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Maison Ikkoku Omoide no Photograph
released 7/21/1988
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The Maison Ikkoku games are quite difficult to follow, because they are basically roleplaying games, and of course if you don't read Japanese you will have quite a bit of trouble understanding what is going on. Originally released for the PC98/MSX system this 1988 port for the Famicom has the player as Godai performing various missions that deal with the storyline of Maison Ikkoku. You have to avoid Yotsuya's pranks, save money to throw a party, proclaim your love for Kyoko and other things. The action takes place all over Tokeizaka and not just the boarding house. Players can visit Soichiro's grave, Chachamaru, the train station and many other familiar locales.

PC Engine

Maison Ikkoku Kanketsuhen: Sayonara, Soshite......
released 8/4/1989
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Another 'day in the life' simulation released in 1989 involving Maison Ikkoku, this time on the PC Engine. Once again the player takes control of Godai and attempt to win the favor of your beloved manager Kyoko. This game takes place a bit later in the series than the earlier game so be sure to watch out for Yagami and Mitaka. Of course, the game is once again in Japanese, so manuevering and figuring out objectives will be difficult.


Pachislot Maison Ikkoku
released 11/2006

Pachislot games have very little in common with traditional pachinko machines, instead they are essentially slot machines. Their popularity stems from the skill factor that is incorporated. Pulling the arm starts the reels spinning, but there is a button under each reel to control when it stops. There are video screens built into the cabinet as well that prompt the player with increased payouts and other teases that will get them to continue playing. The game was released by Olympia.

Pachislot Maison Ikkoku 2
released 8/24/2009

A second pachislot machine from Olympia. Much like the first this machine incorporates newly animated scenes from various points in the story of Maison Ikkoku.

Maison Ikkoku Kairo no Kaze to...
released ?/??/2012

The third pachislot game from Olympia, this features animated sequences recreating various events from the series featuring the chapters "Beware the Pink Telephone," "Down the Home Stretch," "Prune-Faced Cupid," "One Night Dream," and "Sacred Vows".

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku