Maison Ikkoku Around the Web

General Information

Viz - The distributor of Maison Ikkoku in America. Click here to find all the best Maison Ikkoku merchandise.
Maison Ikkoku Home Page - The oldest Maison Ikkoku site on the internet, no longer updated but still functioning.
Maison Ikkoku Central - Another site with lots of general info on the series and a nice gallery.
Maison Ikkoku- Cara Dolce Kyoko - This site has a lot of midis, if you're into collecting those.
Begin Your Love at Maison Ikkoku - If you're looking for Maison Ikkoku manga images and especially manga covers from countries other than Japan and America, check this site out.
Maison Ikkoku - A site that has some intelligent writings on the characters and storylines found in MI.
[The Sunny Spot] Maison Ikkoku - This is an enjoyable site with a good selection of images.
Joe's Fantastic MI Homepage - This site is a bit hard to navigate, and like all Maison Ikkoku sites no longer updated. I met this guy once in a chat room before I knew he had an MI page.
Kathrine's Maison Ikkoku Shrine - A simple page by a fan who showed some kindness to me when I was still new to the whole webmaster gig.
Hank's Takahashi Talk - A site that dealt with the semi-current news of Ms. Takahashi's works.

Character Shrines

Mitaka's Apartment- A fansite dedicated to Sesshomaru and the characters that revolve around him.
Nikaido's Room 2 Memories - Nikaido's homepage, which is very interesting. - A fantastic shrine to Kyoko, with a ton of gorgeous pictures to go along with all the information.

Production Staff

Gilbert O' Famed Maison Ikkoku musician Gilbert O'Sullivan's official homepage.
Spinet - Big Comic Spirits official homepage.
Project Picasso - My absolute favorite j-pop group is still going strong, check out their website for more information.
Mark Goldenberg - Mark contributed some very pretty orchestral songs to the series. You can check them out on the Extra Discs of the Maison Ikkoku Musicbox.

Japanese Sites

Hisatomi's Maison Ikkoku Page- A cool page with lots of photographs of Tokeizaka, the area of Tokyo where Maison Ikkoku takes place.
Ma Maison Ikkoku - You can find some nice fan artwork on this site.
Yagami Ibuki Fan Club - This site had some nice Yagami pics, and a club you could join. Gone but not forgotten, I've linked to the Wayback Machine's version of the site.
The Small Dictionary of Maison Ikkoku - An informative site run by Pingshan. Its got a ton of really detailed information on all the characters and many other fascinating bits on the series. And its in English to boot.

Rumic Links

Rumic World- The main site of which The Inuyasha Companion is a part of. For all the most up-to-date Inuyasha news in the United States and Japan, this is the only place you need go.
Tomobiki-Cho, The Urusei Yatsura Website- The greatest Urusei Yatsura page in existence is back with a new look and a wealth of information.
Ranma Perfect Edition - The best Ranma page on the internet, bar none.
The Inuyasha Companion - The most up-to-date and informative Inuyasha website in existence.
Mermaid Flesh - This dark horror story is likely to appeal to Inuyasha fans.
The Ring & the Rosary - The complete story on the religious/boxing romantic comedy by Rumiko Takahashi.
Rumic Theater - The only online source for Rumiko Takahashi's short stories.
We Want Rumic World! - A campaign dedicated to getting the 1980s Rumic World OAVs out on DVD.

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku