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Maison Ikkoku
volume 7 - Body of Love
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1984 Oct 15-Feb 29
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 5 Number 2-7

Chapter 64: 別れの18番ホーム
Wakare no 18-ban homu
(Farewell on Platform 18)
Yukari is headed back for Niigata and visits all the tenants to let them know that tonight will be her last night at Maison Ikkoku. Everyone is sad to see her go, and tease Godai about going back with her. When they go back to Room 5, Yukari thanks her grandson for the wonderful time she's had with him and says that she probably won't get another chance to visit him again. She hopes that she can convince him to let her stay longer, but Yusaku suspects as much and doesn't extend an invitation. Everyone decides to have a party for Yukari that lasts until the wee hours of the morning. When Godai is forced to wake up at noon to take Yukari to the train station he is suffering from an enormous hangover. Strangely, he's the only one the alcohol seemed to have an effect on. The entire gang escorts Yukari to the train station, and Godai begins to feel more and more sick as the day wears on. Once Yukari finally boards her train, there is a delay and she is forced to deboard. While Yusaku can't wait to get home, everyone else is happy to have another opportunity to party, and waste no time in grabbing a few beers to drink on the platform while they wait for the train to leave. The partying catches up to them however, and Yukari misses her train. Finally, she boards a later train and arrives home later that night. When Godai calls to check on her she tells him that she left some money for the other tenants to use for a party to cheer him up now that his grandma isn't there.

Chapter 65: 一の瀬氏の失業
Ichinose-shi no shitsugyo
(Mr. Ichinose Gets Laid Off)
When Mr. Ichinose's company closes down and he loses his job, he's forced to forgo his usual schedule and search for a new job. As he passes Kyoko on his way into town she is learn that there actually IS a Mr. Ichinose! She tries to be polite, but Mrs. Ichinose catches on quickly and says she knows that her husband is rarely seen around the building. Meanwhile, in town Godai and Sakamoto are girl watching and become frustrated with seeing numerous beautiful women with ugly boyfriends. Kobayashi arrives with news of a part-time job that has fallen through, and the trio go out for breakfast together. Sakamoto and Godai are forced to split a meal between them due to their lack of money while Kobayashi eats his fill. Later at Maison Ikkoku Godai is startled to see a stranger playing with Soichiro. Thining he might be a dognapper, Yusaku confronts him only to learn that he's Mr. Ichinose. He can't hide his surprise, as Mr. Ichinose introduces himself and thanks Godai for all the help he's given Kentaro over the years. Yusaku is amazed at how different Mr. Ichinose's personality is from the rest of his family and the two share a meal at a local oden stand. Mr. Ichinose tells Yusaku of the first time he met Hanae and how he gave up his hopes of meeting a young, beautiful girl after a drinking contest against his future wife. Godai see's a bit too much of himself in Mr. Ichinose and becomes depressed. Just then Mrs. Ichinose arrives with Kyoko to escort her husband home. Kyoko and Yusaku walk behind the couple and remark at how suited they seem to be for each other.

Chapter 66: 一の瀬氏、走る
Ichinose-shi, hashiru
(Run, Ichinose, Run!)
When Kentaro gets home he finds his mother passed out on the floor, drunk as usual. Angered he wakes her up and shows her a flyer from school. His annual field day is coming up and parents are expected to attent and participate in a three-legged race. Mrs. Ichinose laughs it off and seems disinterested so Kentaro approaches Kyoko and asks her to pretend to be his big sister so that she can represent his family in the race. Kyoko feels so sorry for him that she agrees, and when Godai learns that Kyoko is going to race, he happily agrees to play the part of Kentaro's big brother. Mr. Ichinose visits Godai's room and says that his wife mentioned the field day to him, but Kentaro shoots the idea down telling his father not to bother. The days pass and Kentaro's father soon learns of his son's plan to substitute Godai and Kyoko for he and his wife. Mr. Ichinose feels terrible, but knows that he won't be able to convince his wife to participate in the race. Yotsuya takes pity on his neighbor and offers an idea that may help. When the day of the race finally arrives, everyone from Maison Ikkoku turns out to support Kentaro on his big day. Kyoko asks him if he's sure that he wouldn't rather have his parents race instead of she and Godai but he says he's sure. Godai and Kyoko have a few practice runs before the race and end up falling flat on their faces. As the continue to practice the actual race begins, and Mr. Ichinose's plan begins as he nad his wife enter the race instead of Godai and Kyoko. Their small stature ensures that they can't go very fast, but because they move so slowly they go through the obstacle course race without making a single mistake and end up winning. As it turns out, Mrs. Ichinose's secret motivation for winning was that Yotsuya had promised to hand over a few of Godai's sake bottles if she could win.

Chapter 67: 落ちていくのも
Ochite iku no mo
(Falling For You)
Godai has dinner with the Nanaos for the first time in a long while. When Kozue's father brings up the topic of marriage, Godai is scared silent. As he walks home, he realizes how much pressure Kozue's family is putting on him to marry her when he still hasn't even gotten to kiss her yet. Back at Ikkoku, Kyoko offers Yusaku a plate of dinner, which he happily accepts. When Yotsuya mentions the fact that he's already had dinner with Kozue, Kyoko changes her mind and offers it to him and Akemi. A few days later, Godai is out with Kozue and realizes how far he's let things go with her just because he doesn't have the willpower to tell her he's in love with Kyoko. When he gets home, he finds Kyoko sweeping out front. She offers him a chilly welcome. In a conversation with Sakamoto, he tells his friend of the trouble he's had with dumping Kozue. Sakamoto offers some advice about using bad behavior to his advantage in order to make Kozue break up with him. As soon as Godai thinks about this, he realizes that all of the recommendations for making Kozue hate him, he's already done to Kyoko! That evening, Godai turns down a dinner invitation from Kozue and tells her he feels like he's been taking advantage of her kindness a bit too often lately. Days later, Godai has decided that he has to end things with Kozue once and for all, but she thwarts his decision by giving him his Christmas present; a sweater. Godai wears the sweater home, and gets another cold response from Kyoko. Once he's back in his room, Yusaku is so angry that he screams out what an idiot Kyoko is. She just so happens to be repairing the roof. An argument ensues with Godai screaming at Kyoko through his window as she shouts back at him from the roof. Things end in frustration as Godai asks Kyoko to tell him how she feels about him and why she gets so jealous. Kyoko refuses and the argument ends with Godai slamming his window and Kyoko walking away. As she does, she happens to slip and falls from the roof, only barely managing to grab the rain gutter and hang on. She's too stubborn to call out for help however and is only saved when Godai hears the creaking of the gutter. He pulls her into his room just in time, and can't his frustration at her behavior. In a fit of emotion, Yusaku slaps her on the cheek and gives her a lecture about her behavior. He just so happens to be sitting on his windowsill as he does, and as he finishes, his window breaks, sending him tumbling from the second floor to the ground below.

Chapter 68: 宴会謝絶
Enkai shazetsu
(No Visitors, Please!)
Godai has been in the hospital with a broken leg for three days now. Kyoko has been too embarassed to visit him. Yusaku had hoped that some good would come from his injury, like Kyoko feeling so guilty that she'd take care of him, and the two would become closer than ever. Instead, Kyoko is trying to stay busy at Maison Ikkoku, overseeing repairs from the fall and exchanging news with Godai's family. As it turns out, a cousin of Godai's has agreed to take care of him while he's in the hospital. When the other tenants bring Godai the news instead of Kyoko, he becomes even more depressed. Akemi and the others report on his sadness over not seeing her, and so Kyoko decides that perhaps she really should visit. The next day, Yusaku spies her approaching the hospital from his window. Kyoko hesitates and decides to leave, at which point Godai calls her an idiot. Much to his surprise, Kyoko had entered the hospital through a different entrance and was actually in his room, overhearing his insult. Instead of getting angry, Kyoko apologizes for her behavior and promises to never get jealous of Godai again. Just as she gets these words out, Kozue rushes into the room, having just heard about Yusaku's accident. Kyoko is so embarassed that she rushes out. Over the next few days, Kyoko visits regularly, but other acquantances hear of Yusaku's accident and come to pay their respects as well. With all the visitors, Yusaku and Kyoko are never alone together. Finally, days later, Kyoko visits while Godai is asleep. She gives him a gentle hug and whispers an apology. When Godai wakes up, she apologizes again and gives him the sweater that Kozue knit for him. She continues to apologize as Yusaku pulls her close. The two almost kiss, when suddenly the other tenants arrive with Yusaku's cousin Akira. Yusaku is shocked to find that the bratty little girl he knew as a child, has blossomed into a cute young woman. Akira promises not to leave Godai's side until he's all better, which seems to upset Kyoko as much as it does Yusaku.

Chapter 69: 駆け落ちクラッカー
Kakeochi kurakka
(Mission Impossible: The Party Cracker Caper)
Kyoko hasn't been back to the hospital since Akira's arrival. It seems her promise not to get jealous anymore was short lived, as the constant teasing from the tenants about how cute Godai's caretaker is, has sent Kyoko into another jealousy fueled depression. When Mrs. Ichinose begins to make jokes about how the legality of marriage between cousins, Kyoko decides she should check in on Yusaku. When she arrives at the hospital, she walks in on Akira forcing Godai out of his pajamas so she can wash them. Thankfully, Kyoko remains calm until she hears Akira mention that she's old enough to get married now. As it turns out, Yusaku is beginning to get the wrong idea as well, wondering if a promise of marriage he made Akira when they were children is something she still wants to see happen. When Akira's father visits and asks Godai to help keep any strange ideas out of Akira's head, things are further complicated. When everyone comes to visit Yusaku, Mrs. Ichinose and Akemi continue to tease Yusaku about Akira, while Yotsuya spies on a young couple out the window. Mrs. Ichinose becomes interested and happens to notice that the couple is actually Akira and a young man. She and Yotsuya go outside for a closer look and overhear that the two are planning on eloping. Mrs. Ichinose decides to help them by throwing the annual Christmas party in Godai's hospital room as a distraction so that Akira and her fiance can elope without her father interfering. That night, Godai learns of the plan, which clears his head of the idea that Akira might like him, but still frustrates him because he has to deal with the hassel of helping his cousin to pull off her gambit. The party doesn't go as planned, as Akira's fiance's signal is missed by the loud partying within the room. Things are further complicated as Akira's father arrives and tries to stop her from leaving. Akira rushes downstairs, escaping before she can hear her father say that he will agree to her marriage if she comes back. Godai takes it upon himself to get her and hobbles downstairs before she leaves. As he calls out to her, the other tenants crowd around, shoving Yusaku down the final flight of stairs. Akira and her fiance escape without hearing of her father's new perspective, while Godai suffers from a second broken leg.

Chapter 70: 愛の骨格
Ai no kokkaku

(Body of Love)
Yusaku is still in the hospital, having re-broken his leg trying to catch up with Akira and her fiance. Kyoko, feeling somewhat responsible, volunteers to stay with Godai and help nurse him back to health. Of course, when Mitaka hears of this he heads directly to the hospital to ensure that Godai isn't taking advantage of Kyoko's kindness. While there, Godai tries to drop hints about how close he and Kyoko are becoming, while Mitaka tries to reassure Godai that she's only staying with him out of a sense of responsibility. Mitaka leaves to talk with Kyoko and asks her not to get too carried away by the feelings of the moment. However, feeling that Kyoko and Godai spending so much time together can't be a good thing, Shun calls Kozue and tells her about Godai's incident. Kozue arrives and volunteers to take care of Godai, but Kyoko tells her that she feels responsible and that she has to be the one to take care of him. Mitaka's plan backfires. New Year's Day arrives and Kyoko and Yusaku spend it alone with each other at the hospital. Kyoko washes Godai's hair and then they take a walk and share a romantic embrace and almost kiss once more, but are interrupted by the sounds of sirens. When they go back inside they learn that the new patient is Mitaka, he's broken his leg skiing and insisted upon being Godai's roomate.

Chapter 71: 雪に二文字
Yuki ni ni moji

(Message in the Snow)
Godai and Mitaka battle over Kyoko's attentions while they are both hospitalized. Kyoko is constantly thinking about the kiss she almost shared with Yusaku, and how good she felt in his arms. Mrs. Ichinose begins to realize that something must have happened between them, and takes Godai to get his x-rays, giving Mitaka some time alone with the Manager. Mitaka, too, is worried that Kyoko and Yusaku have become closer, and tries to show Kyoko that he still cares for her very much himself. He pulls her into his arms, but then worries that he's forcing her to do something she isn't ready for and lets her go, apologetically. Kyoko becomes more confused than ever, and Godai and Mitaka try to convince one another that Kyoko is falling for only him and not the other. When Kyoko's confusion over her feelings for both men reaches its critical point, a group of young girls rush into the hospital room, all of them hoping to see Mitaka. They are the class of college students that he teaches at an all-girl's school. The girls begin fawning over Shun and Kyoko decides that Godai is the best choice for her, when in walks Kozue to take care of Yusaku. Kyoko angrily leaves, but as she walks through the snow outside she leaves a message for both her suitors...."Idiots."

Chapter 72: 愛のリハビリテーション
Ai no rihabiriteshon

(Mending a Break)
Mitaka and Godai are finally released from the hospital, but Kyoko doesn't show up to help them make their way home, she's still jealous of all the attention they were getting from Kozue and the various girls from the tennis class. Back at Ikkoku though, she begins to rethink her feelings and decides that when Yusaku gets home she'll give him a big welcome. As soon as she sees Kozue though all her feelings of jealousy come rushing back. Kyoko later decides to check in on Mitaka, but when she learns the girls of the tennis class are throwing a party for him she backs out and stops talking to him as well. Almost a week passes with Kyoko ignoring both Godai and Mitaka. When Godai goes to the hospital for a check-up he runs into Mitaka and the two end up having coffee together and discussing Kyoko and her spells of jealousy. The two rivals get so caught up comparing notes on Kyoko that they end up staying out all night, progressively getting more and more intoxicated as they do. As the last trains arrive late in the night, Kyoko becomes worried and finds the Mitaka and Godai stumbling home, swearing that they're going to let Kyoko have it when they see her, but as soon as they do, all their feelings of anger fade and they're just happy that she's talking to them again.

Chapter 73: がんばってくださいね
Ganbatte kudasai ne

(Just Do Your Best!)
Sakamoto visits Godai and brings him all the notes he's missed while he's been out of school with his broken leg. Kyoko comes in to say hello and learns that Yusaku is very close to flunking all of his classes due to all the assignments he's missed. While he tells her not to worry, Kyoko can't help but feel responsible for him missing classes, he did break his leg saving her after all. But as long as Yusaku passes every last final he'll be fine, otherwise he'll have to add on an entire year to his college experience. Kyoko instantly bans all the other tenants from partying in Room 5 until finals are over. Yusaku's finals go by uneventfully, he feels as though he's doing well on everything and eventually, his the day of his final final arrives, Adolescent Psychology, at 8:50 in the morning. Kyoko worries that he won't be able to wake up in time so she promises she'll wake him up personally. As she leaves him to study, Kyoko goes downstairs and stays in Room 1 where the other tenants are partying, to ensure that they don't go upstairs and interrupt Yusaku. Of course, the party lasts all night, Kyoko oversleeps and Godai misses his final. A teary-eyed Kyoko blames herself, but promises Godai that she'll wait an extra year for him if she has to. Just then, Sakamoto walks by and mentions that he copied down the wrong time for the Adolescent Psychology final, and that Godai hasn't missed it after all. Of course Kyoko is terribly embarassed that she promised to wait for Godai, and the two don't talk again for a week.

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