyone that he won't be staying. Yusaku has decided to stay at the Cabaret until he has completed his tests and graduated from school. Meanwhile, Mitaka fears that he may have gone too far and slept with Asuna and seeks her out. He ends up following her to Izu where he learns that she did in fact stay all night, but that she will not force him into marriage just because of what happened between them.

Episode 87 12/23/1987
Asuna ga ninshin? Mitaka ga bikkuri kekkon sengen!!
Asuna's Pregnant?! Mitaka's Suprise Shotgun-Announcement
As Mitaka arrives in Izu he clumsily asks Asuna what happened between the two of them at his apartment. She reassures him and he's greatful to learn he didn't do anything too uncooth. Back in Tokyo however Asuna's mother learns from Kimita that Asuna spent the night with Mitaka, and is furious to learn that her daughter is now 'damaged goods.' Asuna clarifies what happened much to her mother's delight. Outside Asuna is approached by the family veterinarian who tells her that Salad is pregnant. Asuna is overjoyed and rushes to the tennis courts to tell Mitaka. Unfotunately her explanation is unclear and Shun (and everyone else on the courts) think that Asuna is pregnant. Mrs. Ichinose goes back to Maison Ikkoku to tell Kyoko the news while Shun is beyond depressed and realizes that he has no choice but to marry Asuna now. Not knowing what else to do he visits Kyoko at Ikkoku and the pair end up sitting quietly on a hill. Mitaka tells her goodbye and Kyoko tells him that she hopes he'll be happy. The parting is sad, especially for Mitaka who feels lost and trapped. A few days later at his engagement ceremony with Asuna, he learns the truth about the pregnancy and is devastated. Word spreads quickly that Asuna is not pregnant, but by now it is too late, Shun is already officially engaged to be married. On the tennis courts Mitaka and Kyoko continue to see each other and she nervously tells him that she still hopes he'll find some way to be happy.

Episode 88 1/6/1987
Ai futatabi? Kozue ga nokosu no aji!!
Love All Over... The Lingering Taste of Kozue's Kisses
As Godai attempts to finish up another day of studying at the cabaret Mitaka arrives looking extremely angry. Godai and he go to a nearby park with two children that Yusaku is taking care of. Godai tells Mitaka that he heard what happened with Asuna and that he hopes things will be okay for he and Asuna. Mitaka is too angry and doesn't want Godai's pity. Even though he doesn't want to be with Asuna he tells Godai that he knows he doesn't have a choice and will have to go through with the wedding. Mitaka painfully attempts to cheer Godai on but can't bring himself to do it. Mitaka ends up walking off even more angry than he was when he arrived. Later that night he and Asuna have dinner with his family and Asuna realizes that he is not happy. Looking through an old photo album she sees Shun as a little boy, upset at losing a tennis tournament, but putting on a brave face in a photo. She realizes that this false smile from his boyhood is the same smile that he uses around her. When they are alone she confronts him with this but instead of getting upset she tells a joke to put him at ease. Mitaka laughs and smiles at her. Taking her hand in his he promises that they will make their own happiness from now on. Silently he tells Kyoko goodbye as he prepares to begin his life with Asuna. Meanwhile Kozue is having dinner with a co-worker from her bank. Out of nowhere the man shows her his bank book and asks her to marry him. Kozue is completely shocked and tells him that she'll need a few days to think about it. Instantly her mind goes to Godai and she decides she needs to see him. Not knowing where he is she goes to Maison Ikkoku and sees Kyoko and the other tenants for the first time in a long while. Kyoko is taking a few good luck charms from the tenants to Godai and agrees to take Kozue with her to the cabaret. When they arrive Kyoko quickly wants to leave, but is talked into staying by Godai and Iioka. Kozue learns that Godai has been busy studying for his final exams, and decides that now isn't the best time to burden him with her marriage dilemma. Instead she tells him that they can talk about it later, but she asks him to lean down and close his eyes. Doing as she asks, he is shocked when he suddenly feels Kozue's lips on his. For the first time in their relationship they have kissed, and as luck would have it Kyoko just so happens to be walking back to Maison Ikkoku and sees the whole thing.

Episode 89 1/13/1987
Musubareme ai! Godai to Kyoko konnichi de awakare?
Love Forlorn! Today is IT for Godai and Kyoko
As Godai arrives back at Maison Ikkoku his finals are finally over, but he is shocked to find that Kyoko isn't as welcoming as he had expected her to be. That night as the other tenants celebrate, Kyoko is quiet. Everyone asks why she's angry but she refuses to say anything. A phone call interrupts the conversation and gives the other tenants a chance to question Godai. He relizes that maybe she saw he and Kozue, and when she comes back and tells him that its Kozue on the phone, he is more sure than ever that this is the cause of her ire. Kozue asks if she can meet with Godai now that finals are over. And the next day at a cafe, Kozue tells Godai about her friend's proposal and begins to cry, telling him that she didn't know what to do. Godai tries to calm her and tells her that he plans on asking someone important to him to marry him as soon as he graduates. Kozue thinks he means her and becomes very excited, instantly deciding that she'll turn down the other man to be with Godai. Before he has a chance to set Kozue straight she excitedly runs out to make it to work on time. Godai is more frustrated than ever and things only get worse as he gets back to Maison Ikkoku. Kyoko is sitting outside and decides to confront him about kissing Kozue. He tells her that he wasn't the one who kissed her, but Kyoko refuses to believe him. The two begin to yell at one another when Godai holds his hands in front of him and asks Kyoko to close her eyes, the same trick that Kozue used on him when she kissed him. Kyoko quickly realizes what he is trying to do and tells him how stupid he is for falling for that. Godai agrees and becomes frustrated, but Kyoko turns the tables on him, telling him to close his eyes. However instead of kissing him she tugs on his cheeks. Godai sighs, but Kyoko then tells him to turn around and close his eyes. He does as he is told and Kyoko slowly sneaks around in front of him and kisses him before running inside. Godai screams in excitement and runs up to his room, ready to tell Kozue once and for all that Kyoko is the only woman for him. Yotsuya interrupts him however and mentions the annual New Year's Eve party at Chachamaru. Godai happily agrees to go and looks forward to seeing Kyoko again that evening. That night, everyone is enjoying themselves and the tenants point out how happy Kyoko seems to be with Godai now. Suddenly Kozue rushes inside the bar. Crying she tells Godai that she just couldn't tell her friend that she didn't want to marry him even though she does want to marry Godai. Upon hearing this Kyoko runs up and slaps Yusaku before leaving Chachamaru. Godai chases after her but she no longer wants to hear his excuses and tells him to move out. He says that he will not move out under any circumstances. Frustrated by this, Kyoko goes back to Maison Ikkoku alone and packs her backs. Early the next morning while everyone else is asleep she moves out of Maison Ikkoku, quitting her job as manager.

Episode 90 1/20/1988
Kyoko-san intai! Ikkoku-kan wa tooi omoide?
Kyoko Retires! Ikkoku, a Distant Memory?
Godai learns that Kyoko has moved out and explains the Kozue situation to the other tenants. They tell him to go get Kyoko to come back to Maison Ikkoku and tell him that they won't let him come back until Kyoko has returned. Godai goes to the Chigusa's and attempts to see Kyoko but she refuses. When he loudly shouts that everything was a mistake she rushes into the foyer and pushes him out the door, telling him that she never wants to see him again. When Godai returns to Ikkoku he finds himself locked out and attempts to climb in through Kentaro's window to get inside. Over the next five days Godai goes to see Kyoko everyday, while her father decides to take it upon himself to tell Mr. Otonashi that Kyoko will not be returning to Maison Ikkoku. Mr. Otonashi goes to Maison Ikkoku to tell the tenants the news and finds the entire building in a state of disarray. The floors are covered in garbage and the tentants begin to tell him how inconvient Kyoko's absence has been for them. With no other choice he hires a new temporary manager: Godai! The next day he calls Kyoko to tell her the news, and upon hearing that she's been replaced she begins to have second thoughts about her impulsive decision to leave Maison Ikkoku.

Episode 91 1/27/1988
Kyoko gafu zen! Akemi to Godai wa igai na kankei!!
Kyoko's Big Shock! Akemi and Godai Together?!
Kyoko has stopped talking to her father because of him going to Mr. Otonashi without telling her. As fate would have it she is so mad that she ends up deciding to go back to Maison Ikkoku to talk to the new manager. On her way back she stops in at Chachamaru and finds Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose drinking. They tease her about leaving and Akemi takes things too far by telling her that if Kyoko doesn't come back then she'll go after Godai herself. Kyoko angrily tells her that she should and leaves in a huff. Before she goes back home she stops at Maison Ikkoku to see Godai cleaning the front walkway. Realizing that he's the manager puts her at ease and convinces her to go back home. Later that week Godai gets a call at work from Akemi. She's in a love hotel with no money and needs him to come bail her out. Threatening to kill herself if he doesn't Godai rushes over and finds a drunken Akemi in room 302. As the two leave the love hotel they just happen to run into Kozue and a group of her friends on the street. Shocked at seeing Godai leaving the hotel with another woman Kozue silently walks away. The next day Akemi tells Godai that he should be grateful that she helped him end things with Kozue, but Yusaku can't help but feel badly about the way things ended between them. Calling Kozue doesn't work however and so it seems that their relationship is doomed to end on a sad note. That day Mrs. Ichinose visits Kyoko at her parents' apartment and tells her that the whole Koze proposal was a misunderstanding and that she should come home. Kyoko is finally convinced and packs her bags. However on the way back to Ikkoku Kyoko runs into Kozue and the two begin to talk. Kozue breaks down in tears and tells Kyoko about seeing Godai and Akemi leave the love hotel together. Back at Maison Ikkoku the tenants are waiting for Kyoko to arrive.

Episode 92 2/3/1988
Kozue-chan kekkon! Godai no ai wa eien ni?!
Wedding Bells for Kozue! Is Godai's Love Eternal?!
Kyoko walks up Clock Hill back to Maison Ikkoku remembering that Akemi told her that she was going to seduce Godai. Instead of going to Ikkoku she goes to Chachamaru to confront Akemi. As she builds up her nerve Akemi calls the other tenants to let them know that Kyoko is there with her. By the time they get there Akemi has already told Kyoko that its true that she and Godai were seen by Kozue at a love hotel. Kyoko is on the verge of tears and can't take anymore pain. She gets up to leave but Akemi stops her and tells her how childish she's been, how she never lets Godai even hold her hand yet she thinks she can be so tough with him. As she runs out, Akemi tells Godai to go after her. He does and the two of them walk and talk for awhile, Kyoko tells him that she doesn't feel like she can trust him anymore when he finally tells her that she is missing the most important part, that he loves her, and that he's loved her since he first met her. Kyoko is shocked. The two seperate with Kyoko going back to Maison Ikkoku while Godai goes to work. On a train in the city, Kozue runs into Yotsuya. He tells her that the whole thing with Akemi was a misunderstanding. Kozue feels awful about how things have ended with Godai and so she goes to see him at the Bunny Cabaret. There they begin to talk before Iioka reminds Godai of how unprofessional he's being. As Godai walks Kozue home she begins to cry and asks him not to hate her, Godai gets down on his knees and begins to beg her not to hate him either. Godai finally confesses that he's in love with someone else and that he should have told Kozue much sooner. Kozue smiles and sits on the ground with him, showing Yusaku her engagement ring. After the incident with Akemi she accepted her co-worker's proposal. Kozue and Godai spend then next few minutes talking about the man she will marry before Kozue gets in a cab. Right before she leaves she asks about the woman Godai loves, but decides its best not to know. The two leave each other forever, with Godai wondering exactly how he would classify Kyoko and how she makes him feel.

Episode 93 2/10/1988
Haruno yokan? Futari no shin wa atsui tokimeki!!
Spring is in the Air! Two Hearts in Love!!
Kyoko walks Soichiro and remembers Godai telling her that he's been in love with her. Back at Ikkoku the tenants tell Godai that they'll have a consolation party for him if he doesn't end up graduating. Kyoko arrives just in time to ask Godai to let her know how he did. At school Godai quickly learns that he's graduated! The rest of the day is spent trying to call Maison Ikkoku to let Kyoko know how he did. Unfortunately everyone is planning a "better luck next time" party and keep missing his phone calls. Everyone at the cabaret is happy to learn that Yusaku passed, and later that night he finally gets back to Maison Ikkoku to share the good news. During the party Akemi begins to argue with Kyoko again and brings up how Godai will never be able to overcome Soichiro in Kyoko's eyes. Kyoko begins to cry and leaves and Godai tries to follow but she locks herself in her room. The next day Godai goes out job hunting and meets a single father whose wife has recently left he and his son. While Godai doesn't get that job, he does tell Kyoko how well it went for him and she seems proud. The two discuss her memories of Soichiro and they finally have a honest discussion of how Godai has felt all these years trying to live in Soichiro's shadow. As the snow begins to fall outside of Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko tells Godai that she'll never be able to forget her husband but that she wants to make her own way together with Yusaku. They begin to kiss and turn out the lights. The next morning Kyoko is in a particularly good mood, and is even happier when Godai calls to tell her he's gotten a job at his old workplace, the Acorn Daycare. Just as he's about to propose however his pay phone runs out of money.

Episode 94 2/17/1988
Yattaze! Godai-kun keshi no purupoosu!
Way to Go! Godai's Do-or-Die Proposal!!
Kyoko goes to visit her sick father, and finds that he's very ill. At the Acorn Daycare Godai listen to his co-workers discussing marriage and decides he'd best begin to think about how he will propose to Kyoko. Kyoko has been wondering the same thing herself and keeps waiting and waiting for Godai to get around to asking. Her father is deadset against Kyoko getting married again and suddenly disappears from his sickbed in an attempt to do something about it. Kyoko calls Godai at the daycare to get him to look out for Mr. Chigusa should he show up, but later that night Godai is at the Bunny Cabaret and there is still no sign of him. That night just so happens to be Godai's last night at the cabaret and as he is giving the children presents that he's made for them, Mr. Chigusa arrives and promptly passes out. After waking up and having a few drinks with Godai's co-workers at his going-away party, Mr. Chigusa passes out drunk. As they walk back to Kyoko's parents house, Godai decides now is the time to propose to Kyoko. He asks her to marry him and she stops in her tracks and asks him to promise her just one thing; that he will outlive her. After losing Soichiro she knows she can't go through being alone again. Godai swears, and Mr. Chigusa wakes up and tells Kyoko that even if something happened she could always come back home, that she'll never be alone. Kyoko cries and hugs Godai and her father.

Episode 95 2/24/1988
Aa kondou! Yubiwa ni meta baa-chan no ai
How Touching! A Ring Filled with Grandma's Love!
Kyoko and Godai are settling into their new relationship as the day of Mitaka and Asuna's wedding finally arrives. No one from Maison Ikkoku attends, but the traditional Western ceremony is beautiful. Back at Maison Ikkoku the tenants tease Godai about his plans with Kyoko. When he hesitates they strongly suggest in their unique way that he take her to meet his parents in Niigata. At dinner that night Yusaku mentions the idea and Kyoko says she would love to meet them. After a call to his grandmother the pair leave for the northern part of Japan the next day. Upon arriving, Godai is irritated to find that his parents' restaurant is still open. Yukari explains that it was her idea, and that Kyoko should get to know the real family in their everyday working life. The restaurant is busy which leaves little time for visiting, but Kyoko happily pitches in and serves as a waitress. Meanwhile, Yukari gives Godai her old engagement ring and tells him that she wants to loan him the money for the wedding as well. Moved by his grandmother's kindness, Kyoko is tearfully welcomed into the family. As everyone finally settles in for the night a knock on the door summons the arrival of the rest of the Maison Ikkoku tenants, whom Yukari invited to join in with the celebration.

Episode 96 3/2/1988
Kono ai aru kagiri! Ikkoku-kan wa eien ni...!!
As Long As There's Love! Maison Ikkoku Forever!
With their wedding fast approaching Kyoko and Godai are both cleaning out their rooms in preparation for moving in together. Kyoko finds an old box of Soichiro's personal items and Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose share it with Godai. Kyoko is embarassed but Godai smiles politely and admits he has never seen a picture of Kyoko's late husband before and that he looks like a very kind man. That night both Kyoko and he are thinking about Soichiro. Kyoko decides that she is going to return Soichiro's belongings to his father, and Godai begins to wonder if he can measure up to the memory of her beloved first husband. The next day, Kyoko visits Soichiro's grave to pay her final respects and finds Godai there, praying. Yusaku tells Soichiro that he hopes to have his blessing for their marriage. Kyoko is moved to tears, and the couple stand before Soichiro's graves holding hands, ready to move ahead with their new life together. No one can contain their excitement as Yusaku and Kyoko's wedding day has arrived. Everyone comes to pay their respects and to get a look at the happy couple. Kyoko is beautiful in her wedding dress, and both Mr. Chigusa and Mr. Otonashi are in tears just from looking at her. Ikuko and Kentaro meet again after not seeing each other for a long time, and Sakamoto even cuts out of work to attend. Later at the reception Mitaka and Asuna arrive after a visit to the hospital. Asuna is very pregnant, and she and Shun are extremely happy together. Godai gives a speech thanking everyone for taking care of him all these years and asks for their continued support. The story flashes forward as Yusaku reveals the fates of Kozue, Ibuki, Shun and Asuna, Master and Akemi. Finally everyone arrives back at Maison Ikkoku anxiously awaiting Yusaku and Kyoko's return from the hospital. As the taxi pulls up the happy couple steps out with their new baby, Haruka. Everyone welcomes her to her new home as the series ends.




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