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Maison Ikkoku
volume 12 - From the Shadow of the Grass
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1986 Jan 15-May 19
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 7 Number 10-13 & Part 8 Number 1-2

Chapter 118: 犬詣
Inu mode
(Hair o' the Dog)
On New Year's Day, Kyoko recieves a card from Mitaka saying that he will see her in the Spring to show off the results of his training. Kyoko is confused by the message, but doesn't give it much thought. Meanwhile, at his apartment, Mitaka has done the unthinkable. He's conquered his fear of dogs with the help of the puppy he's named McEnroe. While visiting the local shrines, Kyoko and Godai accidentally run into Mitaka who is eager to show off the results of his training. When Soichiro goes missing, he happily agrees to help look for the lost dog. Mitaka happens to be the one who finds the misplaced mutt and runs to embrace the dog, but Soichiro spots Kyoko and rushes to see her instead. Godai spots Mitaka with Kyoko and thinks he might try to propose, but Shun only pets Soichiro in front of the manager and then goes on his way, thinking he's proved a point to Kyoko.

Chapter 119: ドッグ・ホリデー
Doggu * horide
(Oh, You Lucky Dog)
Shun's Uncle visits the tennis courts to encourage his nephew to visit Asuna, who has become mysteriously ill. Mitaka protests and demands that his uncle lay off because he's in love with another woman. Uncle Mitaka finally meets Kyoko and understands Shun's feelings, but insists that they visit the Kujo's anyway. Mitaka promises Kyoko that he will use the visit to end things with Asuna once and for all. Now that he's overcome his fear of dogs, Shun thinks he won't have any trouble finally telling Asuna exactly how he feels about Kyoko. While he goes to the Kujo Estate, his uncle secretly visits Maison Ikkoku and pleads with Kyoko to break up with Shun. Kyoko says that since she doesn't have a formal arrangement with Shun, she is in no position to break up with him. Overjoyed, Mitaka's Uncle quickly leaves, and Godai wonders if this means that she's finally chosen him over Mitaka. Meanwhile, at the Kujo Estate, Asuna sees Shun approaching and finally gets over her illness, rushing downstairs to see him. She begins to cry with joy when he hands her a bouquet of flowers, and her parents realize that she has truly fallen in love with the handsome tennis coach. The whole situation becomes too dramatic for Mitaka and he excuses himself to play with Asuna's dogs. As soon as he steps out his uncle arrives and delivers the good news, Kyoko has given up on Shun. With that, nothing is left to stand in the way of Mitaka and Asuna's engagement.

Chapter 120: シャボン玉 翔んだ
Shabon dama tonda
(Like Bubbles on the Breeze)
Sakamoto visits Godai at Maison Ikkoku and remarks to Kyoko that no matter how bad he feels about his own situation that a visit to Godai always makes him realize that things could be worse. Kyoko defends Godai's decision to become a teacher, which overjoys Yusaku. At the Kujo Estate, Mitaka visits once more, desperate to end things with Asuna, but ends up playing with the dogs, which only makes her love him more. Mitaka realizes that he's leading her on, but can't help feeling sorry for her. The gossip that Mitaka has been visiting the Kujo Estate has spread all over the tennis courts, ensuring that Kyoko has heard everything. But unlike in the past, she refuses to get upset about it and even seems fine with the whole thing. The tenants have begun to wonder if she's finally chosen Godai over Mitaka. At the daycare, the principal remarks on what an excellent worker Godai is, and that he should have no trouble finding a job once he gets his license. Everything finally seems to be going well for Godai. That night on his way home from his night class, Yusaku runs into Kyoko, who tells him that she's always known how hard his life has been and that she's thriled things are finally looking up for him, which is the end to a perfect day for Godai. The very next day however, the principal calls Godai into his office and tells him that they have to cut back due to the recession, and with that Yusaku is once again out of work.

Chapter 121: 陽だまりの告白
Hidamari no kokuhaku
(The Sun Will Shine)
Godai dreams of the children at the daycare throw a going-away party for Godai, ushering him out the door and out of their lives and Kyoko's as well. He wakes up realizing that he sent his alarm, but has no reason to get up. Kyoko worries that Godai hasn't gotten up yet and rushes to his room to make sure he's ready for work. He just can't bear to tell her he's been fired. And so he pretends to go to work, when in fact he is really visiting all the daycare schools in the area in hopes of finding a job. Godai becomes so depressed as he walks across a bridge he begins to daydream about becoming homeless and living on the street. The dream is so real that he almost throws himself over the guard rail. Luckily a police officer who thinks he's attempting suicide saves him, but takes him to the police station for questioning. When he gets back to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko finds a book of job listings in his bag and asks him if he's lost interest in teaching. Godai explains that he hasn't at all, but Kyoko cuts him off before he can tell her about losing his job. He decides to tell her the next day. But when Kyoko wakes him up and he begins to tell her, she hands him a boxed bento lunch. He can't bring himself to tell her the truth, and so allows the lie to continue.

Chapter 122: 沈黙は金ヅル
Chinmoku wa kanezuru
(Silence is Golden (or at Least Very Expensive))
Godai is still too guilt ridden to come clean about losing his job. Kyoko is still diligently preparing bento boxes for his lunch everyday, and today he just happens to be running late. Sakamoto arrives at Ikkoku hoping for a small loan, which Godai can't afford to give him. Instead Kyoko kindly allows him to borrow money from her. As Godai pulls him out the door the two have lunch together and Sakamoto learns that Yusaku is unemployed. Always helpful, he tells Godai he can get him a public relations job, which excites Yusaku to no end. Of course when he realizes that the job is actually doing street promotion for the Bunny Cabaret he feels differently. His first night is disasterous, as he is taken under the wing of his new boss, Iioka. And so Godai spends his days looking for a new job and his nights on the streets in front of the cabaret. One night on the street Godai calls upon a man in a hat, as he turns around Godai realizes its Yotsuya. No sooner than Godai leads him inside than Yotsuya blackmails him into buying drinks for the entire night, or else he'll tell Kyoko about the new job. The following night, Yotsuya comes back to the Bunny again, this time with Akemi and Ichinose in tow. Of course he has to pay for all their drinks now if he wants to keep things secret from Kyoko. That night, Godai ends up at an oden stand, drinking his troubles away. Unfortunately he doesn't have enough to pay and ends up pulling a double shift as he promotes the stand.

Chapter 123: 発覚
(Coming Clean)
Akemi, Yotsuya and Ichinose visit the Bunny Cabaret again, as the blackmail of Godai continues. Iioka asks Godai if he wants him to step in and get rid of them, but he refuses. At Maison Ikkoku Kyoko has begun to get suspicious as everyone goes out at night and comes home together with Godai. Before she can think too much about it, everyone arrives home and rushes up to Godai's room to continue partying. Kyoko wonders why everyone acts so suspicious and ask Nikaido if he knows anything about it. Nikaido follows everyone upstairs and tells them about Kyoko's suspicions, and then begs them to let him in on their secret. The next morning Godai tells Kyoko that she doesn't need to make him lunches anymore but she insists and then asks what it is he does every night. Mrs. Ichinose interrupts and Godai heads out the door without answering Kyoko. That afternoon at the cabaret Iioka tells Godai that they will be handing out flyers at the train station. At the train station Godai narrowly avoids making contact with Nikaido, but is spotted at a distance. Nozomu reports back to Kyoko at Maison Ikkoku. She tells him it isn't possible because Godai should still be at the pre-school at that time of day. Before Nikaido can discuss it any further, Yotsuya drops a bucket of water on him to shut him up. Kyoko decides to call the pre-school to find out what's going on, but the line is busy. As she hangs up, Mitaka calls and invites her out to dinner that night. As Godai is at the cabaret, the usual gang arrives for their nightly party, only this time with Nikaido in two. At dinner Mitaka confesses that he feels as though he has not seen enough of Kyoko lately. At the Bunny, Nikaido tells Godai that he doesn't think he'll be able to keep his secret from Kyoko, and so Yusaku angrily announces that he'll tell Kyoko tonight before he stomps out to the street for some air. As soon as he steps outside he finds himself directly in front of Mitaka and Kyoko.

Chapter 124: ごめんねLUNCH・BOX
Gomen ne LUNCH * BOX

(Mr. Godai Regrets (He is Unable to Lunch Today))
Kyoko decides to hide from Godai before he can see she and Mitaka. She watches from behind a sign board as the tenants emerge from the Bunny cabaret and remind Godai of his promise to tell Kyoko about being fired from the pre-school. As Mitaka drives her home, Kyoko wonders what happend to Godai and why he lied to her all this time, meanwhile Godai treks home trying to decide how he's going to break the news of his job to Kyoko. As he arrives at Maison Ikkoku, he leaves his bento box in front of her door, but slinks away until the tenants begin to tease him. Godai turns around to find Kyoko behind him but still can't tell her what happend. She simply tells him that she understands and goes back into her room. The next day she doesn't see Godai off to work and he feels more depressed than ever. At Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko asks Mrs. Ichinose how long she had known, and the two discuss the possible reasons that Godai may have been fired from his job at the pre-school. Kyoko decides to just call the school and find out for herself what happened to Godai. Kuroki answers and tells Kyoko that Godai was let go due to budget cuts. Kyoko is shocked and cannot believe Godai couldn't just be honest about it with her. That afternoon she tells him that even though she wishes he would have been forthright with her, she's over it. With that she hands him another boxed lunch.

Chapter 125: 愛と哀しみの破談
Ai to kanashimi no hadan

(Good Mourning)
Godai heads off to work as he tells Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose that he's switched to days so that he can begin preparing for the pre-school certification classes. Later at the tennis courts, Ichinose tells Mitaka about Godai's job loss and the reason he's working at the cabaret. Mitaka asks how Kyoko feels about all that, and when he learns that she doesn't mind, he rushes over to Kyoko and tells her she deserves better. A moment later he is called away by a phone call from his uncle who wants him to visit the Kujo's later that afternoon. As Godai rushes to the cabaret he runs into Mitaka who tells him that he refuses to let him have Kyoko. Thinking Godai has settled into pimping nightclubs for a living he's more determined than ever not to let Yusaku get Kyoko. With that he rushes off to the Kujo estate. Godai screams and wakes up the baby that Iioka is carrying. Iioka tells him that the kid is his as they head back inside waiting for the babysitter to arrive. One of the workers tells them that the sitter can't make it and so Godai takes it upon himself to change the baby. Iioka likes what he sees. Mitaka arrives at the Kujo Estate determined to end things. He sees his uncle who tells him that they're inside setting the date. His uncle rushes him off and so Shun decides he has to finally tell Asuna that he isn't interested in marrying her. He tells her as quickly as he can, and without responding, Asuna collapses. Shun catches her, but she begins crying, saying that she'll become a nun and remain alone rather than meet someone else. As she continues to cry, Mitaka tells her he doesn't hate her, which seems to be just what she needed to hear. Back at the cabaret Godai has his hands full with all the girl's children.

Chapter 126: 菊と積木
Kiku to tsumiki

(The Chrysanthemum and the Building Block)
At the cabaret the boss pays everyone a visit and promotes Godai to Director of Employee Family Support. In other words, he'll be the caretaker of the employee's children while they're at work. At Maison Ikkoku Kyoko airs out her dress for her annual visit to Soichiro's grave, while outside Godai is hammering away at some homemade building blocks for the children at work. As Ichinose and Kyoko go outside to watch him work, Mitaka pulls up with a bouquet of roses for Kyoko. He announces that he has finally ended his arranged marriage with Asuna and asks Kyoko for a date the following Saturday. She has to turn him down though, as she plans on visiting Soichiro's grave that day. Shun apologizes and asks what type of flower Soichiro liked. Kyoko tells him that he was a practical man, and liked chrysanthemums because they could be steeped in tea. With that he leaves, but Ichinose tells Kyoko that she doesn't think she'll be able to put him off after the grave visit. Godai begins to worry that Mitaka is going to try something soon as soon as he overhears a phone call from Mitaka asking directions to the graveyard. And so Godai sets off to ensure that Mitaka behaves. When he arrives, he finds Mitaka offering some flowers and incense at Soichiro's grave. Godai confronts Mitaka and asks him what he's doing. Shun responds that he was making an offering to Soichiro and asking his permission to marry Kyoko. As Godai argues with him, Kyoko and her family arrive, leaving Mitaka and Godai no choice but to hide behind the tombstone. In their rush, Godai drops on of his building blocks alongside Mitaka's flowers.

Chapter 127: 草葉の陰から
Kusaba no kagekara

(Back from the Grave)
As Kyoko holds the building block she can't help but wonder what Godai was doing there. She looks to the flowers and finds a card from Mitaka. Her mother wastes no time in expressing her joy that Mitaka would go out of his way to send flowers, but Kyoko denies she's having a relationship with him to Grandfather Otonashi. Of course, Godai and Mitaka can hear every word as they hide behind Soichiro's headstone. Grandfather Otonashi is happy though, he's glad that Kyoko is finally thinking of remarrying and wants to discuss it openly in front of Soichiro's grave so that his son's spirit can hear about everything. When pressed, Kyoko finally admits that she is planning on remarrying. With that, Mitaka steps out from behind the grave and introduces himself to Mr. Otonashi and Mr. Chigusa. Godai is irritated that he would be so bold as to interrupt Kyoko's time with Soichiro, but he thinks he has to show himself and stand up for Kyoko as well...before he wimps out. Kyoko's mother wants to have tea with Mitaka, but Kyoko decides to stay and pray a bit longer. As Kyoko sits down to pray, she wonders if Soichiro will really be relieved if she were to remarry. Suddenly she notices a building block fall from behind the grave and she angrily announces that she won't be remarrying anytime soon and dumps water on Godai's head. Godai stands up and as she walks off, Kyoko tells her late husband that she'll be single until the summer. When she arrives at the cafe she finds her family talking to Mitaka. They tell her that he was telling them about how he ended his engagement to Asuna for Kyoko. Meanwhile at the Kujo Estate, Asuna seems to be feeling much better, and tells her mother that she's decided to take up tennis.

Chapter 128: 逃がしてたまるか!!
Nigashite tamaruka!!

(Never Let You Go)
Godai listens from his window as Mrs. Ichinose and Kyoko discuss her visit to Soichiro's grave. She fills her in on the details of Mitaka's sudden arrival, when surprisingly he shows up once more at Maison Ikkoku to escort Kyoko to tennis practice. Godai rushes downstairs to confront him, as their dislike for each other has grown to new heights recently. After Kyoko gets ready Mitaka takes her to the car. Godai angrily decides he'll follow them, but as if she was reading his mind Kyoko asks him to go straight to work. So instead Godai pays Yotsuya to do his snooping for him. At work, Mr. Chigusa receives a call from his wife as she plans to set up a get-together with Mitaka's parents so that they can get the marriage plans underway. Mr. Chigusa wants none of it though. Meanwhile at the tennis courts Mitaka is shocked when Asuna arrives for his class. He asks her what she's doing there and she says that she didn't kill herself since he doesn't hate her. As the entire tennis class looks on, Mrs. Ichinose points out to Kyoko that Asuna is the girl that Mitaka turned down. Kyoko can only smile nervously.

Chapter 129: 縁困関係
Nani mo shiranai kodomo-tachi

(The Trouble with Girls...and Boys)
As the other housewives gossip and Yotsuya looks on, Mitaka asks Asuna if her parents know that she's taking lessons from him. She tells him that they do and they think its a good idea that she learns about her future husband's job before they marry. With that Shun runs off to call his uncle as Asuna and Kyoko nervously talk about their dogs. On the phone with his uncle Shun learns that his uncle has no idea that he called off the engagement. Angry, Mitaka decides to visit the Kujo's himself and end it to their faces. At work, Godai worries about what Mitaka might be doing to Kyoko as one of the cabaret workers, Kasumi, brings her two children in. She wastes no time in telling Yusaku how much her son Taro likes him, and lets it be known that she's looking for a new husband. The very akward moment is interrupted when Iioka arrives. After Kasumi leaves, Iioka tells Godai that if anything happens, he'll be fired. That night at the Kujo Estate but finds his uncle waiting for him. Suddenly, as he enters the room to meet with Asuna's parents, he finds his own mother and father waiting for him. Shun's uncle set him up and called his parents to make sure he would be unable to break the engagement. At Maison Ikkoku Godai learns about the day's events at the tennis courts and is all to happy to learn that Mitaka is still tied to Asuna. The next morning at work, Godai is once again chatted up by Kasumi, who gives him a big hug just before Iioka walks in. She hands him a note and asks him not to read it until he gets off work. That night as he opens the letter he learns that she's run off and is leaving her two children, Taro and Hanako, in Godai's care.

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