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Maison Ikkoku
volume 10 - Blossom Labyrinth
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1985 Feb 15-Jul 15
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 6 Number 10-11 & Part 7 Number 1-4

Chapter 96: 産後の腹立ち
Sango no haradachi
(Post-Partum Depression)
Godai arrives back at Maison Ikkoku around the same time Mr. Yagami gets back to his house. Ibuki is eager to hear how Yusaku's interview went from her father, but he grumpily tells her that Godai no-showed and that he obviously doesn't have what it takes to be a businessman. Ibuki rushes out the door and heads to Maison Ikkoku to try and find out what happened. Meanwhile, Kyoko and the other tenants are outside Yusaku's door wondering about his interview themselves. Godai has locked himself in his room and is quietly wallowing in self-pity. Yagami shows up and starts banging on his door, asking him why he didn't go to his interview, which shocks Kyoko and so she starts demanding to know the same thing. Godai finally opens the door after Nikaido threatens to break it down. Godai tries to reassure them that he's fine, but that he wants to be alone. Unfortunately Mr. Yagami arrives at Ikkoku shortly thereafter looking for his daughter. He's under the impression that Godai is trying to take her away from him so they can run off together. He demands to know why Yusaku didn't show up for his interview and what he has planned for his daughter. But before Godai can answer him a man arrives at Maison Ikkoku's front door asking for Godai. The man is the husband of the woman who went into labor earlier in the day. He tracked Yusaku down and explains to everyone what a kind person Godai is for helping his wife. Mr. Yagami finally understands why Yusaku missed his interview. He says that Godai is just the sort of person Mitsutomo Enterprises needs, but unfortunately the interview period is over and they cannot over Yusaku a job. Upon hearing this Ibuki explodes in a fit of rage and runs upstairs, locking herself in Room 5 and vowing not to come out until her father gets Godai a job.

Chapter 97: 深夜の面接
Shinya no mensetsu
(The Midnight Interview)
Ibuki has been living in Room 5 for three days now, annoying Godai and the other tenants in the process. Yusaku has been forced into Room 2 with Nikaido and is more than ready to get his room back. Mrs. Yagami tries to convince her husband to go back to Ikkoku and convince Ibuki to come home, but he refuses, saying that she can be as stubborn as she wants, but he will not help Godai get a job. Mrs. Yagami knows that her daughter can be as stubborn as her husband, so she says she'll try to take care of it herself. In the meantime, with Godai at school Ibuki has taken the opportunity to sneak out and buy some groceries for herself. Out on the town she runs into Kyoko who tries to convince her to go home. When the two arrive back at Maison Ikkoku, they find Mrs. Yagami talking to Godai on the front steps. Ibuki rushes back into Room 5 and her mother tries to convince her to come home by saying that she agrees that Godai is a nice person and that they should continue to discuss a possible relationship after she graduates from high school. Hoping the plan will lure her back home, Godai goes along with it for a little while, but Ibuki still refuses to leave and her mother has no choice but to go back home. Enraged, Kyoko marches upstairs and tells Ibuki that from that night on Yusaku will be sleeping with her unless he gets his room back. That night, on the way back from the bathhouse, Yusaku runs into Mr. Yagami who invites him back to his house for a few hours of conversation. Yusaku agrees, thinking that he'll be getting a job at Mitsutomo afterall. As the hours march on, Kyoko begins to worry why Yusaku hasn't come back yet, and Ibuki begins to think that maybe he's with Kyoko afterall. Back at the Yagami household, Yusaku learns that instead of offering him a job, Mr. Yagami is trying to learn more about Godai before he approves of him marrying Ibuki!

Chapter 98: 恩讐の彼方
Onshu no kanata
(Beyond Love and Hate)
January has arrived and finals are upon the university students, Godai included. Unlike Sakamoto and Kobayashi who are doing well in their classes and have their jobs lined up, Godai hasn't heard from any companies and can't afford to fail a single final if he wants to graduate. When he arrives home at Maison Ikkoku, one of the last two companies he hasn't heard from sends him a letter of rejection, and so he tries to do his best to settle in for a quiet night of studying. Mr. Yagami is as angry as ever when he learns Ibuki hasn't been going to school, and tells her teacher that she's been sick and unable to attend. His wife mentions that he should bring Ibuki home by getting Godai a job at one of Mitsutomo's subsidiary companies, and idea which he seems intrigued by. Back at Ikkoku, Godai has a hard time studying with Ibuki sitting in his room staring at him. That night Godai decides that after his next final he will meet with Mr. Yagami and force him to take Ibuki home for good. The next day he does just that by telling Mr. Yagami that he's in love with his apartment manager, not Ibuki. That being said, Mr. Yagami finally sees things clearly. As Yusaku goes home to Maison Ikkoku to tell Ibuki that her father is coming to get her, he finds that the other tenants have gotten her drunk. Just as Mr. Yagami arrives to bring her home, Nikaido hands Godai some mail, his final letter of rejection. Luckily for Godai, Mr. Yagami brings him a letter of introduction for Kasumi Inc. a small subsidiary of Mitsutomo. The only condition for him getting a job is that Ibuki leaves. Without any other choice, she does just that. Godai gets a job, and his room back at last.

Chapter 99: バラ色の人生
Bara iro no jinsei
(Rose-Colored Glasses)
Godai and his friends celebrate their upcoming graduation and the fact that they were all able to line up jobs. Godai begins to actually get excited about the future for the first time in many years, and decides that he'll propose to Kyoko after he gets his first paycheck. When he gets back to Maison Ikkoku he gets more encouragement in a gift from Kyoko. The present is a tie for his first day at work at Kasumi Inc. Godai is more determined than ever to work hard and propose to Kyoko. The next day, Kyoko and Mitaka meet for coffee and Shun says he's happy to hear that Yusaku managed to graduate after all. He also says that he's sure Godai will be proposing soon and that Kyoko will have to decided between he and Yusaku soon. She thinks it will be a few more years however, and dismisses the idea. That night she and Godai meet as they leave the public baths on their way back home. Kyoko realizes she's watched him go from a ronin to a salaryman, and that she's always thought of him more as a little brother than a potential husband. Just then, Godai drops a bomb, telling her that he's planning on looking for a new apartment. Kyoko is shocked and wants to tell him not to go, but doesn't have the heart, just as Godai wants to tell Kyoko to move in with him when he leaves, but can't bring himself to say. Back at Ikkoku, Mrs. Ichinose tells Kyoko that the tenants are planning a party for Godai the night before his graduation ceremony and Kyoko tells her that he's planning on moving out soon. When the night of the party finally comes, Godai is a bit late, as he's bringing a TV home. When he finally arrives home, the others have already started partying, and Ichinose lets it slip that he is planning on asking Kyoko to move in with him. Godai angrily tells her not to say anything yet, but Kyoko just smiles, finally realizing what he was planning. As Godai settles in and turns on his new TV, everyone in the room hears the news, Kasumi Inc. has declared bankruptcy. Yusaku graduates the next day, but is immediately unemployed.

Chapter 100: 桜迷路
Sakura meiro
(Lost in the Blossoms)
Spring has come again and Godai finds himself completely lost. Having graduated from school without a job, he finds himself working at Acorn Daycare washing soiled diapers. Having lost his job at Kasumi Inc. he feels completely adrift, having only gotten this job through Sayoko Kuroki, who works at Acorn as a teacher. Kyoko and the Otonashi's are just getting back from their annual visit to Soichiro's grave and Father Otonashi asks how Godai is doing. When Kyoko tells him about Yusaku's hard times, he mentions that Godai sounds a lot like Soichiro. Only Soichiro never worried about his hard times. On her way back to Ikkoku, Kyoko remembers one of her earliest encounters with Soichiro, sharing manju at his desk and watching the cherry blossoms through the window. Back at the preschool, Godai is entertaining the children during lunch when one of his co-workers tells him that he should take the licensing classes to become a pre-school teacher. The only problem with that is that it would take two more years to get certified. Kyoko watches him from afar and notices how sad he seems with the children. She decides to sneak away without telling him so that he won't think she's 'checking up on him' but Kuroki spots her and calls Yusaku over. The two end up sitting together during Godai's break, and she tries to cheer him up with some manju, but he's doesn't feel like eating. Kyoko mentions that her husband went through a similar situation but never allowed himself to get depressed, to which Godai responds my telling Kyoko that he isn't her husband. Kyoko didn't mean to upset him more, but thats what happens. When Godai gets back from laying out the children's mats, Kyoko is still waiting for him, but the two don't talk. Kuroki recommends that they take a walk to get away for a bit. As the walk quietly through a forest of cherry trees, Godai thinks about his life and how he can't be like Soichiro. Before long the two get seperated, and Yusaku wonders if she left because he was so cold to her. After a few moments, they find each other again, and Kyoko tells him she knows he's his own man and that he just has to try his best. He asks her if she really thinks thats enough, and she says she does. But he doesn't understand what she means by it, and decides not to ask.

Chapter 101: 大安仏滅
Taian butsumetsu
(Lucky Day)
Shun is on the phone with his uncle who is pressuring him to meet a girl. Mitaka tells him theres someone else he's interested in and has no desire to meet the girl. Later at the tennis courts Shun's Uncle arrives to continue pressuring him to meet this mystery girl. Within seconds, all the women at the club are buzzing about Mitaka's new 'fiancee'. At the club lounge, Shun's Uncle shows him a picture of the young girl named Asuna Kujo. Mrs. Ichinose sneaks a peek and encourages Kyoko to look, but she says its none of her business. Hearing that, Shun decides to accept his uncle's proposal and meet with the girl, which shocks Kyoko. Before she leaves, however, Shun meets with her and tells her that she is the only person who has a right to stop him. She makes excuses and Mitaka asks her pointblank if she's waiting for Godai to get a job so she can marry him. She says she isn't, which makes Shun happy. After Kyoko leaves, Shun realizes that his uncle's idea may be the best thing thats happened for his relationship with Kyoko. Back at Maison Ikkoku, Ibuki and Kozue are visiting Godai. The subject of how long it will take Godai to get a license comes up and Kozue reassures him that she doesn't mind waiting another two years. Ibuki jumps in and says she doesn't mind either, to which Kozue just quietly stares. Ichinose is eavesdropping and fills Kyoko in, asking her if she'll wait two years as well. Kyoko shrugs off the question, but Mrs. Ichinose pushes her, telling her that neither Godai nor Mitaka will wait forever just because Kyoko likes the love triangle. This comment upsets Kyoko greatly. A few days later, Mitaka and his uncle arrive at the Kujo estate. Shun realizes that the wealthy Kujo's daughter Asuna is very attractive, but has no real interest in her. Kyoko meanwhile wonders how Shun's meeting is going, and realizes its her own wishy-washiness that has led them to this point. Shun continues to talk to Asuna and tries to show her the diffrences between them. She honestly seems to like him and asks if he would like to meet her brothers and sisters. Mitaka agrees and waits for her to return while thinking things through. He finds her charming and likeable, but she is extremely shy and innocent, something he definetely is not. When Asuna returns she arrives with six dogs of varying sizes. Mitaka, of course, freaks out. The next day, he tells Kyoko that he sees no future with Asuna. She feels relieved that things aren't changing, however at the Kujo Estate Asuna has decided that Mitaka is the only one for her, and all because her dogs were so crazy about him.

Chapter 102: 「犬が好き」Part I
Inu ga suki Part I

("I Love Dogs" * I)
As Godai heads off to work Kyoko realizes that she barely see's him anymore between his job and his night classes. Meanwhile, the Kujo's tell their daughter that they have hired a private investigator to look into Mitaka's background and have learned that he has been dating Kyoko. They encourage her to stop pursuing Shun, but Asuna insists that her dog's have chosen him and he must be a good person. That night, Kyoko overhears Godai telling his parents on the phone that he's only been eating sandwiches lately and decides to make him a boxed lunch the next day, however Yusaku heads out the door before Kyoko can give it to him. While out walking Soichiro Kyoko runs into Asuna and her dog Salade. Asuna was actually following Kyoko in hopes of confronting her about Mitaka, but is much to shy to muster the courage to introduce herself. A few days later Kyoko overhears the news that Mitaka's engagement with his Uncle's client is still ongoing. Mitaka explains to her that during down the Kujo's offer would put his uncle in an akward position, and that if he were to turn them down he would need to know that Kyoko would marry him first. Even though she thinks its sudden, Mitaka stands firm and asks for her decision within a week. Kyoko realizes she can't make any decision without at least telling Godai about it, but as the days roll on Godai hardly has time to even wave goodbye in the mornings, much less hold a conversation with the Manager. Kyoko finally begins to think that it might be time to marry Mitaka after all.

Chapter 103: 「犬が好き」Part II
Inu ga suki Part II

("I Love Dogs" * II)
Kyoko leaves tennis practice and Mitaka reminds her that she has three days left to make her decision. Asuna witnesses this and once again tries to confront Kyoko but fails. She runs to her car and lets her dogs out so they can help her approach Kyoko. Even then she is overcome with shyness and cannot manage to mention Mitaka. This continues on, and Kyoko begins to think Asuna might be stalking her. With only two days left Godai finally tells Kyoko that he thinks he'll be home early for once and Kyoko sees this as her one chance to tell him about Mitaka's proposal. She wants Godai to stop things from going forward so she won't have to make a decision. Instead Sakamoto invites Yusaku out for a night of partying. When they finally get back to Maison Ikkoku the next morning Kyoko is out front sweeping. Godai notices that she looks like she's been up all night crying. Mrs. Ichinose comes out and finds various tickets from the strip clubs and porn theaters that Sakamoto and Godai visited the previous night. Kyoko silently sweeps them all into a pile and sets them on fire before going back inside and getting ready to meet Mitaka. That afternoon as Kyoko waits to give Mitaka his answer at a local cafe, she falls asleep at her table. Unfortunately Asuna arrives before Shun and sits at the sleeping Kyoko's table hoping that she will awaken so she can ask her to leave Mitaka. When Shun finally gets there he spies Asuna and her dogs and is too afraid to approach. Kyoko wakes up three hours later believing that Mitaka never came.

Chapter 104: とっても好きだよ
Tottemo suki da yo

(Love You Lots)
Kyoko begins to wonder if Mitaka showed up and upon finding her asleep was so offended that he decided he no longer wanted to see her anymore. At about that same time Mitaka calls Mrs. Ichinose to see if Kyoko is upset at him for not showing up for their marriage meeting. Mrs. Ichinose says she doesn't think so, but decides to snoop around and get some information for herself. She learns the whole story from Kyoko and can't believe that Kyoko fell asleep on the day she was going to accept Mitaka's proposal. At the daycare, Godai is frustrated that Kyoko is still angry with him but decides he isn't going to apologize for going to the strip clubs. One of his students who also happens to be named Kyoko runs up and gives him a secret tape. When he plays the tape he learns that its a marriage proposal from the little girl. Upon arriving at Maison Ikkoku that night Yusaku learns the truth about why Kyoko was angry with him and about Mitaka's proposal. At the same time Mitaka calls Kyoko to tell her that he never made it to their meeting and apologizes, but says they should discuss her decision sometime in the future. Kyoko feels relieved and disappointed at the same time, but is happy that she has escaped making a decision about re-marriage for a little longer. Yusaku is frustrated at Mitaka moving in on Kyoko, but with her being angry at him he doesn't have a chance to talk to her. Spying little Kyoko's recorded message to him he realizes that he hasn't answered her yet, but at the same time decides that a tape would be the best way to tell Kyoko how he feels as well. After recording a sweetly worded message telling little Kyoko why he can't marry her, he records a heartfelt tape expressing his feelings for Kyoko. The next morning Godai gives Kyoko his tape recorder and asks her to listen to what he has to say. Unfortunately for Godai he gets the tapes mixed up, so while little Kyoko and her parents hear Godai's plea for marriage, the Manager hears a tape of Yusaku rejecting her in baby talk.

Chapter 105: 犬が来た
Inu ga kita

(Send in the Hounds)
Mitaka's uncle learns that Shun has not had any further contact with Asuna since their initial meeting and decides he needs to pay his nephew a visit. At Mitaka's apartment the uncle demands to know why Shun won't see Asuna and learns of Mitaka's overwhelming fear of dogs. At the tennis courts Kyoko overhears the rumors of Kyoko's supposed engagement with Asuna and wonders if he has given up on her completely. Shun meets with her after practice to reassure her that he only wants to be with her, but his uncle comes up at the exact same time and announces that he's arranged a date for Shun with Asuna the following Sunday. Mitaka realized that unless he ends things as soon as possible he runs the risk of losing Kyoko forever. The following Sunday arrives and Mitaka goes to Maison Ikkoku before he meets with the Kujo's. Shun lays everything on the table and tells Kyoko that he is going to turn down Asuna flatly because he's in love with Kyoko. Afterwards he will come back to ask Kyoko for her answer. On their date Asuna's dogs follow the pair wherever they go. Unable to break up with Asuna, Mitaka ends up so afraid that he latches onto Asuna, who takes the embrace to mean that he feels as strongly about her as she does for him.

Chapter 106: 開かれた扉
Hirakareta tobira

(The Door's Still Open)
No one has seen Mitaka since his date with Asuna. He hasn't come in for work and the Kujo's were shocked when Asuna came home via taxi from their date. At his apartment Shun is still bedridden from his experience with all of Asuna's dogs. He decides to call Kyoko in hopes of getting some sympathy and manages to get her to come visit him the next day. When Godai hears that she's going to take care of Mitaka, he sits all alone in his room, and begins to cry, realizing that he never stood a chance to win Kyoko's heart. The next morning Yusaku heads off to work, but instead finds himself following Kyoko to Mitaka's apartment. As Kyoko heads upstairs, Asuna's dog Salade follows her up and into Mitaka's apartment unnoticed. Out on the street, Godai stands waiting, wondering what's going on when Asuna comes up to him and asks if he's seen a small dog. He realizes that he saw it follow Kyoko inside and so the two decide to go into the building to find Salade. As Mitaka approaches Kyoko to tell her just how he feels about her, Salade jumps onto his back, causing him to collapse on top of Kyoko just as Asuna and Yusaku open the door. Kyoko sees Yusaku staring at her and chases after him, but misses the pair as they get into Asuna's car.

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