While Maison Ikkoku does not have the amount of merchandise that other series such as Inuyasha and Urusei Yatsura have, the Shogakukan marketing machine tossed out a number of goodies over the years.

Dramatic Pachislot
Pachinko manufacturer Olympia released a Maison Ikkoku themed pachinko machine in 2006. Numerous items of memorabilia accompanied the release, include a DVD of new animation, coffee mugs and a collectible bag.

Four lighters that each contained items like sakura petals, Ichinose's fan, Kyoko's tennis racquet, and Soichiro himself in the lighter fluid.

Tsukuda Figure
In the 80's Tsukuda released large plastic figures in their "Jumbo Figure Series" line of toys. Kyoko was the 15th. She comes with a removable cloth apron, movable arms and hair, and a broom accessory. This figure has become quite expensive in recent years.

Just like the kind you had a as a kid, except with Japanese and English translated panels from the manga. Six in all.

Kyoko Memorial Collection
This is a very expensive set of eight prints from the anime that was available exclusively to members of the Kitty Animation Circle.

Your basic set of markers with a Maison Ikkoku them decorating the sides and the plastic pouch.

Patches seemed to be a fad of the 80's but who could blame someone for wanting show their love for Kyoko by wearing one of these on their jacket even today?

Probably the most requested item for Maison Ikkoku fans, it's a genuine replica of Kyoko's Piyo Piyo apron.

Garage Kits
Garage kits are unassembled, unpainted models that you can customize upon purchase. The one pictured here is Kyoko in her tennis outfit.

Phone Cards
Collecting pre-paid phone cards is very popular in Japan, and so cards for older series like Maison Ikkoku can fetch a hefty price.

Beach Ball
An inflatable beach ball featuring Kyoko and Lum on alternating sides.

Many Maison Ikkoku shirts have been released both in Japan and America. The one pictured here was a speciality shirt offered by Big Comic Spirits the magazine that originally published Maison Ikkoku.

In 2006 four seasonal bottles of Maison Ikkoku brand sake were released in Japan. The bottles were especially collectable as they featured some of the first new artwork from the series in almost 20 years.

Japanese DVD Boxset
Maison Ikkoku was released as individual discs as well as one gigantic 24 disc boxset in Japan. The box is styled similarly to the Complete Music Box.

Gashapon Figures
All of Takahashi's major works received collections of small figures released under the gashapon line and Maison Ikkoku was no exception. The toys included: Godai, Kyoko, Akemi, Yotsuya, Ichinose, Soichiro and Yagami.

Kyoko Statues
Two Kyoko statues were released by Banpresto in 2007. One features Kyoko with her hair tied back into a ponytail, while the other has Kyoko with her hair down. Different color themes were also used on each figure as well.

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