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Maison Ikkoku
volume 11 - One Night Dream
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1985 Jul 30-Dec 30
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 7 Number 4-9

Chapter 107: 閉じられた扉
Tojirareta tobira
(The Door Slams)
Godai goes to Sakamoto's apartment in shock and sits silently, wondering how long Kyoko and Mitaka had been together behind his back. Kyoko waits for him back at Maison Ikkoku, hoping he'll come home so that she can explain that what he saw at Mitaka's aprartment wasn't what it appeared to be, but Godai never comes back. The next day Kyoko calls Acorn Daycare, but Kuroki tells her that Godai called in sick. Still sitting in Sakamoto's room, Yusaku reflects on all the years he's spent chasing Kyoko and if it ever really meant anything. That night Kyoko calls and Sakamoto tells her that Godai is with him, but doesn't want to speak with her. She asks him to please come home so she can explain, but Yusaku ignores her plea and stays with Sakamoto for another night. He finally goes in to work and gets a call from Kozue who asks him out that evening. Hoping to get his mind of Kyoko for a little while and desperate not to go back to Maison Ikkoku, Yusaku agrees. That night Kozue excitedly tells him that she's heard Kyoko is engaged to Mitaka, which shocks Godai even more. That night he finally decides to go home, and Kyoko is waiting for him. He rushes to his room and locks himself away, but Kyoko follows him and tries to explain what happened through the door. Godai just apologizes for bursting in on she and Mitaka and tells her she has no reason to offer him an explanation for anything. She tries desperately to convince him it's all a misunderstanding, but Godai finally tells her he no longer has any feelings for her. With that, Kyoko walks away, and Godai finally comes out of his room to tell her not to feel sorry for him. She turns around and asks if he'll be okay if she isn't around, to which Yusaku replies that he will be fine. A single tear streams down Kyoko's cheek as she runs back to her room, leaving a confused Godai standing in the hall.

Chapter 108: 二人の旅立ち
Futari no tabidachi
(Twin Journeys)
Kyoko awakens the next morning, having dreamt of herself crying until her late husband asks her why she's upset and calls her a fool when she responds that she doesn't know why she's sad. Godai heads out to work as a telegram from Mitaka arrives for Kyoko. In the letter, he apologizes for what happened at his apartment and reassures her that he didn't mean to pounce on her the way he did. He now realizes that he has to rearrange his priorities before he can see Kyoko again but cannot tell her why. At that very moment, Mitaka heads to a local pet store, intent on finally curing his fear of dogs, but Kyoko is left feeling that she's lost both Godai and Mitaka. She visits Soichiro's grave and stops by the Otonashi's house on her way back to Maison Ikkoku. Her sister-in-law offers her some travel vouchers that she had forgotten about and encourages Kyoko to take a vacation for a few days. With some encouragement Kyoko realizes that it might be the best thing for her, since she can't face the idea of running into Godai around Maison Ikkoku. Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose all help her plan her trip and then take her to the subway station to see her off. At a cafe, Godai has pulled Sakamoto out of work to talk to him about his encounter with Kyoko the previous night. When he tells Sakamoto the story and that Kyoko cried when he said he didn't need her anymore, Sakamoto tells him that she's obviously in love with him. Yusaku realizes that he's right and rushes back to Maison Ikkoku to tell her how he really feels, only to find her travel itinerary tacked to her door. Ripping the itinerary down, Yusaku rushes to his room, packs a bag and heads off in hopes of catching Kyoko and finding out the truth about what happened directly from her. Meanwhile, at Ueno station, Kyoko complains that he other tenants drinking made her late for her train. Six hours after she was supposed to leave, Kyoko finally manages to sneak away from Mrs. Ichinose and the others and hop on a departing train. Back at Mitaka's apartment, the Coach is hiding behind a door spying on his new puppy in a desperate attempt to cure his phobia. And Godai finds himself on a train as well, pursuing Kyoko, little does he know that he's on the very same train that as his beloved manager.

Chapter 109: 同行二人
Doko futari
(Party of Two)
Godai finds himself following Kyoko's itinerary in hopes of catching her. The first stop is in Kanazawa where Yusaku suspects she might be heading up to Edo village for some sightseeing. Meanwhile Kyoko is still wandering around Kanazawa where she meets a fellow Tokyo-ite who is traveling as well. The two women decide to head up to Edo village together, where they almost meet up with Godai. Kyoko finds that her new travel companion is coming out of a break up herself and hoped her boyfriend would track her down on her vacation and they would reconcile, just as Godai is attempting to do. That night, Godai gets arrested for loitering outside of Kyoko's hotel room as he waits for her to come back. The police officer keeps him at the station until two in the morning and he misses the manager yet again. The next day Kyoko and her friend seperate, but Yusaku manages to catch a glimpse of Kyoko before she boards her bus. He decides to take a risk by hiring a taxi to follow behind the bus, and when the tour group makes a ten minute stop at the local beach, Yusaku rushes to meet Kyoko. He catches up to her but falls into a hole just before he reaches her, and she boards the bus heading for Wajima.

Chapter 110: シルエット・ロマンス
Shiruetto * romansu
(Steamy Love)
Godai's taxi breaks down and Kyoko's tour bus gets ahead of him. After the taxi's carburetor is finally fixed, Godai meets up with the tour bus in Wajima, only to find out that Kyoko got out at the previous stop in order to stay at a local hotspring. Godai backtracks and decides to go to every hotspring in hopes of finding the manager. Late that night, having had no luck in his search he checks into the same inn that Kyoko is staying at and the two star-crossed lovers find themselves sharing the same hotspring without even knowing it. Godai begins to black out from the heat and decides he'd better get out. As he heads for the exit he realizes someone else is in the spring with him, but the steam hides her face from him. Kyoko realizes that she isn't alone either and gets nervous, but is unable to distinguish that the other bather is Godai. As the steam fades, the two come face to face with each other for the first time.

Chapter 111: 夢一夜
Yume Hitoyo
(One Night Dream)
Finally meeting up after a long journey, Godai is relieved that he accomplished his goal. But almost as soon as he realizes he's found the manager, he passes out from heat exposure due to the hotspring. Kyoko drags his unconscious body from the spring and calls for help. The owners of the inn reassure Kyoko that Godai is fine, and move him into her room so she can watch him. As he rests Kyoko wonders if their meeting is just a coincidence, or if he really had come after her. Godai finally wakes up in Kyoko's room and is embarassed as he realizes he passed out in front of her. Kyoko calms him down and asks him to stay for tea. She finally asks if he's on vacation, and Yusaku lies, telling her he is. Kyoko is disappointed to learn that everything was just coincidental, but hides her feelings. She and Godai sit quietly in the window, looking out over the ocean, but don't say a word to each other. They quietly wonder what the other is thinking, but never ask. A few questions later and Kyoko realizes that Godai has indeed been following her. The two sit quietly for a long span of time once again, until finally their fingers make contact. Godai apologizes but Kyoko wishes he wouldn't. He tells her that he's heading to Wajima next and she blurts out that she'd love to go with him. As the two finally begin to understand one another's feelings, a phone call interrupts their romantic time together. It's Mrs. Ichinose calling from Maison Ikkoku, where a water pipe has burst. Kyoko apologizes to Yusaku and returns to Maison Ikkoku immediately.

Chapter 112: 秋の罠
Aki no wana
(Back to...School?)
A year has passed at Ibuki Yagami's high school, signaling the return of student teachers. Yagami and her friends remember how much fun Godai was. Then they ask her how Mr. Godai is doing, and she responds that he's fine. Her friends know she's lying though and hasn't seen him in almost six months. Meanwhile at Ikkoku, Godai can't afford to pay the rent this month, thanks to his splurging on taxis during his cross-country adventure in pursuit of Kyoko. Back at work at the daycare, Godai decides to put up some fliers advertising his services as a tutor, Yagami happens to find one and then notices her former teacher as he plays with the children. She approaches and Yusaku runs in terror, not wanting to get mixed up in her antics again. Ibuki is hurt by this and decides to leave, which makes Godai think he may have been too harsh. He apologizes and treats her to drinks at a nearby cafe. Yagami offers herself up as Godai's first student, but he refuses, saying he only feels comfortable tutoring at the elementary school level. Yagami realizes that if she had a little brother she could get Godai to tutor him and use that as an excuse to see him again. She convinces a friend to call Godai and set up a session, and then "borrows" her friend's brother so she can attend the session. When Godai learns of this he does his best to back out, but he needs the money so badly that he can hardly refuse. After landing the job, the other tenants con Godai into paying for their all night party session leaving him with only enough money for the rent. The next day, Yagami arrives alone, telling him that the young boy she was with earlier was posing as her "substitute mother" and not the other way around. She will be his student, unless he refunds the money, which he cannot do. And so Godai is once again Yagami's teacher.

Chapter 113: チャート式恋愛
Chato shiki ren'ai

Yagami tells her friends of her latest plot to win over Godai, and they are astounded that she has once again managed to force her way into his life. As she arrives at Maison Ikkoku for her tutoring session, Kyoko finds herself weary that Godai has once again managed to let Yagami manipulate him. Throughout the session Yagami finds her attempts to make a pass at Godai interrupted by all the tenants of Maison Ikkoku, including Kyoko. Yagami realizes that Kyoko is trying to thwart her plans for a relationship with Godai and decides that since she only has two tutoring sessions left she is going to have to make the best of them. During her second-to-las session, she is constantly interrupted by the loud partying of the tenants, and uses this excuse to demand that the final tutoring session be held somewhere quiet....her house. The next week arrives and Godai wearily makes the trip to Yagami's home. When he arrives, Ibuki rushes him inside and tells him that her parents aren't home for the evening. Godai is shocked and does his best to keep the young girl away from him during the session. Finally, Yagami makes her move, but spills some tea on Godai's sweater. She yanks the shirt off him and tells him she'll clean it, when suddenly her parents arrive home early. Yagami panics and shoves Godai into her closet, admitting that her parents don't know she's been seeing him.

Chapter 114: 窓辺のスニーカー
Madobe no sunika

(If the Shoe Fits)
Yagami's parents have arrived home early and her father is completely intoxicated. Godai hides in the closet and learns that Mr. Yagami is completely worked up over the fact that he believes his daughter has been seeing someone on the side. Yagami convinces her father that he's imagining things and then sneaks downstairs to get Godai's shoes so that he can sneak out the window. Unfortunately Mr. Yagami intercepts her downstairs and brings her to the living room for a conversation. Godai begins to get antsy and decides he'll just walk out the front door. Ibuki meets him as he tries to escape and tells him that her father has fallen asleep on top of his shoes. Godai is fed up with Ibuki lying to her parents and demands that she let him leave. With that Yagami's mother comes upstairs and learns about her daughter's hidden guest. She agrees that hiding was the best idea and aids the pair in getting Yusaku his shoes back. With his shoes returned Godai dives (or rather falls) out the window and makes his way home. However in his rush to escape he forgot to put his shoes on, and now Ibuki has another reason to see him again.

Chapter 115: キック・オフ
Kikku * ofu

(Drop the Other Shoe)
Ibuki tries to think of a way she can continue to see Yusaku after she returns his sneakers. After days of thinking it over, she can't come up with a single idea, and goes to Maison Ikkoku to return the shoes and give up. However on her way there she runs into Yotsuya, and realizes a way she can come see Godai whenever she wants. Days later, Yagami arrives for her tutoring session, much to Godai's irritation. He reminds her that he did not renew his contract with her, to which she points out that she has contacted a new tutor....Yotsuya. Godai and Kyoko insist that Ibuki gives up on her idea, telling her that she doesn't know what she's getting herself into if she agrees to spend time alone with Yotsuya. Ibuki, however, is insistent. Kyoko and Yusaku are too worried about what Yotsuya might do with her and decide to sneak into Yotsuya's closet via the hole in Room 5. Once there, they hear some suspicious sounds and burst into Yotsuya's room, they find that he's only teasing her as a set up to get Ibuki back into Godai's room on a more permanent basis. Kyoko has now become fed up with Yagami's blackmail and decides to report her recent behavior to Mrs. Kamiogi, Yagami's homeroom teacher. Kamiogi tells Yagami that her grades are dropping and that she has to get serious about her studies from now on. Incensed, Yagami decides its time to declare war on Kyoko.

Chapter 116: めまい

Ibuki is studying hard in order to get her grades up and Kamiogi off her back. Pulling an all night cram session does the trick, and she passes her next test with ease. Dropping by Maison Ikkoku to rub her latest test score in the face of Kyoko, Yagami passes out from exhaustion. Kyoko lets her catch up on her rest in the Manager's room. After resting up, Yagami heads home and decides that her next plan will be to get rid of Kyoko entirely. Her next tutoring session takes place in Godai's room once again and she and Kyoko get into a "snack war" over Godai's attention. Yagami decides to confront Kyoko in front of everyone and tells her that she knows Kyoko has feelings for Godai. Kyoko refuses to admit it, and becomes so embarassed that she leaves the room. Godai follows her and tries to comfort her and the pair almost share a kiss on the staircase. The intimate moment is only interrupted when Kyoko realizes that all the other tenants are watching them.

Chapter 117: 弱虫

As Godai heads out to work, Mrs. Ichinose scolds him for wearing a filthy sweater to work. Godai complains that the children are always grabbing him and ruining his clothes. As he leaves, Akemi yells a reminder for him to show up at Chachamaru that night for the annual Christmas party. Out shopping for groceries, Kyoko notices a sale on sweaters and decides to buy one for Godai. Arriving at Chachamaru, she is angered to see that Yagami is attending the party this year and decides she can't give Godai his present in front of her. Yagami has indulged in some under-aged drinking and is already intoxicated, but notices Kyoko's present and takes a few jibes at her for trying to hide it. The Chachamaru Master gets a call from Godai saying that he might not make it to the party because the other teachers from work have invited him to go out with them. Yagami gets angry and takes it out on Kyoko, chastising her for not being straightforward with Godai about her feelings for him. She ends up telling Kyoko that she's kissed Godai, just to see how upset she gets. Her ploy works, and Yagami smiles before admitting she's lying. Kyoko begins to drink and Yagami chastises Kyoko for being too afraid to admit her feelings. Kyoko admits that she isn't afraid to tell Godai she likes him, she's afraid that that will mean her feelings for Soichiro were a lie. A few days later, Yagami tells Kamiogi about what Kyoko said, and her teacher explains things to her. Yagami is angerier than ever and rushes to Maison Ikkoku to find Kyoko. When she does, she calls her a coward and runs off. Kyoko just walks away in silent agreement.

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