Shun Mitaka

Godai's rival for the affections of Kyoko comes in the form of a handsome, rich, sauve, personable tennis coach named Shun Mitaka.

Mitaka is the complete opposite of Godai. He's calm, confident and at ease with his place in society. Where Godai is just starting out, Mitaka has already found his place, and is content with it. About the only thing they have in common are their feelings for Kyoko. Mitaka isn't your average rich playboy type though. He really is in love with Kyoko, and would do anything to make her happy. It isn't his fault that he was born rich and handsome.

He remains the gentleman throughout the series, never wanting to force Kyoko into something she doesn't want to do. He is older than Godai though, and therefore wants to settle down with Kyoko now rather than six or seven years down the road. He gets frustrated from time to time, wondering what it is that Kyoko sees in Godai that she obviously doesn't see in him.

Shun does have a secret flaw however. He is deathly afraid of dogs. After a childhood incident, he has never been able to look at, let alone pet a dog, no matter how small. The fact that Kyoko has Soichiro is a major obstacle for Mitaka early in the series, and actually causes him to pull away from Kyoko at some very key moments throughout.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Mitaka has a very interesting name. Shun means "twinkle" obviously referring to his pearly white teeth. Mitaka on the other hand can be attributed to his personality, as it means "three hawks".

Akira Kamiya & John Payne

Fan-favorite seiyuu Akira Kamiya has lent his voice to many of anime's most famous roles, including Shutaro Mendo of Urusei Yatsura, Ryo Saeba from City Hunter, Kogoro Mouri of Detective Conan, Kinnikuman of the series Kinnikuman and Roy Fokker of Macross.

Mitaka's English actor, John Payne, has lent his gentle voice to the roles of Toichiro in Galaxy Express 999, Ramba Ral of Mobile Suit Gundam, and Prince Kirin of Ranma .

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