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Maison Ikkoku
volume 13 - Dangerous Night
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1986 May 26-Sep 29
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 8 Number 2-7

Chapter 130: なにも知らない子供たち
Enkon kankei
(The Age of Innocence)
Godai arrives at Maison Ikkoku with Taro and Hanako. Kyoko is surprised to see the children, but Taro ingratiates himself by handing her a caramel. The other tenants waste no time teasing Godai about why he'd bring children home from work, but once he explains everything they are actually a bit more understanding than usual. Kyoko offers to watch the children during the days while Godai works. That night, Hanako's crying keeps Godai awake. Akemi complains about the noise so he has to rush outside and try to quiet the crying baby down. Kyoko runs out to meet him and is able to calm Hanako. An intimate moment between Godai and Kyoko is cut short as Hanako wets herself. The next morning Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose see Godai off and promise to watch after the kids. Ichinose cannot believe how much Godai takes on for other people, but Kyoko just smiles and says it's so like him to do that. At work Godai gets Kasumi's address and decides to track her down. As Godai heads out once more, Mitaka meets with his parents and tells the that he wants them to meet the woman he intends to marry, a woman who isn't Asuna Kujo. His easy-going folks laugh and agree to it, and so Mitaka calls the Chigusa's to make the arrangements. Kyoko's mother decides to help set up things, as they both think Kyoko will have to go through with the marriage if they can lure her into meeting Mitaka's parents.

Chapter 131: 誓いの母子星
Chikai no hahakoboshi
(Stars in Your Eyes)
Godai follows the directions Iioka gave him and finds Kasumi in her apartment. After discussing the situation with her, Godai learns that she wants him to take care of her kids for a week while she seduces her next potential husband. At Maison Ikkoku, Hanako won't stop crying, and so Taro calls his mother and asks her what to do. Godai is shocked to learn that he's been able to get in touch with her all this time. When Kyoko grabs the phone, Kasumi puts Godai on and quickly makes her escape. The next few days pass by and everyone gets used to having two new faces around the apartment building. Suddenly she gets a phone call from her mother, who lures her into meeting Mitaka's parents by telling her that they're having a birthday party for her father. Mrs. Chigusa calls Mitaka to tell him that the meeting is on, but leaves out the details about luring Kyoko to it under false pretenses.

Chapter 132: Help Me コール
Help Me koru
(Help Me!)
Saturday arrives, and Kyoko sets off to meet her parents. Godai takes Taro out to say goodbye to Kyoko, as a week has finally passed and the children are due to go back with their mother. Kyoko seems sad to see them go but doesn't have time to think about it as Mitaka pulls up to greet her. Mitaka sweeps Kyoko away before she can ask any questions. Godai decides that he won't let Mitaka get away with this, but he can't leave as long as the children are still with him. Suddenly he realizes that Taro is gone, and runs out looking for him. Mitaka learns that Kyoko wasn't expecting him to be there, and he nervously realizes that she won't be expecting to meet his parents. When they arrive, Taro steps out of the car, having hidden in the back seat. Mrs. Chigusa is shocked to see Kyoko and Mitaka with a young boy between them, and tries to pass him off on the hotel staff. When Mitaka's parents arrive, Kyoko uses the excuse to call Ikkoku and tell them about Taro. Instead she calls Godai and signals him to come for Taro...and her. He scrawls a message for Kasumi and heads out on foot to save Kyoko from Mitaka.

Chapter 133: あぶない夜
Abunai yoru
(Treacherous Night)
Godai rushes to the hotel to interrupt the meeting between the Chigusa and Mitaka families. Mitaka learns of this and secretly welcomes his arrival. Kyoko tries her best to turn off Mitaka's parents, first by revealing her age, and then mentioning that she is a widow. The good natured couple are completely charmed by her honesty however and continue to happily accept her as their future daughter in law. Shun invites her out to the garden for some privacy just before Godai arrives. Instead of finding a birthday party for Mr. Chigusa, Godai is shocked to learn that the banquet hall has been reserved for a marriage meeting. As he learns the truth and has Taro handed off to him, he tries to find out where Kyoko is. Mrs. Chigusa refuses to tell him, but Taro remembers and Godai rushes off to the gardens with the children in tow. Spying the approaching Godai, Mitaka hurries Kyoko to the beach while he doubles back to confront Yusaku. The two exchange angry words, with Shun accusing Godai of using the children to crash the prenuptial meeting, and Godai points out that Mitaka lied to get Kyoko to come in the first place. Unfortunately, Taro and Hanako almost fall into a nearby pond, and while trying to reach them Godai falls in, giving Mitaka time to sneak back to Kyoko and get away, but not before he tells Godai that Kyoko won't be coming home that night. Godai can only return to Maison Ikkoku, while Mitaka and Kyoko visit an upscale hotel for drinks. Mitaka reveals that he acted boldly in order to make Kyoko stay with him and orders drinks, revealing to her that he has reserved a room for the two of them in hopes of her staying with him, and that he will continue to reserve the room every night until she opens up to him.

Chapter 134: 朝まで眠れない
Asa made nemurenai
(No Sleep...Until Morning)
Godai waits and waits, but Kyoko never comes. Deciding he has to take action, he hands Taro and Hanako over to Mrs. Ichinose just as Kyoko's father pulls up looking for his daughter. Learning she isn't there he heads out to find the delinquent that is keeping his daugther out so late at night. Godai sees an opportunity and hops into the car with him as they both head out in search of Kyoko. Meanwhile, Kyoko and Mitaka continue their uncomfortable conversation with Shun prodding Kyoko about having to force his way into her heart and being more bold in order to get a straight answer from her regarding her feelings for him. She can only say that he is putting her in an akward position. The pair go out for a walk and Kyoko uses the opportunity to call Ikkoku and check in. Mrs. Ichinose answers and tells her that Godai has gone out for the night, but neglects to mention that he and her father are looking for her. As they walk along the beach, Mitaka wonders out loud if Kyoko is trying to think of a way to end things with him, telling her that there would be no good way to do it. Realizing how selfish she's been and that she will hurt Shun no matter what, Kyoko begins to break down in tears, stammering an apology. Shun embraces her, unable to see her in such pain he agrees to cancel his plans for the evening and puts her in a cab. At dawn, Godai and Mr. Chigusa are still searching for Kyoko. Finally, Kyoko's father asks why Godai is so determined to find his daughter, but as Godai tells him that he's in love with Kyoko, he realizes that Mr. Chigusa has fallen asleep without hearing him.

Chapter 135: 白昼の疑惑
Hakuchu no giwaku
(Shadows in the Sunlight)
Arriving back at Maison Ikkoku, Mr. Chigusa angrily confronts his daugther, but quickly backs off when he realizes that nothing awful happened to Kyoko. Godai however, tries to probe a bit deeper and learns that she got home around two in the morning. With nothing left to say, Yusaku wanders to his room to finally get some sleep. He dreams about Kyoko choosing Mitaka over him and is finally awakened by a boot to the head from Yotsuya. Walking downstairs he finds Taro sitting on the front steps, waiting for Kasumi to finally come and get he and his sister. Godai and Taro wait and wait, finally Kyoko comes and sits with them, and she and Godai discuss the issue of trust between Kasumi and Taro, making some allusions to their own relationship. Kyoko finally admits exactly what happened, which really puts Godai at ease. But Taro is growing more anxious as his mother fails to appear. The boy goes inside to try and page her once again, but when his call is not returned, he begins to cry, thinking she has abandoned him and his sister. Suddenly, Kasumi stumbles down the stairs, revealing that she's been at Ikkoku partying with Akemi and Yotsuya since the previous night.

Chapter 136: 100%SHONEN場
100% SHONEN-ba

(100% Sure)
Weeks have passed and Godai receives a letter from Kasumi. She tells him that she has settled in with her new husband who has three children of his own, and everyone is doing fine. Godai is happy to hear it and picks up his books to resume his studies. The other tenants are oblivious as usual and begin to party until Kyoko runs in and tells them to stop bothering him. The admit to knowing nothing about him having a teaching license exam to prepare for but leave with minimal urging. Godai is determined to get his license as soon as possible so that he can propose to Kyoko right away. Meanwhile at the Kujo Estate, Mitaka's parents and his uncle have gone ahead with the marriage meeting without telling Shun and have formalized the engagement between Shun and Asuna. The next day at the tennis courts, Asuna hears the rumors of Mitaka and his parents meeting with Kyoko's parents. He sees an opportunity for escape and tells her the rumors are true and that he is sorry. Asuna seems unphased and tells him it doesn't matter now that they are officially engaged. Mitaka is stunned as this is the first he's heard of it. He marches off to confront his uncle. Godai heads out to see his testing center and finds Asuna hiding behind the wall at Ikkoku, she quizzes him about Kyoko and Mitaka's marriage meeting, and he tells her that nothing has gone forward since then. Trying to reassure her, Godai tells her that Mitaka would never do anything to hurt her, but he knows that Mitaka would never give up on Kyoko either and heads to his apartment to confront him. When he arrives Shun isn't home and so he breaks out his study guide while he waits. Finally Shun arrives and Godai confronts him about Asuna. In no mood to hear more about her, Mitaka dismisses Yusaku, who insists on pressing on. Finally hearing enough Mitaka tells Godai that they should go settle things once and for all, with their fists.

Chapter 137: 迎えうち

(We Have Met the Enemy...)
As Kyoko waits for Godai to come home for a dinner she prepared for him, he and Mitaka head toward the park to finally have it out once and for all. When they arrive, they find themselves surrounded by couples making out. Deciding to go a bit further into the park in hopes of finding some privacy for their fight, they run into a police officer who thinks they are peeping toms. Even though they run the officer doesn't give up and pursues them. Finally they stop at a yakitori stand and pretend to eat a friendly meal together to throw the police officer off their trail. When he leaves Mitaka and Godai continue their search for a battleground, but Godai happens to leave his study guide behind at the yakitori stand. The police officer doubles back, finds it and sets out to return it, giving chase to the duo once more. Finally catching up to them and handing it over, Mitaka is irritated to learn that Godai is out fighting with him the night before an important test. He curses Godai for his lack of preparation, but Godai erupts with anger and declares that he will pass because he's in love with Kyoko and doing it for her. Mitaka is stunned into silence and tells Godai to go home, while he continues to get drunk by himself. Later that night he stumbles back to his apartment and find Asuna waiting for him in the hallway. Godai gets off the train and is surprised to see Kyoko waiting for him at the station. She can tell he's been drinking and simply slaps him.

Chapter 138: きざし

(A Fate Sealed)
Caught in the rain, Kyoko continues to berate Godai for his decision to stay out the night before his exam. He tries to explain but Kyoko is unwilling to listen and heads back to Ikkoku alone. Meanwhile, Mitaka is falling down drunk at his apartment and asking Asuna why she's there. She tells him she was hoping to learn the truth about the engagement and he tells her that it was all his uncle's doing. With the truth finally revealed, Asuna decides to release him from the engagement, and walks away. Mitaka realizes that he's been saved and crawls into his apartment before passing out. Asuna realizes that she left Salade with him and goes back to find Mitaka passed out. Salade has met Mitaka's dog McEnroe, and the two head off to play while Asuna attempts to get Mitaka up to his feet. Instead he pulls himself on top of her and kisses her. The next morning Asuna leaves his apartment before Shun wakes up. He soon remembers what happened can't believe he kissed her, but doesn't remember anything after that. At Ikkoku, Kyoko tells the other tenants what happened the night before, and they all agree that hitting Godai was the right thing to do. Somehow she can't help but feel like maybe it wasn't. As Godai takes his test, he keeps thinking about Kyoko's words the night before, that she no longer cares if he makes anything of his life or not. After the exam, he finds himself stopping by the cabaret to visit the children and decides it doesn't matter what Kyoko wants, he wants to be a teacher.

Chapter 139: 揺れる心
Yureru kokoro

(Back and Forth)
It's been three days since the exam and Godai hasn't returned to Maison Ikkoku. The tenants are taking bets on what's happened to him, but they all agree that he surely failed the test. Suddenly he appears and tells everyone what's happened. He stayed for the entire test and is preparing to take the practical portion in September. In order to better prepare, he's decided to move into the Bunny Cabaret. As he packs up to leave, none of the tenants think he'll last the week, includig Kyoko. At the Kujo Estate, Mitaka arrives to check on Asuna and try to learn exactly what happened between them. Instead he finds that she has left a note saying that she will be spending the summer in Izu. As he goes to leave, Shun relives the night in his mind and wonders if he went all the way with Asuna. A chance encounter with Kimita, the Kujo family chauffeur convinces him that he must have done something really terrible. With that, he asks for her specific location from the driver. At the Bunny Cabaret, Iioka encourages Godai not to go back to Ikkoku no matter what, unless of course Kyoko doesn't come looking for him. Yusaku has made up his mind that he has to to go it alone for a little while so that he can be sure he can take care of himself without Kyoko being around. In Izu, Mitaka arrives to confront Asuna. She is very cryptic about their night together, which only convinces Shun further that he must have slept with Asuna.

Chapter 140: どうも

(Thanks...for Everything)
Its been a month and Godai is still living on his own at the cabaret. Kyoko and Godai are both considering visiting one another but they both think better of it, not wanting to upset the momentum that Godai has built up toward his studies. At the Kujo Estate, Asuna learns that while she's been away, Mitaka has called asking about her everyday. Asuna's mother demands to know what happened, and tells her that she already knows the truth. Kimita, the chaffeur admitted everything. As it turns out, nothing more than a kiss happened between Shun and Asuna. After the kiss, she went downstairs and got Kimita to come up and take care of Shun. Mrs. Kujo fears that Asuna may have slept with Mitaka after Kimita left, but she tells her all they did was kiss. With that crisis averted a veternarian arrives with Salade and tells Asuna that she is in fact pregnant. Asuna instantly knows that McEnroe must be the father. At the tennis court, Mitaka is lost in thought, wondering what happened between he and Asuna, as he hasn't heard anything since he visited her over a month ago. Suddenly Asuna arrives and excitedly whispers to Mrs.Ichinose that she's pregnant. Of course Mitaka thinks she means that she herself is pregnant. He insists on doing the right thing and promises he'll visit her parents tonight and set everything right. As soon as she leaves, Mrs. Ichinose rushes to Maison Ikkoku to tell Kyoko, who is on her way to see Godai. As soon as she tells her though, Mitaka arrives.

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