Akemi Roppongi

Akemi Roppongi is the resident red head of Room 6. She works at the local bar Chachamaru. Because she works the closing shift, she can always be found walking around with a sleepy look on her face, and wears her see-through nightie well into the afternoon hours.

Akemi is sexy, stylish, and ultra-calm. She has no qualms about showing off her body and could care less what anyone else thinks of her. She enjoys drinking with Ichinose and Yotsuya, but when it comes to picking on Godai she's probably the least harsh on him. Usually only tempting him with her body only to smack him around if he stares too long. She usually decides to do this when Kyoko is around for the added effect of having her think Godai is nothing more than a perverted college kid.

Akemi and Kyoko may seem like complete opposites, but throughout the series you can see each of their personalities rub off on one another. Kyoko arrives at Maison Ikkoku very naive, but Akemi's toughness and worldliness gives Kyoko the ablity to stand up for herself, while Akemi, who appears to always be cool and confident, wants to be in a steady, supportive relationship but has become complacent in the fact that she'll keep dating worthless nobodies that will end up leaving her.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Akemi has a very accurate name translation. Akemi means "beautiful scarlet" while Roppongi means "six trees" and is also the most happening district of Tokyo.

Yuko Mita & Janyse Jaud

Yuko Mita has lent her very sexy voice to many favorite anime women over her career, including Benten from Urusei Yatsura, Lin Lin and Madame Saint Paul of Ranma , Neko Musume in Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro and Anna Puma of Dominion.

Janyse Jaud has lent her sultry voice to the role of Akemi Roppongi, but can also be heard as Hinako Ninomiya of Ranma , Kagura and Kanna in Inu-Yasha, Panni in Fatal Fury the Motion Picture and Claire in Galaxy Express 999.

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