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Maison Ikkoku
volume 8 - A Spring Grave
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1984 Mar 15-Aug 15
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 5 Number 7-9 & Part 6 Number 1-4

Chapter 74: 湯治者たち
(In Hot Water)
Godai's Grandmother decides to send some money to Maison Ikkoku for use as a spa trip for all the tenants plus Mitaka. The trip gets off to a rough start as Godai is forced to carry everyone's luggage to the hotel, only to find out that Mrs. Ichinose has used all the trip money to buy liquor and has rented one single shabby room for everyone to sleep in. The trip goes from bad to worse when the gang visits the spa. Yotsuya tries to find a way to peak at the women and Yusaku almost drowns trying to stop him. The night ends with a drunken party, but after everyone has fallen fast asleep, Yusaku finds himself face to face with a sleeping Kyoko. Staring at her beautiful face, he can't resist the idea of kissing her, but just before he does, she embraces him and calls out for Soichiro. After that Yusaku is no longer feeling romantic and wishes he never went on the trip to begin with.

Chapter 75: スーツでおつかい
Sutsu di otsukai
(Going Shopping in a Suit)
Kyoko's mother is sick with the flu, and calls to let her daughter know that it would be very helpful if she came home to take care of her for two or three days. Kyoko worries that it might be another scheme to get her to quit as manager, but reluctantly agrees. Kyoko leaves Mrs. Ichinose in charge, and goes to stay with her parents. Things go well, and Kyoko actually enjoys being able to take care of her mother and father and spend some time with them without discussing remarriage or quitting her job. After a week though, her mother is feeling better and Kyoko is ready to head back to Ikkoku. The Chigusa's however are desperate to keep her around and go to great lengths to do so. When Kyoko finally says that she can't sleep without her pillow and its at Maison Ikkoku, her mother calls Ikkoku and asks if one of the tenants can bring it over. Fortunately, Godai is the tenant that answers the phone and he is only too happy to do so if it means getting to see Kyoko after a week of her being away. Once he realizes that he'll be seeing her parents as well, Godai decides he'd better make a strong impression, so he decides to wear a suit when he makes his delivery. Once he arrives, he realizes that it was all a ploy to keep Kyoko away longer and becomes depressed, but her parents invite him to stay for awhile and ask him about his school and job prospects. Soon enough the conversation turns to his love life, and Yusaku admits that there is an apartment manager that he has feelings for. Although her parents don't add all the facts up, Kyoko is filled with a girlish glee that gets her through her remaining days with her parents.

Chapter 76: 闇の中の顔
Yami no naka kao
(The Face in the Darkness)
Yusaku and Kyoko visit the Otonashi residence to celebrate Ikuko's acceptance into her first choice high school. As Godai sits with Grandfather Otonashi, he watches from a distance as Ikuko and Kyoko pray at the family altar. Yusaku realizes that there must be a photo of Soichiro on the altar, and this might be his chance to finally see what Kyoko's late-husband looked like. Godai misses out on his chance though as Kyoko slides the partition shut. Over dinner, Yusaku notices that the family is comfortable talking about Soichiro and that they remember him fondly. As the night rolls on, Ikuko insists that Kyoko and Godai stay the night and after some convincing they agree. During the night, Godai awakens and decides to try and see Soichiro's photo again. All through the night he comes up against obstacle after obstacle in his quest to view Soichiro's face. When the morning finally arrives, he gets his chance, only to learn that the glass in the frame is shattered, obscuring Soichiro's photo.

Chapter 77: 春の墓
Haru no hakao
(A Grave Matter)
The fourth anniversary of Soichiro's death arrives and Kyoko plans to visit his grave as she does every year. Her parents also insist on coming, and Kyoko is unable to talk them out of the visit. In fact, she is so worried that they will use the opportunity to bring up remarriage (as they did the previous year) that she forgets to 'talk' to Soichiro at all. For the next few days, Kyoko is lost in thought about her late husband, and how she has begun to think about him less and less. She finally decides that she should visit him again and discuss her feelings. When Godai hears of this he finds it strange, and coupled with melancholy demeanor of the past few days, worries that she may be contemplating suicide. Kyoko arrives at Soichiro's grave and sits talking to it, Godai arrives right behind her and hides behind the tombstone, worried about her. Most of the conversation takes place within her head, and so Godai waits in silence, but when he hears her crying, he leaps up to tell her how he feels. Of course, she is gone by this time, and a monk overhears Godai's declaration to Kyoko and wonders about HIS mental health.

Chapter 78: 一緒に住もうね
Issho ni sumo ne
(One Big Happy Family)
A mother and her teenage son find themselves driving to the son's new apartment building. The boy, Nozomu Nikaido, is about to enter college, and as a reward for being accepted his mother has set up a ritzy condo apartment for him. Unfortunately for her, she used an intermediary to handle all the paperwork, and is shocked to find that her son's new apartment isn't the luxurious space she'd imagined, but Maison Ikkoku. As Mrs. Nikaido rushes to the phone to try and straighten out the situation, Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose meet Nozomu and lay a guilt trip on him about how much work Kyoko did fixing up Room 2 for him. Finding himself smitten with his new manager-to-be, Nikaido announces to his mother that he'll be staying at Maison Ikkoku after all. Despite her protests, Nikaido convinces his mother and moves into Room 2. The tenants are all to happy to help him arrange his things (Yotsuya uses the chance to steal a few things) and Kyoko tells him that if he needs anything to find her or ask Godai in Room 5 if she isn't available. Nikaido's grace period doesn't last long however, as the tenants hear him make some derogatory comments about them, and they do the same to his face. The newest tenant hopes that they'll all get along and asks for a map to city hall, which Yotsuya provides for him. Of course, the map is completely wrong, and has him walking in circles all afternoon. When he finally makes it back to Ikkoku, Yotsuya has locked him out and attempts to dump water on his head. After that fails, the other tenants open the door, only to drop a wet washcloth on his head. Kyoko arrives to see whats happening and screams at the other tenants, but Nikaido sees this as an opportunity to score points with his new manager and just dismisses it as a bit of kindly teasing. Later that night, as the tenants throw a welcoming party for Nikaido, he sneaks downstairs to call his mother and tell her that he's not moving home. After hanging up the phone, Nikaido swears that he won't leave Maison Ikkoku until he takes his revenge.

Chapter 79: ジャブ&うっちゃり
Jabu & utchari
(Attack and Counterattack)
As Nikaido wakes up to a new day at Ikkoku, Yotsuya's pranks continue. Scaring him into swallowing his mouth rinse. Finally having a chance to meet with a normal tenant, Nikaido goes out for breakfast with Godai and begins asking questions about Yotsuya in hopes of learning his tormentor's secret. Of course, no one at Maison Ikkoku knows anything about Yotsuya, and so Nikaido takes it upon himself to learn more about his mysterious neighbor. The following Sunday, as Yotsuyah heads off to work, Nikaido sneaks out behind him, following him through the streets. Suddenly Yotsuya makes a quick turn into an alley, ducking under barbed wire, crawling through holes in walls, Nikaido refuses to give up. Finally following his prey into a restaurant, Nozomu is shocked when a meal is served to him and Yotsuya comes to sit with him and talk. Before he knows it Nikaido is left with the bill and Yotsuya escapes outside. Arriving back at Maison Ikkoku, Nikaido slips back into his room only to hear a loud banging from above. As a panel of his ceiling is pulled away, Yotsuya peers down at him, silently watching. After Yotsuya tires of staring, he closes the panel and Nikaido springs into action, grabbing a ladder and attacking his roof. When he finally breaks through he realizes that Yotsuya broke through Godai's floor to spy on him. Godai is obviously upset, but Nikaido ignores him and dives through the hole in Godai's wall hoping to break into Room 4. As he crawls inside, Yotsuya returns to Godai's room and boards the hole up, trapping Nikaido inside his closet. Finally breaking free Nikaido returns to his room only to find the door nailed shut. In the wee hours of the morning, Nikaido sneaks upstairs to glue Yotsuya's door shut, but in the light of the morning he realizes that it was Akemi's door he rigged instead, thanks to Yotsuya's sneakiness.

Chapter 80: 仲よき事は
Naka yoki koto wa

(Can't We Be Friends?)
Kyoko arrives at Maison Ikkoku to find the bottom floor soaking wet and Yotsuya and Nikaido carrying carpentry tools. Her attempts to determine what happend are rebuffed by the two, and they agree to clean up the mess. Kyoko goes to talk to Godai and says that she's worried Nikaido isn't getting along with the other tenants, and that because of his 'shy, meek' manner could end up getting hurt by the other more forceful tenants. Godai is shocked that Kyoko sees him this way, but he can't resist when she asks him to look after the young man. Godai tells Nikaido about Kyoko's worries in the hopes that it will convince him to tell her about his problems with Yotsuya, but Nikaido will have none of it, insisting that he can handle Yotsuya by himself. Hoping to score points with Kyoko, Nikaido offers to repair the roof for her. After he climbs to the top of Maison Ikkoku, Yotsuya takes his ladder away, and Nikaido spies this as the perfect opportunity to try a new tactic in his battle of sneaky tricks. When Kyoko comes to thank him for his help, he tells her about the ladder being moved and then shows her his arm in a sling, telling her that he hurt himself when he tried to jump down. Kyoko is furious and goes to confront Yotsuya. Demanding he apologize, Yostuya reluctantly agrees, but forces Kyoko into Godai's closet instead, telling her to wait there in order to learn the truth about Nikaido. As she waits, Yotsuya invites Nikaido upstairs for a party, but when the young man learns Kyoko isn't coming he yanks out a smokescreen capsule and unleashes it upon the tenants. Godai rushes to his closet to get Kyoko out, but in the process Nikaido rushes over, thinking she's Yotsuya and sprays her with soda. Kyoko finally learns that Nikaido is no better than the other crazy tenants of Maison Ikkoku.

Chapter 81: 雨に濡れても
Ame ni nuretemo

(Even If We're Caught in the Rain...)
Nikaido's mother stops by again, trying to convince him to move out, but he shoo's her away as quickly as he can. In trying to get her to leave, she forgets her umbrella and Nikaido is too lazy to chase after her to give it back. Kozue arrives a few seconds later and wows Nikaido with her cuteness. He thinks she's wasted on Godai, but promises to deliver some homemade donuts for him, and tell him to call her back. Outside, the rain begins to pour down and Kozue is caught without an umbrella. Eager to make a good impression, Nikaido tells her to borrow the one his mother left behind. Out in the rain, Godai and Kyoko are walking home together. Nikaido asks Yotsuya and Akemi about Kozue, and they give him some misinformation. They say that Godai and Kozue are practically engaged and that he should never mention Kozue out loud to Godai. After arriving with Kyoko, Godai wonders why Nikaido keeps trying to whisper to him, and tells him to just spit it out. After he yells that Kozue was over and that she needed to talk to him, Godai freaks, Kyoko storms off, and Nikaido is left clueless. Kyoko decides to invite Nikaido into her room in front of Godai though in hopes of making him a little jealous. Later on, Godai goes to meet Kozue and runs into Nikaido and Kyoko outside. Nikaido continues to pester Godai about Kozue, saying that he and she will probably set the date for their engagement. Godai leaves in frustration to meet Kozue, who only wants to make arrangements to see a movie and return Nikaido's umbrella. Heading back to Ikkoku, Godai runs into Kyoko and tries to calm her down about all the 'engagement' business. When it starts to rain, Godai is too nervous about showing off the umbrella that he's carrying that he lets Kyoko get soaked until Nikaido shows up to escourt her back to Maison Ikkoku.

Chapter 82: 神経過微

(Total Insensitivity)
While she's out shopping, Kozue finds herself about to drop her groceries when suddenly Nikaido arrives and offers to help her. He even calls Kozue Godai's 'lover' which she finds extremely flattering. She later meets Godai and tells him about it, saying she wants to do something nice for Nikaido, which Godai doesn't understand at all. He's frustrated when he learns that Nikaido thinks of he and Kozue as lovers and wonders if he should try to set him straight, but in the end decides against it. When he arrives back at Maison Ikkoku, a series of unfortunate events leaves him with soaking wet, muddy clothes and his dinner on the ground outside. Kyoko offers to make him dinner, which excites Yusaku immensely. As soon as he goes up to his room, Kozue calls and invites him over to her place for dinner, and so he hides in Yotsuya's crawlspace in order to keep from having to go. Since Godai is nowhere to be found, Kozue invites Nikaido over to her place for dinner in hopes of thanking him for being so nice to her. Godai doesn't worry about it in the least. While Nikaido is there, he ends up fixing a plant stand and impresses the Nanao's. The next day, Kozue calls and Godai answers, but instead of wanting to talk to him, she asks for Nikaido and invites him out to the movies. Suddenly Godai begins to feel a bit jealous. After the rest of the household hears the news they're sure that Kozue has dumped Godai for Nikaido. Even Kyoko begins to wonder. Finally, Godai can't take it anymore and goes to ask her himself. When he responds that she shouldn't get too involved with him, Kozue gets the impression that he's really jealous and doesn't want her talking to Nikaido anymore and is thrilled about his reaction. Walking back to Ikkoku, the couple runs into Mrs. Ichinose and Kyoko. When Kyoko hears about his reaction, she steams off in a huff. Godai is afraid to go back to Ikkoku, but when he finally does, he runs headlong into Kyoko's hose once more.

Chapter 83: なんでもありません
Nan demo arimasen

(Nothing...Nothing at All!)
Kyoko is still angry with Godai over his supposed jealousy over Kozue spending time with Nikaido. Nikaido appears in Yusaku's room wondering why Kyoko is mad at Godai. Yusaku admits its all his (Nikaido's) fault, to which Nikaido demands to know why that is. Godai refuses to go into it, so Nikaido goes downstairs to question Kyoko. She gets fed up as well and goes for a walk to clear her head and think about her recent bad mood at Godai. When she gets home she ignores Godai when he tries to make up with her. Nikaido witnesses this and tries to quiz Godai again. He lets it slip that he's been asking Kyoko as well, which sends Godai into a rage as he chases the new tenant into Yotsuya's crawlspace. The rest of the night is spent by Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya and Akemi giving Nikaido clue after clue as to the reason that Godai and Kyoko are fighting. He doesn't understand anything, until finally after clue 126 he finally confronts Godai with the realization that he and the Manager are in love with each other. Godai denies it, sending Nikaido back to his room for more clues.

Chapter 84: スクランブル・キッド
Sukuranburu * kiddo

(The Scramble Kid)
Kyoko visits the tennis courts for the first time in awhile, as Mrs. Ichinose, Godai and Nikaido all watch on. After practice, Mitaka asks Kyoko if something is wrong, as he hasn't seen her in quite awhile. Kyoko says it has nothing to do with him, and mentions the new tenant, at which point Mrs. Ichinose interjects herself and tells Shun all the facts about bratty Nikaido. Mitaka insists on helping Kyoko and tells her that he'll speak to Nikaido himself and make sure he doesn't cause anymore trouble. Later, the five of them go out for tea and Mitaka is set on chewing Nikaido out for being a troublemaker. However, Shun's plan goes out the window when Nozomu begins to compliment how good the Coach and Kyoko look together. Soon enough, Mitaka has been completely won over by Nikaido's kind words. The next night Godai goes to the Otonashi residence to tutor Ikuko. Afterwards, Ikuko's mother asks Godai to deliver an old ring of hers to Kyoko as a gift. Godai accepts, but by the time he gets back to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko is already asleep. He tries to catch her the next morning, but she's gone out, and Nikaido spies him carrying the ring. Later that afternoon, Nikaido visits the tennis courts again, and Mitaka invites him in for a chat. After showering Shun with more compliments, the Coach asks how Godai's doing, at which point Nikaido mentions that Godai is coming by with a ring for Kyoko. Mitaka gets worried, but can't believe its true. Sure enough, Godai rides up on his bicycle and interrupts tennis practice to give Kyoko the ring. Mitaka completely freaks out and rushes over to find out what's going on. When he learns the truth, he finally realizes just how dense Nikaido can be.

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