Sakamoto is Godai's best friend and fellow college student. They first met while attending classes in order to prepare for their make-up college entrance exams. Thats right, they both failed their first attempts at getting into college. As luck would have it, Sakamoto and Godai both ended up getting accepted into the same third-rate university after passing their exams. Godai couldn't ask for a better friend than Sakamoto. When he's abset, Sakamoto answers roll for him, he gets his schoolwork, lets Godai stay with him after fights with Kyoko, and even helps Godai get jobs.

Sakamoto never gets tired of hearing about Godai's problems with Kyoko. He is the sounding board Godai uses to bounce ideas off before he tries them on Kyoko. Although this might not be the best idea, because Sakamoto has never been able to stay in a relationship for more than a few weeks at a time. In fact, whenever he appears he has a different girlfriend from the last time.

Sakamoto and Godai are very much like brothers. They bicker a lot, but deep down they love each other more than either would like to admit. Sakamoto takes care of Godai through thick and thin, and Godai always reciprocates to the best of his meager abilities.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Sakamoto translates as the "base of a hill". A nice way of mentioning his strong, reliable personality.

Toshio Furukawa & Terry Klassen

Toshio Furukawa provides a great foil as Godai's best friend Sakamoto, but is perhaps most famous for his role as Ataru Moroboshi in Urusei Yatsura or as Piccolo from Dragonball, Leon McNichol from Bubblecum Crisis Asuma Shinohara in Patlabor and Freeman of Crying Freeman.

Always great in a 'buddy' role, Terry Klassen, breathed life into Sakamoto in addition to Krillin of Dragon Ball Z, Hiroshi from Ranma , The Conductor of Galaxy Express 999 and its sequel, Moleman from The Vision of Escaflowne and Kotatsu and Hachie of Inuyasha.

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku