Ikuko Otonashi

When compared to Kyoko's parents, her husband's family are angels. The Otonashi's are kind, fun-loving, caring, and always nurturing and supportive of their in-law.

Kyoko's father-in-law, Mr. Otonashi, actually owns Maison Ikkoku, and it was his decision to let Kyoko take over as manager of the run down apartment building. He thought it would be good for her to stay busy after the death of Soichiro, and as it turned out, it helped her "come back to life" as well. Later in the series, he gets Godai a teaching position at Kyoko's old high school, which leads to a recreation of Kyoko's romance with Soichiro, in the form of Godai and Yagami.

Mr. Otonashi lives with his daughter, her never-seen husband and their daughter Ikuko. Ikuko is a rambunctious little girl who is in elementary school when the series begins, but by the end she is about to begin her first year of college. Its interesting to see her grow up throughout her various appearances in the story. Early on, Mr. Otonashi agrees to let Godai become Ikuko's tutor, and through this Godai becomes closer to the family and in turn closer to Kyoko.

Kyoko has an very warm relationship with this family, and can't bring herself to cut them out of her life. She would never want to, and they wouldn't want that either. They love her too much, and even though she was only married to Soichiro for less than a year, they think of her as their own, and love her unconditionally.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Otonashi means "without sound" which has a lot more meaning when applied to Kyoko. Ikuko however means "culturally advanced child".

Mayumi Shoh & Andrea Libman & Nicole Bouma

The youthful sounding Mayumi Shoh has played many varied roles, including Diana of Maple Town Monogatari, Garnet from Starcat Full House, Kikka of Z Gundam and Hitomi from Appleseed.

Andrea Libman has played a few young roles in anime outside of Ikuko. They include Chi-Chi of Dragon Ball, Anita of Darkstalker's Revenge, Tomari of Ranma and Cookie in Kishin Corp.

Nicole Bouma took over the role of Ikuko after Andrea Libman. She has played Kosuzu Sakurazaki in Dokkoida!?, Shiori in Inuyasha, Makiko Endo in Hana Yori Dango, and Mint Blancmanche in Galaxy Angel.

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku