The resident of Room 4, Yotsuya is the very definition of bizarre. In fact he is probably the strangest character to grace any of Rumiko Takahashi's series, and thats saying a lot. Takahashi took a lot of time to cultivate Yotsuya's weirdness in her manga, an example of which is the fact that he is never shown with his mouth open when speaking. In the anime this isn't possible, so the staff made up for it by providing him with his unique voice and deadpan expression.

Yotsuya can easily hold his own with Takahashi's other most annoying characters (Happosai from Ranma and Cherry from Urusei Yatsura) due to the fact that his bad tendencies are a combination of theirs including voyuerism, gluttony, theft and countless acts of perversion too numerous to mention. He can constantly be found spying on young couples in the midst of an loving embrace, or just watching Godai while he sleeps. He takes pleasure in reporting anything Godai says in his sleep, no matter how private. He takes an endless amount of joy in others suffering.

An extremely private person, Yotusya takes great pride in his work, whatever that might be. The tenants watch him come and go, and he mentions a job, but whenever pressed for details he just tells them its a secret. No one is ever allowed into his room, and he is so mysterious that no one even knows his given name.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Yotsuya translates as "four valleys".

Shigeru Chiba & Gerard Plunkett & Ron Halder

Yotsuya is played by one of the most famous voices in anime, Shigeru Chiba, who also provides the dog sounds for Soichiro. He can also be heard as Megane in Urusei Yatsura, Sasuke Sarugakure and Curry-man in Ranma , Pilaf, Raditz, and Garlic Jr. in Dragonball Z, Palkus from Final Fantasy and Shigeo Shiba in Patlabor

Gerard Plunkett's creepy voice is perfect for Yotsuya, and was also used to voice Dr. Ban of Galaxy Express 999, Kiba in Green Legend Ran, and Toristan from Ranma Movie 2.

Ron Halder took over the role of Yotsuya after the long hiatus the series took. He has played Jim Peckinpah in Z-Mind, Uragishi Sankichi in Ranma , Professor Papaya in Trouble Chocolate, and The Creator in Video Girl Ai.

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