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Maison Ikkoku
volume 2 - Mitaka, Godai!!
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1981 Jul 30-Dec 30
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 1 Number 4-7 & Part 2 Number 1-2

Chapter 11: 三鷹、五代!!
Mitaka [mita ka], Godai!!
("Love" Means No Score, Godai!)
The tenants of Maison Ikkoku notice that Kyoko has been loosening up lately, as she delivers a package for Godai wearing short-shorts. On the tennis courts, Mitaka continues giving Kyoko some pointers while Godai and Yotsuya look on. After the class ends, Ichinose invites Mitaka out to have drinks with Kyoko, and ends up tagging along, bringing Godai and Yotsuya too. Godai and Mitaka are finally introduced to one another, and the tension is instantly palpable. The group heads over to Chachamaru and Akemi begins flirting with Mitaka. As the group begins to drink, Godai's drunken announcement of love for Kyoko comes up again, and Mitaka learns of his attraction for her. Godai decides to tell her he loves her again, which embarasses Kyoko so much that she leaves. As she gets up, she trips and falls into Mitaka's arms, which allows him to cop a feel. Kyoko runs out and Mitaka follows, catching her to apologize. She tells him that she is a widow, and he accepts that it will take her a long time to be ready for a relationship again, but that he is willing to wait.

Chapter 12: 行きがけの駄犬
Ikigake no daken
(Dog Daze)
As summer heats up Godai's delivery job finds him going back and forth past the tennis courts again. He witnesses Mitaka hugging against Kyoko, later on he runs into a depressed Kentaro. Kentaro is upset because he has an assignment for school that calls for him to write about where he is going over summer vacation, but his family is too poor to take him anywhere. Godai remembers the same experience happening to him when he was younger, so he decides to take Kentaro on a trip to the beach. Kentaro is so excited that he asks Kyoko to go with them, and when she says 'yes' both he and Godai are elated. Of course, his happiness doesn't last long when he learns that Ikuko will be coming too, and that Mitaka is going to drive them. The children decide to sneak Soichiro into the car as a joke, and as the trip gets underway, Soichiro pops out and Mitaka freaks out. Pulling over to the side of the road, Mitaka reveals his secret to Godai...he is deathly afraid of dogs. Godai does his best to keep Soichiro away from Mitaka, as he is the only one that can drive, and if he loses control of the car, everyone could be in big trouble.

Chapter 13: ソルティー・ドッグ
Saruti * doggu
(A Salty Dog)
The group arrives safely at the beach, but Mitaka needs some time to rest up after the stress of driving with Soichiro in the car. Godai takes the dog out to the ocean while he and Kyoko give Ikuko and Kentaro swimming lessons. Kyoko decides to swim further out, and Godai spies an opportunity for some alone time with the manager, so he quickly follows. Kyoko feels something brush up against her leg repeatedly and suspects Godai is trying to molest her. Soon enough though the real culprit is revealed to be a group of jellyfish. Godai swims off with hurt feelings, while Kyoko tries to apologize. When two guys try to hit on Kyoko, Godai swims back to get her and all is forgiven. Back on shore, Mitaka has fully recovered and suggests a boat ride for he and Kyoko. She agrees and Godai joins them to make sure Shun doesn't try anything. Out at sea, Kyoko hears Soichiro barking. He has drifted out while napping in a rubber life raft. Godai goes to save him and plops him into the boat with Mitaka and Kyoko, making the Coach ill once more. Mitaka becomes so ill in fact that he is unable to drive home, and so Kyoko volunteers. Kyoko hasn't practiced in two years though, and it shows, as Godai and Mitaka pray for their lives on the way back, but Ikuko and Kentaro seem to enjoy it.

Chapter 14: メモリアル・クッキング
Memoriaru * kukkingu
(Memorial Cooking)
Ikuko is coming to Maison Ikkoku for a study session in Godai's room and so Yusaku is trying to get everything cleaned up in preparation for her visit. Yotsuya attempts to blackmail him with his porn magazines as Ikuko walks in, but Godai shoves him through his hole in the wall. As their study session begins Kentaro sits at the bottom of the stairs thinking. Kyoko asks him if he would like to go upstairs and join them. She has begun to notice that Kentaro has a crush on Ikuko and wants to help him out. She takes him upstairs to find Godai discussing his first kiss, which irritates the Manager. Godai does such a good job with the rest of the study session though that Kyoko decides to cook him a big dinner. She goes out shopping and whips up an elaborate meal, much to Godai's delight. Godai surprises her by admitting that its not just little boys that get crushes on older girls. During dinner he learns that the dish was a favorite of Soichiro's and becomes a bit depressed in knowing that Kyoko was thinking of her husband while she was preparing the meal.

Chapter 15: 複雑夜
Fukuzatsu ya......
(One Entangled Evening)
Godai decides its time to ask the Manager out on an official date, and so he buys two tickets for a movie showing that evening. As he heads back to Maison Ikkoku, he sees Kyoko all dressed up and getting into Mitaka's car. They drive off without seeing him. Godai gets upset, but decides not to waste his movie tickets. He tries calling Sakamoto, but he can't afford to go, as he gets off the phone, a cute girl standing behind him asks if he remembers her. Godai confesses that he doesn't. She is Kozue Nanao, and worked with Godai at a liquor store a few weeks earlier. She notices the tickets and Godai invites her to the movies with him. On the way there, they run into Mitaka and Kyoko, who are having car trouble. Kyoko becomes overrun with jealousy at the sight of Godai with a cute, young girl, especially since he is supposed to be in love with her. Kozue makes an impression on Godai and they agree to see each other again. Mitaka and Kyoko have a wonderful evening at a concert and also agree to see each other again. As Mitaka helps Kyoko out of his car, Soichiro runs up and ruins his suit, but with all of Kyoko's screaming to try to get the dog away, the tenants think Mitaka is trying to put the moves on her. They all seem dissapointed when they see what is really happening.

Chapter 16: 桃色電話
Momoiro denwa
One day at school a strange thing happened to Godai. As he is eating lunch, a beautiful classmate named Sayoko Kuroki tells him that she's had her eye on him and that she'd like to spend some time with him after he finishes eating. The two of them go off to a quiet area of the campus where Godai thinks they will begin their love affair, but he is completely caught off guard when she introduces him to the Puppet Theater Club and asks him to join their group. Godai is disappointed, but decides that he might as well help them out, and so he decides to become their newest member. Soon the girls of the group are calling Maison Ikkoku asking for him, and with the only phone in Kyoko's room she begins to get suspicious. After one particularly bad day of phone calls, Kozue calls and she and Godai go out for a bite to eat. At the restaurant, Mrs. Ichinose spies on them and sees Kozue begin to cry. What she doesn't know is that Kozue's contact lenses were bothering her, and so she reports back to Kyoko that Kozue and Godai were having a lovers quarrel. Kyoko becomes fed up with Godai's supposed casanova act and installs a payphone in the hallway of Ikkoku. She refuses to listen to him as he tries to explain all the phone calls and why Kozue was crying. Finally, Godai uses the new payphone to call Kyoko's room and explains all the recent misunderstandings.

Chapter 17: ギンギラギンにさりげなく
Gingiragin ni sarigenaku

(With a Little Nonchalance)
The first anniversary of Kyoko's arrival at Maison Ikkoku has come, and everyone seems to remember except Godai. He has other plans, namely asking Kyoko out on a date. He finally gets up enough nerve, and is shocked when she agrees to go. Godai begins to ramble excitedly and mentions that they will meet at "Ma Maison" which is a nice French restaurant, Kyoko misunderstands him and thinks they will be meeting at "Mama-san" a low-class bar. She doesn't mind too much though, as the other tenants have agreed to throw her a party there in honor of her first year on the job. As she waits with them at the bar, 6 o'clock rolls around and Godai doesn't show up. Of course he is waiting across town at Ma Maison. Kyoko is hesitant to tell anyone about her date wtih him, but it slips out and Akemi mentions that he might be at another restaurant. Kyoko rushes to meet him and finds him waiting there, an hour later. She apologizes and Godai says he isn't angry, but takes the opportunity to slip his arm around Kyoko. She mentions that she rushed out of Mama-san's so fast that she left her coat and purse, and so they go back to get tehm. When they get there, they find all of the tenants plus Mitaka quite drunk, and they refuse to let Kyoko leave again. The date is ruined, and at the end of the night Kyoko attempts to apologize, Godai sees this as an opportunity to get a kiss, for which he instead receives a slap across the face.

Chapter 18: キャンパス・ドール
Kyanpasu * doru

(Campus Doll)
The College Arts Festival at Godai's university is about to be held and Kyoko decides she would like to attend. When she asks Godai about it, he readily agrees to show her around. It doesn't take long however, for Akemi and Yotsuya to suggest that maybe she's only going to make up for their ruined date, or that perhaps she's planning on bringing Mitaka with her. Godai becomes frustrated, but asks Kyoko if she is coming alone, and is happy to hear that she is. At the festival, Kyoko gets to see what a big university campus looks like, and even runs into Godai's friend Sakamoto. After checking out all the booths, Kyoko heads off to see Godai's Puppet Theater Club perform their play. She recognizes that Godai is playing a prince and really enjoys his performance. After the play she sticks around to congratulate Godai and meet the rest of the group. Koizumi, another member of the troupe, decides to let Kyoko fill in for her, but during the next performance Godai becomes so flustered at having Kyoko playing the princess to his heroic prince that he spoils the entire play with his antics. The children in the audience love it though, and even Kyoko manages to have a great time.

Chapter 19: ケガの功名争い
Kega no komyo arasoi

(Intensive Care)
Kyoko injures her ankle while playing tennis and Mitaka feels personally responsible. He takes the opportunity to drive her home and take care of her during her recovery. The other tenants find them in Kyoko's room and decide to throw her a get well party. After being in school all day and getting home late in the evening Godai finds everyone drunk in Kyoko's room. They refuse to let him stay with her as they all head to Mrs. Ichinose's room to continue the party. Godai is unable to see Kyoko until the next morning. He offers to stay with her, but Kyoko insists that he goes to class. Mrs. Ichinose prepares a nice meal for Kyoko, and later that afternoon Mitaka shows up and demonstrates his cooking abilities as well. Even later that evening Akemi and Yotsuya bring Kyoko some snacks in hopes of making her feel better, and finally Godai cooks up some ramen for the Manager. After eating so much Kyoko begins to feel sick at her stomach and tries to get some sleep. The next morning everyone realizes how much Kyoko ate the day before and Godai rushes into her room to give her some antacid. As he goes inside he just happens to walk in on Kyoko in the middle of taking a sponge bath. She throws a pot at him and Mrs. Ichinose and Akemi berate him for trying to 'attack' the Manager. Kyoko feels bad when she realizes what he was trying to do, and later apologizes to him. Mitaka shows up again and is dissapointed that he won't get to cook for Kyoko, but doesn't want the groceries to go to waste, so he cooks for Godai instead. Godai is forced to begrudingly admit that Mitaka is an excellent cook, and Kyoko says that whoever marries him will be a very lucky woman, upsetting Godai even more.

Chapter 20: 影を背負いて
Kage o shoite

(Shadows on the Heart)
Rushing home from the market in a downpour, Kyoko runs into Kozue, who offers her an umbrella. As they walk back to Maison Ikkoku, Soichiro gets mud on Kozue's skirt, so Kyoko invites her inside so she can clean in and so Kozue can wait out the storm. As they sit and chat, Kozue asks about Godai and what the Manager thinks of him. Kozue changes the subject often, asking about Mitaka, and finally learning that Kyoko is a widow. Kyoko recounts an encounter with her husband Soichiro, and watches the rain through her window. Kozue finally goes home just before Godai gets back from school, and Kyoko tells him he should call her. Godai says that he and Kozue aren't at that level, and that he doesn't need to call her, but later he sneaks back downstairs and arranges to meet with her the next day. Kyoko overhears him, and the next morning gets him to return Kozue's umbrella to her. Godai and Kozue sit at a coffee shop and talk about Soichiro and how great Kozue thinks Kyoko is. Kozue says that she doesn't want Godai to die and leave her like Soichiro did with Kyoko. On the way home Godai is frustrated as he thinks about Soichiro, and refuses to walk with Kyoko, who has an umbrella. As he begins to catch a cold, he apologizes and walks back to Maison Ikkoku with Kyoko.

Chapter 21: マフ等あげます
Mafura, agemasu

Christmas is just around the corner once again and Godai uses all his savings to buy Kyoko an expensive pair of earrings. Lately no one at Ikkoku has seen their Manager, as she has stayed locked in her room all hours of the day. Godai goes out to buy the earrings and meets Kozue afterwards. As he reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief, the present for Kyoko falls out and Kozue spots it. After she gives Godai a hat for Christmas, he has no choice put to give hear the earrings meant for Kyoko. Kozue is thrilled to get something so nice from Godai, and even though he can't afford to get Kyoko anything else, he's glad that Kozue liked the earrings so much. Back at Ikkoku, Kyoko finally comes out of her room to give Godai his present, a scarf. She's been so busy knitting that she hasn't been able to leave her room for the past few days. Godai breaks down in tears he's so excited, but Kyoko is exhausted and heads off to catch up on her rest. That night Godai decides he has to do something nice for Kyoko, and so he begins scouring his room for the brooch that he never gave Kyoko from the previous Christmas. Finally, as the sun begins to come out, Godai finds the present and runs down stairs to give it to Kyoko. She thanks him and notices that he looks tired. Godai goes back to sleep until evening, when its time for everyone to meet for the annual Christmas party. On the way to Chachamaru, Kyoko and Godai thank each other again for the presents and Godai learns that Kyoko is only 22, two years older than him. Mitaka calls out to them and begins to walk to the bar alongside them when he notices Godai's scarf and pulls out one that Kyoko knit for him. As they arrive at Chachamaru, both men are dissapointed to learn that Kyoko made scarfs for all the tenants to thank them for taking care of her when she hurt her ankle.

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