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Maison Ikkoku
volume 5 - Noon and Night at Ikkoku-kan
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1982 Dec 15-Apr 30 1983
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 4 Number 1-6

Chapter 44: 風邪に抱かれて
Kaze ni dakarete
(Embraced By Illness)
Yusaku's sickness has gotten worse since he returned to Maison Ikkoku. With all his furniture gone, Yotsuya's spare bedding is the only thing he has to lie on as he tries to battle his cold. Kyoko calls for three doctors to examine him, which causes Godai to think he might be dying. The other tenants try their best to nurse him back to health in their own, unique, and mostly unhelpful ways. Godai becomes angry when Kyoko doesn't stop by his room for a few hours, and he finds that he has lost his voice. The other tenants are downstairs partying and can't hear him, but a visiting Mitaka finds him and makes him some soup. After Mitaka leaves, Ichinose, Yotsuya and Akemi return drunk and tease Godai in his sickbed, actually making him even more sick. Kyoko finally arrives with all of Godai's furniture, but is shocked to find Godai is even more sick than when she left earlier in the day.

Chapter 45: 星をつかむ男
Hoshi o tsukamu otoko
(The Man Who Reached For the Stars)
Godai has been working long days and mysteriously visiting Kyoko's room at night and the other tenants begin to wonder what it is he's up to. They soon learn that Yusaku has been paying Kyoko back every night. He owes her a small fortune in back rent, moving fee's and the cost of getting his furniture back from the pawnshop. Kyoko assures him that he doesn't have to pay her back every single night, but Godai wants to show her how responsible he is. As Christmas approaches though, Godai knows he won't be able to afford a gift for Kyoko. Sakamoto gets he and Godai a job redecorating a store on Christmas Eve, changing the theme from Christmas to New Year's, and this gives Godai an excuse not to go to the annual Maison Ikkoku Christmas party. But when Mrs. Ichinose relates a story about Kyoko's desire for a department store Christmas tree star when she was a child, and Kyoko's own pitying look when she hears Godai isn't coming, he decidest that somehow he will make the party. As he works that night he see's it...a huge Christmas tree star. Without a second thought, Godai steals it, along with a huge streamer attached to it, and runs off his job site, dashing through the streets of Tokyo back to Chachamaru to give Kyoko her present.

Chapter 46: 願ひ事かなふ
Negahigoto kanafu
(Careful What You Wish For)
New Year's Day comes around again and tenants are off on their various trips. Akemi goes skiing again, the Ichinose's are off to visit relatives, and Yotsuya disappears mysteriously as he did the year before. Godai is happy to have the chance to spend a nice quiet evening alone with Kyoko. At the shrines, Godai draws a fortune after wishing that he and Kyoko will finally start their relationship in the upcoming year, but as they are walking back to the train station, he learns that she will be spending New Year's with her parents, and is leaving him to take care of Maison Ikkoku by himself. Back at Ikkoku, Yusaku grows bored with no one to talk to, but Kozue finally calls and he happily goes to meet her. She wants to go to the shrines and Godai agrees, ends up drawing another fortune, which is very different from his first. Kozue ends up bringing Godai home with her, and he and Mr. Nanao spend the evening drinking together. Kozue finally pulls Godai up to her room for some privacy and tries to sneak a kiss but Kozue's little brother Yosuke interrupts them. Yusaku goes home to the empty apartment building and the next day gets out for a bit, draws yet another fortune and wonders which of the three he's supposed to believe. As he goes home he runs into Kyoko who is back from her parents, she asks if he'd like to come eat leftovers with her in her apartment, and Godai happily agrees, but by the time they get back everyone else is home, ruining Yusaku's time with Kyoko once again.

Chapter 47: キッスのある情景
Kissu no aru jokei
(The Kissing Scene)
The scene opens in a cafe. Akemi and a man are talking when suddenly the man breaks up with Akemi, taking her completely by surprise. As she watches him leave, she seems him walk off with another girl as soon as he leaves the restaurant. Late that night, a loud crash brings Kyoko down to the foyer of Maison Ikkoku. Akemi is passed out drunk. Godai comes down to help and Kyoko feels a little jealous at the way he carries Akemi up to her room. Suddenly, Akemi wakes up, mistakes Godai for her boyfriend and kisses him. Kyoko freaks out and tries to intervene, but Akemi kisses her as well before screaming for both of them to get out of her room. Both Godai and Kyoko can't get their respective kisses off their minds for the rest of the night. It was only the second time Yusaku has kissed anyone, and Kyoko can't help but wonder if Akemi and Godai will start a relationship out of it. The next morning Akemi finally wakes up with a terrible hangover. Godai tries to comfort her, but she dismisses it. After remembering what she did the night before Akemi apologizes to Kyoko and assures her that she has nothing to worry about in regards to Godai. Later that day, both Kyoko and Godai have dates and can't get thoughts of kissing out of their heads. Mitaka and Kyoko drive to the ocean, where a sudden winter gust chills Kyoko and she and Mitaka almost share an intimate moment. Meanwhile Kozue and Yusaku head to a park, where he tries to get a kiss from her, but she's so distracted that she doesn't notice and Godai ends up kissing a tree instead. As they both return home, Yusaku finds Kyoko replacing a porch light that Akemi broke the night before, suddenly she slips and Yusaku catches her, but not before their lips accidently meet.

Chapter 48: 見るものか
Miru mono ka
(No Peeking!)
Akemi, Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose and Kentaro are all out shopping at a local department store when Akemi sees a display for leotards and says she's taking an aerobics class just so she can where one. After some peer pressure, Kyoko picks one up too and gets back to Maison Ikkoku eager to try it on. Everytime she starts to undress someone interrupts her though. Yotsuya notices the leotard on the floor and makes it his mission to see her undress and change into it. As he tells Yusaku about this, they both hear Kyoko go into Akemi's room so that she won't be interrupted again. Yotsuya springs into action, getting a crowbar and reopening the peephole inside Yusaku's closet that looks into Akemi's room. Godai prevents Yotsuya from seeing Kyoko undress, but gives into temptation when she and Akemi begin doing excercises, as he hopes to witness a compromising pose. Akemi suddenly decides to show off her outfit to the guys, and rushes to Room 5, Yotsuya locks Godai in the closet so as not to arouse suspicion. Godai tries to peek on Kyoko again, but she is leaning against the peephole, Yusaku attempts to push his finger against the holeand touches Kyoko's bottom. She screams and rushes into the next room to blame Yotsuya, but Akemi says she was with him the entire time so it couldn't be him. Yotsuya keeps Godai's secret in return for a very expensive dinner.

Chapter 49: なんて器用なの
Nante kiyo na no
(Mixed Messages)
Godai gets a phone call from his mother asking him if he's planning to come home over his spring break, he says he isn't, but doesn't have much choice after she threatens not to send him anymore food money. It just so happens to be Valentine's Day as well, and as is traditional in Japan, girls give flowers and chocolate to boys, so Kozue has some special presents for Godai. In addition to the traditional chocolates, she gives him some flowers, pansies to be exact. After he arrives at Maison Ikkoku, the other tenants find his treats and Mrs. Ichinose reveals that flowers have special meaning, and the meaning behind pansies is "keep me in your heart." The next day Godai leaves for his parents house, but on the way to the station realizes that he left his toaster plugged in, so he calls Kyoko and asks her to check it. When she arrives in his room, she sees how messy it is and cleans up, finding the pansies Kozue gave him. After arriving in Niigata, Godai gets a call from the Manager, asking him if she can take care of his flowers until he gets home. Mrs. Ichinose sees them and reveals their meaning to Kyoko, who begins to suspect that Godai might be trying to play she and Kozue against each other. When he gets back from his parents house, Kyoko gives him some geraniums from her, and a 'meaning behind flowers' book. The book says that geraniums mean, "how ingenious of you" which thoroughly confuses Godai, as he doesn't get the sarcastic overtones Kyoko is trying to send him.

Chapter 50: こずえちゃん気をつけて
Kozue-chan ki o tsukete

(The Better to Hear You With)
Godai prepares to go out with Kozue, and meets Kyoko at the door, upon learning what he's up to, she straightens his tie, and 'accidently' tightens it for good measure. On his date, Godai seems distant, and Kozue notices it, and begins to think that she'll never understand him. In fact, Yusaku calls off the date early and on her way home Kozue walks past the tennis court and runs into Mitaka. The two discuss their relationships over coffee, and Mitaka learns that Kozue has no idea about Godai's feelings for Kyoko, even though she is beginning to suspect that he might not be attracted to her. Mitaka tells her that he thinks Godai is just shy and that he does care for her very much, he also reveals that he and Kyoko aren't as far along as she suspects they are, because he's afraid of being rejected by her. Unfortunately, Yotsuya happens to be hiding in the bushes and spies Mitaka comforting Kozue by putting his arm around her. He wastes no time in reporting what he saw to the tenants at Maison Ikkoku, including Godai. On their next date, Godai is depressed by the thought that he might be losing Kozue to Mitaka, and Kozue picks up on his depression, which only reassures her that he has lost interest in her. Meanwhile, Mitaka learns that he was seen putting his arm around Kozue, and that Kyoko knows about it. His plea's that he isn't involved with her go unnoticed as Kozue begins to show up at the tennis courts asking for his advice. One day, Godai follows Kozue and Mitaka and overhears the two having a discussion about Kozue's relationship, Godai thinks that she must mean her new relationship with Mitaka, but of course he's confused. When she gets up to go to the restroom, Godai confronts Mitaka, but Shun just leaves and tells Godai to be a man and give Kozue a hug. Godai takes this to mean that he should hug her when he says goodbye for the last time, and in doing so, Kozue is relieved that Yusaku is showing her some attention, and their problems seem to be solved.

Chapter 51: 一刻館の昼と夜
Ikkoku-kan no hiru to yoru

(Clothes Make the ???)
The weekend arrives at Maison Ikkoku, and with it comes boredom. Akemi, Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya just aren't inspired in their partying in Godai's room. Meanwhile, Kyoko has a full-length mirror delivered, and is inspired to try on some clothes to test her new purchase out. Digging through her closet she finds her old high school uniform and decides to see if it still fits. As soon as she gets it on, the tenants barge into her room as an embarassed Kyoko tries to explain why she's playing dress up. Within a few minutes, everyone is in on the act, Mrs. Ichinose digs out her school uniform, (which surprisingly, still fits) Yotsuya dons a monks robe with a paper bag over his head, Akemi finds a sexy nurse's uniform that she got from a cabaret worker, and Godai finally breaks down and gets his old school outfit so that he and Kyoko can pair off. After a few beers everyone is beginning to get into character, even Kyoko! That evening, Kentaro comes back from baseball practice to find everyone acting like idiots, and vows that when he grows up he will escape from Maison Ikkoku.

Chapter 52: 配達された一枚の葉書
Haitatsu sareta ichi-mai no hagaki

(Just a Little Card)
After a tutoring session with Ikuko, Grandfather Otonashi asks Godai to deliver something to Kyoko for him. The item turns out to be Soichiro's diary, and when Godai learns this he becomes depressed, thinking that it will just get Kyoko thinking about her late husband again. Unfortunately Kyoko's reaction is as Godai expected. He becomes depressed as Kyoko heads to her room to read the journal. Apparently Soichiro wasn't much of a writer, as the journal is more of a listing of his meals than anything else, until one day when he received a postcard from a girl that shook him to his core. Kyoko wonders what the postcard said, and there is a place for it in the journal, but its missing. Over the next few days Kyoko desperately tries to find out the whereabouts of the card or who sent it, thinking that perhaps Soichiro had someone else that he was in love with. Finally Godai discovers the postcard mixed in with his things, and returns it to Kyoko. The card was from her when she was in high school, simply wishing Soichiro a happy summer, but that was what made him first take notice of Kyoko.

Chapter 53: 子供のいる情景
Kodomo no iru jokei

(Oh, Baby!)
The Chigusa's are visited by a family friend who brings along his new grandchild to show off. A few days later at the third anniversary of Soichiro's death, Kyoko's parents begin to bring up the subject of grandchildren in front of Kyoko and Grandfather Otonashi, prompting him to ask Kyoko about getting remarried and starting a family of her own. Kyoko is livid that her mother has taken a day dedicated to remembering Soichiro, and turned it into another attempt and forcing her to re-marry. The next day at the tennis courts, Mitaka notices that Kyoko is full of energy, and she tells him its because she's angry. Before she has a chance to tell him why, her Mother has shown up and asked Mitaka out for tea so they can talk about Kyoko's "problem". Hoping to counter her mother's latest plot, Kyoko brings along Godai and Mrs. Ichinose. Their presence however doesn't curb Mrs. Chigusa's questioning, as she tells Shun and the others about her dream of having grandchildren. Mitaka uses the opportunity to promote himself as a possible candidate for fatherhood, Godai tries his best as well, but by the end of lunch, Kyoko is beginning to think she would never want children.

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