Soichiro Otonashi

Soichiro Otonashi is Kyoko's late husband. He died less than a year into their marriage, leaving Kyoko to carry on as a widow. Shortly after his passing, his father gave Kyoko the position of Manager at Maison Ikkoku, where she and the rest of the cast meet for the first time. But Kyoko can't move past her love for Soichiro, because he died so young, she hadn't gotten the chance to really live a life with him. They were newlyweds, and everything in their lives together had been perfect. Soichiro died unblemished in Kyoko's eyes, making it that much harder for her to be in a relationship with any other man, much less two that are as flawed and human as Godai and Mitaka.

Before Soichiro died, he and Kyoko adopted a stray dog that followed him home from work one day. They originally picked a name out for it, but the only thing it would ever respond to was when Kyoko would call for Soichiro and so before long that became his new name. He is a constant reminder of Kyoko's late husband. This isn't entirely healthy, as it keeps Kyoko from moving on and finding someone new to begin her life with.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Soichiro Otonashi has one of the most fitting names in the series. Otonashi means "without sound" and Soichiro translates as "one man." Of course Soichiro is the only man for Kyoko, and thats why his name fits so well.

Hideyuki Tanaka & David Kaye

Hideyuki Tanaka plays the enigmatic Soichiro Otonashi, Kyoko's ideal man. He has also voiced Higuma Torajiro of Ranma , Terryman for Kinnikuman, D of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and Hal Emmerich from the Metal Gear games.

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku