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Maison Ikkoku
volume 14 - I Love You, But...
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1986 Oct 13-Feb 9 1987
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 8 Number 8 & Part 9 Number 1-5

Chapter 141: しあわせ曲線
Shiawase Kyokusen
(The Happiness Curve)
Godai heads back to Maison Ikkoku and tries to sneak up to his room to get a change of clothes without running into anyone. When he reaches his room he finds Akemi, Ichinose and Yotsuya all drunkenly sitting there. They tell him about Mitaka getting Asuna pregnant, and he is stunned. On a nearby hill Mitaka is sitting with Kyoko. They both seem sad, but Shun tells her what has happened and that he has to do the right thing and marry Asuna now. Kyoko says she understands and that she really wants him to be happy. He wants the same for her. He wants to say more but can't think of the words, and with that he helps her up and they exchange a final goodbye. That night Godai can't help but wish Mitaka had gone down in a better way, and that getting Asuna pregnant is a lousy way to end things between he and Kyoko. Mitaka arrives back at his apartment just in time to receive a phone call from his uncle. Shun has just come from the Kujo's where he formally proposed marriage to Asuna. Shun is depressed and watches TV with McEnroe as he thinks over his future with Asuna and their child. Later, the day of Mitaka's engagement arrives and Kyoko thinks of him, wishing him a private goodbye once more. After slipping the engagement ring on Asuna's finger, everyone celebrates while Mitaka slips away with his fiancee. She wants to talk about baby names, and says she's thought of a few western foods to name the baby after. Shun is confused, but finally the truth comes out and he learns that Salade is pregnant, not Asuna. The next day the tennis courts are abuzz with the news that Asuna isn't pregnant. Kyoko takes the opportunity to tell Mitaka that she still hopes he'll be happy, but he seems to be in a daze. Later in the day, Mrs. Ichinose calls Godai to tell him of the recent events. As he leaves the Bunny Cabaret he finds Mitaka waiting outside for him.

Chapter 142: ワンモア・ピリオド
Wanmoa * piriodo
(One More Round)
Mitaka is angry and upset about everything, but wants to give Godai the opportunity to gloat. Yusaku makes sure that Shun plans to stay married, which he does, but he is frustrated that no one seems to care how he feels about the whole situation. At Ikkoku, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose attempt to encourage Kyoko to elope with Mitaka, and ask her if she thinks he's happy with his engagement. She says she doesn't know, and Mrs. Ichinose quickly points out that he hasn't smiled once since he and Asuna became engaged. Meanwhile, Godai and Mitaka continue their conversation at a playground and Mitaka admits that he never wanted to see Godai again, but felt compelled to because he wants to make sure that Yusaku will be there for Kyoko from now on, and that she can depend on him. Godai is surprised to hear this, but tries to encourage Mitaka as well. Shun however, wants none of it and walks away. That night he has dinner with his family and Asuna and endures his uncle's jokes about having a baby soon. Asuna notices how down Shun is. She points out that the same smile he has that night is the one he had in a photo of him as a child after he lost a tennis tournament. Mitaka becomes flustered as she points this out, but she lightens the mood by telling a joke. Shun is so taken aback that he finally realizes that he has to stop forcing things with Asuna and just accept things as they come. He tells her that they should both let their happiness come naturally, and that they'll be together for a long time.

Chapter 143: 戸惑いロマンス
Tomadoi romansu
(Twists Upon Twists)
Kozue is working at her bank teller job and after work she meets a male co-worker for dinner. He show's her his account book and all the money he's saved up before suddenly asking her to marry him. Kozue is shocked and isn't ready to give an answer yet. The next day Kyoko gets back from her annual trip to Soichiro's grave. The tenants are waiting for her to arrive and give her a few good luck presents for Godai so that she'll have an excuse to see him. Suddenly Kozue appears and the gang insists that both she and Kyoko go pay Yusaku a visit at the cabaret. On the train ride there, Kyoko learns that Kozue has seen Yusaku recently, but didn't know he had moved out of Maison Ikkoku. At the club, Yusaku is shocked when he sees both Kozue and Kyoko together, but soon Godai and Kozue are alone at a coffee shop where he tells Kozue that his final test for his teaching license is in two days. She decides that he's under enough stress as it is and postpones telling him about her proposal. As he walks her back to her train, Kozue suddenly kisses him before wishing him luck and running off. Unfortunately, Kyoko just happened to witness their first kiss.

Chapter 144: わかってください
Wakatte kudasai
(Can't You Understand?)
Godai completes his teachers exam but can't get Kozue's kiss off her mind. Kyoko's been thinking the same thing, and the tenants have noticed. They know that things will come to a head soon as Godai will be arriving back at Maison Ikkoku later in the day. Of course, Kyoko greets him coldly and later that night Godai puts everything together and realizes that Kyoko must have seen Kozue kiss him. When Kozue calls he leaves to meet her and find out why she kissed him. She doesn't bring it up but does tell Yusaku that she was proposed to. He is shocked of course, but is even more surprised to learn that she is turning him down because of the kiss she gave Godai. Yusaku decides to be honest and tells her that after he gets his test results he is going to propose on his own, but before he gets a chance to say that it's Kyoko he is going to ask to marry him, Kozue breaks down in tears and tells him she wasn't sure he'd ever propose to her. She runs out to get to her job before Godai can straighten things out. At Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko decides that she has every right to be angry at Godai for kissing Kozue and pretending to be innocent about it. When he comes back, she demands an answer from him.

Chapter 145: 大逆転
Kyoko demands that Godai tell her why he kissed Kozue, and he agrees to tell her, but only if she'll listen to him all the way through. She agrees, but when he tells her that it was all Kozue's doing, she quickly judges that he's just making excuses. Kyoko decides it would be best to end things now and if he wants Kozue, he can have her. Yusaku sees that she won't listen, and so uses the same trick that Kozue used on him. Kyoko quickly realizes what he's trying to do and sees that he probably wasn't the initiator of the kiss with Kozue. Kyoko calls him a fool and teases him by doing the same thing as Kozue, telling Yusaku to close his eyes, but instead of kissing him, she tugs on his cheeks. After that though, she asks him to close his eyes once again and this time she kisses him before running to her room. Godai is overcome with emotion and decides he should take the initiative more often, but he quickly remembers Kozue and decides he has to end things with her the next day. That night, Kozue pays Godai a visit at Maison Ikkoku. She's really upset and tells Yusaku that she couldn't turn down her co-worker's proposal. She loudly announces that she just couldn't turn him down even though Godai proposed to her. As she buries her face in Godai's shirt, Kyoko runs up and slaps him in front of everyone. Yusaku asks Kozue to wait in his room as he tries to smooth things over with Kyoko. She refuses to listen to him though and demands that he move out. Godai refuses and so Kyoko locks herself in her room, thinking that she'll have to take measures into her own hands.

Chapter 146: たとこ勝負
Deta toko shobu
(The First Move)
In the dead of night, Godai lies awake in bed, reflecting on the evenings events. Downstairs Kyoko is packing a suitcase, and at dawn she gathers Soichiro and leaves Maison Ikkoku. When the other tenants tell Godai what's happened he tells his side of the story about his alleged proposal to Kozue. With the explanation out of the way, the others demand that Godai go get Kyoko and bring her back, and until he does, they will not let him come back to Maison Ikkoku. Kyoko has found herself at her parents home. Her mother tries to find out what's wrong, but Kyoko isn't interested in discussing it. Ritsuko argues that she should have married Mitaka while she had a chance, and that she'll probably never find someone as good as him. The argument turns to her getting dumped and Kyoko loudly proclaims that she did the dumping, which makes her mother realize that she was seeing someone other than Mitaka. Just then, Godai arrives at the door, but Kyoko gets her mother to send him away. Godai begins to yell out his excuses in an attempt to get Kyoko to realize the truth, but she throws a blanket at his head and pushes him out into the hallway, slamming the door in his face. Ritsuko finally realizes that Godai is the other man in Kyoko's life, while Yusaku is outside thinking he'd better give Kyoko more time to cool off. The tenants are getting drunk at Chachamaru and decide it is their duty to help Kyoko get through this rough patch. That night, Kyoko's father arrives from work and is thrilled that Kyoko is staying with them. Ritsuko mentions Godai's name and Mr. Chigusa says he's never heard of him before. Kyoko isn't interested in having a discussion and goes to her room. Godai heads back to Maison Ikkoku only to find that he's been locked out. He yells and screams, peering through the front window to see Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose all passed out in the hallway. Thinking they really have decided to lock him out, he tries to sneak in thruogh Nikaido's window, but the railing breaks off, waking everyone up. They tell Godai he should have simply woken them up if he wanted in.

Chapter 147: いきなり管理人
Ikinari Kanrinin

(Suddenly Kyoko)
Godai has been coming to the Chigusa's apartment to try and see Kyoko everyday for the past five days. She still will not meet with him however. Maison Ikkoku, in the meantime, has gone to ruin, garbage fills the hallways and the tenants are oblivious to their part in causing the mess. Mr. Chigusa uses the opportunity of Kyoko's living with him to stop by the Otonashi residence and tender her resignation as manager of Maison Ikkoku. Of course, Kyoko has no idea of his plan to do this. That night, Kyoko overhears her parents discussing Godai and decides that perhaps tomorrow she will finally listen to what he has to say. When the next day arrives, Mr. Otonashi visits Maison Ikkoku and sees the state of filth it is in. He also finds Godai trying his best to clean up and meets with the tenants to discuss Kyoko quitting. They quickly point out that unless she quit herself then it probably isn't true. Instead of hiring a new manager to replace her, the tenants convince Mr. Otonashi to hire a temporary manager...Godai. At the same time, Kyoko is beginning to wonder why Godai hasn't visited as he usually does. Kyoko becomes frustrated when Yusaku never arrives, a call from Mr. Otonashi further complicates the situation, as he tells Kyoko he's hired a new manager to fill in for her. Kyoko realizes she couldn't go back even if she wanted to.

Chapter 148: やましい関係
Yamashii kankei

Kyoko is angry with her father for telling Mr. Otonashi that she wanted to quit her job as manager. She tells herself that she's the only one who can really handle the looney tenants of Ikkoku. Meanwhile Godai is having trouble doing just that, as the garbage continues to pile up in the hallways despite his constant cleaning. Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose encourage Godai to just make things easier and choose Kozue, but he refuses. However Kozue has been too busy at work to see him lately, and so he hasn't had the chance to break things off with her. The tenants move their party to Chachamaru, when suddenly Kyoko shows up, on her way to peek in at Maison Ikkoku. Akemi instantly confronts her, and begins to push Kyoko into making a decision. Later, Akemi floats the idea that maybe she'll sleep with Godai. Kyoko thinks she's only joking, but neither one will back down, and so Akemi promises that she'll actually do it. Kyoko leaves in frustration, and only then does Akemi admit she was joking, but that Kyoko needed a good scare. Before heading home, Kyoko goes by Maison Ikkoku and sees Godai sweeping and dealing with Nikaido's constant demands. When she realizes he's the new manager, she wonders why she was ever worried and goes back to her parent's apartment. That night Godai gets a drunken phone call at the Bunny Club. It's Akemi, she's been left at a love hotel. She gives him directions and tells him to bring money. Its not until she begins crying that he thinks she could be in trouble, and so he goes to get her. He begins to wonder if she's trying to seduce him, but when he finds her she's passed out. In her grogginess, she hugs him, and then wakes up and slaps him. She explains that she was there with a date, but he ran out of money and ditched her while she was sleeping. She teases Godai that maybe they should put the room to good use first, but of course, she's only joking. As they leave the hotel, they just so happen to run into Kozue and her friends.

Chapter 149: ラブホテル事情
Rabuhoteru jijo

(Hotel Incident)
The next day Godai is thinking of Kozue and how upset she must be. After meeting on the street, she simply walked away with her friends without saying anything to Yusaku. Akemi fills Mrs. Ichinose in on what happened and they both agree that Godai should consider himself lucky to have things finally over with Kozue, but he can't help but feel as though things should have ended better. Later, Mrs. Ichinose visits the Chigusa's and tells Kyoko that Godai and Kozue are finished and that she should come home now. Kyoko protests and mentions Godai's proposal to Kozue, but Mrs. Ichinose tells her that was a misunderstanding. With that, Kyoko decides its time to go home. That night, the tenants party as in anticipation of Kyoko's return the following day. Yotsuya and Nikaido learn about Akemi and Godai's love hotel visit, and Akemi continues to tease Yusaku about it. When he begins to get angry, she kisses him. Everyone admits they know it was a joke and they settle down for a night of drinking. The next morning as she is going home, Kyoko runs into Kozue, and the two have coffee together. Kozue tells Kyoko that she's learned Godai has been seeing another woman. As she breaks down in tears she mentions that its Akemi, which stuns Kyoko.

Chapter 150: 好きだから…
Suki dakara

(The Most Important Detail)
On her way back to Ikkoku, Kyoko can't stop thinking about what Kozue said about seeing Akemi and Godai leave a love hotel together. She remembers Akemi's joke about sleeping with Godai and wonders if she could have gone through with it. Instead of going home, she stops at Chachamaru and has an encounter with Akemi. When Kyoko mentions seeing Kozue, Akemi mentions that she must have brought up seeing she and Yusaku at the love hotel, and then tells Kyoko that it was true. Kyoko is completely shocked by Akemi's admission. When the other tenants arrive, Kyoko tells Godai that she hates him and quits her job as manager. Yusaku begs her to hear him out, but she is so enraged that she refuses. She tells him that he is free to do whatever he wants for as long as he wants with whomever he wants, and that she hopes he's paying Akemi enough. With that, Godai rears back, ready to slap Kyoko. He doesn't though, and begs her to hear him out. When he tells her she's being ridiculous, she starts calling him names, and he gently hits her to get her attention. Kyoko begins to cry, tells him she hates him once more, and heads for the door. Akemi blocks her exit and berates her for treating Godai and she so badly. Kyoko runs out, leaving all her luggage and Soichiro behind. Akemi suggests Godai take her jacket and follow after her. He finally catches her and tries to explain things again. Kyoko begins to realize how distrustful she is, and wonders if they could just be together physically maybe she could break down some of the barriers she's always put up. Yusaku tells her that their lives have been full of misunderstandings ever since they first met, and if she could just trust him they could be together. She mentions all the women he's tried to seduce and he grabs her, telling her there have never been any other women, that its always been her. She's the only one he's ever wanted. Kyoko asks him what if she doesn't want what he wants, and Godai becomes embarassed, saying that maybe he's only seen things the way he wanted. He tells her not to quit her job as manager and begins to walk off, but Kyoko grabs his coat, stopping him.

Chapter 151: 好きなのに…
Suki na noni

(I Love You, But...)
Kyoko tells Godai that she's been angry so long that she doesn't know what else to feel now. She wants to trust him but doesn't know how. The two realize they're standing in front of a love hotel and hold hands, going inside. Godai asks if she's sure she wants to do this and if so that its for the right reasons. She moves towards him and they embrace. Kyoko leaves to take a shower and Godai makes a call to Iioka, explaining that he'll be late. After that he takes a shower and meets Kyoko in their room. Things are extremely akward. Kyoko realizes she's going through with this in hopes of making things easier between them. She mentions that she is thinking of Soichiro, which really distracts Godai, but she quickly points out that she means her dog, not her late husband. Yusaku and Kyoko akwardly undress and climb into bed together. Yusaku realizes that if she weren't thinking of Soichiro before, she certainly was now that he mentioned him. He tries his best to concentrate as they begin to make love. Meanwhile, on a distant train, Kozue and Nikaido meet once more. Kozue brings up Godai and Nikaido explains what really happened with Akemi. Back at the hotel, Godai is still trying with Kyoko, but nothing seems to be working. She asks if he's okay, and if she's done something wrong. He tells her no, but things end there. She gets dressed and tells Godai he should go to work. As she leaves, Kyoko is thinking of Godai and Soichiro. She wished he could make her forget her late husband. When Godai arrives at the Bunny Cabaret, he finds Kozue waiting for him.

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