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Maison Ikkoku
volume 6 - With a Summer Wind
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1983 May 15-Sep 30
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 4 Number 7-10, Part 5 Number 1 & Animerica Vol. 3.10

Chapter 54: 草野球スタンドクロス
Kusayakyu sutandokurosu
(A Very Tight Game)
One of the local businessmen issues the Chachamaru Master a challenge, his team of local merchants versus whoever Master can find in a game of baseball, the winner gets to have a huge party with all the food and drink paid for by the loser. Master sees this as an opportunity to really cash in on the aging businessmen and forms a ragtag team consisting of himself, Akemi, Yotsuya, Mrs. Ichinose, Kentaro, Godai, Kyoko, Mitaka, and Sakamoto. Unfortunately the person with the most baseball experience on the team is Kentaro, so they don't fare too well. Godai's pitching is atrocious, but Mitaka makes up for it with his natural athletic abilities to score some runs. In the middle of the game, Mitaka accidently injures one of the opposing players, and the merchant team cries foul now that they're down a man. After making a shady deal to keep the game going, Mitaka ends up on the opposing team and team Chachamaru earns three free runs in return. This change in teams creates a duel between Godai and Mitaka in the ninth inning leading to a dramatic finale that has Master's dream team winning at the last possible second. Of course, the businessmen had a back up plan, and when it comes time to have their party they only order draft beer and popcorn.

Chapter 55: ちょっと休もうか
Chotto yasumo ka
(Shall We...Rest Awhile?)
Kyoko has a high school class reunion in Shinjuku and learns from Mrs. Ichinose that Godai is also in Shinjuku for a school function welcoming the incoming freshman class. At the party, Godai and Sakamoto meet two freshman girls, the outgoing Jun and the shy and reserved Eriko. Yusaku gets paired with Eriko, and after much insistance from Jun, Eriko begins to get flirtacious with Yusaku. As the night progresses, Kyoko catches up with her friends while Eriko gets more and more intoxicated. At the end of the night, Godai is the only one left to help her get back to her apartment, but as fate would have it, Eriko begins to get sick outside a love hotel, which Godai begins to see as destiny intervening. Just as he is escorting Eriko inside the hotel, Kyoko walks by and spots them. After helping Eriko back to her apartment, Godai thanks Kyoko for her help but Kyoko has nothing to say to him, knowing that he would have ended up sleeping with the girl at a love hotel.

(Grandma Goes to Town)
Grandma Yukari arrives in Tokyo and tries to call Yusaku to pick her up at the train station. But when she calls Ikkoku the line is busy, as Godai is on the phone discussing the previous night's regarding Eriko with Sakamoto. Kyoko is still furious with him for almost going inside the love hotel with the cute, young, freshman. Just as Godai is beginning to regret not having gone through with his night of passion, Yukari arrives and tells him that he should apologize to Kyoko for whatever he did. Having a tenant's relative visit cheers Kyoko up again, and suddenly she seems to have forgotten the previous night's encounter. After some room cleaning and hijinks at Godai's expense, Yukari asks her grandson to escort her to her high school reunion. He refuses at first, but after Kyoko says that she'll do it, Yusaku can't resist tagging along. As it turns out, Kyoko and Yusaku get dragged to all the latest dance clubs in Tokyo with Yukari and her friends. Even though he protested the entire night, by the time everyone is headed home, Godai is actually glad that his grandmother has come to visit, as it gave he and Kyoko a chance to make up.

Chapter 57: Don't フォローミー
Donto foro mi
(Stop Following Me!)
Early one Sunday morning Yukari wakes Godai from his peaceful sleep and tosses him out of the room so she can clean it. At first upset, after taking a long walk with Kyoko, Godai begins to see the benefits of being an early riser. After returning home he asks his grandmother when she's going home, but she has no intention of leaving and tells him she's going to stay and help him. Yusaku is livid but a timely interruption by Yotsuya to steal a few breakfast items means that he has one more person to gang up on him and tell him how he should respect his grandma more. Godai has plans with Kozue that day but Yukari manages to invite herself along so that she can meet her potential grandaughter-in-law. During their lunch date, Kozue makes a great impression on Yukari and the topic of marriage comes up which flusters Godai. Kozue is only too happy to learn that she has Godai's grandmother's blessing, but a remark about hoping she lives to see the wedding begins to worry Godai. Godai spends the rest of the day in thought, worrying that his grandmother might be ill and that this visit is to put things in order with him. A call to his parents puts Godai's fears at ease though, his mother reassures him thats Yukari is in perfect health, but that grandma should stay as long as she can so that Godai's parents can get a break from her. That night Yukari wakes from a dream and remembers how indecisive Yusaku is, thinking that he won't make up his mind about Kozue and Kyoko until it's too late.

Chapter 58: カモナマイハウス
Kamona mai hausu
(Come On a My House)
After learning from Mrs. Ichinose that Kyoko has another suitor besides Godai she decides she'd like to meet him. And so she heads to the tennis courts with Mrs. Ichinose and Kyoko. Mitaka instantly notices her and wonders who she is, but when he overhears Kyoko call her 'grandmother' he misunderstands and takes her to be Kyoko's relative. After a quick introduction and some flattery, Mitaka ends up inviting her to his house, but only learns right afterwards that she is actually Godai's grandmother. And so on the following Saturday, Yukari, Godai and Kyoko all visit Mitaka at his apartment. Godai is endlessly ribbed by his grandmother about the difference in Godai's crappy room and Mitaka's spacious apartment. Mitaka uses the opportunity to show off his wealthy lifestyle and hint around that Kyoko could have all of this if she married him. Godai does his best to stop that line of conversation, but since they are in Mitaka's home he doesn't have much of a chance. When Yukari brings out a photo of Mitaka with his arm around a cute girl, Kyoko becomes instantly jealous, but Shun laughs it off and admits that he used to live with the girl in the photo, because she's his sister. After spending the day subjected to Mitaka's wealth, Godai is exhausted, and he, Kyoko, and Yukari all walk back to Maison Ikkoku. Yukari asks Godai if he's going to give up on Kyoko now, but he says he isn't, so she tells him a story about when she was younger and in a situation similar to Kyoko's. A rich suitor proposed to her, as did Godai's grandfather, who was just as indecisive as their grandson. She of course chose the love of Godai's grandad, but as soon as Yusaku thinks she's trying to teach him a lesson about how true love wins over all, she admits it was the biggest mistake she ever made, and tells Kyoko to go for love and money.

Chapter 59: 梅酒婆あ
Umeshu baba
(Granny's Ol' Plum Wine)
On a hot summer's morning a package arrives at Maison Ikkoku for Yukari. She opens it in front of Godai, who is pleased to see that its a batch of her famous plum wine, sent from his parents. Even though Yusaku wants a taste, his grandma refuses since he's got to go to class. A few hours later Kyoko asks Yukari if she could watch over Ikkoku while she runs some errands. Yukari gets bored of that quickly, but with everyone out working or shopping she has the place entirely to herself. With no one to drink with she decides to let Soichiro taste a bit of her liquor. He likes it so much that she fills his dog bowl up with it, getting him drunk. A summer storm brings everyone home unexpectedly early. The drunken dog jumps all over Kyoko and ends up pulling her skirt up, to which Godai grabs it from him and pushes him off. Of course this leaves him with his hand in Kyoko's skirt and she gives him a hearty slap for his assistance. As the rain begins to pour outside everyone moves into Room 5 to taste the plum wine and reminisce about childhood memories of summer. As the lightning begins to strike outside, a warm body jumps into Godai's arms. Thinking it might be Kyoko he comforts her, only to learn that its Soichiro, inside to wait out the storm. Still drunk, he begins to paw at Kyoko again and Yukari finds it so funny that she pours more wine for the fluffy mutt. Kyoko can only shake her head in disbelief at her dog's apparent drinking problem, while Godai angrily watches him rub against his mistress. As he tries to pull him off again, Soichiro bites Yusaku. Alcohol and comparisons of Soichiro the dog to Kyoko's late husband Soichiro begins to put ideas in Godai's head and he the dog end up wrestling for the rest of the afternoon.

Chapter 60: プールサイドのキスマーク
Purusaido no kisumuku

(Playing Hickey)
Grandmother Godai treats everyone to a day at a luxurious pool to thank them for all their kindness towards her. As Akemi slips into her bikini, everyone notices a hickey on her neck. Godai gets nervous as he recalls the previous nights activities. After a date with Kozue, he stopped off to see Sakamoto, who had just been dumped by his girlfriend, Godai ended up comforting him until the wee hours of the morning, and had to sleep at his place. In the middle of the night Sakamoto rolled over and thinking that Godai was his ex-girlfriend Keiko, proceeded to kiss his neck. Needless to say, Godai now his his very own hickey, and is deathly afraid that if he takes his shirt off to swim, someone is sure to notice. As soon as he gets in the pool, sure enough, Kyoko and Yukari both notice the hickey, as he tries to explain that it wasn't Kozue who gave it to him, Sakamoto, who's working at the pool as a waiter, tosses a plate at his good buddy, forcing Godai to shut up. Later on, Kyoko asks Sakamoto if Godai did indeed spend the night at his place the night before, which Sakamoto patently denies. Kyoko chooses to believe him and convinces herself that Yusaku is lying about getting the hickey from a girl. Godai confronts her again in the pool and tries to explain himself, but Kyoko refuses to listen and swims away until she gets a cramp and sinks under the water. Godai rushes to save her, but as she comes up for air she finds herself face to face with his hickey, and screams that she hates Godai before she bites down on his shoulder for good measure.

Chapter 61: 夏色の風と
Natsuiro no kaze to

(A Hot Wind)
After the incident at the pool Kyoko is still furious at Yusaku, so he feels that its best to leave her alone for awhile and let her calm down. Godai decides to take a trip by himself to Hokkaido so that he can clear his head and hopefully write Kyoko a letter explaining where the hickey came from and how important she is to him. Of course, it isn't easy to do all those things when another guy gave him the hickey and he has no idea how Kyoko actually feels about him. After numerous failed attempts at starting the letter, Godai tries again as he sits on the side of a road, looking out over the pastures of Hokkaido. As he's writing a girl comes along and sits next to him. She begins asking him questions about what he's writing and what year of college he's in. As the afternoon turns into evening, Godai and the girl walk together. Her name is Konatsu Oguchi, and she explains to him that she's in training in hopes that she can control her overwhelming desire to talk. In the process of explaining why she's in Hokkaido though, she ends up talking nonstop, all the way to the hotel, all through dinner. Konatsu tells Yusaku that until she saw him she hadn't said a single word all day, and that he was like an angel from heaven, because she was so happy to have someone to talk to. Godai blushes and the two head off to bed, where Yusaku writes a postcard to Sakamoto back home. The next morning, Godai awakens and finds a cute girl looking over at him from the adjoining balcony. At first he doesn't recognize her, but when she begins to talk he realizes its Konatsu, she looks like a totally different person without her glasses on and her hair down. The pair head out onto the road once more, and Kontasu asks if she can travel with Godai. He agrees and the two travel across Hokkaido together, seeing the sights and talking to one another. Godai still finds himself unable to write a suitable letter to Kyoko. Back at Maison Ikkoku, Sakamoto calls for Godai, but gets Mrs. Ichinose instead. Telling her that Godai sent him a card he decides to tell her the truth about the hickey. Being the gossip that she is, Mrs. Ichinose passes the news onto a very relieved Kyoko. In Hokkaido, Konatsu and Yusaku are stargazing. She asks if he's writing the letter to his girlfriend, which Godai denies. He asks if she's single and she says she is, having talked her last boyfriend out the door. After that she grows quiet, and Yusaku worries that she's depressed over being alone. He tries to comfort her and tells her how cute and charming she is, but she doesn't say a word. After a few minutes of compliments she finally exhales, the entire time she was trying to see how long she could go without talking, which depresses Godai as he was saying how great he thought she was. When Godai gets quiet Konatsu wonders if he's upset, so she kisses him and tells him he should write his letter. The kiss inspires him to write out his feelings for Kyoko, but the next day, all alone, he tears up the letter and watches as the pieces scatter into the wind. Instead he writes a simple letter saying he'll be home soon. A week later though, Godai is still missing, having torn up his train tickets with the letter he wrote.

Chapter 62: 井戸の中
Ido no naka

(Well, Well, Well)
At a local festival, Kyoko is playing the part of Okiko, the spirit of a woman who fell down a well and died. Shun and Yukari both compliment her on her costume, as Godai gets the final touches of make up done for his cat demon costume. When Kyoko rushes off to find her fake well, she gets in too much of a hurry and ends up in an actual dry well. When Godai runs into Master, who is still waiting for Kyoko to arrive at her location, Yusaku gets worried and goes looking for his manager. It doesn't take long for him to find her, but Yusaku's rescue attempt fails and he is pulled into the well with Kyoko. Yotsuya finds them, but causes more trouble when he pushes Mitaka into the well alongside the pair. Soon Mitaka and Godai are fighting over who will be the one to save Kyoko, but they both realize that once Kyoko is safe outside the well, either one of them would leave the other stuck down the hole. Before long chaos ensues as Yotsuya gathers the other tenants to the well and they all leap down to have a good time with the trio.

Chapter 63: しわのあるキューピッド
Shiwa no aru Kyupiddo

(Prune-Faced Cupid)
Godai's mother calls Maison Ikkoku and insists that its time for Yukari to come home. Even though she's enjoying herself in Tokyo, Yukari decides its probably for the best that she goes home. Before she does, though, she asks Kyoko to go on a date with Yusaku. Kyoko reluctantly agrees, and when Yusaku finds out he's furious, that is until he sees that Kyoko is actually looking forward to the date. When the day of the big date finally arrives, Yusaku is shocked to find that Yukari has made an itinerary for him to follow and tells him that if he doesn't do as she says she won't give him any money. Having no other choice, Yusaku does as he's told. The first event for the day is a movie. Godai and Kyoko are enjoying themselves until they realize that Yotsuya is sitting next to them. Not wanting to spend the day with him, they quickly leave. Needing to kill some time before lunch the pair stop off at a toy store that Yusaku knows about. Kyoko is enjoying the toys when suddenly Mrs. Ichinose and Kentaro appear. By this point Kyoko and Yusaku begin to get wonder if the meetings are just coincidence or something more. Their suspicions are put to rest when they arrive at a restaurant only to find Master and Akemi eating at the table next to theirs. Godai becomes dejected at the idea that he's been spied on, and thinks Kyoko probably isn't having a very good time. Kyoko wonders why Yusaku is so down, and the two agree to have tea before going back to Maison Ikkoku. When they arrive at the tea shop that Yukari chose for them, they find Yotsuya, Kentaro, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose all waiting for them. Attempting to sneak away without being seen, Ichinose spots them and a chase ensues. When evening finally arrives Kyoko and Yusaku have managed to escape and agree that they had a lot of fun in the process. Back at Maison Ikkoku Yukari receives a status report from her spies, and decides that from the sound of the date that neither Kyoko nor her grandson had a very good time. Of course, one look at the huge smile on Godai's face would tell her otherwise.

Side Story: 一刻島ナンパ始末記
Ikkoku-to nanpa shimatsuki

(Yusaku's Island)
In this "side story" Mitaka has invited Kyoko out for a daytrip on his yacht only to have all the other tenants of Ikkoku decide to tag along. A sudden storm finds the group shipwrecked for a number of days. As the thought of never being rescued enters everyone's mind, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose decide to have a nonstop party, Yotsuya goes exploring and Godai does most of the work. Yotsuya's reports that the island is indeed completely deserted. Before long he and Mitaka are competing to see who can provide the best for Kyoko. Mitaka catches tons of fish when chased by Soichiro, and when Godai fails to get a fire started, Yotsuya does so with ease. A week passes and the castaways are still stranded. Godai and Mitaka's continuous one-ups-manship has left both men completely exhausted. Suddenly Kentaro spies a ship and the group rushes off to try and signal it. Yotsuya however is nowhere to be found. As it turns out, the island isn't deserted at all, but has a resort on it. Yotsuya has known this all along and decided not to share the information with his companions.

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