Cultural References

Early Years

--- -- 1950- Soichiro Otonashi is born.

--- -- 1955- Shun Mitaka is born.

Fall -- 1959- Kyoko Chigusa is born.

--- -- 1961- Yusaku Godai is born.

--- -- 1962- Kozue Nanao is born.

--- -- 1964- Asuna Kujo is born.

--- -- 1966- Nozomu Nikaido is born.

--- -- 1967- Ibuki Yagami is born.

Apr 10 1979- Soichiro Otonashi begins teaching at Kyoko’s high school.

--- -- 1979- Akemi Roppongi moves into Maison Ikkoku.

Jul 18 1979- Kyoko takes her final exams.

Jul 30 1979- Soichiro receives a postcard from Kyoko.

Nov -- 1979- Soichiro and Kyoko marry.

--- -- 1979- A stray dog follows Soichiro home and becomes the family pet. The dog only responds to the name “Soichiro”.

Jan -- 1980- Yusaku Godai moves into Maison Ikkoku.

Apr 19 1980- Soichiro Otonashi passes away.

Oct -- 1980- Kyoko announces that she will be Maison Ikkoku’s new manager and meets the tenants (Mrs. Ichinose and her son Kentaro, Yotsuya, Yusaku Godai, and Akemi Roppongi) for the first time.

The next day- Kyoko moves into Ikkoku and the tenants throw her a welcoming party.

The next day- Godai misses his midterm.

Oct -- 1980- Kyoko almost falls off the roof. Godai learns Soichiro’s name.

Dec 24 1980- Godai buys a brooch for Kyoko, but is unable to give it to her. The Ikkoku tenants have their first Christmas party at ChaChaMaru.

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku