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Maison Ikkoku
volume 3 - Wait Three Years
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1982 Jan 15-Jun 15
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 2 Number 2-6 & Part 3 Number 1

Chapter 22: あなたのソバで
Anata no soba de
(Ring in the Nude)
Everyone at Ikkoku is travelling over the New Year's holiday, leaving Akemi, Godai, and Kyoko all alone. When Godai learns that Akemi and Kyoko are planning to watch the New Year's Eve celebrations on television in the manager's room, he asks to come along. The next day, Akemi is invited to go skiing with friends, but is worried about leaving Kyoko alone with Godai. Kyoko finds out and insists that she will be fine, and so Akemi leaves Kyoko and Godai all alone at Maison Ikkoku. That night Kyoko nervously tries to dismiss Godai's questions about where Akemi is, but eventually tells him that she went skiing. Learning this, Godai decides that now would be the perfect time to put the moves on Kyoko. Throughout the night, Godai tries to hold Kyoko's hand, kiss her, and many other inappropriate things, all of which backfire completely. By the time the New Year's bell tolls, Godai has given up, but Kyoko feels so bad for doubting Godai's intentions that she invites him to visit the shrines with her.

Chapter 23: 帰らざる彼
Kaerazaru kare
("I'll Be Back")
A week after New Year's Eve, Godai is scheduled to return from visiting his parents home in Niigata. Godai calls Maison Ikkoku and tells Kyoko that he's going to be staying a few days more. Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose try to get the details of what happened during their night alone together, while Kyoko tries to assure them that Godai was a perfect gentleman. Meanwhile in Niigata, the real reason that Godai has extended his trip is revealed. While playing rugby with some of his old high school buddies, he took a knee to the face and ended up with a black eye. Godai's vanity prevents him from going back to Tokyo and having Kyoko see how silly he looks. While he is busy recovering, Mitaka invites Kyoko out for coffee, and they get to know each other a bit better, but Kyoko is worried that Godai might come home while she's out and so she cuts the date short. Godai however is getting on his family's nerves and so they put him to work delivering for the family restaurant. While making a delivery, Godai crashes his bicycle into a lamp post, and blackens both eyes. His family refuses to let him spend anymore time recovering, and so they send him home to Maison Ikkoku, where the tenants tease him mercilessly over his appearance.

Chapter 24: リンクに賭けろ!
Rinku ni kakero!
(Stake it on the Rink!)
Mitaka accompanies Godai, Mrs. Ichinose, Kyoko, Kentaro and Ikuko on a skating trip. The train ride to the skating rink consists of Mitaka and Godai trying to pass the children off on one another so that they can spend time alone with Kyoko. By the time they get there, Kyoko ends up teaching the children while Mitaka and Godai sit on the sidelines. Mrs. Ichinose insists they help Kyoko with the children, but is shocked to find that neighter Mitaka nor Godai can skate at all. Mitaka decides to ask Kyoko to teach him to skate, and Godai quickly asks for her help too. The entire day devolves into a Mitaka and Godai attempting to impress Kyoko with their improvements in skating, but that quickly becomes a race on the ice with Kyoko as the prize.

Chapter 25: 響子と惣一郎
Kyoko to Soichiro
(Kyoko Baby and Mr. Soichiro)
With finals behind them, Godai, Sakamoto, and their friends go out to celebrate the end of the semester. Sakamoto purposefully gets Godai drunk and makes him promise to take care of his cat while he goes out of town. Godai is shocked to find out that Sakamoto has named the kitty "Kyoko." Yusaku believes that Maison Ikkoku has a no pet's policy and so decides that he'll sneak the cat in and hide her from everyone. Of course, that doesn't last long, with Yotsuya finding out and letting all the other tenants in on Godai's little secret. Misunderstandings soon follow when Mrs. Ichinose overhears Godai talking about Kyoko sleeping with him at night. When Kyoko Otonashi learns of this, Godai is forced to admit the truth, but the cat has gone missing, and he and the Manager both begin to search for the missing feline, finally finding her curled up with Soichiro in his dog house.

Chapter 26: 家族の焦燥
Kazoku no shoso
(A Family Affair)
Godai runs into a strange looking man on his way home from the laundromat. After going inside Maison Ikkoku to hang his clothes out to dry, he notices the man is still snooping around. Deciding to inform Kyoko about the mysterious prowler, Godai and she head out to investiagte. Finding the man hiding behind a telephone pool, Godai spots him and chases him off, when he is shocked to learn from Kyoko that the man was her father. Godai begins to wonder about Kyoko's relationship with her parents and asks Kozue about her father. Meanwhile, Kyoko decides to call her parents, The Chigusa's, and find out what was behind her father's mysterious visit. Her mother ends up talking her into visiting them over the weekend, and it is revealed that her parents were strongly opposed to her marriage to Soichiro. Kyoko became bitter toward her parents after that, and they did not attend Soichiro's funeral, further widening the rift between them. Now that Soichiro has died, her parents want her to quit her job at Maison Ikkoku and move home. This topic sparks a huge argument between Kyoko and her parents, and Kyoko leaves, more resolved than ever to work hard at her job as manager, even though her tenants do not make it easy for her with their discovery the next day of a termite infestation.

Chapter 27: 引退宣言
Intai sengen
(The Big Announcement)
Kyoko hires some workmen to come in and fix the problems at Maison Ikkoku, including the break-away balcony, termite infestation, and most importantly Yotsuya's hole in the wall of Room 5. Meanwhile Kyoko's mother is still planning to make her daughter quit her job as Manager. Mrs. Chigusa even goes as far as to move all of Kyoko's furniture out of Ikkoku while Kyoko is out shopping. Ritsuko tells the tenants that Kyoko has decided to quit her job, and since she isn't there to dispute the claim, everyone believes her mother. Godai and Mrs. Ichinose go to Chachamaru to drown their sorrows in alcohol while Yotsuya stays behind. When she finally arrives home, Kyoko is shocked to find Yotsuya standing in her room, with all her things missing. When she learns what happens she quickly leaves to deal with her mother. Yotsuya meets the others at Chachamaru, but doesn't tell them the truth of the matter, instead allowing the others to continue to believe Kyoko has left them. The group goes home to throw one last party in Kyoko's honor, when suddenly she arrives and lets everyone know the entire thing was her mother's plot to get her to move home.

Chapter 28: 納得しました
Nattoku shimashita

(I'm Convinced)
While looking through an old photo album, Mrs. Chigusa concocts a new plan to bring Kyoko home. At Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose discuss the strange relationship between Kyoko and her parents, while Godai worries about Kyoko's parents trying to take her away again. A few days later, Mrs. Chigusa heads into town to put her newest scheme in motion. She meets Mrs. Ichinose at a restaurant and introduces herself, the two strike up a conversation and Mrs. Chigusa pulls out a photo of her husband lying in a hospital bed. She tells Mrs. Ichinose that Kyoko's father is very sick and that Kyoko is refusing to even come visit him. Meanwhile, back at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko's father calls and asks if it would be alright if he came to visit her. She agrees, and rushes back to Ikkoku to help convince Kyoko to go see her parents. By the time she gets there, Kyoko is in the midst of talking to her father, who Mrs. Ichinose learns isn't sick, that in fact, the photograph was from a few years ago. Mrs. Ichinose becomes convinced that Kyoko's parents are not to be trusted.

Chapter 29: 私は負けない!!
Watashi wa makenai!!!

(I'll Never Give Up!)
The anniversary of Soichiro's death arrives once more and Kyoko and the Otonashi's go to pay their respects, but this year something different happens, Kyoko's parents finally decide to visit the grave site as well. Godai has a date with Kozue that he wishes he could break so that he could tag along with Kyoko. Godai's date ends up being more than he bargained for when Kozue takes him to meet her family. At the graveyard, the Chigusa's pay their respects and Father Otonashi sides with them in their decision that Kyoko should withdraw from his family register and move on with her life. Of course, Kyoko refuses. Back at the Nanao household, Godai tries to fend off Kozue's attempts at a romantic kiss as he wonders about what his life would be like if he ended up with her. As he heads back to Maison Ikkoku he spots Kyoko arguing with her parents and decides that he might be doomed no matter what family he ends up marrying into.

Chapter 30: 混乱ダブルス
Kon'ran daburusu

(Mixed (Up) Doubles)
Mrs. Ichinose decides that a day at the tennis courts is just what Kyoko needs to take her mind off her recent trouble. Of course that means Mitaka will be there, and Godai worries about what he might do if he finds out about Kyoko's family problems. When he arrives at the tennis courts, he does his best to keep Mitaka in the dark, but ends up on the court himself in a mixed doubles match with Godai and Kyoko on one team, and Mitaka and Ichinose on the other. Of course, Godai hopes to show up Mitaka but in the midst of the match, Shun learns of Kyoko's issues with her parents and confronts her. He says that she should think about remarriage and even goes as far as to say that he wants to be her "partner for life." Afterwards, much to his chagrin Godai has to admit that Kyoko is still in love with her late husband and that it's unfair for anyone to try and rush her into something she isn't ready for. Mitaka reluctantly agrees, but mentions his proposal again, to which Kyoko responds that she isn't ready to go into the professional tennis leagues, completely misunderstanding the Coach's proposal.

Chapter 31: 三年待って
San-nen matte

(Wait Three Years)
Kyoko and Mitaka head out for an all day date at the beach. Mrs. Ichinose reminds Godai about Mitaka's tennis court proposal, which gets him thinking that the Coach might try something again when he has Kyoko all to himself. In the meantime, spring break is over and Godai has to go back to school. He dreams of graduating, wishing the could be thought of as a real adult, Sakamoto assures him that it isn't all its cracked up to be. On their date, Mitaka does indeed make his proposal to Kyoko much more clear. He flat out asks Kyoko to marry him. She replies that she doesn't know what to say, and Shun understandingly backs off,saying he can wait two or three more years. Godai runs into Kyoko on his way back from Kozue's house later that evening, she uses him as an excuse to sneak away from Mrs. Ichinose and her questions about the date with Mitaka. Godai learns about the proposal and cryptically asks Kyoko to wait three years before making a that time he will have graduated and hopes to make a proposal of his own.

Chapter 32: 怒りのウィドウ
Ikari no uido

(The Black Widow's Bite)
Kyoko meets and old high school friend for lunch and talks about how hard it's been for her getting over the death of Soichiro. She mentions that she would have liked to have had a child with him before he died, and her friend comments that having a baby would have made getting remarried that much more difficult. Kyoko begins to think about how soon she should get remarried if she wants to have a child before she's thirty, and for the first time she begins to weigh her options with both Godai and Mitaka. Later that week, Kozue comes by Maison Ikkoku to see Godai's room for the first time and he tries to keep it a secret so that Kyoko won't get jealous. She overhears his comment and angrily makes a date with Mitaka. Unfortunately for him, Kyoko decides to meet in front of a dog grooming salon, and while waiting a dog jumps on him, frightening Shun into the arms of another woman, which Kyoko happens to witness from afar. By the end of the night, Kyoko has put all thoughts of having babies with either Shun or Godai out of her mind as she angrily marches back to Maison Ikkoku alone.

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