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Maison Ikkoku
volume 15 - Under the Cherry Tree
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Originally Published in:
Big Comic Spirits 1987 Feb 16-Apr 20
Published in English as:
Maison Ikkoku Part 9 Number 5-10

Chapter 152: 本当のこと
Honto no koto
(The Truth)
Godai tells Kozue that he's surprised she'd come looking for him after the way things were left between the two of them. She tells him that she found out the truth about what happened at the love hotel. Kozue apologizes for not trusting him, and Godai says he's the one would should apologize when Iioka arrives and interrupts. He tells Godai that bringing his personal relationships into the workplace is inappropriate. Their conversation is cut short as Yusaku has to rush back to take care of a crying child. Kozue is very impressed with the way Godai handles the children. Godai begins to worry that Kozue has come to make up with him and he decides that he'll have to end things with her that night one way or another. The pair walk to an overpass and watch the moon as Godai prepares to deliver the news he's been dreading for years. Just as he begins to speak, Kozue breaks down in tears, saying she can't bear for him to hate her. Afraid of what she's saying, Yusaku presses on, dropping to his knees he begs her not to hate him, but tells her that he's in love with someone else. Kozue seems surprised but isn't angry at all. She sinks down to her knees as well and asks if he's going to get married. He tells her they're not at that point yet, but that he'd like to one day. Kozue simply smiles and confides in him that she's relieved. They stand and Kozue reveals her ring, she's getting married. After she saw Godai and Akemi together she accepted the proposal of her co-worker at the bank. When she learned the truth, she wanted to see Godai again so that they wouldn't end their relationship hating one another. Godai walks her to her cab and they say goodbye for the last time. Kozue turns around to ask Yusaku one last thing, she wants to know what the woman he's in love with is like. Godai stammers for an answer, but Kozue changes her mind before he can answer, telling him just to take care. With that she's gone.

Chapter 153: 契り
(Sacred Vows)
Godai is almost back to Maison Ikkoku, as he thinks of Kyoko and their time together earlier in the evening. He stops in front of Soichiro's doghouse and notices that its empty, everyone must still be at Chachamaru. He begins to speak out loud, mentioning that if Kyoko only hadn't mentioned Soichiro's name everything would have gone perfectly. Kyoko is actually standing behind him. Godai apologizes, and Kyoko admits that she feels sad about what happened, but realizes she was insensitive to bring up Soichiro's name. Wishing Yusaku a good night, she rushes back to her room, leaving him outside. Godai follows her and tells her the truth, that he was thinking of Soichiro while they were together, wondering if she was thinking of him. She invites him in to her room, and they begin to talk. Kyoko admits that she may never forget Soichiro and how truly happy she was with him. Yusaku tells her that he could never replace that happiness, but that he could offer he a different kind of happiness. Kyoko confides that what he can offer her a lot, and that she isn't interested in a "substitute Soichiro." Suddenly the phone rings, its the Chachamaru Master. He and everyone else from Maison Ikkoku are falling-down drunk. He confides that everyone bet against her going back to Ikkoku after what happened, but that he bet she would. Kyoko hangs up, confused. She wonders aloud if she should go back and pick up Soichiro, and then quickly catches herself and makes sure Godai knows she's talking about her dog. The two begin to laugh, and Kyoko mentions how silly it is that Godai being bothered by her dog's name. He admits it is, but that he's always felt insecure about the feelings that name brings up in her. She says as long as he feels insecure they'll never be able to be together. Kyoko says that she doesn't feel like he trusts her, and doesn't know what to do. It begins to rain, and Kyoko asks if she has to beg for him to make love to her before he can feel secure. Yusaku apologizes and embraces her, they kiss and begin to make love. When the morning comes, and the sun rises, Kyoko tells Godai something she's waited to do, that she fell in love with him a long time ago. Yusaku is shocked and when he asks her when exactly it happened, Kyoko confides that she can't remember.

Chapter 154: TEL YOU SWEET
(Love Call)
Godai is face to face with his exam listings, he soon realizes his number isn't on the board, and that he's failed. Suddenly Kyoko is breaking up with him and his life is falling apart. Of course, this is only a dream. Godai wakes up and finds Akemi, Yotsuya and Mrs. Ichinose in his room, planning a party to cheer him up after he finds out he failed his exam. Godai asks if he said anything else while he was dreaming, and Mrs. Ichinose begins to wonder if he's hiding something. She says she's noticed that ever since Kyoko came home she's been in a very good mood. They stare at Godai, wondering if he had anything to do with it, and quickly dismiss the idea. In his mind, Godai knows the truth, and is still giddy over the recent turn of events. He rushes downstairs to see Kyoko on his way out and falls down the stairs. Kyoko asks him to call her as soon as he learns the results, and he tells her she'll be the first to know. Mrs. Ichinose tells Kyoko that if he did pass he'll propose to her, and Kyoko says that that would be perfect. Godai begins thinking through all the different possibilities of passing and failing, proposing or waiting until he finally arrives at city hall where the results are. At Maison Ikkoku, the tenats are preparing their failure party. Kyoko is upstairs helping and misses a phone call from Godai. As he arrives at the Bunny Cabaret, Iioka asks if he passed. Godai has a look of confidence on his face that he's never possessed before, he passed. The tenants begin their party in advance as Kyoko misses another phone call. Godai is celebrating at the club as everyone at home has convinced themselves that he's failed, everyone but Kyoko that is. Late that night after work, Godai calls again, and Kyoko rushes downstairs to answer the phone. Godai makes small talk but Kyoko rushes for an answer, with pride in his voice, he tells her he passed. Kyoko is overjoyed and congratulates him, letting everyone know that he passed. They hoist party poppers into the air and explode their contents just as Godai is about to propose. Kyoko doesn't hear him, and he doesn't have enough money to call her back. Kyoko hangs up the phone filled with happiness.

Chapter 155: 今夜 待ってる
Kon'ya matteru
(Wait for Me Tonight)
The party is still going on a week later, but everyone is asleep. Godai tries to sneak downstairs to see Kyoko, but Akemi catches him and Yotsuya and Mrs. Ichinose wake up to begin partying once more. The next morning, Kyoko makes an excuse to go out so that she can walk with Godai. They haven't had time to talk in private since their night together, and Kyoko says they need to make time. Godai asks if he can come by her room tonight and Kyoko perks up and grabs Godai's hand while they walk together. Godai visits Acorn Daycare again and meets with the principal about helping him to locate a new job. Back at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko is cleaning up all the garbage that has accumulated in Godai's room from the week long party. Kyoko asks Mrs. Ichinose how long they can go on like this for, and Ichinose admits that she's getting tired and thinks she'll rest tonight. Kyoko is excited that she and Godai may actually get some alone time with Godai. The tenants however have noticed that she's cleaning his room without being asked, and are becoming suspicious. When works ends for Godai, he receives an unexpected visit from Sakamoto. It seems as though he's been dumped yet again while trying to propose marriage. Of course this gives Godai pause about his own decision to propose. Sakamoto wants to go out drinking, but Godai is in a hurry to get back to Kyoko. He calls her at tells her he'll be a bit late. Godai doesn't get in until the next morning, and when he tries to make plans with Kyoko for that night, she says she won't count on it. The tenants begin to party again, and for the next three nights Godai and Kyoko don't get to spend any time alone together. Finally after all that partying, Godai stumbles down the stairs and promises to meet with Kyoko that night, and tells her he has something important to discuss with her. Of course, the tenants interfere and he doesn't get down to her room until almost four in the morning. Kyoko is angry and says she must not be important enough, but Godai protests when suddenly they hear another voice. Yotsuya, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose are all standing behind them, watching. They ask if Godai and Kyoko are finally together, but they're both too nervous to answer. For the first time, the trio is actually heartfelt in their congratulations of the new couple, and vow to party for ten nights in celebration.

Chapter 156: 不幸な人々
Fuko na hitobito
Godai heads out to search for a job, while at the Acorn Daycare, Kuroki informs the principal that she's getting married soon. The principal congrulates her and then lifts a heavy box, throwing out his back. Meanwhile, Godai's job search isn't going so well. At New Leaf Preschool, the principal doesn't seem impressed that Godai's current position is at a cabaret. She asks to see the next aplicant, who is having trouble managing his own son in the waiting room. Godai plays with the boy as his exhausted father goes in for his interview. This seems to make a good impression on the principal. That afternoon, Kuroki calls Maison Ikkoku for Godai and Mrs. Ichinose takes down the message. Godai and the father he interviewed with both walk down the street as Godai heads to meet Kyoko for lunch. The father and his bratty son end up sharing a table next to the couple and they overhear that the man's wife has left him. The father tells Godai that he should be happy, he has his entire life ahead of him, and he'll get to spend it with Kyoko. He also thinks Godai will get the job they both applied for. Kyoko and Godai both feel sorry for the father, and Godai isn't sure he would even want the job if it meant taking it away from someone who is going through such a hard phase in his life. When they arrive back at Maison Ikkoku, Godai gets a call from the principal of New Leaf Preschool. She tells him that she thought he was an excellent applicant, but she felt so sorry for the farther that she hired him instead. Godai feels both sad and relieved at the same time. Kyoko isn't worried, and Akemi and Yotsuya arrive ready to start partying again. Godai learns about Kuroki getting married and that Godai could take her job if she retires. That night Kuroki arrives with her fiance, Saotome from the puppet club. Kuroki tells Godai that she had always planned on quitting when she got married, but now she can't. Godai thinks he's out of work again, but the next day he learns that Kuroki will be standing in for the principal, and Godai will be hired in Kuroki's old position.

Chapter 157: 許さん
(...If It Ever Happens)
Mr. Chigusa is sick and Kyoko goes to visit him. When Ritsuko asks about Godai, Kyoko's father suddenly seems to be in much better health as he gets up to listen. At Acorn, Godai's co-workers are discussing marriage, and the topic of how Saotome proposed to Kuroki comes up. As it turns out, it was more of a conversation than a proposal, Godai is very interested in the conversation, when he tells them about his own plans for proposing, he goes on and on, and all the girls walk out in the middle of the conversation. At the Chigusa's apartment, Kyoko tells her parents that she's dating Godai. Her mother is thrilled, but her father is extremely upset. Kyoko decides she'll marry Yusaku even if her father opposes it. But she's still waiting for Godai to actually propose. He's thinking about that very thing as well, wondering how best to ask her. When he gets back to Maison Ikkoku, he visits Kyoko in her room and musters an attempt at a proposal, but can't get the words out. The next morning Kyoko gets a call from her mother. Her father has snuck out and is headed to Maison Ikkoku to try and interfere with Godai and Kyoko's relationship. Mr. Chigusa happens to run into Mrs. Ichinose at the market and asks her where Godai works.

Chapter 158: 約束

Kyoko calls Godai to tell him that her father may be on the way to see him. He says not to worry, and as soon as he gets off the phone with her, he hears that a strange looking man is hanging around the building. Mr. Chigusa is actually already being questioned by a police officer by the time Godai comes out looking for him. Afterwards, he sits in a park and thinks of Kyoko when she was a child. That night Godai goes to the cabaret for the last time. Now that he has a job at the daycare full time. Iioka watches as Godai hands out handmade gifts to the children. Secretly he's sad to see Godai go as well. He tells Godai that he has a visitor waiting for him. Its Mr. Chigusa, who is ready to find out just what Godai's intentions toward his daughter are. Yusaku tells him that he's planning on asking her to marry him, but Mr. Chigusa flies into a rage and declares he'll never allow it, before he heads for the door and collapses from exhaustion. He's still suffering from a high fever. Godai calls Kyoko and promises to take care of him, but she goes out to meet them. Mr. Chigusa dreams of Soichiro's funeral, and how helpless he felt when Kyoko was in mourning. He wakes up to find Godai taking care of him at the cabaret. Kyoko arrives just as her father says he never wants to see her cry again. She finally understand why he's always been against her re-marrying. Godai carries Mr. Chigusa on his back as they try to get him back home. Yusaku tells Kyoko he knows that Mr. Chigusa is just worried about her, but that he would never do anything to make her sad. With that he asks her to marry him. Kyoko only wants one thing, that Godai will promise to outlive her, because she doesn't think she could go through another loss. Yusaku promises he'll never leave her, and Mr. Chigusa wakes up just in time to tell Godai that he'd better not.

Chapter 159: 形見

Kyoko and Godai have gone to Niigata so that she can meet his parents before they get married. Akemi and the others are discussing it at Chachamaru and hope that everything goes alright, seeing as how Kyoko is older and getting married for the second time. Yotsuya jokes that he can't imagine there being a problem, but if it were Akemi that Godai brought home it might be a different story. Master asks Akemi if she's ever thought about getting married. When she asks who she'd marry he turns his back and says "never mind." On the train, Kyoko is getting more and more nervous the closer they get. Godai is being extremely supportive, and they meet Yukari at the train station. When everyone gets to Godai's house, Yusaku becomes frustrated that his parents have decided to keep their restaurant open even though they knew he was bringing Kyoko to meet them. It was Yukari's idea, she thinks Kyoko could see how the family really is. Kyoko decides to lend a hand and works as a waitress while Godai's parents cook the food. Upstairs Godai and his grandmother are discussing how much money he's saved for their wedding. Unfortunately it isn't much, and so Yukari gives him all of the money she's saved for her funeral. Later that night, Godai is out making deliveries and Kyoko is still waitressing, as all of Yukari's friends stop by to congratulate the happy couple. Finally after the restaurant is closed, Godai's parents thank Kyoko for all her help and Yukari takes her up to her room to show her a ring that Godai's grandfather gave her when they were young. She wants Kyoko to have it. She calls Yusaku in to put it on her finger. As he does, Yukari says she can rest in peace and pretends to die, terrifying Godai.

Chapter 160: 桜の下で
Sakura no shita de

(Beneath the Cherry Tree)
March has arrived, Godai and Kyoko are getting married in one week, but first Yusaku wants to pay his respects to the Otonashi's. Kyoko asks Grandfather Otonashi if she can stay on as Manager at Maison Ikkoku, and he happily agrees. Godai still wants to try and find an apartment, but Kyoko thinks staying at Maison Ikkoku would be a much better idea. Later that day, Kyoko is cleaning out her room to make sure she has enough space for Godai to move his things in. In her closet she finds her wedding album from her first wedding. Akemi grabs it and flips through it with Godai in the room. Godai finally sees what Soichiro looked like. Kyoko is embarassed, but Godai says there's no need for her to apologize. That night, she goes through Soichiro's things and prepares to give them back to the Otonashi family. Godai happens to see her crying over the belongings and asks her if she's alright. Kyoko says she is, but he is less than convinced. Yusaku tells her that she doesn't have to give the things back if she doesn't want to, but she insists. That night, Godai and Kyoko are both restless as their try to sleep. The next morning, Godai has breakfast with Kyoko before work, and she tells him that she'll return Soichiro's things today. She hugs him before he goes, and tells him that he's the only one for her. Godai seems less confident. That afternoon, Kyoko goes to visit Soichiro's grave and finds Godai is already there making an offering. Godai speaks to Soichiro's grave, telling him how much he envies him because Kyoko can't forget him, even now. Yusaku tells him that he's going to take Soichiro's spirit into his life as well as a part of Kyoko. Kyoko breaks into tears when she hears this. She walks out so that Yusaku can see her, and makes an offering to Soichiro's grave as well. She tells her late husband that she's returning his things to his father, and Yusaku tries to protest again, but Kyoko is sure its the right thing to do now. As she rises from her knees, she tells Godai that she's happy she met him and tells Soichiro goodbye.

Chapter 161: P.S.一刻館
P.S. Ikkoku-kan

(P.S. Ikkoku)
Everyone is arriving at the Wedding Palace for Yusaku and Kyoko's wedding. Ikuko helps Grandfather Otonashi out of the car and runs into the Chigusa's. After saying hello, she spies Kentaro across the room and rushes over to see him. They haven't seen one another in a long time, and its obvious that even though Kentaro is much older, he's inherited his parent's height. In the groom's dressing room, Godai's entire family is with him, including his sister and her children. Sakamoto stops in and tells Yusaku that he's skipped out of work early to be there. Ikuko rushes in and says that she's heard Kyoko is ready, and so Sakamoto heads off to see her. She looks beautiful in her wedding kimono, and both Mr. Chigusa and Mrs. Ichinose are on the verge of tears. Sakamoto is blushing as he see's his former crush in her wedding best. He asks Kyoko to take care of Godai for him, and Kyoko promises to do her best to live up to his trust in her. Mr. Otonashi enters the room and Kyoko thanks him for putting up with her for so long. He tells her it was worth every minute. He tells her that no matter what she will always be his daugther, and Kyoko begins to cry. The wedding hall representative calls the families together as the ceremony begins. Yusaku is stunned by how beautiful Kyoko looks as they settle in for their traditional wedding. Afterwards, Kentaro and Ikuko are working at the sign-in desk, and Kentaro confronts Yotsuya about his lack of a monetary gift for the newlyweds. The wedding reception is held at Chachamaru. Iioka and the girls from the cabaret are the first to arrive, followed by Kuroki, Saotome and Yusaku's co-workers. Next, the neighborhood regulars show up. Master is happy to have some help when Akemi finally arrives with the wedding party. Yusaku gives the children from the cabaret a big hug when they greet him, and the party begins. When the toasts begin, Mitaka finally arrives, a bit late. He's had to stop off at the hospital. Everyone asks if he's okay, and he calls outside for Asuna to come in. She's pregnant! Both Shun and Asuna offer their congratulations to Yusaku and Kyoko. Kyoko tells Shun that he seems happy, and he says he is. He wishes Yusaku good luck and the party begins again. The party finally begins to wrap up around eleven, as Master calls for Godai to say a few words. He thanks everyone for all they've done for him through the years, encouraging him or at least kicking some sense into him. He knows he'll still be depending on them all from time to time, but knows he and Kyoko will be all right together. Everyone applauds as the couple thank them again. At the end of the night, Akemi, Yotsuya, Kentaro, Hanae, Yusaku and Kyoko all walk back to Ikkoku together. The honeymoon doesn't begin until tomorrow, and the tenants are ready to party. Everyone is home. As the days and weeks go by, everything changes. Kozue and her husband are living in Nagoya, happy together. In Tokyo, Shun and Asuna stare at their twins, Moe and Mie, in amazement as their teeth sparkle. The parents are expecting their third child soon. Ibuki Yagami is attending an all-girls college and still pining for Godai. Nikaido graduated from college and moved back home with his parents. His over-protective mother sees him out on his way to work as he wishes he could move back to Ikkoku. At the Chachamaru, Master unexpectedly asks Akemi to marry him. She tells him he should ask his wife first, but he tells her his divorce was final as of last week. Akemi has moved out of Maison Ikkoku and is living on the second floor of Chachamaru. Finally, at Maison Ikkoku, Akemi arrives just in time to meet Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya as they welcome Kyoko and Yusaku back. Yotsuya doubts they'll be moving out anytime soon, as a car pulls up. Kyoko and Yusaku step out cradling their new baby, Haruka. Everyone is together as Kyoko and Yusaku show their new daughter the place where they first met.

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